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Weather Forecaata 

Vljlorla and \lclnliy: Moderale lo 
ulnda. gt.MierttUy lair and not much < 
iB toniperitiuie. 

I^owor Mainland; I.lifhi to moderate 
gmci-uUy fair with alallonary or 




Coloni at Tete phones 

Buitnesa OflJo* ** 

CIrcuUtioa *' 

Job Printing *•' 

EdUorUl Boomi •' 

(bbXAU 14811 KD list.) 

VOL. CV!L NO, 103 





Home Rule Measure Introduc- 
ed by Premier Asquith — 
Parliament to Consist of 

.- King, Senate and Commons 

Employer Bxon«r»t«d Troxn Ch»rgr« of 

Killing t^ XaohlnUt'a TTnlon 


iinniii/ in 




ArraB^IRient Pro- 

I vpi|;,from .Imperml Exchequf^^ 


y. April ll.—ln a sp«ech laat- 

POriTLAND. Ore., April 11.— The jury 
In thp case of Burt HickK, on trial for 
the allfcged killing of W. A. Wortman, 
a niaclilnlBts' union picket on November 
2, I'Jll, returned a verdict of not guilty 
late today. The Jury retired for dellb- 
eratiou at 10.39 o'clock tlils morning and 
liroushi In the verdict of "Not guilty" 
at 4. BO o'clock this afternoon. 

Hicks wus the owner of a small ma- 
chine shop and his plant had been plck- 
efd f^r several weeks prior lo the kill- 
ing of' T;v^rtnj^i^|||8rcral of ■ Hicks' em- 
ployes, it ia -iWl^pPk^had been attacked 
and bifcWn, *iHl' lijfi^kts Of vloWnco had 
}aHn (s9Dn'*y«d t6 finckii. The •videno« 
i4ail$m fhowcd tBhow«<l, tbfti on A^, 
■Vignt «f t^ shootlQC IjiiMiy two iMtMW 
of ptckoMi -iilrere in thO ^HetMlty orHbU 
•l)op wlten the tinployeiB left the plant. 
Bonn* of the employes were «soOrt«d to 
titp litrMt car*. Htclui MttH»«lt, uimm- 
^oxttpaniea. w»lfced Up the Btr«*t and 
was followed by Wortro4»n and oevtral 
dttaer men who jaen^d Hfclu. B* ra- 
piled visopouBiy and IKaka and Worl* 
man *oca«a^ in ^ acuftle. ¥be ahoot- 
ing followed. Wortman dyi^ almoat 
immediately. The evidence was som«^ 
what conflicting as to wiiioh of the con* 
f a st a at s w as th e a gga a s aa r . 


Engine and Four Cars are De- 
railed Near Savona Carrying 
Engineer and Fireman to 



FORT WILLIAM, Ont., April 

11. — 'fhe Arena rink, one of tho 

; u'gest In Canada, was burned 
loiilgUt and was a Bpectac- 

ular fir«. The loss was thirty 

thousand dollars, covered by in- 




■■■>.,"■..' * ' 

Patrolm&n Mad Passed Over 
' Track a Short Time Before 
* frttperJat Limited MM With 


Sup«rlnt«na*nt J. I.. Xughaa of Toronto 

on the Baal« of Valuable Botaool 


8AVCWA. JS. C Aprlt U— The Im- 
perial pimtted which 1«*t Vancouver on 

(hilaa wast of h«r« ahortiy attar 4 
<l'v)|«o{t tbi» morning, Engineer A. B. 
ftJUkar «»d yireman J. A. Boaklnaon 
amS^'imimiL ^!hi, w»<i»ta , waa thrown 

with Jced llsli and Hh0jjii|i|aca,r left 
the track. The pas«en«^^w»re shaken 
up, but none of them seriously injured, 
as the bulk of the damage was done to 
the fish cars. Wrecking outfits had 
the track cleared this afternoon. A 
patrolman waH over the track a sh,ort 
time iKifore the train and all was clear. 

Engineer Wnlker wa.s an old and ex- 
perienced 1 man and was popular 
With alU lie ..^vd in Kamloops,\vhere 
he leaves a. family of several chUdren. 
His widow has h€Ch in Ill-liealth for 
aomo years and lives in an Invalid's 

Hosklnson was a young man, and 
married only three months ago. This 
was to have been hla last trip on tbla 
division; havlnR bc»n transferred lo 
the North Bend-Vancouver run. His 
bride had just gone to Vancouver to 
arrange a new home. 


Vancouver Clvlo Employ** KlU*d and 

8*cond Man ■•riott*ly Injur*4 *;^ 

• yiSNCpTJyiER, Ai)ril il.^^Wee wa» 
k^Mit#iMl;:|||P»nnl Pella. Ilea af the 
ha|ffl|il^'lff''"i,'tff3' serious condition ft* 
tlf a- •result' of i hiMUm'^mmmlk-M 
12 o'clock the ;now:.«ill)iflt^ 
'grounds.' ■ 'i'-: , ';''.",-■-■:", /■. 

Both man WAM ««ntfil<v«d bS^ tliiolty 
in sewer coiwi«)#ll«l,}%ifii^ bnf tiad 
ootbinv t)» 4o wi^#«ii4^ ^^«mlo> 
^V«i uaed. . tbiy liiitftMpietl&sly 
walked Into fM ti^#f«^ wll«r« «b« iJlMI 
was laid. 

Donald White, the foreman of tha 
tmng. «s>erta that h« wwtnad the two 
men to keep away from tha trench, 
but in hla absence, while ha was wam« 
Ing some othars wfto ware n«arby. the 
explosion occurred and on rushing to 

Special Constables Sworn in to 
Take Weapons from I, W, 
W. Foreigners in C, N, P, 
nstruction Camp^,,,, 



tna trgncH lie found buiu umu lenlbly 
injured, A nearby automobile waa re* 
quiaitioned. Flatt dlad oh the way to 
tb« boapltal. 

j», iKcmukly Wa« In attendance and 
was inatramehW 'P §mtm' 
motor oar whto^ ctfjiimnm:^^ 

Mob el Stfikers Threaten to 
Bbw Ifp Oamp at Cisco 
Unless Operations are Sus- 

special conataWea to b« aent to the 
line of the Canadian Northern Pacific 
railroad aenatrHCtInn wttrh — to tfifUrT" 

WlNNUMCti, April 11. — "All vlld! edu- 
lailoii is nuidein. if the books written 
on education were destroyed, except the 
works of four men, we should sMl have 
f\ (rythliig of value to pedagoRy left, 
barnard and Mann in America, gave the 
world Us best gift when they oalab- 
llshed a fi"ee national school system, 
which is the liasls of all the valuabl; 
school systems of the world. Pestalozal 
ami J-'roebel gave everything of value 
with reference to methods anjSISiiii 
education. Alt modern d*.v*>ioi 
education is based on » rtcognUloii of 
the value of the individual soul of the 
child. The ol<l ld?e on which education 
was Ittjisaa in these 

worda^iPM 1* ,:.|iughas, of 

otes <« mbde(<ii iittt«ati»h In an iiitaraat^ 
ing address befoMli the Canadian dub 
her* yesterday. 

Toroo-Xtallan War 
I4ONOON. April 11.— A dlapatch from 
ConetantlnopU says tiie powetv have 
agreed to tanew the attempt to aacer* 
tain the terms On which Turkey would 
be willing to make peace with Italy. 

urn OiENCE 

Premier McBride Says National 
Government Can Never Do 
Too Much to Please People 
of British Columbia 

'y.'r«=t? !«»»*''■' 




Rrst.MinisteFS^uest of Van- 
couver C ana di an Club 
Speaks of^ Re^msibilities 
of the Province ^^^^ 

Aiuhite e ta ' O a a Tea tM aa 

MoBride deUye^a^ :ii^J^%. speech u> 
tfm Vaiicofayer danadla» itm_mt the 



_ .tWiO. boU^ and deacribed by 

ol d pa rllamSitartiHiiB as tfie most maS- 
riyyn reo«at^aars, the prima mjlnla- 

.s'.*s3a^,- ..' . ^^_. ._. -^-.»o«ii«a 'of. 

Ciced today in t] 
the —IJome 
bears tiie of ficlal i tiUe of "Thj>' "Qovern- 
meni of Ireland Bill." Tills iiatiiio third 
attempt of the Liberal iparty "to eettla 
the Irish auestton which caused tho 
disruption of the party under Mr. Glad- 
stone and kept them out of power tor 
nearly twenty years. 

Mr. Asquith's bill will probably meet 
with support from practically all the 
Liberals and Laborites and both sec- 
tions of tite Nationalista— llio Kedmond- 
ites and O'Brlenites. The Unionists, of 
course, oppose it and the lUsterltes 
J,hroueh their spokesman, .Sir Edward 
"carson, made it clear that they ob- 
jected to a parliament in any form in 

Tiis liQUSe "vvas crowded wtoHft: ' '4hfi 
prime .minister arose' to siM|^|^^^ie 
was greeted with clieers from his sup- 
porters. Every seat on the floor and 
galleries was occupied and standing 
room was at a premium. 

The premier was support'ed by liis 
' ablnet and backed by full benches of 
Liberals, Laborites and Nationalists, lie 
.spent an hour reviewing- previous 
!)ills and the changes that Jiave come 
o\x-r the situation since Mr. Gla<I.slune'.s 
last effort to settle the Question and 
then took up his own bill, which is 
divided in four parts: The legislative 
l)owers of the new Irish parliament; its 
executive power; finances, and the posi- 
tion of Ireland after tlie grant of Home 
Rule. The object of the government, he 
explained, was to give to Ireland, wiih 
:es.pect to Irish affairs, real autonomy. 

OJft'M. tttopa i.t Vext itfaan ' <*' 

TORONTO, April 11.— Offlciala of the 
Canadian Northern RatlWay Co. atated 

tically been contpllated, the building of 
tmo CJti^ ghopB at Pbet AbUUft will bf 
uttdaiMlMM^ ihis spring. V ' 




H i 

XW Hi 



soma canga of I. "W. W. agants reapon- 
atbla f olr the trouble now In progress 
have been awom in in the city, ten 
M^ »aft yeate^jMb^^cej^ 

L.08 ANGBLB8. April Ih^rffn^ «ec> 
ond annual convention of the archlt«.c- 
taral league of the f>aclfic Coast fl!i0sad 

an4 injured man to tke gitn«iml' Hbg- 

Deputy Minister Foster Returns 

-From Inspection of District 

and Conference With Set- 

tlerssidskffiiiiiaads Sysiem 

sworn in hero and in Vancouver. 
Supairlntandent Colin CampbWl, 0* 

le pitiniacm police, aririvad at ^)m^- 
L..,.^ "■ ■'■■■'- '■ ■^"-^..|»ornlng;i:;,«9l|ay#'l|!^ 

and the aelection of Portland ga l^a 
meeting place for 191«. thr'tt** will 

ba announced later* 

I^omiaion |{ail 
t«n| attended aiMl 
reeepUOn. It ' 



I..eadpr of the IrlKli Xationallstf, who 
hopes to secure Home Uulc tlirough bill 
now before 

British Parliament. 

subject only to such .safesuafds as tho 
peculiar circumstances of the case re- 

Vlater'a Membarahip 
Aft«r an appointed day Irelan.l Is to 
have a parliament consisting of the 
King, a Senatp ami a House of Com- 
mons, to maJte laws for the peace and 
good Kovernnient of Ireland. Care, Jiow- 
o.v(.T, has been taken to safeguard tha 
Interests and susceptibilities of the 
minority by the apportioning of ne«irly 
one-third the momtfershlp of commons 
to Ulster. It Is recognized that the ma- 
jority In the commons will be Liberal, 
and that the proposal for a nominated 
eontinue<I on rage 2, Col. 8 


l_Govprnment of Ireland Hill. Wreik Is 
Due 10 ).anilHlldi'. .AKilniniH to »b Un- 
armed. Npcesslty of .Naval Defence. 

3- Sjjrtns AHUlie ijaterf FIxoU. 

3 DPKXrlbPK Work of Const Mliialon. 

4 — KdllorlHl. 

6 LlBhtlng Scheino for Clly Oateway.- 

B_New« of City. 

7 — New* n.' I'ltv. 

g — Of Intfreiil to Wompn. 

S — Sporting New». 
ID — Additional Hporl. 

11 Wattlctt Jnlna Bec» al Seattle. 

IS — Real Bitate *Advt». 

is—Real Etftata Advt*. 


]B — Marin* Nown. 

lH_Over Ono Thousand Mlle» to Rulld. 

IT— Amu**in«nl«. 

H-i-Tij Conaldnr Clvlo B»llmttte» TonlBht. 

20 — <>l*Mlfle(5l Advt*. 
:;i — ClaMlfled Advt». 
iSS-'-ClaasUlad Advta. 
:J-7-iriB«ncl«I New«. 
.'4~t4l«ia 8penc«r Advt, 

Mr. W. W. I'oster, deputy minister of 
■public works, veturnod yesterday from 
Ucluelet and Clayoiiuot, to which points 
he went last Saturday for the purpose 
of conferring with the residents and 
iookluK into road and other public 
works necessities on the spot. He was 
accompanied by Mr. J. G. C. Wood, 
M.P.P. for Albernl, who returned to the 
caput?! with him yesterday. The min- 
ister and liis companion motored as far 
as Port Albernl and back to Victoria, 
and report road conditions exceptionally 
good for the season, the travelling be- 
ing excellent virtually all the way be- 
tween Victoria and the C. P. R.'s Paci- 
fic terminal. 

At Uolulet the deputy minister met in 
conference the officers and members of 
the local branch of the Vancouver 
Island Development League as to road 
work, with which good frogrcss is 
everywhere being made. The road to 
oonnect Ucluelet with Clayoquot has al- 
ready bfon begtm, and, although there 
is considerable heavy clearing involved, 
lim use vf uoukey c-iigiiica and other 
modern appliances enables the workers 
to make rapid advance with the .un- 
djjrtaklng. ' •- '^ 

Tho dfeputy minister has also auth- 
orized a four-mile extension not before 
provided for down the Uchilet peninsula 
as far ;iH Leo's store. 

Tine Baach Driveway 

From Clayofiuot for a distance of ap- 
proximately lo miles toward Uclulet 
iliere exists no netcesslty for road hulltl- 
1ns, nature having provided on the in- 
comparably clear, smooth and hard 
beach an Ideal driveway for motor cars 
or any other form of- vehicle. The 
riuestlon of tlie desired ro<id connection 
between Long Beach and .Si)roat Luke — 
the latter already In touch with Port 
.Vlbcrni and .Albernl — was diMcu.'ised 
with the Interesterl re.sldenls, who wore 
Informed by Mr. Foster that, while pre- 
liminary surveys would be proceeded 
with by the government this season, no 
final decision as to construction would 
be reached until the report Is In hand 
from Col. Thomson, b;ised on his sea- 
son's ln\-estlgatlon8 with Strallicona 
Park as his base and the devMopment 
of the lslan<l roads system with the 
part as a focal point belns; ever kept 
In view. 

Upon tlie receipt of this report, the 
general trunk road system for the 
island will he mapped out, with duo 
lecognltlon of the commercial import- 
ance and scenic value of eacli of these 

Residents Are Pleased 

Tiie meetings of -the deputy minister 
wltli the settlers and other residents 
of the west coast district were most 
satisfactory to ail parties and from 
every standpoint, the residents btlng 
finick to recognize and acknowledge the 
excellent work being done for them by 
the present administration, and some 
of its heretofore strongest political 
foemen being among the firpt to give 
ungrudged testimony to the fact that 
Albernl recognizes end fully appreciates 
the business-like and systematic aid lo 
provincial de\elopment and progress 
that Is being rendered unostentatiously 
by the works department. 

Before returning to the city, Mr. FVjs- 
ter confirmed the appointment of Mr. 
H. H- Lee, of ParksvUle, es road fore- 
man for th« Albernl district, this being 
a direct promotion from the local 
rankii. Mr. 1/«b has niadn an exoellent 
foreman under Mr. Wood, now member 
for rh« district, and he will undoubted- 
ly rise to the re^itilrements of his high- 
er office. ( 


Vatican is Astounded at Re 
port E mi an at ing from 
drid That Pope Pius 
Passed Away 


"Bftble*" of "Wom^n Sympat.blser* Turn 
Oat to b* Bundles of Bag* 

HOQUIAM, Wash., April 11.- In 
Ahoidoen a ninnhcr of women sympa- 
thizers of strikers to the wonrjs 
tuday and cut five hundred switches, 
which they declared they would lay on 
tho harks of the men who went to 
work in the mills tomorrow. 

Every nK>rniii(< worn'-n ha\e appear- 
ed at the niill.s with baby buggies and 
when the mill ho-ie ha.s been turned 
on them have put up the cry that their 
tabltis' lives were endangered.' In- 
vestigation today by a local news- 
paper is said to have disclosed the fact 
tliat the buggUs contained only bun- 
dles of rag.'j. 


IIPV l\;T( 


Government May 
Part in World Wide 
Investigation in Co-Opera- 
tion With United States 




OTT.VWA, April II. — Tin- ilepartment 
of labor Is in cirminunlcation with Llie 
XInlted States government with the 
possibility of co-operation In the gen- 
eral study of conditions tinderlying 
the increased cost of living. The 
United Stales idea appears to Im for 
a world-wide Inquiry. 

Richard Grlgg. the new commissioner 
of commerce. Is preparing? a report fOr 
fhe minister of trade nnd commerce on 
the condition and usefulness of Canad- 
ian agencies In the United Kingdom 
and the countries of Europe. It Is pro- 
1)8 ble that the InvcBtlgation, which has 
already Included these agencies, will 
,je extended to cover those In inc out- 
lying parts of the empire and in the 
Orient. Upon Mr. Grigg's report will 
lepend tlie fvitur* stains of CaiiHdlan 
trade agents. Pendlnjt a declBlon In 
thir. :«spcct, several important posts 
remain to be filled. Including 'those at 
Amster<lam, Glasgow, Berlin, Havana 
and Shanghai. 

ROME, April n.— -The origin of the 
(istoundlng desv.aleh from Madrid, 
which mirporiea to have the authority 
of tho Papal nun<-i;it'.ire tln're. nnnounc- 
iiiK tho -.ifMih ..f ]■■>[>■■. Is incomprehen- 
sible to tile Vautaii, from which no 
commuiiicatiofl" Was sent that posslhly 
coulii I" . onstrued into such an erron- 
»oiiK i.iM.ii. The Pope's condition to- 
day was as physically perfect as could 
be expected In one of his years. 

-The Pope's physician, 'Dr. Marchia 
Fava, after ridiculing thie report, author- 
ized the statement that the Pontiff was 
normal and satisfactory. Cardinal 
Merry Del Val, the Papal Secretary of 
State, was more explicit He said the 
pope had been in , excellent health 
throughout the whole winter. Indeed 
the Pontiff had experienced better 
health than in any winter In his latter 
life. He suffpred no attuck of gout, or 
even a cold, except an Insignificant one 
a few weeks ago, when audiences were 
not really susv)cnded, but postponed, in 
order to give him a little rest before 
Easter week. As an indication of the 
Pope's present stren^^th and health the 
cartlliial added: 

".Vfter every day tlT! HoU- Father 
rises with the sun, says mass, then 
takes a cup of coffee without solid 
food. He deals with all tho affairs of 
the church, grants private audiences, 
receives sometimes a tliou.sand people, 
always a few luindred daily, continuing 
until 1 o'clock without rest or food, ex- 
ccin at times another oup of coffee. 
After a light luncheon his work con- 
tinues until late Ip the evening. 

"How many younj? men,'" asked the 
Cardinal, "could maintain a life ns does 
the venerable pontiff, who has almost 
completed 77 years?" 

Tho Cardinal added I Mat Die people 
should mistrust the Impressions gained 
liy those who see the Pope as they are 
decclveri by his face, which seems to 
show 111 health, when In reality It hears 
only the marks of care. 

The Pope spent many hours today in 
hard work. He first received the papal 
secretary. Then Cardinal Delia Volpe. 
Prefect of the Index spent considerable 
lime with his Holiness. Later the Pope 
received Cardinal ilUlot of the Gregor- 
ian University, with whom he con- 
versed for half sn liour. Senor de Es- 
trada, the Argentine minister at the 
Vatican ami lils family also visited the 
Pope as well as Prince Borgheso and 
Count nnd Counte?s de .Jongho. Tho 
Ppntlff also receive.! in general audience 
more than one hundred persons. 

In progress, and reported to Attorney 
General AV. .7. Bowser by long-dlstaneu 
telephone. Jie .-^uid that, the men who 
went to work in the camps of th^ Can- 
adian Northern railroad contractors, on 
MondHV had not been interfered with, 
l.iu i;angs of I. W. W. men were still 
i«lorm the line of work, most of them 
bfiug on the opposite bank of the river. 
A great many of these men are armed, 
and he suggested that 50 more men be 
sent to police the works. 

Authority was given to send the re- 
quired police, and he was instructed to 
take the weapons from the I. W. W. 
men. It is anticipated that when these 
are disarmed the trouble will be ended. 
YALE, B. C, April 11.— Thirty bottles 
of liquor, consisting of whisky, rum and 
brandy, were seized by Provincial Con- 
stable Chalmers, of Yale, on the arrival 
of the I'.oMii irftin from Vancouver yes- 
terda^ i . . being brought 

into tho Hdikr- (i\ ii couijlo of men, 
who are said to be camping with many 
other strikers in the woods a few miles 
east of here, and not far from camp No. 
5, of Burns, Jordan & Welch. 

The men wer« v»ry much eXclted 
when their Ihiuor was taken from 
them, and swore io have vengeance on 
tho constable, who, however, held his 
ground until help arrived. The saloons 
between Mission and Kamloops have 
been closed by order of the provincial 
police, and not a drop. of llciuor is to be 
bought for over two hunderd miles along 

Premier McBride Promises 
Province Will Be Represent- 
ed by Counsel at Hearing 
Before Railway Commission 

the O. N. R. grade. TiiC-re iire iiundreds 
of Idle men alonn' these two hundred 
miles- Many of them thirsty and w-iU- 
Ing to give a high price for a drink. 
Continued on Pase 'Z, Col. 4 

\'.\.\i'i ir\ Kl:. -M'lil 11— T'remier Mc- 
Bride today told a deputation from tho 
Vancouver Iwxird of trado tlial In res- 
ponse to their request, he would reeom- 
ni«md the cabinet to appoint counsel to 
represent this province at the hearing 
■of the enlarged question of western 
freight rates to be dealt with by tlie 
board of railway commissioners. He 
stated he was favorable to the sugges- 
tion made by the deputation on this 
point, and was quite agreeable that Mr. 
W. D. Power, who had prepared the case 
for the city with the former hearing, 
should be retained in an advisory 

Mr. H. A. Stone In putting the mat- 
ter before the premier said that the 
forthcoming hearing was of great Im- 
portance, as It effected the whole prov- 
ince, and had a wider scope than the 
previous hearing had. Alberta, Sask., 
had engaged counsel to represent them. 

Commissioners Make Study of 
Methods Here With View to 

, Political Union of Group of 

DR. BEATJIENESBITT**i<1"nt of Tarmer'B Bank ta Ar- 
rested on a Cbarga of rorgary 



TORONTO, April 11. — Dr. Beattlo 
?>'e8bitt, ex-M. P., wa.s arrested tonight 
in Chicago eliarged with forgery in 
connection with tlio w.-ecked Farmer.s' 
bank, of which lie was president. War- 
rants have been out for him for moro 
than a year, following his flight early 
in the investigation of the bank's af- 

Hon. James Daoey Beaa 

SYDNEY. Au9., April 11. — Hon. Jae. 
Dacey, treasurer of the state of New 
South Wales, died suddenly here today. 


Death Seatene* On otovaanl .Vertnlio 

Xs Oommv.ted To Zilfs Zm- 


OTTAWA, Ont,, April 11.— The cab- 
inet today decided to eommute to life 
Imprisonment the sentence of Giovanni 
Portullo, who was to have been execut- 
ed at Calgary on the nth tar the murd- 
er of a fellow countryman. It was 
shown that ho ACtSu lii S«»f-dSfcnS6. 

Portullo. a short tln^a ago. losing 
hope of exeoutivs clemency, cut his 
throat and nearly died. 

Will Compete at Toronto 

WELLINGTON, N. Z., April 1 1.— 
Tile govp.rnment Intends sending a con- 
tingent of '20 senior cadets to compete 
at Toronto exhibition this year. 



COBURO, Ont., April 11.-— The 
huge iron reservoir holding the 
town's waiar supply, and ISS <?■ 
high, collapsed today oausinf a 
loss of 140.000. 

OTT.\WA, April 11.— It Is learned 
that the representatives of tho West 
Indian governments who haN'o been In 
t)ttHwa for several weeks past ar- 
ranging a reciprocal trado agreement 
devoted moat of their spare time to a 
situdy of 'Canadian confederation and 
the manner In which It was brought 

A practical result of their visit apart 
from the framing of a trade agreement, 
may be the bringing about at some 
future date of a political union of the 
various crown colonies which now con- 
stitute the West Indian group of Brit- 
ish dependencies. Such a confedera- 
tion. It Is believed, would result in an 
Improved and more economical admin- 
istration of public affairs In that por- 
tion of the British Empire and In- 
crea.sed autonomy. It would not be 
suriirlslng if the matter Is taken up 
with the home government with the 
object of laying the basis for a scheme 
bf confederation. One of the most dif- 
ficult questions to be faced would be 
the Hele<;tlon of a capital. In the event 
Of the various Islands not being able 
to a»ree t" th« choice, it could he left 
to the sovereign, ap was done when the 
late Queen Victoria selected Ottawa as 
the scat of (Jtovernment for the Do- 
minion. ^__ 

MUlonatra for realteatta<y 

SAN KRANCiaCO. April 11.— The 
U. S. Circuit court of appeals made an 
order here today, committed Clarence 
IX Hillman, muUl-tnilllonalre promote 
to the custody ov' the U. S. Karshal in 
Seattle, who is to Uko him to the pen- 

Frisoner Attempts Buiold* 

NELSON, B. C. April H. — .Tack Mc- 
Connell, an ol.l-llme .settler, under ar- 
rest at Wllmer, ehar«eil with a serious 
crime, and who was to have been tried 
this morning before Judge Tbonn)son, 
of Cranbrook, mada a desperate at- 
tempt at sulciile today. After eating 
breakfast, McConnell plunged a table 
knife deep into his throat, penetrating 
the jugular vein. He was taken to the 
hospital and may recover. 

"Insincere* Demagorn**" 

NEW YORK, April Ji. — President 
Taft charged toniglit tliat many of 
those persons who advocate the recall 
of judges or the recall of judicial de- 
cisions are Igslnceic demagogues, act- 
ing without fiutflclenl knowledge of 
need for the preservation of the consti- 
tution or Its guarantees. 

Ohargad 'With aPorg^ry 

WI.N.VIPEG. April II.— A. J. Christie, 
the son of a millionaire clothier, was 
arrested here tonight on a charge of a 
five thousand dollar forgery. 

f<ii"-l|ip''a:"'rou»ln g 
l«vii*ififen-'.ler's last 
.k to a Vancouver 
ia^■in£ lor tlie "hi 
O^ntty on government matters. Hla 
■ai^jpearance this afternoon was com- 
"ijlented on by President Von Cramer 
98 the first occasion on which a pre- 
mier of a Canadian province had ad- 
dressed the Vancouver Canadian club. 
The speaker chose "The responsi- 
bilities of 'British Columbia" as his sub- 
ject and in discussing it declared that 
the fiituro of the province is bright, 
with prospects of uni>araileled prosper- 
ity. Because of the fact that the or- 
ganl'-sation was offering a place where 
discussion of the public weal could be 
carried on in a harmonious way, the 
premier said the work hcing done v.-as 
of national signliicance and of great 

"This province occupies a -very 
prominent place in the commercial 
world," the speaker continued, "and 
particularly in that part which is 
centered in London." 

He referred to the speech of Earl 
Grey before the Canadian club and de- 
clared that thoughts so ably epitom- 
ized by that^t*3.te,^tt»W)i,5;«truck the key- 
note of what the world, the British 
Emjjlre and the Dominion expect of 
British Columbia; what they have a 
right to expect now and In the fu- 

ITevar Slscooragsd 

"One must remember," said the pre- 
mier, "thut British Columbia has only 
iieeii under organized K.overnmcnt for 
50 years and under responsible govern- 
ment for a considerably shorter time. 
The first speaker the British govern- 
ment ever had is still alive at Victoria 
and the work of these pioneers has 
left its imi)ression on British Co- 
lumbia and Csuiada. AUhmigh the 
country has labored under many handi- 
caps no dl.scouragement and no hard- 
ship has Induced Us aggressive and 
thrifty people to give up public de- 
velopment as a forlorn hope." 

Then the premier dealt forcibly with 
the need ot defence. While It was no 
part of a provincial government's 
functions to look after defence matters, 
yet he urged that the people of Brit- 
ish Columbia should arouse from their 
apathy respecting military and naval 

"We should be as keen on defence 
and patriotism as we are on the sale 
of a, double corner" was his comment. 
He pointed out that the assets of 
the province ran Into millions. "What 
are we doing to Insure this tremen- 
dous wealth'.'" he asked. "Are we do- 
ing anything at all la a national 

A Hot* of 'WaraiiMr 

He recalled that formerly the Royal 
Navy maintained a Pacific squadron 
at Estiulmalt. But today, with the 
wealth a hundred times as great, tha 
country had no naval defence at all. 
He sounded a note of warning as to-, 
the situation which might arise In 
Western Canada tnroagh international 

"On the question of naval efficiency 
the national government can never do 
too much to [ilease the Canadians of 
British Columbia," he said. 

He emphasized the duty British Co- 
lumtDia owed to Canada by opening up 
and developing her areas and from 
this point proceeded to spea'K tiumi di-- 
cldedly In tavor of an all-white popu- 
lation. "British Columbia must be 
kept white," he said. "We are willing 
to spend our mon«y and our time in 
inducing population to come here and 
bear a hand in the work of natlon- 
Cnntinnrd on I'sge %, Col. 4 

Fiftg Years Ago Today 

from the OolonlBt of April 12, 1S«2. 

Flpclproclty— Wp hope some of ourleglilators WUI not «llO# the present •«• 
to i>a«» over without devoting nome attention to a re*lpr«cUy tr*»ty wit" 
I'nited State*. A little attention to ih« commercial and Industrial lawresjfjj 
louiilry would ««i.l»l materially In th« d*veloiMne»t pf tll«t,lMiadp' Beyf 

dlnaiy roullnp of voting money to pilir off letal^ft, i.|M|<plia^f ji^J Q* ^^M 
■^penditifr a ievr pvunda en Hrv-TaimK AvEHmmt 

done. It iH hiRh time that lomethlnc beyawd 
hand. If we- want lo grow raDNJiyia WaaWH- , ^ , 
our national advantages to account. If W*'' tf n O tf * 
dUtlnrtlon open to the colony— a marWlIM' MA «(' 
take up the question of a reclpMcltr 'frmtf^Wtmlt' 

d«te as possible. The aooaer It ,ia-la*»a |(^.--^ -^ 

auRurated.' If the pr*aarat#y-'a|f|MI HV^" 

require a year or «o, b«far*ra,-W" "' 

city between th* tTnltM^ 

not crom-n our effSrlpy 

that treatf u ta^ . " ' 

tiis_ Rata .fUyy/ilsii 

i5t'SR''?a4watp'Si ... - 


Hii4iaixa.,ii#;'C:a>:''. ''' 




Friday, April 12, 191^ 


Ornamental Novelty 





,111(1 u>in,^ v)n!y 


New ami Jainiv .Ir-iuns in 
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'rourmaline. Cornelian. Lapis, etc. These mounted 
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play window. 



Trial of Criminal Matters in 
This City Arranged for May 

0-7 r>,-^,.,,-, 
^ / v^ 1 u vv n 

Yet Assigned 

Ma + 

1 ^ llllllli IJIH^H 


Successors to 


AiranBements a- i . .jiiijilfiiea >.>•.! 
day for the spring sUUhkb of tl'<2 couil 
of assucs tluoiighouL the virovlnce, 
wliicli win continue piacttcally without 
liUiTinlsslon tUrouifhout ntxt mouth. 
alUuMiiili Vancouver — luiturully tUe cen- 
lie wltli the' heaviest Uockel always — 
lia.s been brought forward a month In 
<jrder to partially relieve the j&U cou- 
gestlon, the court being now In bi lesion 
lu that city. Tl»e Attorney C. 
department annouiices that cou. . s 
open as cui»tonnirlly,i at 11 o'clock ii-ro** 

- H iUside Avenue 

Hillside Avenue has a future. Its future is near 
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Nothing But The Truth 

A certain salesman went to his em- 
plover — a famous dealer in" the city — 
and said: "J have tried fifty different 
stories to sell that old sideboard. l)ui 
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plied, laconically: "Have you tried the 
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W'holesale Agents lor T.. C. 
Victoria Vancouver Nelson, B, C. 

£a»e& ' 

KaKloops— May «. clvU and crlminat 

New Westminsur— May 7, civil and, 
criminal cases. 

Greenwood — May 10, civil and orimln* 
al caaes. 

Vernon— May 11, civil and criminal 

llosBtand — May 14. civil vaaes only. 

Nelson— May 17, civil and criminal 

Fernle— May 23, civil and criminal 

victoria — May 27, criminal cases only. 

Cranbrook — May 28, civil cases only. 


m«nt at Belfast that the governrntnt 
has sold the leiclslatlon In urdttr to huUI 
office, the statement the premier said 
WHB a new style of argument In Hrltlsh 

.Sli' Edward Caison, who follovscd tin- 
ITeniliT, derlared it was tUe plain iliilj' 
of ihe UnionlHtH to oppose the bill, 
while John Itedmiiihi giiv,- tlu- in<'(xMrc' 
warm support. 

Mr. John B.*amoud 

UUrlnX 11"' .Ili'Htl; 111 Ihl; lH.,lr,. . J..:,|J 

lieUmond, > .inallKt leader, admlt- 

'ted that a .inimii of Irishmen favored 
separation, but they were' the smallest 
Mei'tlon and if Ireland should be given 
the management of Its own affairs thl.s 
smHll section would illsappear. He aald 
that the safeguaidM were «dei|uate witli 
a nominated Henuii> iind veto by Ihe 
imperial parllanimi. It wan Idle to May 
the safeguard ul" ih,> Imperial veto was 
humillttting, when i'very one of the xelf- 
governlng eolonleH wax 8Ub,lect to It. He 
considered the bill better on the w'hole 
thun the blUa of 1886 and 1893. 

.lames liamsay Macdonald welcomed 
ill., liili ip l,,-li:,H' ,,r tl... Labor pHrly, 

hint trii.".\ri 
itt.vSU!).:,:.*'"' 1" '' ""«ir. v;jtfe9;*i.,ll!lihie I'V'iet. 





,,.^._ „^,„„?p.^'ihe' 

lJTitiS&-; empirp-'aift^:' tniJK»[XyMa^'':oM, 

oorQM-a. ■ "'' ' '.:,;' ■ , ^ ■ ■, ■___...-'.' ■ ,, , 
^riitiiK^ QTBriii^, leaWr qt th* IiMl«<- 
pehdmit >^«tlanalifts., ttaousbt the blU 
provided a iarse and generous measure 
of adminiatratiTe Home l{pi« and pure- 
ly local leglstative power, aithouisb it 
did not offer anythine in .the remotest 
degree approaching nati^Jiial Indapend- 

Vnloalat Vnaa OomauBt 

Comment on the Home Rule bill In 
the newspapers follow party lines, but 
in the case of the L.ondon Unionist 
morning- papers, denunciation of the bill 

Im mlliiftr than miyhf hM\»« hi>..n prrm.-t- 


Antbraolta Operators in V. B. JL. Kay 

over Tsn rer Cant. Wa.g* 


IMIILADELrPHIA. Pa., April 11.— 
The sub-committee of miners and op- 
erators ajjpolnted al th« conference 
yesterdHy to take up the work of try- 
ing to reach an agreement on a new 
workint; arrangement for anthracite 
mine workers held a tliree-hour aes- 

Ptlnp tO'3HV ftn4 H.* it* COnClliSlOIl "'3,VQ 

out a brief utatcment that progrosp 
had been made. The committee will 
resume Its session tomorrow morning. 
It was learned tonlglit that thrc 
main points were wages, the recogni- 
tion of the union and a board of con- 
ciliation. So far as could be learned 
no definite propositions were offered 
by either side but It Is believed that 
concessions by both sides will be made. 
An inorease In wages la lookerl for by 
the men. The general belief i)revail.s 
that a 10 per cent, advance linally will 
be offered. If the miners i-eccde from 
all or most of their other demands. 
.-^I'Mio of the members of the miners' 

IP be wiHing 
' and, pro- 


I are 


Tbit Bort "oty a contrflot wW Wild. th<f 

coal companlea to grant gome wiage4 


C'oatlnaMi from r»g> t 

c^nat T"'''"' n^ct Tvith . some criticism. 
The continuation of #t Irish niemiiera 
at Westminster alao meet« with consid- 
erable opposition. 

Chief Interest in the bill centred In 
the Anaoclal arrangement*.' ' Ptffmlw 
Asquttb potntfld out Jthat 'ihe Iriah rev- 
enue for t«la-lt )• Mtimirtad' tk £ie.> 

ifS^f^^kmrnm^^i tt€mm. Fend- 

1iii^Wf<ifi)> virl^JHiiKt «HMol{ xooKI be 
converted into a surplus the 'eolleetlon 
of all taxes, with certain ekceptldns. 
had been retained as Imperial aervlce. 

services vxehi r«MrMr*d' Ji^^, which 
would' continue an |s«M)i$|ii «4iarge until 
fipllinaterred.." -'^-sn^-v-f*-^ — »-'# 

•The btn i>rov^it»' 4|b4it th« )>iAtt«rs to 
I b|) excluded from the coatrot of the 
Irish parliament ate lh« crown, thrf 
army and navy, imperial affaire,' the ■ 
Irish land purchaaa and the old age. 
pensions and national iiUkurance actM, 
;^ttie Irish constite{«nr.\th« pmt offtee 
iivings h&t^mjaJijmm^ loa»s Ilk mi- 
ditioa i»p'tllm0i 10ml(m0'%n the Home 
Kuic ntn^imt. MWbSlk'left th« cus- 
toms ui^rfbe control of the imperials 

^% miiv «en8tabufary is to be auto- 
inat!«««ir%isft*«ferre4 to the Irish gov- 
amment after six years, and power la 
given tlt« Wiib. parlfptto«nx to itomaBd 
the tTWfgmc «f 9)4 ttf« peiifiUHUi ifxA 
liMurttii«»' «i«t to it« control on giving 
a year's notice. - 

The Irish pariian^Wit > 1» < 4«p8(|P0d 
from altering Uu Xibme «luio btftl or 
the power to,«Mn|A 'to the privy'coun- 

tlon of raligioua equality and atlptilat- 
ing that the Irish parliamvi^t , ,9«n|>f>t 
make laws, directly or tii^V!!fl0r>f '^o 
establish ofe^,i>- l i i a ^r jriiy religion or to 
problfiit tti1|fWM(%»roJi« thereaf or to 
give a part or privilege to any religion 
or to make any religious ceremony a 
condition of validity of any iii.ijoin\ 

The lord Usjitenant of Ireland is to 
have powfel^,^J3rtte or suspend ,uiy bill 
,„. - , ■ :^:"'■'■".■^ '■ ' ■• :' ■ ■ -i- 
ti ■ 

teriM-etaliou of tl iluie bill is 

to be .settled by ui the Judicial 

committee of vy^ council. 

The Irish n :,:;^~c.iL.ttlonat Westmin- 
ster Is to be 42 niembcrs, one for every 
100,000 population. 

The Zrlsb Senate 

The Irish senate is to consist of 40 
members and the house of representa- 
tives of 164, to which Ulster la to have 
5U and..-thB..imlvoi '" t' -: 

ate is to be com; 

members. In the insiunoc the 
Imperial executive Is to control the 
nominations with a view to aspuring 
the representation of the minorlfy. The 
nominations are to be for a fixed term, 
and as the members retire by rotation, 
the vacancies will be filled by the Irish 
txecutlve. In case of a disagreement, 
the two housese are to sit In Joint 

The lord lieutenant Is \<> lie head of 
the executive. There would ho no re- 
liglou.s bar, and he will hold office for 
a fixed term- The authority of the ex- 
,.,,..,.!..,. 1^ ta hft eo-extenstve with that ( 
.1 iilsh parliament. The 161 re- 

p,-, s,.,i((Mives are to be elected by the 
exi.stlng constituencies, but no constit- 
uency is to, have less than 'JT.noo popu- 

Yearly Snbsidles 
Every year there would be trans- 
ferred from the Imperial to the irish 
exchequer a sum representing the cost 
to the United Kingdom of the Irish ser- 
vices at the pas.Mlng of the act, the cost 
to be determined by a board of five, 
two of them arc to be atipolnled by 
lOn^land, two by Irclanii and Ihe chulr- 
nutn by ilie crown. That w(»\ild be the* 
first revenue of the Irish govprnment. 
The second would be Irl.-sh postal rev- 
enue, and an additional sum Ic to be 
nnlfl to Ireland of $:..'.00,'>00 for the 
first year and ii. lesser rimonnt each 
year iinti ii i:^ reduced to one mlllidn 

The Premier went Int.i (lie nuestlon 
of financial relation and lrl.<»h repre- 
sentation at Westminster, which he 
ronsldered Itisl. n.s the Imperial i>arlln- 
ment would continue to lax the wljole 
TJnlted Kingdom. 

w<»K fh^, •,nnr>liimnn nt tan rrenlior'S 

(Hi.creh. tt»«re WHS a tilt betweerlTirm Ml. l.-w owr U..: l..ll<r'8 sluic- 

ed. An effort apparently Is mad^ to in- 
flame the Nationalists against the bill 
by describing. its proposition as Illusory 
in the matter of giving Ireland real 

of devotion such as »ay ptlwr . Belf< 
reapecting section of the empire could 
not accept. 

Tlie Unlonista' ori^ns la {> 
nouncft the bill in |h« UttMr^at Utt^ti 
^bc Utteml niornltig'tNjtiMt«<4uilnUt-tli« 
complexity of the bltl inA generally ob- 
ject, to the system of ^i>i|ilanUon with 
respect to tiie sen«t«,-':'f.|^^'.4hinK there 
may be diffioully irtt^thi Itttsindai pro- 
poaala which *t.)>^^iin^^|t^il^k|iKlnnder- 
«tootf.'''pa the iNwtf^ however, 'the L.ib> 
erml and Rodlevi IPKpers are pleased to 
describe the bill as a moderate, skilful 
and .praiseworthy attettlj;>t i^ gtva Ire- 
land, if - not complete aatlsfaction, at 
least a aubstitution in fulfllmeotj^lier 
dctkutnds. '^' 

The Tithes in an editorial says that 
the liome rule scheme will not be rt.- 
tt«Iv«d in any ituarter ^V^' UM^'mif- 
fthusiasm, that it will 44Mii»piriiat tKe ' 
hopes of Nationalist IrelkMl «ii4 -will 
not aiiaty the feabt Of dimHtlsH the hba- 
tlHty if the Unlohlsts In Ireland. 

"And/* cwicUniies tlvt Times, "if wo 
are not j if twlMm it will swell the ris- 

to a l«ralt\jM(fli^«iiNM^ submerge the 
gom«iMMtt!>And their blU- in a not dis- 
tant f^^btm. It v^IK.not «\'en satisfy 
any of the varIottl|^'j|tii^ls of theoretic* 

ai homo mifgethC'^^u^Z^^k , 


and conditions of work to '^non-unlon 
men and would have the result of 
forcing unQrganize«f men Into the 
miners' onion. The operators stand 
on their statement that thej will neves 
Srsnt asy^moro reco|rnItion to the 
union tban'lt Is given at present. The 
miners are contending for the aboli- 
tion of the board of conciliation or a 
more convenient system of dealing 
with local grievances within a reason- 
able t^me. 

It was said at the | headquarters ot 
the miners tonight that if the opera- 
tors agree to a change in the melhodi 
ot the board In handling grievances 
within a reasonable time, the mine 
workers might accept such a plan. 

Js one of the most beautiful allri- 
butes of character, bur there is a 
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used inside as well as outside. 
See how securely the seams are 
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double eI^ws»doubiip seats a 
doubleifeftes, al$o the coo 
sh^er§- S^'tlie 

#■ aiid ««ea 
terial and workmanship supplies. 

•on of Wfkmmm Ooma^andOT tn JUmsrteaa 

€Mva :Wmt wnfmnOM t» 


DUBiarK^-';"ill,y&rtl ll.— The l"ihiin ev- 
ening pa0jiwi»^ ^int full reports oi Pre- 
mier AsQOlth's speech and .so fat as 
Judgment 4fn0f«lbte nn tli- text of the 
bill avaiUpal^ilhe nu..-..i. .s regarded 
as unexpected! v r,i\orable. There is no 
doubt that ir «.'.! be accepted by the 
rortiicoming ^iat■o^at1Bt convention. 

It la thought there may be critifl.«m 
on certain points of the bill but it i" 
considered far better than eithci of 
Mr. Gladstone's from a I«ki-' mw- and 
administrative and above nil a finan- 
cial view point, 

Vhe power given to I'l, Iii<~*' i %> , u- 
t'.\i- to' ttPpnlnt,'- - I. . .- ■•■ ; 
Is gre.i I ' d. 

Predicts Civil War 
MO.N'TUEAU AprU 11,— "If home rule 
bill becomes law there will be civil war 
in Ireland," declared Sir Robert Terks, 
the great lOngllsli con* In the 

course of an Interview li ,y. 

"It will never K'et that far. because 
Idnjf before the meaHi"', is forced 
t Mough the Houscof Ijoi Vsiiuitn 

adj]ilnlstratlon will have ,. ., ■,! to ex- 
ist. If an election was held tomorrow 
the Radical Kovcrnment would be de- 
feated because the people are convinced 
that .Mr. .^5^fIuith has handed t- • 
of t'overnmenl over to the lal'Oii ■ 

SfsiW YORK. April 13.-- ttaJof-CNmerat 
Frederick D. Grant, son of the famous 
general of the Civil War. and htlf9«9f< 
commander of the etnt; KlleMh^«^f»|i» 
Hotel Du«ltUi|chain >in, this-.j^ty;'' ^inhut 
12.40 o'ttodk laua morning. The follow- 
ing statement was ftMMi*? «t 1 o;clock 
by General Grant's attaltdiint physicians, 
Drs. Abbey and Bench: 

"General I-'rederlck L>. Grant died s"d*- 
denly of heart failure without premoni- 
tion at the Buckingham, *0«*liiA>u Hi - 
night. He had rolurtt-vd JeSSPffipieettni 
trip much improved and looking re- 
markably we'll and vigorous. Ilia condi- 
tion since his return had given no 
anxiety to hie phyeiciaiis who-mkd.l^eeu 
with him during the af tcrtt^f^^^j^i^yj^, , 

«i»tul«tM|'^^lm on his .good iSe*fl^*-«&b? ; fl 
^^^MlMP^t^lf as feeling rvinip^ M-'- \ | 
his rsnfeii'W 'strength. 

"Q^UHt$^t Grant had been •jufferlng 
^iL^bctes, and the att< 
MWaisturbances which h ow- 

ever, to be perfectly under control, 

"This audden fatal termlnntloj^wWine 
as a gr«i»Mlirprlse. Ilm ' : a.i4-^m9^ 
sues «fia£ at the um.. and the 
%iii>W tP$ i (i ij> 'Who were called at once 
found the heart had stopped InstanllyJ' A 1. 


Colonel Koosevelt la FssnsylTanla — 

aCrs. I.a roUette to Campaign 
for Her Husband 

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swing with Goodyear welt sole and Cuban heel. 

.short vamp., round toe last. 

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low heel. . 

TOS^OTS \sith ^^oltcd soles. "% 't, -^B'^ 


GET A PAIR OP^'^lJ-^^f!^ while the style is new. 
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Sole Agents Broadwalk rir-uffeis for Children 

Hanaa * Son. ii- 

Y. Wichert & Gardiner, N. T. 

Pemberton Building, 621 rort Street 




Continued fnmi Vage 

ihtuor seized, It Is believed. 

The ll<tuor seized, It Is believed, was 
btlng brought In to start a miniature 
11 legal resort. So far as known It \» the 
fhst shipment Into the strike dltitrict. 

Reports from Cisco, near which .T. S. 
Waabtock has a numb'jr of station 
men at work, tell of a visit by a mob 
o; strikers, who. it \ti said, surrounded 
the camp and threatened to i)low ll up 
unless work wan suspended. The .strike 
pickets have, a signal code of tlielr own 
and send rnesMagcfl to one nnother by 
lla.«(bllghi al iiIkIii and by handkerchief 
w-!\\lng in the daytime. 

Between Wallnohln and Lytton 
work Is still Husuended entirely, and the 
cctitractor.«i aay they have no idea when 
thev will be able to resume operatlon.s. 

READING, J'.i., .\pril 11. — ' 1 hope >'<ti 
will vote the <l.i\ afiei tomorrow tin- 
way you shout now," ><.iid t'ol. Uoose- 
vell to the crowds wl.o mot him on the 
laPt day of l>lb IVnnsylvanla tour. 

UMenluK lo a citcular sent out by 
r \ M ll.iirht U) the voters 

>o,iis i baw a clrcul.ii has Just 
been sent oui by the I'usimaster tell- 
ing you how. to vote. Now this lis a 
federal office holder. This Is the peo- 
ple's Job and I ask" you to rebuke the 
effort to control your votes by the pro- 
fessional bread and butter politicians; 
In this contest whenever the people 
have had a chance to express Ihcni- 
stlvea, they b«ve:f^me otu unmistakabb" 
for the right side." the Colonel contin- 
ued. "We have lost only whore there 
has been cheating and the theft of dele- 
gates by vlolencb and fraud or where 
''■s-rlddcn community hav "i' -^'t- 
ind permitted itself to !» ' 

od of its rights." 




A;rents for the famous 



Phone 1377 ^^2 Trounce Avenue 

NEW YORK. April 11. — A delcKation 
of ninety members, unln.structed for 
any preHid?ntial candidate, but bound 
by the unit rule, was chosen to repre- 
sent New York state at the Democratlo 
national convention here today. Tlu, pro- 
cee<Ung.s of the. stale convention wer> 
marked by harmony, there being only 
one note of protest — that of Mayor 
James E, SaRue. of Poughkf epsie, 
against a resolution i>rovidinK for unit 
rule. Thl.s he declared, bound the New 
York delegation hand and ,/oot and wu.s 
undemocratic. "We shouW stand for .i 
fair convention and may the best man 
win," he said. By a viva voce vote thf; 
original resolution was adopted 

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1,111 III lied 
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have the right to 
kind and color alone 
frullH of our labor," 

In concluskin the premier 
that the press of the province 
.strive for wholesome, truthful 
catifm.'i, and also avipcalcil 

time we 
our own 
enjny the 

for a 

broadening of public spirit among the 
citizens, urging them to give at least 
a part of their time to public affairs. 

riooA in itisBoari 

NATCHKZ. MIb«.. April I 1.— The 
lovffv at Aaiiland. MiaM.. broke. loda.V. 
Thirty-six hundred Hcie« in Jerrrion 
county will be flooded. 

,SAN FRANCISOO, April 11, — Thomas 
K. Kase, pre-sidont of the state I.a Kol- 
lette league snuounced today that Mrs, 
I.,a Kollr-tte would con.luct a speerl!- 
making campaign in California in the. 
Inii'rest of her iui.slinnd's candidacy for 
ii,c Hcpubllcan nomination for Presi- 
dent. She will accompany the Senator 
(o Callfornio Immediately after the 
f)regon primaries and will make ad- 
dresses lo ihf women voters In the prin- 
|)nl oltics. 

The C.P.R. lias donated a number of 
v.Thnibie.cafh prUes toward making the 
K\ic(CH« nf the coming vrajionMni imx't 

(""onirncts hsve been awarded an* "»• 
ten-Hcre site clesretfat Roche point f*r 
a large dock at Vartcouv*r. *1»teh ^s 
).ri>mo'pd by French oapftallsts. 

A Handy Piece of Crown Grant Timber 

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chains from deep water, well sheltered, close to Wharf, Hotel 
and postoffice, on Government Road, cruised to contain 20,000 
feet per acre. All oood stuff. Price, only $27 per acre. Terms 
one-third, balance tvvu uv three years. 

Deep black loam soil, no rock, only 50 miles away. 


1303 Broad Street. Upstairs. 



Ksport of zraptloa of Ohtri«as Pssk Is 
Bsnts* m Vaanma 

The Canada Mo«iiwT^» Cc^„W«.k ^ 
ii.r; brightest oit fi|i(^ur^«.y -^tHih dBPtmifd 

for their on%puii^i».timi^t^mMit(&Mmk. 

<nt capacity. BxtS^IO*! U VOUm .WW^. 
Note sale of shar^ifi at ~ 

PANAMA. April 11,— Investigation 
today disclosed the erroheous nature of 
the report that thousandii of persons 
had been klUed and Indian villages 
swept a#ay by the eruption of .Chlrlqui 
Peak, near B|>cas Del Tsro In PaAsitha. 
There has been no eruption of Ch1rl<ttti 

infatt tmw xTm**""*"" »»r«» — — — — 

know how such a report originated. 

The report of the eruption and loss 
of life was t>rought to M:)>bt)a yesterday 
by C*pt. Olsvlk Of U»d »li»Mi*ft, V<>t% 

dgreeA m AprtL » »n<! Miat h* tea ««-. 

xttt t«f» i»r i«N«M«. 


Architects' and 

Transits, 1>ts1s. Stsei Tapss, 
Drawing Boards, etc., at 

lite Victoria 


Co, lid. 

, 1 If' 



. . i^j.^JiiAd^ii^'iitMii'M^PiL;^^ 

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Friday, April 12, 1912 


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Symmington'&-.B^ Soup Wltfl BlBiCOn, each Iv^. 

Rev. John Antle Tells What is 
Being Done to Relieve Suf- 

ICliil^ tlMU llliplO»w \^^ < <^ 

tions of Sailors and Log£,ers 

Tablets— IrCntil, Julienne, Tomato, 

33 CtbU. 

1317 Government Street and 1316 Broad Street, 
Telephones 50, Ji, 52. V 

.fsfot Now? 

Soon^-or later you will be doing your cooking by 
dectrici^<^.why not,|iow?,^Aaj^^|ei! in 

A large uudjenre Kathcred In the 
Alexandra Club liall last evening at the 
meeting held In connecUou with the Co- 
lombia coast mission. KlKht Rev. 
Ui.-hop Roper acted as chairman, and 
llii-. Dean Of Columbia and a large num- 
lM;r of the other city clergy were pre- 
sent. Thfl feature of the evening was 
the address on the work of the nilsslon 
given by th*« superintendent. Ucv. .John 
Antle, whosa. Sglendld jpioneer efforts in 

■this ■''''!fw'r''':y^l:fW''' remembered 

tk voughout t^« B«iil*li CStfumbia coast 
80 loof u arratltado and atjpMcUlitHai 
at juirvice «**«»# to UQiea** toeartf. 

Mr. Antle toW how »t tftwcge of elifli- 
teen. while worktnif flw * catechtet and 
mlBsionary in "Newfoundland. Dr. Gren- 
;fen'<i country, he h»d been imprwMted by 
the realisation thalt there wae a great 
wr-rk for the ohnroh to do In'ttiat part 
of the country beaidee the holding of 
Bcrvlces. Later„on Dr. Orenfell had 
^hown how thls^ work might be done. 
The church had been diligent In the 
holding of eervicee. but ehe had left al- 
most undeveloped that part of her work 
known as the rendering of service In 
the spirit of Him. the greatest com- 
mentary on whose life had been that: 
"He went about doing good." 

WMd 9ox MMioat Aid 
— After w aid s h e h a d «o m m to Venfiouvar 

Has Come (White), Mlea Q. 
Chorus, Until the End of Time. 

Mlus Catherine Sinclair's valedictory 
was a perfect little expresnion of j 
Kratltude to her teachers and of ai>- j 
preciatJon >'f the work to which tlie , 
girls were about to devoti' themselves, , 
as well as of love to her classmates. ! 

At the close of the prngramnie Dr. | 
R. !_,. Frasfr presented the diplomas to , 
the Ki'S'lKi'teB after a kindly and 
humiirous little address, in v^•hich lie 
Ijore testimony to the excclU'nt train- 
ing they had received, to the teaching 
of tiisier riei li uutr r5p<jcl;i,iy, an^^ »o 
Bt. Joseph's hospital, and expressed 
his sense "f the need of more hospital 
accommodation. Dr. Fraser said he 
was acting for Dr. Helmcken. who 
usually performed this pleassant duty. 

The following are the names of Iho 
graduates, each of whom was also pre- 
sented with a bouquet of roses by one 
ul' her sister nurses: Miss Catherine 
Sinclair, LCdlnhurgh, Scotland; Mis.s R. 
l^rnhiird, Moose Jaw, Sask.; Miss M. 
Graves. Victoria; Miss E. Thomas. Bl 
Kestlniog, Wales; Miss E. R. Schoon- 
over. Port Townaend, Wash.; Miss C. 
Sangster. Victoria; Miss E. S. John- 

Bishop 3(teaIi«MM fe*ewv * vary 
short addjTMw wii^ » quotat^n from 
the ealogy of. Bteirftww .on FitJwr 
Damlen, in wMcii 4ie salA lie "hM long 
■Ince leartedl to enVy aoctoM and 
nurses." The Mabop went on to say 
that iiwtt to the ministry to the spirit 
that to the body was the highest of 
human callings. He dwelt on the need 
of Itollntte patience and of unfaUlng 
assiduity. If to this the nur»e» added 
Christian charity, they would be true 
follower^ of their master "who went 
about doing good." 

The National Anttiem was then sung 
and at its close the friends who. with 
the pupils of St. Arfne's convent sad 
their teachers, filled the hall, crowded 
around to offer their congratulaUons 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd., 1008 10 Government Street 

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1 1 12 CVovornnic It St.. M.-iiion Building, Upstair.^ 

and had there read the story of the 
men who were losing thcdp lives on the 
western ooftst because there was no 
medical aid nearer than Vancouver. 
When lie feallaed the sort of -worfc that 
was needed he had put It b^tore the 
dlocflse/ot Columbia, and afterwards bo- 
fore the diocese of New Westminster, 
and "the two toftd combined and tlren 
blm permtsslon to go up the coast and 
euQUire Into the conditions. He to»A» 
the journey in a boat sixteen feet; lot* 
which ho 1»d made with his ownhaftto 
in his hack yard. He had talked t. th* 
men and visited the different camps, and 
ihad- afterwards come down and descrlh- 
'ed^the condlttons as he i&ad found them. 
1 The work of the'Columbla Coast Mla- 
Bton, said (Mr. Antle might be divided 
into three iwrtw social* ntorol «n« 
spiritual. It had three hospitals, lit Van 
Anda. Bock Bay and Alert Bay, and 
four dootors. The <»Wmhla had eoet" 
I v$34,<M>0 to hulld,, «nd It was said to he 
worth 130.000 In the market today. It 
carried on board a lending library and 
aoVpUedtHei meict in Hm canfiti wltk 
'iMHiau :MUI;)iii««aslnes. ■' . 

coaat, irhieh itt one time had ttj^il|*tf 
dives into #bi(ni man were 4<M^ '■^ 
■" .Saturday, tehd^ tuiiNi^!0«fe':Ji!fl-..■,l^!^a*«H?• 
■with aU-thitr'iifi*iMKii>'-'*««>J.1p4 »!•• 
sion had t^ME CS^giA !ttt>' WtBilllfi Iai4 
j it MM been tai'grcfly firttS^thentai fti 
\ hHtttlttg about the state of thingii that 
■eateted todiy^ The hotels tM(t %fre liot 
neoeMlHiry UM Been cut Ott^lMd those 
left were keeMttg the ^*^'«« weU ai 
!thc^'rtt» !victoHi. -''M -^i|4iV -that 'A 
great debt of gratitude fn» owing to 
thO' ffCMMat goveramea^ ««d to Hon. 

(the liquor iaw so rigidly. 

The spiritual si<te Qi! the work otth* 
vtiiiU&tfA had aoineiiliN^ IMen eritlclxed. 

a gtfldf Uf. Ahtiik fi^eren he had been 
of the opltiien tbiit it was not advisable 
to put the thick .edge of the wedge in 
first, and UfH> Ac)iit set About gaining 
the men'g ^qtt ft jljiwiit . IWrhip Arst the 
' 'work ' ' Of "' mm' 'tllS^mik ';MI. «Uu-ted they 
iKiid only ie'eii^ 'a^--^' Jit. JBVe or six 
Imeft' tO'fttt«i4^ im''->^mtimmi - but now 
I^i^ey could get. praotlca.ny the whole of 

"'a camp.' , "' ' ' 

More Help Bequlrad 

The people of Vancouver and Victoria 
had been generous to the mission, but 
lio could not say this of the Church of 
Kngland people generally. They liad 
not done as much for it as the non- 
church of England people. Mr. Hough- 
ton (the financial secretary) could tell 
tVem that when lie went collecting he 
«ot mu(Mi mores from the latter than he 
(iid from the former. ■ . cS^^^-. 

Mr. Antle then .showp<t;|i8r!lii6prestin& 
fiieries of lantern slides, dealinK- with 
life amongr the lodging: camps of the 
British Columbia coast, and also with 
tlie work of the ml.Hslon, Us ho.spltals, 

Captain Wnolley also spoke In sup- 
port of the work of the mls.sion. 

The bisliop, in closing the moeting. 
ey.preased Ills pleasure at seeing such a 
large gathering, urged their support in 
the work, and said that later on the 
church hoped to take up the needs of 
church people in the northern part of 
tec island. 

During the evening songs were con- 
tributed by Mrs. Gaunt and Mr. Herbert 

Subscriptions towards the work of the 
n-.lsslon may be sent to Captain H. J. 
nous Cullln, of this city, honorary 

to the happy graduates. 

New Suits, Coats and Dresses arc stiH coming %lo%v -and 4^ 
are lovelier than ever. Of course ybti can dig^d th^j: tti%.g4rni%^^^ 
"Campbell's" are the best and most exclusive that can be produced. Every far- 
mcnt carries with it our guarantee as to perfeetion qualities and correct styles. 

Popular prices prevail throughout. 


BE "mm 

Settlements by city Wtth Own- 
ers in Various street Im- 
provement Schemes Shows 
More^n^ Must be Vo^ 


Original e«tlm«i«!»"«f ««•» *» >•>*»<»• 
^prlation -proceedlni^. «»:'9«iil«i.:«»^_, 
between Pembroke street and the e«y 
limits: on Pandora avenue, between 
Qhambera , aUM»t end Fernwpod wnd 
and the Paad«» aTreaue cxteiM^on ««n 
Fen»wo(jdf rotA to Fort •^eet, ^f 
Jtroved to be Ur and away IwWw i™»> 
the actual cost w4U PRflfWii ^ «M» 

■amount • .|ipiV(flt»r ■ f#«:?i?*f««r- vm^ 


j-retty Oeramony at St. Joaeph'i Hoa- 

pital I.»st Evening — Tan Toung 

Ziadlea Sacalva Diplomas 

The gr.idiiatlng exercise.-* oT the 
nurscfl of St. ,Tose))h'.s hospital la.«t 
evening formed a very pretty cere- 
mony. All the nurse.'! who could be 
spared from drtty wero present on the 
stage, uiid ill ttiOiT uriiiormc^ o. snovvy 
white made a heautlfu' picture. 

Bishop Mardonald presided and the 
loiiowing programme was rendered by 
the performers, who showed that they 
had not forgotten their music In their 
mor« serious labors: Piano duet, "Dl« 
Muhle im Schwarxnall (Ellenberg) 
Misses Tnlmie and Brown; vocal solo, 
"Tho (lift,' (Behrend) Miss Byera; 
itiKirij mental duet. Simple .\veu 
(Thome) piano, Miss Tolmle, violin, 
MlsB Howard; vocal solo, The Spring 

eft uxKm ttte iiw*tti*y *#l»^« t0 *«»• 
thorlse the '»a»l«tta «*»«dlto»«» "««» 
Hiaped, the amounts to he ral«»l« W»w» 
1^1^ upon the eatlmatea of th« elty' 
yhkessor. In neirly all case* these •«»• 
niktes have been exceeded, and if we 
widening schemes authoriaed and to* 
whiob expropriation bylaws were pagaed 
gjM, ti) he carried <mt a. Jturther l^fi* 
fig0!bm^. rnvat be »P|»w«». . TM 
'^ieejm:''0iv»«nl .hcaeftted' auuit la .-th*: 
end Ply th#i»«l* ««^fl|«h «w»r«»««»»* 

mxm vm aO w Mift iiwir- <*». ><»# '^*»^ '"^ 
ply the money wherewith to <f«|lif git* 

tiement with tibe. o'tme** , .. 

The Douglas sreet i«!li«Wl wheme 
provided for the exproptrtatti»» of thirty- 
two feet off property oh the east «i4« 
■Af'^tiM^i :i|!»i»W|li3NU»'--'»H«k# -PembWMi* 
.gtfwtl''i^ ■%&*■'<««» -.Ipll^'-^The wmm^/- 
or»B estimate of ■■«^.?,|w»:^^|i»i»*fc_ 
while the •'■«gregate:?»IW>i«lt::;' :^ , : WS 
claims put in was I676,301. Settlements 
to date, many of which have been paid, 
aggregate approximately $330,000. and 
many lof the \msettled claims relate to 
the more valus^blo property nearer In 
towards Pembroke street. Doubtless 
many of these unsettled claims will have 
to be arbitrated, but when settled the 
amount paid will, it Is believed, have 
greatly exceeded the original estimates. 
One claim indicates the difference be- 
tween the estimate find the amount 
asked. The claim is 180,000; the esti- 
mate about Ml, 000. 

On Pandora avenue, between Cham- 
bers street and Fernwood road, where 
the street will bo widened some slxietn 
feet, the estimate of cost was »1-, 889, 
while the claims .submitted by owners 
aggregate $52,023. For tlie extension of 
Pandora avenue from Fernwood road to 
Fort street, for which work a separate 
bylaw was passed, the estimate of cost 
was $3'.»,670 and claims filed aggregate 
$170,000. Despite the fact that a num- 
ber of claims have already been set- 
tled there still remains claims of about 
$72,000 to meet. 

Then there is the whining scheme 
tor the same thoroughfare between 
Douglas street and Amelia street, be- 
tween which points It is proposed to 
wldon the street by expropriating 
a twenty-foot strip off the property on 
the north side. The estimate of cost 
was $1 6:^,000. All the claims have not 
yet been put in by the owners, so that 
no aggregate of the amount to bo de- 
manded can be ascertained, but- In the 
case of one property alone, that of 
Mr. Todd, owner of the building In 
which IB locato<l tlie Knights of I'ythlaa 
hall, the claim Is $115,000. arfd other 
claims are in almost equal proportion. 
In regard to the Hillside avenue 
widening scheme there lies been ilttle 
difficulty In mailing settlements, as the 
pro^perty is nearly all hold by small 
owners, «nd vnlnna havn not advanced 
to the same extent as on the other 

Mr. A. G. Sarglson, who Is settling 
claims on behalf of the city. Is hav- 
ing oonsldernhle difficulty In mailing 
settlements with many owners who nfe 
holding out strongly for the figures they 
set forth In their respectlv* claims. 


' "' ' ¥l«l«rtU always be proud of it. ■Dollarf:>r Dollar, we can give you^ better val ^^. , 
V~ «0^^ Self-starter. It is impossible to tell.Tou ft^jabout the Oiglf 

;- 4nd In this space. Ask for a catilogiie, or we will give you a demonstration. 

THOSe ?UmSM,W&^^^ 733 Johnson St. 


•^If you get it at Plimlcy's; It's All RJ|tt**' 



<:lass industrial 

N itie acres. North Quadra 
street, frontag'c on two 
roads, no rock. I need money 
and for quick turn will take 


Address Post Office Box 

Canada Mosaic Tile Co., Ltd. 


capj:tal ^100,000 

Wc furnish funds for pro- 
motion and underwrite 
shares in first class com- 


312 Sayward Bldg. Ph. 1030 


BEAUMONT BOGGS.... Fort Street, Victorlm 

GEO. A. ERASER Government Street, Victoria 

A. E. McMICKING. M. D. Yates Street, Victoria 

R. W. MARSH Wharf Street, Victoria 

GEO. AGER, Secretary Wharf Street, Victoria 

Registered Office, 1318 Wharf Street, Victoria, B. C 

We are issuing 30,000 ordinary shares of $1.00 each on 
very easy terms. We have a most promising proposition, and 
1 lie' directors have great confidence in recommending you to 
thoroughly investigate it. At our demonstrating plant, 1318 
Wharf street, you can see us manufacture the first flooring 
tiles made in Canada, .ir write for prospectus and our repre- 
sentative will call ami explain the situation. We are crowded 
with orders and our factory is now in course of erection on 
E. & N. Railway, Victoria West. 

Help to upbuild Victoria with home manufacturing indus- 
tries, and at the same time invest in a sure thing. Our 
capitalization is small, our dividends will be big. 

Offi'ce and Demonstrating Plant, 1318 Wharf Street. 

P. O. Box 1171 Phone 1045 

Knl«ht * Day \a the exc»U»nl n«tn" of 
a firm ^'hlrfi hfts fftri'*?^ * »«ry rich cthuH 
of ore on the lAicky P»(r mine near Whlp- 

A Bargain 


Prospect Lake 

About 40 acres at $75 an 
acre ; $2000 cash, balance 
over 3 years; this i)rice gov- 
erns an immediate sale only 
Exclusive agents 

E. F. Hiil & Co. 

Mahon Block. 


Fort Street and Stanley Avenue— 98 8-10 feet on Fort Street: 

135 feet on Stanley Avenue. 

This property has a revenue of $52.00 per month. 

This is not a possible business site, but absolutely one. 
best in the city at t}s* price. ' 

9143.00 PER FRONT FOOT. 

I I I f I < i I I m 

J. L. 

50a Sayward Block 

SOI^ Ali] 


Friday. April 12, 19^2 

Qlbt Sails CfTxrljcrnisi. 

Tb* Colonist PHntInc and Publtihlna 

Company. Limited Ll»blllty. 

IIll-ltlK Bro«d Street. Victoria. B. C 



Delivered hy carrier at 80 cent» per month 
If paid In advance: «0a per month It paid 
after the lOth of each month. Mailed poat- 
iiald. to any part ot Canada, except the city 
or auouruttii ui»ir»«-k*. ..".**- »- - ^- --^ . 
our carrier* or the l-nUed Kluirdom. at th» 
tulluwInB ratea: 

One Year '*•'• 

KU Monlha ••••• *•*' 

Three Montha ^•** 

London Office: B0-9J Fleet Street. 

Manuscript offered for sale to The Colo- 
nlat muet be addressed to the business office 
otherwise tho ronipany will not assume the 
resDonslblllty of the return of same to the 
author. M. S. S. accepted by other than 
Uio business manager will not ba uald for. 


l\ ■ .- --^— ■- • ;; - : ■ -■' 

To maure puWicHtloii of adverttrtn* mat- 
ter m the DaUy 0»l««l»t. all copy >««■» ^ 
left St tbo offlo«-b*tew» 3 J>.JBU.»>5 d«y 

^cooy will bo received after tti»t time. Copy 
fo? Sunday mornlng'a t?iue murt <>• »« «»» 
later than Friday, 9 p. m., earlier « Pf*"}; 
We. Small w.nt ad. copy, <"**«» -S"*^^ 
wcelved unUl » P. m. !n ortf«; tj*t o«r 
Mtrona shall tM>t be dUappotatM •W-.W'J 
to notify advertiser, that this rule will not 
he broken After April 1st. 

—THE COI/>NJ»T. • 

Friday, April 1^ W12 


It a line Is drawn upon the «naP <*' 
British Columbia «lue north from Vic- 
tcrla It win pa88 up Howe Sound, cross 
the route of the Grand Trunk Pacific In 
the famed Nechaco Valley a little wc-st 
^f wnrt r.eorife. and roach the Ro<ky 

railway construction Into the heart of 
what Boems llkoly tu be the KitatuBt 
niinlnjj rtKluri norili of Bullf. The seo- 
loKiiul lOiiimioDei are aluiUar In a Ken- 
fial wuy to tho«e found In the \li-lnlly 
of BuUe, and hence the ore bodies are 
likely to ho continuous. Before an 
ounce of gold was washed out of the 
Atlln gravels or a deposit of copper wat« 
found at Stewart, the Colonist expressed 
the conviction based upon Us Keneral 
knowledKc of the coimuy Uku r 
crn slope of tho coaal rtniKV uuiii I'l 
Porllaiul Canal would !)o found to be 
hlKhly motalllferou: i.\>iiis have 

proved that we were conoil, and >vo are 
etiually confident that the region out of 
which flow the tributaries of th« Hard, 
the Stlcklnc. tho Skeena and the Peace, 
will bo found to be one of the richest 
In the world. 

-So roucb *0r the country into which 
this railway will be wt^naoO. W» 
wiit add a few word* in 'Wipect t«? 
tbiit tbjrot*«b whloh ^tbe porUtMi of the 
itne "nSw aBi(ii\ * to"6erijonitruiTe^^ 
pass. Our opinion is that it will be the 
home of a larire population, which will 
fln^ employment to farming, ranching, 
fruit-growing, lumbering and mininK. 
There are large forests of excellent 
timber. Thenre are numerous areas of 
good farming land. There are great 
tracts, whlfch only require Irrigation to 
make them fertile. There are higher 
tracts tlt&t will always be valuable for 
ptsturage, although too elevated for the 
raising of crops. Wo know of no part 
of the province with more to commend 
It to railway construction than that 
through which the Pacific Great Eastern 
win run between Howe Sound and Fort 

I'd agalnBl the Colonist In th's connec- 
tion, it Ls not HpeakliiK fur the - ro- 
\ inclal Oovernment nor for tho Domin- 
ion CJovoriiinent. it is eiiJeavorlnK to 
Hpuuk fur tilt) people of Victoria and 
Vancouver iBlanJ. It is endfavorlnsc to 
impress upon the-se bodies tliat tlic pro- 
posed connection Is of the utmost value 
for local and national reasons- We 
have not thMti»^bi it necessary to ask 
Mr. Bor«li>' \i McBrlde or any one 
else If what we say commend.-* itself to 
tlielr Judgment 'n Uio matter oi rail- 
way developnii I'olonlst has pur- 
sued the lino of action which seemed 
to be In tne Interests, of the public, and 
It has never In the slightest degree 
be«n Influenced by what might or 
might not be acceptable to those In 
power. Wo are friendly to Mr. Bor- 
den's administration: we are friendly to 
Mr. McBrlde's administration: but our 
ttrst duty is to the peopU', and that 
dttty w«> «w» ttrivinis to pdrform^ We 
have the fullest oonfldenoei that o%r etr 

well question hU sanity. Since Oscar 
Wilde's Imitators used to be content 
with "a glass of water and a few kind 
words" for hincheon, lht:re lias been 
ncjliilng: quUi- so slUy us "f iilurlHl" 
painting. May tho Kates defentl us 
from such a future as these daub.i 

Some IngenlouH fellow ,i- i . , n iiK^'r- 
Ing out that parliamentary oratory t'osts 
thi' i-'''<'pl'- nf iIiIh .suffirlnir country about 
■' 1 - ■ , . f , I . , ,. . V- .,: ,t I 1 . omcs hlxh, 
but wtt utust havtj It. 



Mr. Roosevelt's success at the Illin- 
ois primaries will give his campaign a 
wimderful Impetus. While such expres- 
sions as •'My hat la in the ring" and 
"Wo whlppe<l them over the ropes," and 
such tactics as riding on to a platform 
In a motor car to addresa an audience 
In a theatre may be rather undignified 
for one who has twice presided over 
tha destinies of a great wktlon and a*- 

|il)^ to A<h fp ««iln. it miift bo co»- 
iort« wlH be «Kl«me*TWtth '•uoOoss HpP "(«^ 

this as lo other matters. 

The eyes of all British people, and 
to a large extent of the people of the 
civilised world, are upon the British 
House of Commons, which Is now deal- 
ing for the third time with the question 
of Home Rule for Ireland. Kollowlng 
our usual practice, which Is to avoid 
any expression of opinion upon matters 
at issue in the United Kingdom, we 
shall not do more than keep our read- 
ej-s informed of the progress of events. 
Convment from a Canadian paper Is 
hardly called for and can contribute 
nqttitag ot valit£ ta the solution at the 

wind oanvasser. 

"The people of BrltUih Colurablo," 
says the Montreal Hefald. "seem to 
want railways more than anything else 
in the world." If the Herald would 
make a tour of British Columbia it 
would be like the rest of us. We sim- 
ply must have railways and we are go- 
ing to get them. If the Herald'a pol- 
itical friends at Ottawa had realized 
this when It was In their power to help 
the province secure what It needs in 
this regard, things might have been 
differently politically here. The Liber- 
als had their chance In British Colum- 
bia and threw It away. 

Misfits KU SalvatloQ 
because .U cal. eheils cannot bu fired 
In a .45 cal. fire-arm, Harry Spencer, of 
Fort Steele Is alive today, and lag Sue,, 
a Chinaman. Ii untlor unest t?harKed 
with attempted murder Instead of mur- 
der Itsolf, as he probably would bo 
othorwlse. Ing Sue will be tried at 
the spring assizes in Oranbrook. The 
Chinaman, who carries on a restaii- 
rant business at Fort Steele, quarredled 
with Mr. Spencer over some business 
transaction, and attempted to shoot him 
with a .45 cal. revolver. The llrfarm 
fulled to work owing to Its being loaded 
with .41 cal. shells. Ing Sue was com- 
mitted for trial by Justices of the 
Peace R. L. T. Galbralth and Arthur B. 
Fen wick. 

iJlunglug Into one of the burning build- 
ings at sight, through the smoke, of a 
lUKi-d riHiiUi- There wi-re two blrd.s, 
pels of tile patrons of the Uowdon 
Hlorts, and llawyrth rescued bith, bclii;; 
hlnmelf slightly scorched In Hi' i" ■ 

A XiA Oue-rlug Olroaa 

In order lo reliuvu ihu pressing -con- 
gestion In their schools the authorities 
of Lonsdale, Norlli Vancouver, • have 
erected a large tent In the cential school 
grounds, and this Is now devoted to gen- 

Ughted with the arrangement, bir .1 
miss the windows. • 

Skaters Have Close Call 

A. curlouf||,t|{MUt of the blqigimi Op- 
erations oMSffe':N, P.. ■ «rad*f4|0!flte . 

' V ,hgt'#r"'"hits»' -. iWM ' mwJA.-M. 

be tiihed for «. certain day and many 
skwted across the laJie to witness it 
i^fao blsdit wh«n fired ca.used a minia- 
ture tidal wave which extended aoross 
the lake, for two miles, breaklns the 
inshore ice and casting It twenty feet 
up the bank. The skating parties were 
thus left afloat on ice floes, and w4>ile 
some made long detours and readied 
shore unaided, others were necessarily 
rescued with boats deepatcned from 

A.A ZsoUte Sistlnotloii 

It was the L.,iil.vamlUi SiKnal on the 
m<jrining after the provincial election 
which modestly rose to remark: "While 
the Signal does not want any ' undue 
piomlnence In the limelight. It may be 
pardoned for noising the fact that It is 
the only opposition paper In the prov- 
ince of British Columbia wearing the 
.'w«wo«f. smile today* . 

Oystsr TlsMs BlvidsiUl 

On the 24th of February last James 
Portls. a waiter employed In a New 
Westminster restaurant, found a pearl 
In an oyster that be had Just opened. 
He took tho gem to Vancouver, where 
It was valued at from $750 to 11,000. In 

o r der to auth o r It at i'^e ly de t er mine ta> » 
question of value, howevea the pearl 
went to Tlffiny's expert In New York, 
who has returned It With a valuation of 
1 1,1 23. The pearl is one of perfect 
form and beautiful color. The oyster 
In which It was taken came from Cali- 

Baboo in «b* Wood 
Oreat excitement prevailed In North 
Vancouver one d*y last week over the 
disappearance of the two children of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bottlng. a boy «nd a 
girl, aged respectively nine and Otght 
years. The oWtldren wandered aWay 
from their hoiina Jiurtn« the afternoon, 
but it was not until dusk had fallen 
that searchers found then^ In the ad- 
jacent woods, sound aaloep in «a*h 
other's arms, wOiaasted by" tholr wwx- 
derlncB. ^ ' , ■ ; .■ ■ ' '" 

'"" woiw»"«wrs^ Caa atW l rt .,' . ' ' ' 
Richard Katela. who not long ago 
bi ought in two wolf skins to Telegraph 
Creek to obUln the government houoty, 
snys that the wolves on the upper Stlk- 
ine are flndln» It hard to forage tWs 
season, so hard Indeed that several e«s«8 
have pr*netrted themselves wherein clr- 
oUHJistahtlal ovtdenoo shows concltwrfvely 
that t^sy have killed and eaten the 
wOaksT numbei^ of the pack. 

A Baoe'.«Ul|i/'«|i»''«tt|. 
Mexican Tom;- at wait tewwn e hj i rB et or' 
of the Queen Charlotte islands who has 
given hie name to the fanvous Mexican 
Tom trail through Graham Island, had « 
dramatic and narrow escape for his life 
a few weeks ago, while passing beneath 
Wiilte Cliffs on the beach, with a load 
of freight and bis four-horse team. 
Pinned in between the sea and the per- 
pendicular cliflTs he wa# caught by the 
rising tide, and was forced to abandon 
his load and rftcf ^f or life with the tide, 
he and his four horses barely making 

The Bays of tbs Usartxtg Banning 
Mr. George H. Col well, who claims 
special distinction as the oldest citizen 
of Nelson aund the contiguous district, 
has Just returned to that Kootenay 
city from California, where he has been 


Somlolos Trust Company 
Sir, — Kindly permit me to correct an 
.•rror wliKh appeared In a news item 1" 
yeatcrday'.s Issue of the Colonist. In 
this item the Uomlnlon Trust Company 
was named as tlit- purchaser of a por- 
tion of the McQuade estate, fronting on 
Vancouver street. It is not the policy 
of tlie Dominion Trust Company to pur- 
chase any real estate not required fur 
itc own use aa office sites, and In thlH 
respect the company Is happily supplied 
In Victoria. In any disposition v.'hie>! 
may have been made of tho propcrt.v 
named, tho Dominion Trust Compan.v 
liaH had no part, elthci- as principal or 
a-j agent. 

Maiiapcr Dominion Trust Co. 

Ool. BivKer's Sst&te 

Sir. — In an editorial Item in Sun- 
day's Colonist you say. "If you happen 
to be a descendant of one Colonel 
Jacob Baker, formerly of Phlladelphin. 
you win be interested to know thai 
you may be entitled to a share in Fair- 
mount Park In that city, which is 
worth many millions of dollars. A 
suit has beon ontoreiil on behaU of thf 
Toronto beh» agittigt th« «ty of 
Brotherly Love, ftnd it oilafA niti btt ^ 
bad plan for you to .. overbad; n^mKmZ-: 
record and see If y«u can conneot up 
with the said Jacob." 

Just keep your eye on the case ai^ 
report progress occasionally. I ca|il 
connect up with the said "J|ioob" aa i^r 
rigfiL colonel Jacob Baker ;Wf Phl]# 
delphla was a brotbof pf my;inotber% 
great grandfather^ Tho tyvo'^hi^theps 
took opposite sides In the American 
revohitli-.n, an«» of th«»ro, Jcbn 'Pn-ke*". 
afterwards removing to Nova Scotia 
with the U. K. Loyalists, and the 
other, Jacob, taking service In the 
American army, and at the close of 
the war settling in Philadelphia, 
where he was afterwards visited by 
members of his mother's family irom 
Nova Scotia. All of these thingrs are 

easy o f p r oo f , much aasie r than w — 
prove the existence of tho jnar^y mil- 
lions awaiting proof of heirship 'to the 
aforesaid Jacob Baker. iMy relations 
in Nova Scotia have \n the past spent 
a good deal of ihbney' Ih'^vIniglTii ~ 
case investigated, but thus far vtith 
unsatisfactory results. If the Toronto 
heirs who are now taking up the flght 
can prove the existence of this vast 
fortune i^nd also thatiit is'get-at-able 
after tHe expiration oil over a bun4re<l 
yeaiv I h^ve no doubt tbat the r^ilj^ 
heirs of "one Colonel Jacob Baker of 
Philadelphia" who live in NoVa'ScotIa, 
will feel greatly obliged to them. T 
would be .wlMlng %o allow a Jlber.-.i 
discount f6t^i#flh for hiy interest in it. 

Sir.~Aa the Vlctorta celebration is 

coming round again, yotl may perhapia 

grant me the courtesy of space in your 

■columns, for some snggestions in tho 

regard of the reimtta. : 

Thouglii have ventUfttedltlMWe views 
Itreouently and at -lei^^,,;«,)liii|||l|* to 
2meet anyone who dlssfettts'fifittB tnern. 
;; r have attended ten consecutive "24th 
'W- May" regattas—all absolute|,»)|,te(||fe;:, 

ityped,^ *■:■'-'. >:-'-,,>i-a. ■ .^^wmmsm ' enthualasin by the "Indian canoe 
^raceii and perhaps rippled by a transi- 
ent breeise of patriotlBm. at the pluck, 
endurance, I think we might almost say 
heroiOnij of the "jolly Jack tars," who 
;iaboriotvly heiave those barge-like whale- 
ibcats over an unconsciously long course. 
^ In short give no canoe or four-oar 
Otttrtlrtfer prlises unless there are 4 con- 
t^iiikali' at least, and mark well, sir ! 
The races are rowed or paddled within 
a. certain time limit. 1 am unwilling to 
flaunt the disgracefully slow times for 
the distances I have personally taken in 
/previous ycarsi 

My main idea is that it condm-t-.s 
neither to anyone's pleasure nor profit 
i,t|)llt a couple of hours' racing should 
driiig their weary length over a whole 
' Wlhy not havo a couple of motorboat 
races? ^ X^0tti' : 

Why not row Ihw^ Slwash races in 
heats over a, shorter course, :i:i there 
call be no question that It is to see tho 
rhythm and watermanship of tho Indian 
canoe men that 90 per cent, of the crowd 
ti;rn out. Why not start the shorter 
ruces down the Arm, as soon as the 
longer races have passed outward 
bound? So as to fill in the interval 
under the nresent regime spent in wond- 
ering how and when the competitors are 
Koing to get back. Finally could not 
the .siigg'e.stion bo made that the mem- 
bers of the four-oared crews wear Jer- 
seys -of one color, as oven If dressed 
alike, their time and swing or rather 
till' want of these essentials emphasise 
tiulte sufficiently the fact that they are 
too often "scratch" crews. 

These suggestions would enormously 
improve an annual event, which, as at 
pre.sent constituted, Is anomalously en- 
ough, in tho position of a picture which 
owes Its popularity to Us frame. 

H. J. DUNN. 

i'^ *; 

Mountains near the western end of the 
Fine River Pass, which Is the open door 
to tho Peace River country from the 
-'weei. The geographical fact ll»U« U'-uS' 
trated is the reason why the Colonist, in 
pursuance of its policy of looking at 
provincial development from the stand- 
pclnt of the whole province, has always 
beon an advocate of a North-and-Souti. 
fine of railway. It Is rather a remark- 
able thing that the conformation of the 
country Is such that a railway can be 
buUt <!roin Howe Sound to the Pine 
Biver Pa«s without greatly deviating 
Croro this north And south line, and yet 

bo oo loouM M *« *»**® """V ^^^ 
grades. It is by this route that the 
Paclflo Great Baateni railway Is to be 

"t)uilt.''' Viae" ilns'v will '"wttend" abiitSiSMy 
tu Vancouver and New Westminster, and 
ferry connection will be esUbllshed be- 
tween 'the ,most convenient point and 

Victoria. frf«'rp«>iect »«>'»***' ^"^ 
,^eople of this city have a great Interest. 
^■iiot only because yietoria. la thei*eaai 
uuarters of the company, but because 
1 1 will '■ afford 0*»r merchants an oppor» 
tunlty to do buslnefs on et)ual terms 
with all oUiers in the country which the 
Toilway IWll mMte accessible. 

This undertaking Is of present inter- 
est bcca:u8e Mr. D'Arcy Tate, formerly 
of the Orand Tifunk Paclflc and now 
vice-president and General Counsel of 
the Paclflc Great Eastern, left tho city 
lost nlgt^t for ^London to complete fln- 
anclal arrangements which will make 
the very early beginning of construction 

. {losslble. Mr. Tate la so well and so fav. 

•^y^||«ibly known In Tills city, that he needs 

"^l\U introduction. Me is an exceedingly 
capable man, a lawyer of ability iw>d at* 
talnments, and «wie who has studied very 

1 ..thoroughly the transportation problem 
-^■'j'^'lt relates lo Brtlsh Columbia. Asso- 
ciated with Mr. Tate in the directorate 
of the i:ompany are Messrs. Timothy 
I'^oley, Patrick Welch and J. W. Stewart, 
who constitute the great contracting Arm 
of Foley. Welch & Stewart. This firm Is 
undoubteiily the leading concern In Its 
line of business in America. It has been 
engaged in the constniction of all, or 
m^aily all. the transcontinental railways, 
it not only owns what Is jierhaps the 
most complete construction plant in ex- 
istence, but it i s a very wealthy A rm 
and each of tlie par«D«ri Is among the 
millionaires. Their connection with the 
enterprise is a guarantee of its being 
si cedily carried through to completion. 
Mr. Stewart Is the president of the com- 
pany, and he will devote his great excr 
cutlve ability to Its management and to 
making it one of the greatest dcvelop- 
iiitnt projects In Canada. 

Wiilo the plans of the company and 
Its contract with the province provide- 
inly for a railway as far nor in as Fort 
George, this IS not Intended to be the 
limit of its operations. It Is the Inten- 
ton of the company to extend its line 
northwards to reach the agricultural 
loads of the Peace Rivr-r Valley, as well 
as the Rreat region lying norcli of what 
i;i culled thf Omenlca, a region known 
t'l be richly minerallaed and containing 
large areas adapted for colonization. 
Many Colonist readers may rocall \v!iiit 
we have said In limes of the great 
unexplolted region lying between the 
point where tho Flndlay and Parsnip 
livers unite to form the Peace, and on 
tlif- south the blard the great westerly 
alTluent of the Mackenzie on .the north. 
Of thf- rUlincps of this great area in 
mineral.^ I here Is no douht at all. Th» 
only reason why It has not been a scene 
1)1 aclivlly is tho InoU »f Irun.'-porta- 
tloii. Now that H company l.« In the 
Held, able anl r«-ady tu provide thI.-. wo 
nntlclpatp a period of very active pros- 
li.clinfs flu-re, and this Is certain to dl.-- 
ctiosp lnf< e3ii»l«'iii,p of OTii hOU.CS o, S'jr.. 
number and magnitude as will ensure 


This north and south railway will be 
the means of tying up the northwesterly 
and southeasterly parts of the province. 
It will make a vast region tributary to 
tho coast cities. It is commercially 
speaking a great strategic line. The 
Inevitable result of tho construction of 
trunacontlnental lines is to draw the 
traflio which they create In eastern and 
western directions. The pacilk; ,<3irj»it 
Eastern- will draw trafflt: north,,4nd;. 
sAoth. The new road v^W* ■ ^ther^^foi*, 
open a n«w field, and It is deiitined to 
play a part ot the utntost il;e|E>Ortanee in 
the building up of BrIUsh <^*ttM». J^ 
completion will eynehronJ|i|^i(%g;jite8 
completion of the PonamaiOanal, and it 
wlH be ready to meet ta(|i|,j{|iy^ 
%-&st requirements of the ini^iPi for 
access to the Interior by the jihc^uc^ 
of settlers, who win Ond iUieir way to 
oui coast 


It ougbt to be p<»slbii» to 
auestion of such IropOrtaiee to "l^oria 
as the Bute XMet route vithout'^Slml^' 
Ing to political partizanehlp. ' pip -■::^mi»- 
representation. For many yiMra .lite 
Colonist has labored to promote thisv 
great undertaking, and It submlta that 
Its record In respect to It has |w«n too 
straightforward to lusllfy. ;«n|^: ailiempt 
on the part of anyone tar t«t«»onie. 
thing between the lines ot anything it 
may print. We have onjjy .one object 
. and tliat is to secure the-early reollza* 
tlon of JlUe greal national undertaking. 
A ciritieism has been niade f f the Gol> 
qniai's Jstatetnent niadis aomoi Ume ago 
that Sir Wilfrid Laurler 4eeianKl hlni* 
Mifi in favor of this worite TU* is ab- 
solutely true. When the ex-Prlroe 
Minister t^as in Victoria Ojti the Waslon 
o» M« laet violt to the '0^1. he «a» 
int#viewad by' a committee of the 
£ioari|^f Tjrade, and in responee to the 
remarks of Mr.' H. Moulding WileoUt 
who as President of the Board W|U9 the 
spokesnmn for the delegation. lUrsaid: 
"Thls'wlll be the next great wotit utt> 
dertaken by the government." 

But we are asked why, If this la thf 
case, Mr. Borden has done nothing to 
imtA^IWMi this promise. The reason- 
able 'an«Wer to this is that It has not 
yet been formally presented for bis con? 
n- '■ Mtr3reRl8Br*hii3 only h& 

in 111 1 11 1- a few months, and it is un- 
reasonable to suggest tliat he should be 
ready with a plan of action in mat- 
ter. His predecessor had not carried it 
forward to that stage. We are asked 
why Mr. McBrlde has done nothing in 
the premises. This is a strange uues- 
tlon to come from a quarter in Which It 
is held that Mr. McBrlde has already 
dorte too much; but there Is a satisfac- 
tory answer to It. Mr. McBrlde has 
embarked upon n policy of railway 
construction, and his plans are being 
expanded from year to year. They have 
reached . the stage when the 3ute Inlet 
railway may properly be Included In 
them. Tlie^ statement has been made 
that this paper "has abandoned the 
idea of a national bridge or system of 
bridges to give the Island connection 
with the Mainland." We are unable to 
nee how any one can justify such a 
statement. We have thought that If 
we had made anything clear it wag that 
this is what we are working for. It is 
no more Inconsistent to speak of a 
■'nutionar' connection In the advocacy 
of the ownership of the railway by an 
independent company wiin me raus- 
available lo all lines on tlie Mainlsn<l 
on equal terms than there Is In apply- 
lyljig thf icnii "Natioiiiil Tran.«contlii- 
ental Railway" to the llnp from Winni- 
peg to Moncton. whU-h file Grand 
Trunk Pacific Is to lease, but which 
all companies may use. 

Ju:;t a few worfls moT-f In r»f;ar(! to 
j ihesc criticisms that are being direct- 

problem with which Parliament Is 
dealing. If one may Judge from what 
appears from time to time In the press, 
the people ot KngtanO,- Wales and Beet- 
land are apathetic in regard to the 
question. There have been no public 
demonstrations In Great Britain, either 
for or against the measure, although 
we were told some monthp ago that 
tho.,Uiiioniiis were about to start a 
tMittfttiyn ^^u^ and that 

th<( Ub«i!klt> Intended to Institute a 
counter tjotnupalgn. This attitude of 
'|1|lad. Onvttie part Oif the people of 
t^Oinm firllia^ Is a ikoMr in the case 
Which win he Interpreted differently ^y 
the friehdi' ii;nd opponents of the meas- 
ure. In -^Nitand. outside of Ulster, the 
TtUltlic RijpP; Is remarkably quiescent. 
Tt^e Vll|^^ Unionists take an extreme 
position ^; hostility. The passage of 
the measure {through the -House of Com- 
mons seema to be assured. The gen- 
eral oplnlOh seems to be that the L<ords 
tlr^ttl reject it, but It Is manifestly un- 
|Mtf to tKatibody to assume In advance 
'■^him^jj^^^ wlirbe upoft'li^niin^nre 
1^#4il biw not had an opportunity of 
oonsiderijiigf-v If the LOr^s reject It, 
thd! ^U; mhst again be passed by tlie 
Convnon* : in its present form in order 
that it Duty come Into operation over 
the veto'i^f the -Lordk. If the measure 
Is found t^ be defeottvfi. awuming that 
the Lords reject It, no changes can be 
made in ft If thO fovernment proposeO 
that it iihall become law during the 
life of tha- present Parliament without 
the iiMniel)^ of the hereditary ohambert 
r ahy^ nlteral|oa in the Bill wtli« a* 
'o . 'hniiitstand'' ip|^},:f>arliainent: 'Aet.' 

M^-s Scott, wife of the explorer of 
Antarcica. says that her husband never 
contemplated a race with Capt. Admund- 
sen for the Pole. Site says: "^re stuck 
to his original plans, and In almost 
every detail has carried out a pro- 
gramme that was drawn up more than 
two years t^o. He reckoned on reach- 
ing the South Pole somewhat about the 
end of December, that being the best 
time. at Which to take the odolUe ob- 
Burvatlons. So for as can be Judged, he 
T ould have arrived at -bis objective a 
little more than a fortnight after the 
scheduled time. In other respects he 
appears to have been eueceasful in bis 
mission." * 

spending the winter and wnere ne IIF" 
cldentally wooed and won a bride. Mr. 
and Mrs. Colwell have taken up their 
residence In Nelson. 

reijidsr irii' new nteasure^ Therefore, if 
the Houa<K passes the Bill and the Xiorda 
reject it, and during the receis the govs* 
"iiemafuax^'aiiievam to aiur it m JUiy way!. 
It will.i|lave to be piMMitt by the Com* 
(actne^lee more before the proyiii<mi 
Ifthei Parliament Act will operate to 
bring ti into force Without tlie aaaent 
I«jjitef||ii^|pe,: tWetefoire, 
\ ;'iiMiM»':ht# dhr- 
Ing the present Parliament, unless it is 
accepted by the Upper Chamber, 

Commenting upon the activity of the 
I. W. wJ In British Columbia, the Mon- 
treal Oaaelte very Justfjir aays: "The 
day of aristocratic tyranny has long 
Mince passed, and the public will not 
submit to democratic or any other form 
of tylrantir-- society is organlJted f<»r 
its own protection, and people who Vtjr' 
forcibly^;: to upset ^it '^^uight to be t()wl 
that this is the twentieth century- 
And If they fail to heed the warnUw 
there are forces that may be leifally 
employed against them and with great 
effect." Of the two tyrannies, the ai^- 
tocratlo la to be preferred, for it la e)t- 
erelsed by men having *n interest in 
the welfare of the community and pos- 
sessed of some sense of responsibility. 
The I. W. W. agitators are mo«it|iir 
strangers with no ecnoe of responoihli- 
it3r at alt. 

Jre<hPftrtasi With a Beooxd 
Two'haVdy Yrontiersmen wbo have 
had their full share of trapping and 
backwoods life in all Its phases, re- 
cently distinguished themselves by 
^alking from Te^e Jaune Cache to Port 
Oetn-gei, down i^e-fro?«n upp«r;jpraser 
and through occasional otretchiBs oif 
rough country, to eHWitiy three week|. 
The distance la a tri|gj|*0|TB ||^b .3ife 

.A '4HfdMi *•« 
Joseph White Of ChiUiwack hMi],li^ 
for himself a .niebelttt tifje. temple of 
ifanie as the^prOtiia bwnibr of a chicken 
%e88esstng three .perfectly formed and 
well balanced legs asid feet, the thUrd 
pedal being aft. as sailor folk wouljd 
aay. The chick Is a Plymouth rock and 
Should prove eepeoiolly popular ifa 
iooseninif^ie ini h *«»##»h»rs' flowiir 
bode.' ■ -■ ^'-^ r: ■ *, ■ '• 

(>f the liords, 
that the Bill thai 


Have you ever seen a "futurist" plc- 
■4<— yow^- hav o not, you li av ei n o t 
much. The "futurLst" is a 
creature who endeavors to depict in 
form and color hl.<< state of mind, not a 
state of mind that you may share with 
him, but the alleged state of his al- 
leged mind, A "futurist" picture 1.S 
simply chaotic. Thic fornts are like 
nothing ever seen on land or sea; the 
colors are true to nothing. The person 
who thinks he sees in life the things 
that "futurists" put upon canvas Is a 
degeneraii . .\ well-regulated human 
mind is orderly and definite, Its con- 
ceptions are distinct and Individual. 
One of the most-talk«d-of "futurist" 
pictures Is of a crowded ballroom. On- 
ly an Idiot could see a ballroom as tho 
artist (7) says he sees It. There nev- 
er was yet a room full of dancers In 
which distinct individuality was not 
con.«!plcuou8; yet this painter makes his 
picture a confused Jumble that would 
be a nightmare if It were not supreme- 
ly silly. Give a child a box of paints 
and it win r-mear colors on a piece of 
paper without any regard to form and 
will assure you that one smear repre- 
sents a man, another a horse, perhaps, 
and another somethinK oisn. This 
nmuses you, for you know the dniibs of 
color repre.«Rnt to the child «'hat they 
HIP liitcnilcil fur. .111 Wi'. expect bet- 
ti^r things from ^jrown-iip people. If a 
rhlld tflls "» a crazy Jumblr of 
sliapi*" rcprcsi'iUK a te^-party. wi? are 
not surprised, but When a Krown-iip 
man pain*" a «nrT of orRry-fpiiU nm 
mad, and says it Is a ballroom, wo may 

The appointment, mentioned yesterAlv 
in ottr columns, of professor W. T. Mai*^ 
Dunald to be live stock oomnUssinn^ 
for the department of agrtodltnfe of tlte 
province iaa step which should prove to 
hi^Vf fo important bearutf on the pro^ 
.irreiiis of ita '>a|rDioulture'' at large., lO' 
greatly wdsrthe responsibility J of t^ 
holder of thie pos^ reeogni«M by ila 
departmettt that 'not untii after ik' 
twelvemonths' search for. and eiftinil 
ot candidates for the position, did the 
authorities satisfy themsel\ee that in 
this gentleman the right man for the 
post had been found, and one who from 
the good work be has already accom- 
plished and of which hie testimonials 

'pedted' t&^'iiro^e -itiinuieif ;''8^i|iip!t^'fi^^ 

task placed on his shoulders, namely to 

sHslBt In the building up of a prosper- 
ous agricultural community In British 

A school of small whales, or black- 
flslu last week paid a visit to Vancouver 
harbor, wher* they naturally attracted 
great iattentidn. especially from newly 
arrived people of the plains. The big 
fish were Bret reported by Gapt^n 
Jones, llghtkeeper at Broefcten Point, 
and by incoming tugboat men. The in» 
vasion of Borrard inlet by whales la t»y 
no uieana lapr^ee^tented^ although they 
are veiT ihf reouent yieJUffi, The laft 
occasion bn which they eiMimoi^^ to 
have been seen there iiniii in tiKtt or 
1909. when they proceeded up the Inlet 
as far as Moody vlile end then returned 
to the tilalf. ' 

White bending down W takf * drink 

of water one^e^ last week at a little 

eprlng, W. J, McWlilliuns of Ehoit trajs 

•elsed with faintness and fell forward 

^ witb . his face In the water— ^ot more 

th«n a foot d^ep. Be wan tinabie to 

irecover felmseU and ^rowtte^* 


«o»|1^ «|M SaifXQWfnt 

That there la money to be won from 
the Granite ^Cretik ptaoers is again de- 
monstrated in the experience of M> Har- 
rlgan, who three weeks ago washed out 
fioO in gold from a »lngl« barrowful of 
dirt that he had dug up almost directly 
opposite the old town of Granite. The 
treasure trdvc included several nug- 
gets the size of peas. 



Cotigars Driving Seer 

Terrified to such an extent by pur- 
suing cougars that thty lost even their 
dread of man, three doer' one morning 
last week rushed down the hillside and 
Into the Slocan river, finding a haven of 
rcfuBc oil the pUe-driver operated by 
f mployees of tho Koch mill. A last 
oe&son fawn first lock the water, and 
was rescued by the men of the pUe- 
drlver. It was quickly followed by a 
l>uck and a doe. The trio were well 
cared for and afterwards released. 

l.u>iil>iUiiuaN ui ^'wrtrhi— 1 n>! i oiii|>uii- 
lonH of (ho Toregt will hold c. primrose 
dance on .Vprll IS at A, O. F. hsll. 

H. P. C A. Auxiliary — The usual monthly 
meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary to tho 
9. P. C. A. will bu held this forenoon at 11 
o'clock In the committee room of the Alex- 
andra Club. 

AIlKKion Slud.v ClatK — Tho study class of 
(ho W'oniaii'H .\uxlllary lo Missions will 
meet In the cothedrHl nrhoolroom tomorrow 
and April 19. at 3.30 p.m. 

Letter Carriers' Concert — Tho third annual 
concert of the Ij"iter Carriers' .\8«oclatlon 
will be held In the N'iolorla Theatre on 
Thursd.n/ evening next, and the committee 
In charge la making special efforts to en- 
sure a ifi:-r.rnn. The proceeds wfll l)B de- 
vrttefl til t \t' »I>-K benefit funl. 

Saanleli Chnrsl Sorlcty— A ooneert. under 
the management of Captain CUltln. director 
of the Saanif^h Choral Society, will bo held 
In the (\)Iqull7. hnll on Tuesd^ty, April 30, 
i\i S o'clock. In aid of the funds of the new 
church which Is about tn be erected on 
Burnsldc Road. Struwherry Viile. The 
scheme has received the. approval of the 
IMnhop nf Columbia. 

Dnffiidll Hbow — A meethiR i.r ih.- mm- 
mlltees and all lnleieHt>'il In the nir,uiK 
niciits of the lurfndll .'^how will bi^ held 
this afternoon at ■' o'clock at the Alexandra 
dull. It Is reiiucdi'vl thru all »hi' Intend 
to exhibit will Bend In Ihch- names as snini 
ns possible to Mrs. I.. H. Hardlc. Oiik liny. 
or to Mrs. Hasell at the club. 

This BnUet round No BlUet 

As a heavy wagon was being driven 
along Front Street. New Westminster, 
one morning last week, it passed over 
a .32 cal. cartridge lying in the road- 
way, which exploded, the bullet passing 
through a window. Of the Holhrook Ho- 
tel and .missing, by inches only, Mr. 
Charles Holland, who was almost In 
the line of fire. How the cartridge 
came to be In the roadway no one can 


Body Found In the loa 

After having been searched for In- 
tei-mlttenlly nlnce last June, the body 
of Henry PouUer has been found burled 
In the tee at Mosriulto Klat on the 
North Thompson nn<l taken to Kam- 
loops for interment. Foulter left Kam- 
loops In June to take the Dominion 
census on the north side of the river 
and was never again seen alive. A 
coroners Jury ban returned a verdict of 
accidental drowning. 

Was It Meant? 

During the recent presentation of the 
fine Dante's Inform) tllmf at the Vornon 
movliiK picture thentre, the en- 
gaged for the Mpccssory music played 
"Ifome Sweet Home"' witli Rrent wym- 
piithetlc feeling. 

On Tnewlny last Mr wnd Mrn. .1, II 
Pnok,' of (^hllUvvack, suffered the Io.ih 
of their home rrlth all its c"r>»e"'- *^r 

BlskaA X.ire for Bird Song 

TiurInK the re^'ent fire at I.<iilyr.mlth. 
^1,5 well known .To.. IlMWortb wualii dis- 
played his Indifference to danger by 

^ iDeni»;^OK^M|ti<Mi ,mniptoj(i, ■■ a.,,, wei^i 
1m6^n^'lie#||witni|fi|' i^lfvyittcotitver is: 
aead'. at'' tiii~;ipr^iW#^e;''"; - ■.■ '' 
Upwjpfdit of one tiKfuaand new build- 
taga nnere erected In Vancouver during 

Vancouver's new i>ollce headquartera 
building will be erected at obce at a' 
eoat of tllSfiW. 

JL central mining men's ' (ass4»elatik>n 
for interior British Columbia Is In for- 
mation. , 

: anrniille atreet, Vtmeouver, 3a to have 
a new $60,000 theatre. 

A new seagoing launch for service in 
northern waters with headquarters at 
Prince Rupert has been ordered by the 
Anglican Coast Mission. 

Plans are taking definite form at Rev- 
elstoke for the establishment of street 
railway service there. 

Contracts have been let to Wood & 
Story for the building of the new First 
Methodist church at Port Alherui. 

More than ten thousand people at- 
tended the funeral at Vancouver 6i 
Constable Byers, who was killed by a 
frenzied roisterer whom he was en- 
deavoring to arrest. 

Albert Parrish met death and a 
companion, John Koeck, received fatnl 
ln.1urles, by the collapse of a platform 
nn which they were working at th<- 
Seattle Boiler Works, Vancouver, two 
or three days ago. 

The large dam and power plant at 
Bull River, which is under construc- 
tion for tho C. P. R., will be com- 
pleted during the present month. 

iBy ohtnlning permission from tho 
C. P. R. to bul'd a parallel line to that 
company's right of w-ay on the south 
bank of the South Thompson river 
Itetween 'Glack Canyon and Oregon 
Jack creek, the C. N. P. railway will 
abandon Its orlglnnl plan to construct 
Its line on the north bank of the river 
through moving clay banks, and will 
ihu.s save severnl hundred thousands 
of dollars. 

Kachlgarl Kato. n well known Van- 
couver Japanese, ha.q been found deaii 
in Burrard Inlet. 

The old town of Yale now has a 
dramatic society on tour presenting a 
comedy known as "The Colonel's Con- 

The reKldence of Professor C. B. 
C^hrlstensen at Quatsino has been des- 
troyed by fire, together wltli all Its con- 

The Kootenay Industrial school, which 
is being built by the department of In- 
dian affairs at St. Ku»ene 'mIbsIoti. Will 
be comploted by midsummer and will 
bii In readiness for the resumption of 
the school \york Immediately after the 
holidays Tie' n«« »chool is to he on-? 
of the largest and best '^quipped in 
western Canada, 

Secretary tKtuglas of the Vancouver 

rroe I-ibriry twa.-4 has Jeft for Jfcw 

York, Philadelphia and other JBas^em 

.itantrca -nvbsra Aa , «U1 purobBSA'.'- aAgasAl 

'thousand new beoMe lor the llhlArr. 



"Tilings are going ahead in Nelson 
as they never have before, and I con- 
fidently anticipate that during the 
present year there will be s'jch dsvel- 
opmt-nts as will astound those old- 
timers who regard the old town as a 
stick-ln-tlie-mud. The people are at 
the pre.sent time enjoying a boom, not 
of real estate values, or anything so 
evanescent as that, but a boom of real, 
live enthusiasm for the town, its pos- 
sibilities and Its future." 

That Is the Nelson which Mr. W. B. 
MacLean was recently elected tp repre- 
sent In the provincial legislature, and 
the foregoln,g announcement came ^WHfk 
his lh>s last night. 

Mr. MacLean Is now paylni^ bla tlHtt 
visit to the seat of parliaillent sinejiil 
hlfl election, and. In addition to payinik 
his devoirs to the premier, he li '^NMf* 
ducting some private buslnesa 0o Im- 
pressed is he with the OUmatte ohiUrit^ 

here for a few day* after , krtMiWMrtiflir*^ 
the personal and parliamentary aCftkilS 
which bring blm to the capita^ 

Mr. Macl^ean Is not chtrfj^ng ao| 
pertlculaf brier to the goVWpment 
belMilf of his eoiksiltuepcy At 4Sldw4 
it Is true that hf wlH takp^'upfliij 
ter of roiid work with Hon. T. T| 
mlnl«t<^r of public wortM, but 
UkBLi taa B«s&UutfA^alt5sa.:ha'c«. 
t«'«A 1^' 

B *j» « *i ft riii' 

.- i^miM«^h4«Mh 

a t^^'i^m^Mi'if^i^—A ^i.W':'^'>^»r- 

Fridny, April 12, 1S7? 





With our new Punij)' last, 
number ONE FOlVrV-llVI^, 
made so as nol t Qtliii i| p?^13pl^g^ 

aii Icathersi^l;.^?;- 


1J > 



Pi, "^T 

L * . 

FOR m (i\TE^.\ .\y 

Idea Commends Itself to Citi- 
zens and Tentative Plans 
Have Been Prepaied— 
Prompt Action Probable 


■pie Home of Good^hoes • 


■I'lio suggestion niadi' in th.' •r(.iii>e 
..'.• iin interview wlUi tho <:oli>iiisi " 
!.'W days ago by Air. Ocorge Raulings, 
r^t Portsmouth, Kng., that arrange- 
ments slioiilrt be made for a lighting 
scheme at the "gateway" to the •city 
is likely to bo adopted, in view ot the 
auoceas which has already attended 
3ome effort In that direction. 

-|Mi v,-.,(t. ,. >i,iu )i> i>n bifiiiuiit til till 

, ' lit I I I 1 Mill 1 M I'l ' !• ■' ' 

11, I tu till il'mnuuUiuii nl 1 II 

p.ii hinlilimfs at a part ol ili 

tiiod that he 
,1115 to fe'i^t- 
le •coJWldCTivtlon. 

" " ' irate 

!f .vovaniiiMK ana 

^"Itii* c; P. R 80 t»a» th* i>i»iSI*i»9« 

IfoOl wiwuia be outllH«a Id It«lit* &Xr 
tiiree ttouts e9ch evening, the cost, 
once tM Installation ba« been made, 
belnir triVlAl cowparetl witli the value 
of tjie ftdveTtiBement which would be 
secured. "WltH the' UirtlftttM inumlna- 
tlon a» itfotjoaea, all visltowi teaching 
the city after d),l8k would be greeted 
by a vWlpn of Waht which would leave 
an Ihdellbte WipreaMdli W the beauty 
Uf mi apylOH iH * W l i l e l t I hm nUt e adr 

FINCH & FINCH, Ladiea Outfitters, The Shrine of Fashion 

Two More Extra Value Giving 

Days This WeeK 

The n,nsl con.plel. stock is being offered u„ PVi.lay ami Sa.„r,h,v of LADIES' SUITS URICSSKS, CO-VrS. MIU INKRY 
w \l^'r^ irni^^KT^ wn WMITFWF \R and special leader 1iik-> m ubundance will be found pruiTiinentty di>i)la\ed iluoiuiii 
]ln'lul^!!:^^lt^n^ln^ a\.re;t exhibit of all that is recptired for the- adornment of the lady, u. child, reveahn,^ 
how successfttlly we have interpreted the most favored modes ui iIk- ^eas^u, and at must reasonao.c prices. 

Throuiihnui the week special attention is bein- paid lu ihf above men- 
tioned department^. We will give exceptional price advantages m each 
•'h ejections. Our -tock is large, and ..^M'.d' meet the r-c^a n-^j^m^ _ 


"To Uai,-e a homo ot jny owa/* I '""'U 
build you a house on your vacant lot 
on terms to «ult yourselC 

D. H. Bale 

Contrnctnr Rnil Builder 

Phone 1140. 

Corner Furt mdiI eladacon* St. 


Eastman Kodaks 
and Supplies 

itK H«IS6 £MMMi 

— II r , :M i, -„T ' r^r\ . -: ,. , — . .(. KL j ■ ii i .i . ■» .i, ^ i r ...i 

Comes^ • 
Picture Cleaning 

elVilted the md«t favowible coromenti 
troWtFsrm«m ttom all over the world. 

li-lOS or call and 
consult US'. 


1012 aovarnment Street 

Bro-WTileB, $1.00 to 
Kodaks, u;i to .... 

. . . $10.00 

Ivel's Pharmacy 


^Vc-slholnie Hotel nni'.ding 

yhone 2963. "Wo Deliver. 

The Home o£ the Soda Fountain 

That Is Different. 

Half of Our 

Spring Millinery 

Damaged By 


Hundreds of .Jollar."? worth of 
dnrnagc was done to our carefuUy 
selected Millinery Stock by 
thieves who broke Into our store 
last night. 

.,, ..■_i,.i,. ,i„.^...„.H \Illlin.jv 

Will be offered at half-price for 
the rest of the week. A gretiter 
fmrt of this stock can he perfect- 
ly restored. 

You benefii ■'■ ml8f.Drtum\ 

Call and see .siai k at once ami 
get your choice at the redisced 
prices. This week will dlspn«<t> (if 
the whole slock. 

Call Today. 


749 Port Street. Phone 2742. 




Large, variety of Flower, 

■Vegetable and ^.g^^K 
just arrived, in ongmal 
sealed packets, direct from 
Sutton & Sons, the King's 
Seedm^rii jL^ading, Eng. 

A. J^TOodward 

6i6 Fort St. Victoria, B. C. 
Sole Agent for B. C. 



yii8 best Oak t- M.- oKany, »i: per foot 
— at— 

». D. KOSS PE»BY CO.. 

891 ©naerlT. Su vanoouvex, *.Oi 

' Many men are repori.'d going up Hi*- 
Skeena to take the places of those who 
iire striking for higlier w.-ur'^-' nn tlu^ j 
ronsmictlon line. | 

Water Frontage 

Phoal Uay. VIolorltt. B. C, Sl-lOO of 
nn ncr«. with fully 100 fpet of 
wntPi- froiilag*-. Ap Ideal InilldliiK 
sllc. Frlco „ ... . ..»«,3<»<> 

idwlrhan Bay— 19 acrog. ' wlili :;5n water rronlage. new bungalow 

,. seven Yooms, full booemcnt; 

.11 roaa rwna through properly. 

,,,,(, ,,.,.... «S,000 

I'.michan Lake— IB aeres, with I.SOO 
ftvft of water frontaKc; fine tlm- 
ijer and good -i' '"•"■"'»■■""' l';};, 

Vrloe . »l,0(Mt 

I'oiword Inlet.: UiuiUHln., Sound— Hlm) 
iiL-rt'S with WHt(;i fronlaRR; rrowii 

granted. Price IjlS.OOO 

For terms and full particulars »]•- 
lily to 

J. M. Gourlav 

til SiiMMTd BIdK.. Vhtorlii. I»r C. 
I'. <). Biiv l!»r.. 

opportune tinw \XK vMst^ tp launch .j?e 

movement % ^^'il^t^l?^]^, ^^^^ * ' * 

Hi8^Roya^S®P^Ri-i>uke:of rron 

naught Intends vi- the city about 

the end of Septei 111 render Im 

peratlve some such scliei.. umin- 

ation en that fK-caaion: an i aren 
ed th;a in vi. vv .>r this it would be 
easv to arrange lor tile installation "f 
th." wire system at an earlier date and 
.; ,!,, ^..>i. !;: ' ■"':iinod per- 

,^'^ ^^ i ij, ;,,, ; ; . toria will 

this year go in for a big celebration 
of Victoria Day, the festivities lasting 
over three days, is also cited as a 
rf-a.sf'n whv prompt notion .should be 
taken in caWim ' ■ ' ' chomo 
of illumination iuiu . 

A- prominent local pe artist, 

who has had wide experience in sii. li 
matters, is interestlnis; himself in t, 
matter to the extent of preparing ten- 
ia tivo Plans for the lighting scheme. 
Til. patllartient builtlinga would be out 
lined In lights, showing off well the 
noble linos of that imposing pile, whil 
over the main entrance there would ap 
pear in colors, the Maple Xeaf, the em- 
blem of Canada. 

liightlng the Ca 
ii i:. i.roposea tolight Ip^Hp'-'of tho 
causeway With a aeries of graceful 
,. lianglng from each of the up 

, _ I .vhich carry the incandescent 
lights now maintained by the city. The 
Kmpress hotel would be outlined along 
tliu same pbm as the parliament build 
ings, and over the m>"^ .nt ranee would 
appear In colors-rfii' use. crown, 

tvpifving the royal c^e^l^i.uon of the 
name which this popular hostelry bears 
In deciding upon some such (.cheme 
for .directing attention to the beauty of 
thte spot U is proposed to illuminate, 
Victoria would but be following in the 
footsteps of many of the more enfi- 
,,li^.•.u|-•. cities throughout ti'" world, it 
i« only within comparai- . recent 
vears that there has been an awak. i - 
ing to the v^ii— ..'■ the use of electi.. 
iights in b.' ■■■' ion schemes, Paris 

having set the pac.-. But. notwithstand- 
ing all that has been done by other and 
larger cUleB. It l8 contended that no 
place m the world lends Itself so ad- 
mirably to a project of this kind as tho 
striking entrnUCe Of the er.pltal city of 
Hrltish Columbia. 


Pedereen Wine reatherweigbt Title of 
Brltieh Columbia 

VVNCaUVER. April 11.— Eight fast 
lioutH which provided plenty of amuse- 
ment for the big crowd of enthusiastic 
fans, comprised the first night's card 
in the Brlti.'ih. Columbltt championship 
tournament at the Vancouver Athletic 
club only one final was decide<i. 
Pedersen winning the weatherweiglil 
title, the remaining finals being sched- 
uled for tonight, In addition to a 
fli.,impIon.ship wrestling match between 
I \ Macdon,ild, of Kingston, Ont:, and 
CieorKe Walker, middlewM^li! rhnmplon 
of Canada. 

Oul^&9tuisite and tTs^eful Hafcp 

Muat be viewed, which we tiaye now cpllected lor t1ii« special week. In fact, 
the season's mode? to those who have visited our parlors have been a re- 
velation, The color schenu», arrangjewenta and the general build of onr 
Tailored and Dress Hat» can<>nly be described as par excellence. We are 
making some definite tempting prices this week in the Tailored "jj^sec- 
tion, the prices ranging upward from »^ ' 

. Styles fitom every creator of Hats are here, and side by side are our own 
studies and adaptations, making an exhibit beyond descnptiom 


The irrcat demand this season for Coats can be fully met at Finch's, 
- whethe r it be a Tweed, Pa s tel CloUvSilk. S at ift o r Lat fl . These C Qat&Jmve 

been made specially for ourselveSKa»?d f0rm * collection s^ond to nont, JW 
have bectt secured under the n^ favorable cte|^|Mi«ce^. and this week are 
being i^Uprt^ »t prices much less than could obMm' m the ordinary way. 

An Exceptional Line in "^ 
Ladies' Dresses 

silk eoline,f| 



nablc fabl 

^U, pongee, 
made in a 
i stvles, honestly 
and $25. This week's 

Sterling Values in Ladies' 
Navy Serge Suits -^mm^ 

cent offer of n'^vv «;nits, 

throgiiowt, coat lined 


satinTneatly stitched, 
buttons on coat, tUft^j 

'fti?"serge is^fttS^fff^t! fast in color 
and will not spot. Regular $30.00 
valu«^>,#his week, price. ..$25.00 

Ladies' Gingham Wash 

A very special leader for U-day in line 
qtiality gingham house dresses, in 

color, high waist line and new sleeve, 
plain and fancy >i itching. Special 
price ..•• $2.25 

Special Price 

Serge Suits For All 

The most perfect, array of Suits f.-r-all 
occasions should be seen today. 
Tweeds, whipcords, suiting cloths.. 
etc., frorh .... .;.;^ .... • • $25.00 

Strictly Tailored Ladies' 

Ladies' Waists are found in ahnndanco 
in the most favored styles. Dainty 
white lingerie shirt waists, strictly 
tailored, in white and with colored 
stripes. Prices ranging from $1.00 

Pretty Silk, silk muslin, ninon. mar- 
i|ui'sette and inessaline in all tlie lash- 
ionable colors, ranging in price ^ 
from $3.00 

Children's Pretty Wash 


In musUns, mulls, gingham, chambrays, 
also white Swiss muslin.s. Special 
leader line at • • •$!• • 5 


Special Price $25.00 

Ladies' Panama Hats 

Just received, 30 dozen Ladies' Panama 
Mats, in various sizes. and shapes, pro- 
cured on most favorable terms. 
Prices in some instances, practically 
half. Today's prices. S20.00, $15.00. 
^iO.oo and $4.50 

Popular Songs, Two-Steps 
Waltzes, Etc., I5c 


"\Icxander'.s Racftimc P.and." "Bdly.' -'I'liP Washington 
Waddle" "Oceana K'dl." "'I'tiat Mysterious Kag," ".Ml 
Alone." "They Always Pick on Mc," "Where-lhc Rucr Shan- 
non Flows," etc., etc. 

VVe will always sell this popular -^heet niiisif I'jr 



The Largest in Western Canada J. F. Gallery, Manager 

1104 Govern.nient Street Corner of Fort 


Determined Effort to Prevent Carrying 
of Warfare Into Sonora State 

NOCAl-K.'^. ..\rlzona. .Npril 11- -To 
liPBrt off any rehois the revoUi tlonai y 
cmmanders In Chihuahua may attempt 
to send into ^onora. tlie Me.-ciean K"v- 
rrnment is now concentrating a large 
ri.icp at Kaco anUAgua Prista. Three 
hundred Mexican federals armed and 
cduipped. arrived in Nogales. Sonorn. 
from KernioalUo Inday. and were im- 
mediately sent on to AKUa Prlsla and 
Naco t;o reinforce the garrlson.s there. 
Nogales, Sonora, Just across the line 
from this city it was stated, would be 
the reoerai nasr of. nuprilic^s. Many -o.- 
unteers are Joining the federals, a« the 
sentlmimt In Honora is for peaoe, and It 
was stnted that a determined effort 
T\ould be madr to crush In its infancy 
any attempt of the rebelw to carry Uielr 
warfare into the state. 

Judge Orant has reserved his decision 
In the Vancouver extradition case of tlie 
ex-bank.-r from Idaho, llprnar.-i !". 0'>vc!l. 

Captain Home, the so-culL-d "l-'ather 
.<if Vancouver Hhlpplng/" died recently 
at Sy4p«y. Nr8;W» 


state MlUtla and Police Take Part la 
Republican aathering in Michigan 

B\Y CITY, Mich., April U.— Tafl 
und Roosevelt men 1 Michigan polltlcfi, 
lefusiiiK any basis ff compromise after 
::\ hours" conference today «l l'i>e ila- 
publlcah state convention, attemptc-d to 
l.ut a quart of delegates in a pint 
measure, and in so doing precipitated 
„ne of the most bitter conventions In 
the history of the state, the birth- 
place of the Kepubllcan party. 

Two sets of leaders and delegates, 
for Taft and Rno.^ievelt. fouKht out 
thPir Issues to the point where state 
nillltlii. police and sergeants-at-ariTis 
were ncedi-d to inalnlain a .leitlement of 
procedure. As a result, the crfcdentUls 
committee of the Kepubllcan national 
convention will ho required to determln« 
whether six Taft delegateR at large or 
an equal number of Roosevelt delegates 
from Michigan ..shall be selected. 

Taft leaders said tonight the seaiini^ 
of six delegates at large would make 
no difference in the Micnigan Btaiti 
deiegallon In that the various district 
(•on\-entlonn had nam«<l more than en- 
ough delegates to make certain tho 
vote of the .Michigan delegation for 

iraw Txadaa Oaioa 

KANSAS CITY. Aprtl 11.— A territor- 
ial organixatlon of Union railway ahop- 
men .-ir.ploycd by all the raliroft??- v»"« 
Rjid south of Chleaco and a»greratlng 
more than 100.000 men will be perfected. 

the union represtntatlves here next 
Monday, freliminary ai i angeiuents for 
ihe meeting beKan today. 1-Mve crufts, 
the bollermakers. machinists^, black- 
smiths, carmen and sheet metal work- 
ers will form the new organUntlou. 

Xnoreaaa In Wageg 

DKKVl^n, Col.. April 1!.— By an 
agreement signed today by the manager 
of tho Denver and Hi" (irande rail- 
roads, and the four iran^portutlon 
brotherhoods, firemen, engineers, cnn- 
Ouctors and trainmen. ueKolliitlons of 
three months ended and llic firemen are 
given an increase in wages of npprox- 
imatelv seven per cent or about :;n 
centR a day. Heven liundred firemen 
are afficted. Tlie. engineers, conduc- 
lors ard trainmen secured concessions 
i,i -working t-wutiitions <=HtlRt'aclory to 
liolli sldec . 


Report That Ajuerlcann Are EnroUing 

at Britlih Embaity in Mexico 


■topped JtiBt In TtmA 

KLLKNSBima. Wn.. April U.— Bare- 
ly five minutes beforn the Chicago. Mil- 
waukee and Puget Sound train from 
Chicago was due to pase thb point, an 
_...,i».,j.hj, anrortt dowp n^e tirio\mt*in be- 
tween Laconla and nockdale today and 
Interrupted traffi" b.v burying the 
tracka. deatroylng a bridge and damn- 
ing a creek so as to <^au«e a miniature 
flood. The engineer saw the obstruc- 
tion and brought his train to a atop at 
a safe distance. The train backed to 
Easton where It sWUcJiert to the >iorih 
Pacific and continued to Seattle over 
that. road. 

Tli^ muierlnlendent ot the Kettle Valley 
1 II, u' ban «or>e t" C"e fa*! K' inirchate roll- 
log ttvcit lor tUKl uompauy. 

M.EXICO VITY, April 1 1. - AmliM.''SH - 
dor Wilson' Issued a formal denial lo- 
niirbt of a report that various Ameri- 
fatiH had eni-olled themselves with 
the British embassy counting on it for 
better support than their own govern- 
ment might Rive. •'This report," says 
Mr Wilson, "which is undoubtedly 
malicious but calculated to Incrense 
the alarm of tlie rrlends or relations 
of Americans in Me.\i<-.>. I l)Plleve it 
my duty to denounce as wholly un- 
true arid misleading. N»t :i single 
American citizen lias enrolled himself 
under the protection of the British 
legation. On the contrary aid In the 
matter of arms has been asked for the 
British colony. The American eonsuis 
in Mexico, co-operating with the gov- 
ernment at Washington and this em- 
bassy are doing efflclont work In pro- 
tecling .American Interests and I. do 
not healtate to say there Is rreat re- 
spect for Americana »ti»i At«*i-lv«» t«- 

BUse OB Xadlam «MetT»-»An . «>;d 

al.aek on the Indian reserve w«( bttrtt*; 
ed to the f round laat n|g1»t M' M** 
oelock. Tho reflection. l«*«»P**»iLiB 
western eky. letj ♦«4««' ^t f H!^^ " ""^ 

Chief .ft^-^fW^l,, wltij 
detaehmmt :or. Vig^ 

Champion Billiardlat 

XK\V YORK, April 11.— Willie Hope 
successfully defended his title of world 
champion at 1R.2 balk line bliliarda 
iigaln.9t Calvin W. Uemarest of t:^l,iou«o 
loniglit. lloppe won by a score of 500 
to 4-10. rnle.«H a ehallenge is issued 
befiire the tenth of next .May the cham- 
pionship trophy will become the ptr- 
sonal property of toniRlU',s winner, a.4 
I.e- won it two years ago. 

Irf>oal Sailer Xieavea 

Tlie Rritlsh barltentine Kvrelt n. 
(irlggs. of Vieiorla, H. C. yesterday 
left I'urt Blakeley for .Sydney, Aus- 
ira.lia, with a cargo of 2. nil, 000 feel of 
lumber. The Orfggs' cargo is tli« Inrg- 
est she has ever carried, The vessel Is 
in command of Capt. E. R. Stcrlinf» 
who has his son, R. B, Sterlig, with 
him as first mate. 

The Bakers- utilop of San Francisco 
has established a eo-op«Nitlv€ bakery 
where French bread If baked by union 
workmen under uBloll c*B4ttlons. 

Labor union* tbfbuiilM»ai the atat 
intnole have receftiwki Wrflot* 

ret cnim^Wi , ♦«»tf :, f»'^*^«,i|5 
ISDSV'-jn.njr : In VM» : *- *^ 

The ml^e'Wf*!"" 


.A^AU^.rJ. .!3iHtrMt±^rt^''; 





Fnoay, April Vi, iai2 


31/4 mile circle, exceedingly high 
ground, commanding one of the 
finest views in Victoria. Near 
the new Burnside road car line. 
Three springs on property. 
Owner is leaving for the East, 
and will sacrifice it for 

$1,100 Per Acre 

Ui cash, haliu^^^ 1 and 2 ye 




cm 101 


Members Victoria Keai BlArffphang^. Phone 1408, 




Muslo«l Sxuolaatlona — The liieorcti- 
c-al fxuinliuUii'iis in aniHlf, uiulur llio 
auspices of McCilU UnlvcrsUy of MoiU- 
real, will tiUtc- iiluce al the Vit'lorla lUsli 
Bchool on Saturduy liNsm 1 to 8 p. m., 
uiiOer the supervision of the local rep- 
resentative. Mr, S. J. WlUlB, and Uio 
local secretttiy, Mr. BanedK't Bantly. 

Sang- At Weddixi^ — In the names or 
the trio of ladles wUio sang- at the 
I'avne-BlHckwood wefUlnK :on Wednes- 
day the name of Miti. ("odd was yester- 
day iisc'd In error for that of Misa 
Hilda llnrrls, who aann with Airs. 
ilelmcJt«n and Mrs. Troup. 

CotutcU Oommlttoe MeetiJijr* — The 
sewers cpinniUtic of ilii.' >tiy council 
will meet IhU afternoon at 4 o'clock, 
and at the liour the parHs coni- 
niltte© will also hold a session. A nioet- 
intr of the ■■ ....i.,! committee of the 
council ai': 10 consider the auee- 

tion of the m ymour Narrows bvldKo "will 
be held on Monday afternoon at 4 
Street Extension — T' ■ ' nslon of 
Cha"niaK strtcl f'-'oni ' iVMnu« to 
Howe street will be uigeU Dy Al.K:- 
man; BaUcr at nixt Monday ni>'J"'>^ 
meotlnff of the city council. The ex- 
tension will make Chapman Btreot a 
uniform width of 66 ffl^,;^^<!N9Kh to 
Howe street. The property '«W|M«fti will 
bo called upon to pay the entire cost 
of the expropriation oa *" ten-year 

Wta/k. oa Vtnnk B*wexw.]^ork on the 

^^structlon of the main trunk sewer, 

irblBh wUl dritln the territory in the 

iUBrttteasterii vectlon at tb« city voA 

MMlMiftt with « simllar "WOflt W drain 

lOaM. Bwr end empty into, the' aea at 

^|NMttl''a!tfy. iB pr«8re«elcifr 'tUt neces* 

-mur iq»<Nm>to» tow been aeeembled uai 

i H i frt|j| i| l III 

i i i uWi 

The InvMorafini Inflfiencc 

—of a glass of good BEER. ALE OR STOUT 
overestirnatedr Here is a partial list of the brand? 
specially adapted for home use. 

Silver Spring Ale, per dozen pints 

Silver Spring Beer, per dozen pints. 

Silver Spring Stout, per dozen pints . . 

Silver Spring Ale. per dozen quarts .. 

Silver Spring Beer, per dozen quarts . .| 

Silv er Spring Stout, pc' r dozen quarts^ 

Silver Spring Bock Beer, ]ier dozen pint.s. . . .... 

Silver Spring Bock Beer, per dozen quarts 

Victoria Phoenix Ale, per dozen pint.'? . • • 

Victcria Phoenix Beer, per dpzen pint- • 

Victoria Phoenix Stout, per dozen pi; ii-^ - - 

Victoria Phoenix Ale, per dozen quarts .... 

Victoria Phoenix Beer, per dozen quarts ..... . 

• Victoria Phoenix Stout, per dozen quarts' Ale (Dog's Head), per dozen spliis 

Basf/ Ale (Dog's Head), per dozen pints 

Bass' Ale (Dog's Head), per dozen quarts. ... . 
Guinness' Stout (Dog's Head), per dozen splits. 
Guinness' Stout (Dog's Head), per dozen pints. . 
Guinness' Stout (Dog's Head), i>cr dozen'.quart- 

Lemp's Beer, per dozen pints 

Lemp's Beer, per dozen quarts 

X.'UuWeioCi .XJ\J\itf pCl v«<J«-vn j»ii«t.o . 

Budv/eiser Beer, per dozen quarts 

German Lager Beer, ijcr dozen pint^ 

■ r\tn Lager Beer, per ■(it.izen quarts. ./ 

Schlita Beer, per dozen pi"is ■ ■ • 

Schlitz Beer, per dozen quarts 

cannot be 
we carry — 





. ....90c 
. .?1.75 

. .....7.5<^ 



. . $1.50 
... $1.50 


. .. $3.00 







.. $3.00 


. . . . $3.00 


. .. $3.00 

M & CO., LTD 

Grocery Depi. 
Tel5. 178. 179 

Butcher's Dept. 
Tel. 2678 

Liquor Dept. 
Tel. 2677 

741. 743, 745 Fort Street 


made by 

Especialy for .shipping work 

They dry quickly with a fine gloss, and can be wa,?hed 
repeatedly without being destroyed or washed off 

LAGOLINE PAINTS will withstand sea air, spray and rain 


Holzapfeis Copper Paint and Composition 

Are recommended by all who have used them 
Lagoline Paints have the same reputation behind llicm 

For -Sale by 

E.B. Marvin & Co. 

The Ship Chandlers 

T2oa Wharf Street 

0V« TM£e 



Phone 145 

Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. 


Fire and Life. 


R. V. WINCH & GO. 


531 Fort Street 


which the work wlU be pushed. Mr. 
C, Nf. Tubman i» in chaTjee of the city 
portion of the work. 

Time Sxtnded — The time for the cum- 
pli'li'ju of the duileii of the court of 
revision and appeal for the I'rlnoe llu- 
pett ae>Metjbiment district has by order^ 
In-ooLincll l>eon further extended until 
UiH 20th Instant. 

Kew QoTemment Arant — Ajinounce- 
ment Is made of the appointment of 
Mr. K. M. Sandilands, a veteran of tlie 
piovlnclal service tor some time acting 
us K<i!d convinlssloner at Jedway and 

nt«h*»»* »'»'^1nt2 In til*' north a? <rnvArn- 

mcnt agent fur the Quocn Charlotte Is- 

yroviuclal Appolutees-— Among late 
HPPOiiitnientM of the wrovlnclal govern- 
ment are tlioso'of Mr. Abraham Hirst, 
iif WfStley, as a justice of the peace, 
and Mr. John ClllUe.s. uf Montreal, as 
u ciimmlK.'<lijner for taking iifllduvllM for 
the British Columbia coui-is. 

Boanl of Trade— The cjuartorly gen- 
eral meeting of the board of trade will 
l>c held this afternoon, coinnienoing at 
3 o'clock promptly. The chief business 
will be the consideration of tho report 
of the committee on harbor develop- 
ment as to the advantages of Vic- 
toria as a grain-shipping port and tihe 
e.stabllshm-ent of elevators here. 

Ing ascertained that there are surveying 
parlies already at Buttle lake, connect- 
ing with which will much simplify his 
prellminery reconnalsaanoe, Col. Thom- 
son, who is taking charge of the gov- 
ttpMM^s work of the season in and 
i||i^it^j|%rathcona park, ihas amended his 


Now Is the time to select your 
Wash Skirts from our new stock, 

^.^t^-U ..*...' „..«, .... . . 

i^ j-ou wm tiitu ovinpicm jh 
the latest styles. 

White Suok and Rep. Skirts, 

$1.50 to M-00 

Colored Duck Bklrta, ai 


Now Tellor»4 Waists fr i;r. 31.25 
to $3.00 

G. A. Richardson dt Co. 

victoria Honao, 636 Tates Streut. 


lin:i<l»oiiifly laahu.i.cil KlUer of K""' w.-leht nffori" many uneiiunUed gift htnts. 
It wouiii 111- dUfti-ult to firiil a pntvul nior.i »iur» of sipprcvlutloti th in a 

Sterling .SlUiT Toa Tray. Tlieavarc priced at J103.6Q. I*!* 60 ami IMU.M 

.\n..Un3r euKgcstlon 1h a Tea Set, Oeoi-ge pattern. »ul>«tantlal. y<-t urtlntlcally 

wroujhi, »U'h u« we offer Jit »J.J*..'VO 

Any of tilt- following would be h tunro) of ylfuaure to the fortunate rt- 
rliilf nt : 

iiiBurl B'lftt. new shape f.ll.nO 

ruke liaskvt, very liC'a>-y jtHv( i «'"!5.00 

I'.rcad Tray. sliiUnw $^4.78 

Hauce Boat and Trav *tJH.40 

.-, ,....,.. •».» AA 

«..U1 CftiO, WX" l..«lVO OlMllll. ...... I . , I .•• *- . .-.* 

1211-13 Dougla.s Street 

Victoria, B. C. 

f/\>. T»»,4'4.»rH#»V T*«*^«t-mw 


I 1 I 

Royal Male Quartette 

■ffpt^jftrathcona park, has amended his X^ r^c^4-r\-f 

Jfij^'ima gone in via Camph.-ll rlvi^^ a ;-„ M/VlS 161 
tts tOttaota to return to Victuiia nm^:^ .^\^ 
yVtiiijoMiKlfi MUi to have hlB main paM' '^ Xi^^lA^ry 

We4|iii|i|ii(P4 atl^ to have his main pi 
la tlm ft»M w»t ' later than the IfeC 

•ii*flli>9« .ifwaMMAM eunvnt iv- 

soe o« tlt« ^tittalk OolumbStt fitos^tte 
notes the au«p«JuiIon from praotlce as 
a British Colun|l>ta nurreyor for OBs 

morjiing at the "i building to 

discuss the r " ' — 'istrlal 

peace. BlshO! the 

chair, and m- re 

present. It wa •;- 

slrable to niake iuduj5tria.l puuce the 
sijbjoct of ah annual, eernion in ;iU the 
ohurchos; tho Sunday before 1 
being suggested «-s a suitable u,..-. i;. 
was resolved that another meeting be 
called at an earl> : -s the 

local labor sltuatic : 

Belgians Make X&q,uli-7 — Thr <n 

consul in VancAJuv v.rlttin lo V.\% 

Vimcouvfr Island ment I.,«»s?vie 

for settlement on the l.sland that It 
would be of the greatest aaslstance lo 
him to have a supply of literature re- 
garding the districts which tlie opera- 
tions of the league cover. Other en- 
quiries . were received from all parts of 
the prairies. 

Complain Of Delay — Many and laud 
arc the protests which residents on 
Menzie.s stroi^t, between Kingston street 
and >.' street, are making at the 

slow J' • of the paving work at 

that point. .^11 iu.'it winter that por- 
tion of the thorquglifaro n•;l^' P-.-..-V.. ..■-- 
able, and after the better wi 
rived furlHet* delay was occa."!ionca oy 
the work of laying-" the double tr^cka 
of the B. C. 1 !f.ter Work 

has been com; tlifie. but 

no signs of the paving company's ad- 
vent has so far blessed the sitr!it of the 
impatient residents. Coir: 

^^rv^n'TT --"hfitTrt, -■'HnfTrrt -rw-i rl-.-i ♦--\ * ' 

with, who intend.s to stir up the com- 
pany to immediate action. 

St. Barsabaa' Sale — The members of 
tho womco's auxiliary of St. Barnabas' 
church IipW a sue-- - :''■' Easter tea and, 
aale of work y< afternoon In 

tlie oliurch schoolrooiu. 
ojieiiod By Rev. K. Cj.M 
visitors during the afterivoon included 
BlshoT) <inH Mrs. Roper, who received ''a. 
very - welcome. The plain and 

fancj fij Li«ji' ;■ — '' - 7 ;- .sided over 
by Mrs. Bea Oochlneur, 

while thsTandy stall v. aa in charge of 
Mls3 Madge Bannerinan, Miss Lilian 
Kingston and Miss Eileen Miller. After- 
noon tea and ice cream were disposed 
of by Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. E^mhl^at, Mi-b. 
Anderson and Miss Anderson, the tea- 
tables being diecoratf>d with vases of 
liyacinths. daffodils ■ and tulips. The 
donation table was presided over by 
Mrs. Lonftfleld. The proceeds of tho aSilc 
will be dov.otcd towards the funds of 
the auxiliary. 

Slew Apartment Block — .A. three-storey 

briclc apartnif'ht block will be eievteJ 
for Mr. II. Harltni'ss on the south side 
of Pand-ora avenue, above the Metropoli- 
tan Jlethodlst church. The ground floor 
will be oct-iiple^d by three stores and 
the two upper floors by apartments. 
The structure, which will co.«it $1S,000, 
will be crcf'ted by MesHr.-?. Scott Bros., 
to whom luis been awarded the -contract. 
Tho plans were prepared by .Mr, L,. W. 
llH.rgrHV«», In nd<lH.'<.>n to tb-e PfiPmlt ia- 
niien ifor the above pemiiTa were also 
Issuod by tho building Inspet^tor to 
MfHHrs. .lamos Lelifh & 'Sons for a 
dwelling on Dunodin street, to co«t 
JlflfiO; to Mr. I'\5rbl..)ter, dwelling on 
Nortii road, $£00: to Mr. IJ. H. Utile, 
dwelling on Oollln.fon road. $.1(100. and 
to the famwi gentleman ffr ,i ,!,. :; n, 
on KHlr(l(>1(l road, f.'l.'ilio. 

Ohangea In PoUce Bauks.- .Vdd'tlons 
to and rhungt'H In the nmk.x of (lie 
local poll"'? Pofe 1iav« b^en iriade con- 
<(ftjueilt upon the fiction of the pnllne 
commlHflIonorn In iiutborlzlng tho ap- 
liolntmcnt of an assistant llcoiifte In- 
.■»pt'tor and two pla 
act as a morality .«tiiu 
and Constable Mann 
city's mornlB. nnd wl 
th(' detocllvo f.fflcos. Mr. 
been appointed Bssl.<ilant 
jipector. Owing to the resignation of 
Mounted Bi-rgoant Beoktori, Mounted 
Constable Wrlgl)t hns l>een advanced to 
the rank and Con.stable Roberts of the 
uniform foot force has succeeded Con- 
stable Wright. The two va-cfttvcie** oc- 
casioned by the transfer of Constableii 
Mann and Roberta have l>een filled by 
th« appointment of Messrs. Arthur C. 
Sutton and J. H. Rogers, the former re- 
cently sergeant on the Saskatoon police 
force. With tho appointment of tho 
morality squad, the force has now 1 1 
A\Q\\ in plain clothes. i, . 

Hints For 

Mr. TtliM>tt&«fi^<M»tt«I»*^P> « m*n*tMr Of 

the -Caa^fd^dMKti^ jpt:^, ftritlndt Columbia 

ConxpaalM Xnoorporatod — ^During th>> 
present we«k there have been added to 
the list of companies Incorporated un- 
der the laws of British Columbia, the 
Columbia Machine Works Ltd., Booker 
Campbell Wflilpple Ltd., B, C. Sand & 
r}r«v.,i ,•„ Ltd., Dominion Safe Works 
> Reid & Co. Ltd.. Howes- 
irrocior Co. Ltd., MatsquI Dyking Dis- 
trict Walerjvorks Co Ltd,, N'drrhwestert) 
Lands Corporation L td., ' nl ' 

& Land Corporation Ltd., a-. , . jri i 
Pythian Castle Hall Ltd. The new ex- 
rr,-,-,i,-ovtnc)ai companies registered or 
i are the Saskatchewan Uhder- 
""t'-i.-^ ' Dairy Co.,, and St-i- 

»orr Ho:- ,_.^.jjj.jjjg^ivT. - -■ -/ . 

TeclmloaUtr FaUad— ^Vong Dow, for 
whom his counaei, Mr. J. A. Aikman, 
made the plea that he could not bo 

"' ' ' ' ■ ■ 'liirm in his pos- 

(! lodge<l against 
bill- ;>ing an opiuin-smoking re- 

Bort . lami.ssed, on the principle of 
"autretois acquit," was found guilty- 
after :, if>ng argument in the police 
cou rday morning, lie was fined 

520. .-V similar fine v.-a^- ; 

levied on each of two oi 
found in the place at 

Assault Case DiajnlsB. 


The man who ha|i (a MO to the 
Altar this month wttt'lM th«se 
suggestions valuahle. 

am«kh!rBt» aiitf porKww— "" 

fMM to dWMIO 

p«inty Gold \\ atth. set with 
Diamonds — 

970.00 to gllO.00 

Pretty Bracelet Watch In fine 

sold — 

$45.00 to SIOO.OO 

Our Wedding Rings 

Will be worn by a majority 
April Brides. 

Tiu" i-iM ''II ''III r 1 1 i'' 1 i.i 1 n iiiLlil (.I'lii-^e. i/til i 1 ic "i't;>l 

hold concert in gymnasium to accommodate 
April i8. Admission 50c. No reserved seats. 


. Will 



. G. A 


W. tl. WiiKerson 

Th» Jtweler 

915 Oovemment St. 


The World's Standard 

Since 18*7, fhe world's siand-y 
ard of fine si/verpJafe has 
-been sei by pieces marked 

J7 ROGERS Bros: 

IViOi this name In mind you 
viiii be sure of yztilng inS 
lieam'esf grade of silver plate. 

Beit lea stis, dishti, waifers, 

«(£., are stamped 


"SilPtr Flau that Wears' 

The latest interior 
finish for buildings 

K men to 

.1. .Secret 

after the; 

uarters In 

.\. Scott ti«.'» 

licotv.«ie in- 

'• li.sten- 
for aev- 

^..,. „ i a.<jsault 

by Albert n J. Wnilams, with 

whom he l<tni ^iirked in a ditch on i 
AVoodland Hvenuc for th*. city wator- ! 
works. thii» maglstr 
to '■Icflf Up the ma^ .^ .., , , 

Wrecks Motor Car— A motor car 
came to grief at an early hour yestor 
day morning when a driver, in attempt- 
ing to turn the corner of Broad and 
Johnson streets towards Government at 
a high rate of speed, ran the machine 
into a telephone pole with such force as 
to *it«)»i!y turn the front portion into 
a scrap heap. Constable Florence, 
patrolllns his beat on Government at., 
heard the crash, and, nishing up, ex- 
tricated the man from the wreck. Th<i 
constable instantly recognized the 
machine as that owneil by Mr. Louis 
Smith, proprietor of tho Grand Pacific 
hotel. The driver stated he was ehaf- 
feur for Mr. Smith, and expressed his' 
Intention of proceeding to a nearby ho- 
tf'l to telephone the owner, The easy 
assurance of the man led the constnble 
to believe hJs statement to be correct, 
but while attempts were being made 
to the macliliip, Mr >-mitj| 5,1^. 
.self appeared upon t'h , and, in 

wraNiful tones, declart-u timt the In- 
dividual who caused all tho trouble 
had stolen the machine and was simply 
riding Ht his expense. In the mean- 
time thv drixi-r had made his escape. 

Charge Swotoiaca— -Georpro I. ' But^k. 
wii,, went to, tlifl- police at:. : ■• -, ,-<i;- 
ard.iy nlglit to make a ciniplalMt 
ag'aiiist the police and was placed In 
the lockup with a charge of liiobriety 
registered against liim, fought thn 
charge In the police court yc.Ktorda.x , 
sw.'arin« that ho was Hober. Ills aolld- 
tor. :\ir. w. C. Moresby, fia^e flvldenci> 

«ii iiad talked a few mlnuL,'« be- 

fo) r ^uniK to the polic(> station. Jnilcr 
Mucdonald, In,5pcctor Walker,;>l,- 
('. Macdonald and Patrol Drivftr lira.l- 
ley all BWOre that accused waH iiito.x; 
fated jjud liolKlerou.H. n,. \\i,s fiiM.'i.l 
);i!:il\ <iinl fined ».!. Th,. avidwiKe of Dii 1 

'■ I'l.ii Im iittd come to iiif 
■'•'""I •">''. tliuin|>ing the desk, -said 
lliMt ill- 'liad II big c.onii>]alnt to makf. 
lie una put out Into the street unci 
came bar'™ Into the wlaliozi and va.s ar- 
rcKled. He was not pcniiltted Ui com- 
municate with his lawyer until mid- 
night because They did not couMlder hltii 
HOber enough. H<t had made many Mtal.-- 
mentK ngnlnat the police, including onj 
that any one of thcrn could bo boiigln 
for from jn to «10, witnesflo? said. 


The ambitiuu of every 
lady is to be well dre<;>t^4^* 
to "be stylish — smart look- 
ing. All these poiiu.s arc 
guaranteed in hi' lies' suit-; 
made by us and you hiay be 
sure that our prices arc 


Quality and Quantity Is our 

Hall & Walker 

:£33 OoTvnuaMtt ■«. 

Vbosa rs 



Exact re[)roduction 

Of Hardwood Pan- 
elh'ng — carried i n 


191* Oovrmmaat St. 


Direct importer* of all klnda of 
Cblne«e and Japanssa allks ana 
furniahtcg »ood« ot .v^ry doacrlp- 

Call and examin* our ntock b»- 
for» purchasing •l»«wh«ra. 


1105 Wharf street 


14^2 Government St. 





Wp have for sale a ntiniber of 
.sfclinn."" frcm 1!!0 acres up, 
which we can S'-U from. prr 
H'-re 937 

Tarnui arrnnred 


Member Victoria Real f-ptnct.- 

Ilooiii 12. .McGregor nik. Trl. 7noi. 
6.34 Vlow St., Victoria, B.C. 


Very best quality, in a 
great variety of colors at 
lowest prices- Call for color 





Kwong Tai Yune 

Lee Block, 
1622 Government St. 



726 Fort Street, 

Opposite Kirkham's 

Tile (inn of Messrs. Monk & Mon- 
telth, real OHtaie, has r->m()vud from 
oth-crs on Fort street to more commo- 
dious quarters at the corner of Gov- 
ernment and Courtney. The change 
Iia.=i been neccHsllated through the 
growth in the business Of til*, firm. Ben 
sides representing several -large In- 
surance companies an exten*i vn ival 
enlace hustnesa is carried on. Mr. 
G. J. Webb Is the manager, Mr. T. B. 
Monk, president, Mr. J. F. Arbuokle, 
vice president, aad Mr. R. O. Mooteltb. 

Meet Mc At 

The Tea Kettle 

At 4 P.M. 

The Tea Kettle 

1119 Donglai St., Opp. 'Ttotoria 

'A rare chance for conaervatlVe invwti;' 
om, flo.ovo snares ^ordinary:.; " or . ' iiw ; 
Canada Mosaic Tile Co., UA., at %iM 
per share. Thlh fompany; la sit^((t'«illy' 
one of Its klnd^ib ^Caniida. ' OSt'**** 

Dairy Lunch 

Try our Honr'-'Mada— 
VXBB anl 



— orders taken over 'Phona 

:<atigley and Tatas. rhoiM 184». 


More Xeat Z>eaa Soot 

&•■• AaH, te 



Try a ton today and be oonvlnced 



JPtaoae sac 

•04 Oonnmraaa Street 


Weare Mming at 

the End pf the 

Monihja ihe 

Beautiful Brass 

Wc invite you to come 
and see the large assort- 
ment of brass we have 
now got in stock, in- 
cluding candlesticks, 
jardinieres, trays, orna- 
ments, etc. 

Lee Dye & €o. 

Next to Fire Hall 
Cormorant Street, Victoria 


The Que^iori iif 

Can best bj| ans^r«d MtsM 




*s .*i 

Fridiy, April 12, 161* 




. 11 


Spccletl 35^ — Daliil} 

covered, fine thread Cur- 
Lainihg>, full 45 inches 
wide, with scalloped ed^e. 
In' ecru only. Per yd. 35^ 


Novelty Madras — Pretty de- 
signs in heavy patterned 
effect of allover, floral or 
conventional. Some have 
satin effect with cut out 
design, finished with seal' 
loped edges. These are 
, . ill! cell \ II II pi 'I u-^1 by 
. and splendid valuo, at pef ' 
yard, 75c to 40<^ 

E. E. WES 




McCall Patterns 


641^ Yates Street 


Morm To AMi»t— Tha bojs' auxiliary 
of ClirlBt churth calhodral will 'lold a. 
concert in aupjMjrt of the Columbia 
i:oast Mission oo WeajpeiHlHJ' next. l7tU 
Insi., in the vuUieai-Hl' sclioolrooni. . 

Oono«rt At M«tcho»ln— A delightful 
iciu'eri waH Biveri IhkI •evening hi Mi-t- 
oUoNln hall, the yerfomiera lnilu<llni.' 
.Mr. und Mr». Gideon llkkn. of this city. 
Miss Kva Hart, Ihi- (firteii young ■'o- 
prano who recently arrived In Vlctorlu, 
and .Mr. Harniond. The progi-amnie Wjjs 
much enjoyed by the many niusic-lovei-a 

BritUt ••ttl«r» Oom»— .\ larse num- 
ber of Kngllsh pL-oiile have landed liere 
during the punt week, and after obtain- 
ing as inui-h information aa vva.s pos- 
sible at tlie parliament huildinsH. l"''v« 
Kone up tlie Island to Duncan and else- 
w here, to sec the country for Ihem- 
aelves. Tlie.-ae have included a consider- 
able iiro))orlion of " persons brlnRlns 
capital who wisli to iu»><e country homos 
on the Island, and in' many cases Hre 
the result of the Hon. J. H. Turner's 
unremittlhgr labors in Flnsbiiry Square, 
in ,i.;.wlnt' tho attention of tlu* Brltlwli 

i.i,:-;;. t-. •>'..• moyt wester:', i".''^' "f 


Cyairodorlo|i Society— 'Jfho reEMl<tr 

'Hl pp n.iy nif||||pi,-ttf ilic,Cymrodor!on »o- 

1^ v. ban. 

1^ twtmTmH U(a ttti» ,. 

kUM. brta* to tbe «to»*r^w,^jv-. ^^ 

city. No contract wa» prepared, and today 
the c'.ty l» paylnj the iame prlc* for brleM 
a« the ordinary con»u»iier and In addition 
hauUgo charg««, whero»» the city called for 
Wd» to includ.j the price of brlcka and de- 
livery upon th» work. 

(JUUT thttnfc-es being mado at the reaer- 
\(ilr are the ultoratluii In the lucallott of 
the Intake and outlet i>lpe», and the In- 
■ tttllatlon of a lhrei'-lni:h pl?e around the 
top of the big baein which will permit of 
ijUlik end Batlbfurtory cleaning of tho wttlle 
and bottoi;i. A Uige wooden lank li being 
erected upon the loii of the wall to provide 
wut*T aurlng the repair work. 

With ih" advent of the dry weather every 
crlijrt IB MMiiiu u.*ci» .w . M«>. ..... ..w.i, ... 

i,.liulr. which promise* to be thoroughly 


B«c«ua« Wo Moaay Waa ronsd Thay 

Tear To Wirada TU^rgm Quantity 

of MUUnary 


Second Shipment of^JNl iim if^*P 

^"^^ ON SAllE TOPAir 

Witli unsold Kaater confections in 
shreds and a mass of other fontlnluH 
lieadguar strewn about the premises, 
which resembled u, millinery emporium 
after being struck by a cyclone, the 
.store, of Hadfleld, 749 Foft utreet. 
presented a dejected appearance yeater- 
<lay niorniiiK when opened by the pro- 
prietor, Mr. Hadfleld. 

DurhiK the night a> .tlltef.,.gr ..thtfiY^a. 
cffect-ed entrance tOj.m^mmKK^^>. . 
the simple expedlent'^PlWWWTRii^: a 
panel In the rear cloor and ' "li- 

the bolt. ^HMMRrcntly tnt-ir in- 
_.4mi^ did nW'jP^' towards head- 
i^pjrr''*»*telV ^^^f apparently what 
%vr m»f'mtr, but, beyond ^ |)roocli 
ff viAall vftlae« tlley Mitir«9 tMHiMli«. 

SKSi U«*^^^ ««' iinww^WrtW ^iifl; tt»w, HUftmSiY tor* 

w«» Wfo ren<t«r«d. A »u«(8sJn« compa- 
tl^ wlia beW. ther*prl» t»elng award- 

ii^ W »UV|H^» ftMBf 

|o i^lecM iMte to • ▼flu* of niialy f l|H). 
atreWlng the Cf«f»«nta «bout CIm plaoa. 
The police autuoi^ttea hVf been noti- 
C(ed, Imt sQ <;«r n4 toljv* tp tb« par- 
fmtmtorfi of t|i« istiMM •«( t«M bw» 
atev/ftO. ^ ^ 

CtTY Atlfl 

.fUJHral Supfrtntendent Explainc Sffe 
fQSH Vor Salay in Flaoing Wirea 
' T 'Ond«^gToun4 ' ^ 

The present status of the work of 
placing underground the wires of the 
B.C. Telephone coriipany, together ■with 
minor matter.s of mutual interest to the 
city and comiiany, were discussed at a 
conference lield at the City Hall yes- 
terday morning between Mayor Beck- 
with and other members of the council, 
and Mr. G. H. liaise, of Vancouver, 
genera! .superintendent of the oompanyi 
and Mr. Johnson, of the locui office.* 

Mr. Halsti stated that i ^■ ork had 
..UriMHUMMBled as fast a^ pos.siblc and 
']^^!^pgny of tlie property owners in 
tiie territory set out In the bylaw, 
passed by the ratepayers eighteen 
months ago to authorize the raising of 
?100,000 for this work, had given tlie 
neoesaary permission to the company 
to run the lateral" conduits from the 
street conduits into the centre of the 
lilocks. whence the wires would be dis- 
tributed to the varlou.s users in each 
block. But a number of owners are 
still holding out and flelayiiiK tlie pro- 
gress of the work, ht stated. The com- 
liany liad already spent $50,000 oTi this 

Under the bylaw ti,e city. In cases 
where owner.s wilt not agree to permit 
the entratice of the condiiit.s lo the 
blocks, Is forced to expropriate the 
necessary right of way,' and Mr. Halse 

Jjleved this courso .should be followed 

telhoise cases wheio t)wner8 proved ob- 

rrate.- ■ 

Discussion also took place regarding 
the laying of conduits outside the area 
named In the bylaw, tire mayor point- 
ing out the necessity of the comjJ'any's 
woiKrrjeii]iiig well- «.he«.ii of tlie 
paving work .10 that no unnecessary 
delay should occur. 

Mr. Halse declared that every effort 
would be made to do .so ,and asstirert 
the city representatives that the com- 
pany is quite as anxious as Is the city 
that the work sliould he rushed ahead 
lo iTC>iui."i!etl6ii in View of liie early com- 
pletion of the central exchange when 
the new distribution system should he 
placed in 

On the point of ilie complaints re- 
cently made against the erection of 
poles on streets such as Dallas road 
and other thoroughfares Mr. Halse 
fitatpd that If the owners would give 
the company the rlgiit to erect poles at 
the hark of lots the street pol(."» would 
he removed and s smaller anil less un- 
sightly pole could then be used. 

Mayor Beckwith expressed the hope 
that those owners who arf h'Oldlng Ijack 
and delaying the completion of the un- 
derground work by refusing to give the 
comptiny tlie right of arcess to the var- 
ious downtown Mocks would consent to 
do so, thus facilitating the work of re- 
niovlnjf the poles and greatly beautify- 
ing the city streets. 


Mrs. tM. H. Taylor, HZ government 
street, will not receive today. 

Mrs. I>. Stevens returned Wednesday 
afternoon fjoin a short visit to Port- 

Mr. and .Mrs. C. Doerlng, of Vancou- 
ver, are staying ut the Palace hotel, 
tian Krancisco. 

Mrs. Carew-Gibson and little daugh- 
ter, of Vancouver, have Ijeen payins a 

V,.,-* ..,..1. ♦^ A rin. ,..*.,» 
ui itrl Viait !.».» * iCfcor.u.. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. i.eighton Reid, of 
Vancouver, are staying for a few 
days at the Empress. 

Mr. <J. R. Taylor, l.,in<len avenue, left 
last evening for Vancouver and will 
not return until the end of the month. 

Miss Conlln, of Vancouver, has re- 
turned to the inainland after spend- 
ing the Easter holidays with friends in 
this cit.v. 

•Mr. 'Bruce McLeod, manager of the 
Bank i)f .\ova Scotia at Edmonton, 
spent the beginning of the week In 
Victoria. Mr. McLeod's former homo 
was ill Duiiataffnage, P. E. Island, 
and during his brief visit he renewed 
aciiuuintance with some of his old 

Mrs. Curtis Sampson entertained at a 
young^ people's dance last evening at 
her residence, Newport avenij^|^^^^ Bay. 


dlne, is in the city, coming over from 
VaJicoux# yMtfiirAliy* Whlle the ylait 
Js'ona ofliitif #|fllB»Ty tiuslnesa tripa, it 

iwmk e^ • «i)i«fiiit«i (HI* tor thf mm 

j^oryil^lnK is in reaari««».|0> flie 
tegtt -Willi?!! to IP l»B hem>y the C$»i- 

miM. ^ M'mtim ^^^^ !?'*» 22. 

«Mi tMb^r lifc^ the con»- 

mmM^t Intention is la »»»«*• «ii 

pr^i^i^ ilfj^ InvitatioM &ve been 
Issued ana anyone on the regujsir Cft^l"* 
tal invitstton list who has not *«^ 

Mr. .lohn Coneldlne, of th* 
theatrical firm of Sullivan ft 

a«jr lii^u^W of tho oommittw or 
gMrgTlt^/ mi Dov^rla* street. 

f|« «<>minHt«# wigh it to b* mji«o 

Piano Snaps 

AVc have a number of second hand and slif^htly used pianos 

aiul player pianos tnai we iiaNc laKcu na pa.- i>-y -- 

Gerhard Heintzman instruments. These pianos we are going 
to sell at very special prices, in order to make room for stock 
that is now on the way, and which we expect. will arrive at the 
end of this week. Each instrument is in first-class condition, 
and having been thoroughly gone over by our e.xpert repair 
man, and we will guarantee them to give entire satisfaction. 

Kopkinaon tc Son — I'pright l-'ianu in walnut case, seven octaves, a»*7e 


sweet tone. l^rict 
Bradbury of Haw York— Rosewood case. 7 1-3 octaves, full Iron -^ ^ -.^ 

frame, overstrung scale, good tone. l-Tioe JJH Vvl 

H. Board— Klch Circassian walnut case, check action, ^""""^ * 1 'T^ C 

Ivory and ebony keys. Price ^I.^%J 

Mmm XosfeBfieautlful UftriKW..Sijaa»_Si'""^ *•'■""'»' ^''^'''' 

i=fl#ag^'<l>^i^ ogtaveAf-at mi .il MiiMil ' i W ltlon. 

Price ...»,., J J -•«•• ■««'-" 

WMftfesMWP— NW^Jy new mahogany case. Colonial dtslgn. full steel 

Drgirir j^isntil ttl^g pins, overstrung scale, orlglnnl price, ^^^O (S 

"IrtSr^tfale price' '-.vrV/i* :»0^>D 


' loV.puyfr, >irt«Siiir*1«P^<>ui8-xv^^ 

TM iri Ti ITT .SlMJilfl .U_l 1 1^ '^t^AV»T*„T,^ and the action is all 
this «««•• ?rlce ;^DD^J 

Bemember we wUl maSe terms to suit you, and srs dfH*#» H^ 

parts of the city ■ free of «hsr|i;«. > '^|^ ^ 

We are sole B. C. representatives tor the Qwhsra Hrttttwly-iHan os 

and P{arsr Pl^^ios,. Awtopkno m^no m^i>^^ *5f"*'*ElJS^JI^ 
Player Pianos. Bstey C l^oherty Orffos. Coltunbi* i^^fiu^wam^Wm 

S^^sim plum««nM»bs. 

'* Another, alii 
isb this 1smj_ 


r^ — .^ — ^:iL.,so.,mL^. 



S,8Or98«00 AND $?.a^^r 



All sts'lW, ^bhpes and sieea. 

s+''» '''"^V" 

1601-3 Government Street, Cor. Cormorant 
Phone 2862 


Property in the New High 
School District 


is advancing rapidly in price. Hiiy now and maiTcfe money. 

Fernvvood Road— t;-room cottage with two lots and b.irn. 

[•nVc :.................. •.. ?6,300 

Sayward Avenue— 6 rooms with tw'o lots and barn. . .^3,750 

City Land Co., Ltd. 

120 I'embcrton Building, -Phone i6p^4»v$?»^ 
\\ . T. Williams S. O Thomson Albion Johns 


Rug Store 



Carter's Oriental Rug Store 

Opposite Alexandra Club. 7^9 Courtney Street. 


Sidney Acreage 

;\ c offer 15 acres with house, barn and windmill for fresh 
[ water .supply. Situate near Thomas crossing; There are 

about- 600 cherry, pear and apple trees on the property. 

Good view. Terms^o suit. Price, per acre $700 


hone 362 

103-106 Pcmberton Bldg. 

Another Supply of New Tools 

(Hee window next Terry's) 

As tlic saying goe.s we are "keep- 
ing tlie kettle boiling." Wo .«itar1e<l 
with new and modern T0OI.1H and 
ati fast a.i they disappear throiiKli 
the front door tiicy come in fresli 
and hriglit at tho lieck. 

We apeoialise on tills branch of 
the basiaesB coaaequently are keep- 
'inr a well aaaortad and moderately 
priced tool Mtock. 

Inspection of our lines and 
prices mvjied. 


Saturda^ we offer a good bell-faced 
Claw Hammer ror 36o 

A Rabono 2ft. Rule, solid brasH 
nKTuntfl, selling rp-guler'for fific 
Saturday only *8e 




PMOHt 2440 

?07FOin' V,{ftexrTk/fm 

lpcfu4«A tn 4U* eonrtn* |psteda(6dd 
vmwm^ The oomi»«W»M* «"}, ^ 
Wvt^ Moona Tht}rs4«y \fL May. 

'claims of name Ohftrity tb«r« WM 4 

laige attendance in Scrapie's Hall, Vic- 
toria West, last nlgl.t, when the Am»- 
i.ur Dramatic eocictyof tlmt district 
of the city staged the tliree-act comedy 
"Our Regiment" for charitable purposes, 
under the auspices of the A.O.F., the 
beneficiaries being Mr. Doman and Ills 
family. The comedy was rendered wlfh 
iniu i.icrabU. skill, several of the prln- 
fip,.! M i^!.-.: lui; H lilgti finality of hls- 
tiA-mc .ibiiil.'., and all' of tlieni co-oper- 
ating most tffectiv. !.'. .n;d enthUBlaatlc- 
ally in attempting n> I'loduce the pltce 
.^.j».. »j,j, rtecessar.''' drami'tlc fervor. 
The play will be staged again tonight, 
and if tlie success of the first pcrform- 
=:nct. Is repeat. I ■- benefit accruing to 
the beneficlarl. ild be as consider- 
able aa It will undoubtedly be gratify- 

Halnfall Light Here— The following 
are some of the ten years' average r«ln- 
falls In this province, and the differ- 
ence between places in as close proxlm- 
itv as Goldstream end .Victoria arc: 
\-i.-toria M.'s inches. -^dWitthan I'l.r.s, 
Sinii'iio : 'V '■^'■'■=*-"Mni r,7,s7. Suit 

Sm-ni;: I.-:.. .. ■ ■^^^'■'■ -•'>''- 

From Port Alborul— With a view to 
tukini; VII' vMlli H"' government the im- 
portant f|uc8tion of appropriations a 
..[^„„„ .jelegatton iTom Port Albcrnl 
will w.ilt'.r .Mllride' today 
The newly IncorpurHied luwn oi^g 
west coast of the Island deem __ 
question of such Importance that fl^^aS 
decided to Interview the premier npon 
it before he departs for England. The 
appropriation i>eferred to is In relation 
to the neoesaary works of Improveincnt 
tonserjuent upon incorporation. ihe 
purpose of the deputation was regarded 
as of such special Importance that It 
was decided to make ns personnel as 
strong as pos.ilble, with tlie result that 
the premier will meet today with the 
member for the district, Mr. J. G. C. 
Wood, Mayor VVaterhouse . and Aid. -V 
D. Mclntyre, as well as one .or two other 

"nil' thii -il^^ttt^iiw^t^^iw 

of Meeisrs.' R." Bray JT. Jdnf!y|#f^ne, 
N. Croghan, A. Pike, Bi . fii|ip* R- 
Milne. F. Brynjolfson, G. Srooke and 
G. Wllle. 


Hattiral Hl»tory Society Make* a Timely 

Appeal To the Plgwer-tovlng 


I*»t year an appeal was made to he 
publlu by the wild flower commlltee of the 
Natural Hl»tory Society to conserve the wild 
tlowers to be foumi in the viclnll" of vlo- 
torln. but which were rapidly becomliiK 
scarcer until there was but too nnub reason 
to fear their total dlsappeBrancc:. With tho 
return of Uif nowerinp sras^u It may, be 
well to recall whnt was then said. It was 
pointed out that plants do not grow spon- 
taneously. Many propagate their species by 
seeds or hulbs alone, and If tbey are de- 
prived of the power of reproduction through 
those means, those ;)lant» will suicly sooner 
or latf-r dlES-Ppear from the face of tlie 
.-arili The Illy for Instance should lie 
broken or cut off. not pulled ' up. and thn 
leaves should be left, -jthcrwiso the bulb 
will surelv perish for want of Ihem. The 
ladles' sllpppr has a very slight hold In 
ihp moss where U Is found, and that flower, 
therefore, sbould also l>o broken off. So thst 
the bulb iiiul leaf may be left. 

To attempt to transplant a flowerlnR 
Plant at the time of its blooming Is only 
courtlnB failure. This should bo done al 
a season when the follaRe has <llfd down 
3„^ .w,p ..iHn' l« r«stlna. The older resi- 
dents'hcrc can remember when Beacon Hill 
was a sheet of white while the white UJy 
was In bloom, and the surrounrtlng woods 
wer« fragrant with Indies' s'ipper- 

Packy Maclarland Win* 

QTINCV. lllP.. April fl.— Tnclty MftC- 
farland had little trouble in knocking 
out Willie Pchafer In the fourth round 

01 a. SCIiei^iU It'll I *-»• * ««..-^ ^ - - ' 

here tonight. 



Non-Arrival of EMentlal Machinery and 

Z>ack of Material* May Oauae 

geriooa Delay, However 

ir nr, unforsecn difficulties arc encoun- 
tered the west half of the SnU'h's Hill res- 
ervoir will be ready for fill.lng with water 
hv the JOih of next nv-nili. Tho repairs 
now being effected under tlio supervision of 
Mr. II. H. 'rhomson. the .Seattlw <3X,)crl, aru 
iiiiOi r way, thouRh tlip non-arrival of some 
necPHsary maclUnery and the short delivery 
of sand and gravel la holding ba'.k: th<- 
cement work. 

A gang of men If at making tbs 
large frames which \rlll bP Installed around 
the walls to hold Iha loncrote. Thp lining 
win b« six Inohek Ih thickness at lbs lop. 
Increasing to eleven Inches within throe 
feet of the bottom, when It will bp in- 
creased to thrfie feet In thlcknpss. tapering 
to the floor. The entirp floor of the rescr- 
vMir will be covered with a cemenl lining 
six liichcs In thickness. Ihe entirp cempnt 
work amounting I" t.OOO square yards. 

The division wall inslallPfl by Mr. Thomas 
fittrlham. nnri which was nrtvfrsnly criticized 
by Mr. Thomson, will be retained, but will 
be Hreatly strcnglhcned by butlrossps at 
rpgoUr Intervals, and also covered "by a 
coating of cement, mrtltlng 11 a much more 
substantial aff-ilr. The floor has be-n lorn 
up in many placi s and a new- syslem of 
under-draining installed. 

When the rescrvoii- was orlBiiiaHy con- 
slruoled a syslem of drains along the edges 
of the rccejita< ie..ani1 at the boltnm of the 
walls was put In. rtecent Investigation has 
shown that these drains, which were Inteod- 
ffl lo absorb any moisture beneath the floor. 
w«»re actually Installed in such manner that 
they were above llin svirface of the bottom 
of the reservoir. Other defects were dis- 
covered. The lolnis In the walls had been 
filled wlUi asphalt to render th»m more 
wat<!rli«>it. V/hen the .iolnts wore npenod 
it was Cound that so porus was thp concrete 
Immediately behind the nulside coating that 
the asphalt netually bad percolated to a 
dlstaiic* t>f » foot or more through the con- 
crete. Indicating how much more easily 
water must have leaked away. 

Recently sfhe city awarded, a contract lo 
the Produtirs Bpck And ftfa.'^el fompany 
for the si4>P'y "f sand and ' gravel. The 
first loads delivered al the reservoir were 
refused because the material was not 
washed, as the inspector upon Ihe work, 
Mr. A. E. Formal, claimed It should hav* 
been. The company claimed the contract 
did not call for vrasbed materlala. A search 
for the contract wfis then made In the 
Brcblvpi at the dlty ttall. when it was dl«- 
'cove/^d tjijit no c;oiiir»ct.ji;fl»ted; that while 
the then city solicitor had been Instructed 
lo prepare a eontraet the matter had, In 
•om« manner, been overlooked. The •pcelff- 
ratlon* upon which the tenders for »*nd 
and vravel had been called did provide for 
ik Milled grsvcT, but the cdmpasy claims 
that this requirement Is met In th* hy- 
draulletns whiofc the material la 
washed oat of.fhe sank. 

the «ame ■♦»«« of affaire exists tn con- 
Dftclion with the fupply 9t brlaka to the. 


Meteorological Office, \kloria, 13, C, at 

8 p.iTi., .\prii iitb, mi;:. 


The ;>nKitii<t' la loy In all parts of this 
western country but a trough of tho lowest 
pressure overlies the region of the Rocky 
Mountains and temperatiireR are below tho 
normal on tne facirtc Miope. itam has 
fallen on tho lower Mainland and at Kam- 
loops and throughout the I'aciric states, the 
fall being heavy In I'allfornia. tn the 
Prairie I'rovlpccs the weather Is mostly fair 
but snow Ih falling at Calgary and weather 
conditions are colder. 


Min. Max. 

Victoria, n. r 44 »rt 

Vancouver 4:; BO 

Kami oops 41 li- 

HarkPrville 3- 4i) 

I'rinco Rupert ■ US 

falgary, Alta .I'.' .11 

Winnipeg. Man 3" nK 

Portland. Ore 40 BH 

Han Francisco, Cal 4« h'i, 

THimsDAY, APRtr. 11, 

Highest BO 

Uowesl 4 J 

Average 4 * 

Bright sunshine 2 hours and ♦* minutes. 


VIciorin. Meteorolosrlcal Office. April Ird 
to Sth, 191!. 

Victoria: Bright sunthlne, IS hours II 
minutes; highest temperature ID ( on Ith; 
lowest 30 on 6th: rain .11 inch. 

Vancouver: Bright sunshine 82 hours 12 
minutes; hlshest temperature II on Ith and 
Ith; lowest 11 on Sth; rain .10 Inch. 

New Wettmlnster: Highest temperature 
II on Ith: lowMt 21 on tth; rain .If ineh. 

Kamloopi: Hlfheat temperature 44 on Ith; 
lowest 14 on 4th;. precipitation l.ll Inchet. 

Prince Rupfrt: HighMt temperature (0 
on •tft; >«wef» »• WB 4th, »»n, atft! rvVn 
1.54 Inohe*. 

AUnii Mlgheat temperature tl on Ith, 
Ith; loweet 1 «n 4l|i; ns pr^lpltatlon. 

Dawann: Higbeet temperature 44 on Sth; 
toweit aero oq l)lt; ae prectjpltatton, • 


M(l<ay— The funeVal of the late Mr.^ 
W* ,T McKay took place yestenlay after- 
noon from the family residence, 4:!4 Que- 
bec street. Rev. Leslie Clay ofadatlng- 
The obsequies were attended by a largo 
number of friends of the deceased. 

^Vylly—The funeral of the late Mr. 
Charles Wyliy took place yesterday 
afternoon at 3 o'clock from the B. C. 
Funeral Parlort. and was largely at- 
tended by friends of the deceased. Tlie 
late Mr. Wylly was an old-timer of tbl.s 
city, and his death severed an interest- 
ing link with tho past, for about the 
year 1860, acting in his capacity of aver- 
age adjuster, ho made the tirst assess- 
ment for taxation for the govwiitnent 
of that day. Rov. Thos. "W. Gladstone 
omclated at the obsequies, and many 
beautiful floral tributes covered the bier. 
The pallbearers were Messrs. W. B, Pat- 
terson, G. A. Bick, Dan O'Sulllvan, D. K. 
Jones, W. M. Kennedy and C. B. Ken- 

■Weir .\nolher nld-limer passed away 

yesterday morning at Mel.chosln In the 
person of Mr. .lohn Weir, ageTT 77 years. 
The deceased, who was a farmer by oc- 
cupation, was born in Caithness, Scot- 
land, and was the youngest son of the 
late Mr. Robert Weir. He was one of 
thl earliest settlers In the province, ar- 
riving here by the Norman Morrison in 
1854, The deceased In bla earlier days 
explored ir.any part? '.'f <bfi province, 
and was in the rush to the Krascr river 
gold fields In 1858, afterwards working 
up to the Cariboo. He finally settled 
down In Metchosln, where he employed 
liimself in farming and stock raising. 
He was unmarried, and leaves two sist- 
ers, one of whom is Mrs. Swan wick. The 
funeral will take place from the resi- 
dence of Mr. Maxwell Mulr. Metchosln, 
on Saturday at 2 p. m., service being 
held at St. Mary's church at 3 o'clock. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


BTANf^II' — At VIrlorlB. B.C., April 11th, 

Marv Beatrice. Infant daughter of Mr. 

and Mrs. M, W. Standi, Victoria West; 

aged 2 weeks. 

Funer*!, private. 
WBift— At MrlehosJn, B, C., or. ths 11th 

Inst., John Weir, aged i7 years. Born 

Caithness, Scotland. 

The funeral will take place on Saturday 
at 2 p.m. from "Hartley Hall " Metehoeln. 
and 1 o'clock at St. Marys church, Met- 
chosln. Interment at Metchosln. Friends 
pleaae accept t hia Intimation. 


The isarenis of Walter O. Thomp»on, 101 S 
Ollphant ave., dealrc to extend their heart- 
felt tbsnl** '•"■ t^* eympathy shown by kind 
friesiflfl d'irinf their sad bereavement, alao 
fvr ihe bttautlful floral offsrlnsi, :t in 
nwiBber. A large wrvath from the office 
•taff of the Vlcterla Truck and Dray Co.. 
'and one from the employeee were worthy 
of apeciai mention. 

MR. AKp MB»i T, J, TUOUeilOK, 

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Friday, April 1^, ly.t 


Banger from Infeottd Heat 

MlLT(,(>hol)ia )!• a. ill«eu«e from wli.cli 
I muny housekeeiJeis iirc HlieaOy siiffi.-r- 
luK and u writer In a v.'onutn's column 
may w<"ll liesltjite liefir^- .lolnK any- 
tning to ini.Tett»,e ,ni.j.^. 

thure arc 8ome vli.. li .UngcrB, an<l 
while 11 Is not well thiit those upon 
whom the . enponslbimy for preparlnj; 
iiu'al« reHls should s^'e themselves un- 
n.-<es«ary trouble, carolfesnfiss or' Ig- 
lujrunctj should be avoided. There l8 
i^onietlmes. In llvlns aniiuuls. a micro 
»i-opl(; bacUliis similar to thai of the 
ly))IUi». When such meat Is Kept in 
hot weather under Improper conditions 
the bacteria multiply very rapidly and 
the meat becomes unftt for food. But 
a German experlmentor has dlkcovereU 
that meat from a perfoctly , healthy 
.Tnlinal may become filled with such 
h:ii'l.,Ti;i. 'l"h!s I'un ()rii> I't ilone bj' 
nu'aiis wlm'h ar-- «iuil« preventable. 

unclean handimgi liflp*^;' »««* tf^* "* 
crcta of ratis -aofl n».«*M("*"«; ^l"* ^^ 
brougbt by ffl^a iftftV : coftiaxrilnajte not ' 
4im «»eat but nm, rnUK «iHe«ae (M»a 
otiiw towl Vttlh the«i«»" twc'ierllJ. " Th* 
writer goM on to tell ui tB«£t tha 
ajrmptoms of thla tint group. jresMftble 
at time* thoae of a more or less aevei-e 
intestinal catarrh, an<J at tlroea those 
of typhua favor or cholera. An autop- 
sy reveals little.' The muooUs mem- 
brane of atomaeh en* Inteatlnes la us- 
ually somewhat awollen and abows 
tiny heroorrtiagea. 

A aecond group of poisoning* cornea 
from decayed foods, esp^lally meat. 
Theae are comparatively rare, because 
the offensive odor acta as a warning, 
it Is Important to know that bolUng 
does not destroy the active principle 
of the poison, elih«^t^ In inSHfl Ml S CT w 

desire by choosing representaUvea 
pledjjfd tu work for them. Kv»n wUh- 
i.nt the tjalloi, ihey bring great Inllu- 
..iice to bear on the lawmakerK of the 
t.Mintry and, In Canada, there are n»any 
l.'iws on the Mlatul.- bi.oU whloh would 
Mu: havK found a plH.-t? liiere wer.' '.t 
nut for Us womi'u. Kapui'lally do wo- 
mi-n contend that men and women can 
Lie made sober and pure by act of par- 
llumcnt. They believe that eniployera 
can bo compelled to be 1«hk covetous 
and th«i un<ier Bood law* oppression 
win cease. No one deiilea tlitit goO'' 
laws aie very efTeialv .md Ibat it is 
the duty of all good c.-U<>n.s to work 
for their enactment. But laws cannot 
change the nature of men or women. 
They can and do restrain and punish. 
Bui Ihe illsposltlon to do «vil Is apt 
lo break througli restraints atul to 
evade or rl.«k iienaltlcs. U' there were 
no other and no better way In which 
women could work for good H would 
be well for them to strain every nerve 
and to use all theh- InlUience to bring 
about the making of laws.. But they 
can dty bstter. They may, if they try. 
hast •• ' •vard the day wiuai»,l»w^ '"^ 
not It must ^^,,„^,. 

that,/^.«».-:,sery , e«rlyf,,)«iilft Si 
.era- )?tirv!SEi«(i«»»«F-'^^ 

'fiPttA to juse the -f good «tta tbay folioW- 
■4 It Women h»ve the moj»m»a « 
■tli,e Uvea of oKkll4i«n In th*Hn.. *!^«»«. 
Sons and daugM^n can be taught •n^l 
Inlluenced In their own komea and In 
that larger home^ t*© i*chool, to iQva 
the good and hate Uie'eylU Thla Is 
the power which ma,ny women are aac- 
■rirlcing In order to iraiin th« IcSor ad- 
vantage. There le not room »• a rule 
In the lives of mftthers for a geiioral 
interest la the aftaira of the o^lUlde 
world except at the cost of the nefclect 
of those, duues' whjchare moit Imper- 
ative and jmoat Important.' Even ala- 
ters and frlettdh' can often do far 
,^n^«, «r. v>>p thna^ thev love from go- 

Yvcrdon Kindergarten and 
Preparaory School 

1811 liT^NLKV AVENfK 

Saninier t«r|r conuneiice* Monday, April 
15t.i. The prlnclpa'. Ml»» Gullaiul. .N. I'" L'- 
will be riec to '\i.l«rvjew puicnU ami Kuar- 
dlam nom lU a.m. to B' j/.m. on I'llday. 
April l-'ih. 

St. George's School for Girls 


Mov.d lo The Laurels, ItocHland Avf. 
Sajumsr Tsrm Comruences April 15th 

when liie Klndcisarlcn di-iittrtnipnt 
win be reupt'neil under .Mias .^shworlli. 
X.F.U., L.b.C.M. 

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Frinolpftl - - - «'•• ■"**'• 

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those of the first group, a fact not gen- 
erally known. Moreover, the^e may Ue 
a degree of decay injurious to health 
L Tylthout the prgsenoe of a ^ foul, odor. 
eBpeclally in d««.*ytns «»* aausagea 
or Bait meat. AJW, 'tti4 -color of the 
meat may remain unaltered, though usu- 
ally It takeo on a greenish or yellow- 
Isb-grgy tone. 

There la another aJntd terribly fat*l 
form of poisoning caused by a bacil- 
lus that may pvwtt^: from infected 
liam, smoked or aatiid fish, tinned 
meats or flsh. U is the poison pro 
duced by this bacillus atid n,g |_ Jt§|^ y - , 
ganlsm itself which cttigm ^dmroippf 
In this case, the LIt«rt*ry VittmU 
which prints tJ:e triir«';"'"n of Dr. 
d.lhlMB|er'» article, does not ijive %he 
V fif^ptoms by which the ortJinary ob- 
V; [,)»«?*(% ;-can delect, »l«li» of 'the; '|M»?' 
. J i SlA-tUe baciUllk^llt does s«Xi^feUfe.. 
' Sjl^ft that !l grows only on dea* 4wfe 
Firom this we may gather .that, aAjr 
vmStmi' appearance' of any such food 
atld -specially of canned meats, should 
M<4te BUBplclon and either call for u 

I not lifipiua so Umt t 

I at. iMMnlng the sick.;. -.^.._^. 

r.£m:Wi^^ ""^y ^""'^ "'t^ «a^i. 

*thTi( tiDlson. the moat -marked reaww 
1-s usually the effect on the eye — the 
dll.ition of the pupU, the Inability to 
f,.,.d, seeing double, paralysla of the 
upper eyelid, etc. To t^ils Is fre<iuent- 
ly added dryness of the throat, hoarse- 
tfltia, difficulty In swallowing, and 
hardness of hearing. 

The whole arincle shows the neces- 
sity for a rigid Inspection of all «^» 
In which Jlesh is prepared foTipSSfc 
rncleanllness Is the cause :«MF.Ji |r^ '^""- 
Kcr In the first case &nn^'ji&mi^>"--'» 
In the second. In the last, whire^ the 
plnrps (if mannfaottiro are rlKldly sup- 
ir-,i-.Ml it in more tl"jii piohable there 

Ing wrong than all the laws of the" 
state or the regulations of mUnlcipal- 
Itlecs. As for the strength of the In- 
fluence of a. good wife on the husband 

kfter all. *^mo«t peo^e »«> atfeoted 
very lUtle by tHe Jiiwi on the atitiita 
book, but there la'iao one who '• not 
Injutred or helped every day and every 
fcitttir by"" tliose women who keep their 
homes* or' who come In contact with 
them. ThU Is too often forgotten by 
Wonwn who aspire to be promlnnt In 
public affairs. While it may be nec- 
essary for women, in the course of 
-vmtktm, to' exercise the power of the 
'^ti^lkHL or to take a direct part In leg- 
Islatton, It must always be remember- 
ed that tlie effect -of such acts" Is ^smali 
in comaarison with thft.^liKSuttllc* ,«tHi^ 
all good women -^ifMNl til i! ■'> jllfe ' tl|IJ|ir 
ihomes and in the tiiv^tijrf&$'-'^PPfl^ 0^ 
a aave. .m~.h, *..••>-',«'<* —.-v — -~.«. 

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A Problem fo» Woman 

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anvwer. Y«t m^ mother of a housc- 

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famlly^as ' '^ 

I) 4, 

speaker sa)^^ wC 
grcHit I rouble 
wh-o na.'xi an* 

«t their illt-i)Oi 
this is nut- Irt' 
United States 

.\n American 

\ X ,igo that the 

^Ijiwt the 

'•-Ip as 

1,. ,1 sum 

'yone knows that 

Hf well as ihe 

is JMipoMsible for 




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cas. re 

whScii a low terapcratwre b 

This seem.s to he often fo 

by vendors of Ice and by housekeepers. 

The PrusBinn ViTay 
There is nothing that concerns the 
whole community more than the re- 
form of tlic hii-Hband ami father who 
neglects to provide for UIh family. Not 
only does his- wife j^uffcr but the 
woMK-ti of the various 'Charltsiiile aoci- 
ctles must provide for the deserted or 
tin- neglected family. Too often, his 
children grow up to be Idle end vicious 
and detention homes -and reformat6rles 
must be maintained for Ikolr accom- 
modation. '. it is often such children 
who arc maintained In what are call- 
ed orphanages. .M present, In Ciin- 
ada. there is no effective, way , either 
of reforming sflicJi -men or of compeU- 
inc iliem. when they arc able. 10 work 
for the support " of those dependent 
upon tliem. ■While it is Ciulte true 
that reform cannot be forced and 
must come fronrj • the >;\'iU of the of- 
fender, it is also true that there are 
many people BO weak As;; to need hClp 
even to make, much •!'■•>"'• enrrv nut, 
their good • resolallonff. 

In T.rusala, there is a .si'heme before 
j liir'nt that look.*;., as A'. !t 
might acrompll.«ili great good if prop- 
I erly carried out. l^abor homes are to 
be establlahod In vorlou« places. 
wlio refuse lo support their relatives 
aie plared In these homes and supplied 
with work. Kach laborer In paid wliiit 
he enrns. The cost of his own main- 
liTianee l.«i deducten. Tf. in addition. 
\u' earns enongh for lli«' ."upport of 
his r«niily he may secure Ills reU-a.sfi 
when his term expires. If he has 
hnen very. skilful and lnf1tiRJrlnii« and 
lias earned -more than this, the •sur- 
plus is given to him. In this way It 
Is made possible for a father to re- 
cover M» own self-respect ami to lia\e 
a sum saved with wlilcli he o«n begin 
11. new life. The experiment Is one 
which 1» well worth trying, it will 
'lo *io '''God.. to t?''.C5c ^'^■ho do not wlpii 
to he helped except to keep them, for 
a time, out of harm's way, but for a 
groat number of those who have been 
unfortunate and weak. It may. If 
properly carried out, be « moans of 
re.«toratlon to the happhiesp they have 


Woman'B OreateBt ^ower 

Woinen in th»«ie rt«v« ar* trylnsr to 
procure legislation on many subjects. 
They want the franchise that they may 
directly bring about the reforms they 

the ordinary jjcrson to tell what the 
Income of lier neiglibor is and she 
should not tryl Yet are those not 'IwnF- 
fooiisli who crrtiti- for theKUii|VipK= 
worry and anxiety by sijonding more 
than they have, in order that they may 
appear better off than they reali;. H' ' 
If they are honest, economy "- ■ il- 
'i<»e^^ H«( ft r(iU» whfre it c«ii ist 

afforded — in food. An eniei Kiiiiiiit-nt 
in such a case means the stinting of 
chlldv' father in the. nourishment 

nec«(^ growth or efllciency. A 

handsome gown costs., far more ' than 
its value in little economies or in ov- 
erwork wjilcii deprives its uru.r of 
needed: rest- a T" I -''.f.-^ m.."> , wouuin 
is old before <" such 

efforts to kec]) iii> .ipiuNimncef. And 

yet. there Is somethinK to he -said on 
the other side, too. When economies 
which are not hurtful arc practl.sed' in 
order that a daughter may cultivate a 
talent or a son gain a good education 
or a husband to himself for a hUlur 
position the effort -may ; tic worth 
while. Kven then, tl^e. niotlier's hc«(lth 
and pi'ace of mmd are far ■ too h-igii a 
price to pay. But,, when appearances 
are kept up by going Into debt, the 
consenucnces are too often«<. 
Somelime.s. Indeed, a wireless or indo"- 
lent husband is urged to more vigor- 
ous effort but oftener a hardworking 
inun , tries to meet obligations too 
heavy for him and inaybe tempted td 
lake money that Is not hi.s own, ' f"^!' 
belter live .simply and. if- need ■.be, let 
tiiu children begin to earn early ,ihaii 
exist in constant anxiety and tlio 
wretched friction which such worry 
usually causes; Women nedd, In the.'3e 
cJay.s, to cuttlvnie a wbole-some Inde- 
pemlence 6f publi.- opinion. Thoso 
whose c'teem is worth hax'iiiK "ill not 
thitiU tlic li'ss of onyone llwy 
|i\,. ill ji sm:ill, simply furnlsheil or dreow iheinselves and their 
rhll<1Tcn piain-iy. Tlii- nniM''!"'-^" •''""' 
content of such homes will far outwclgli 
any sacrifices of pride and amhition 
whioli may be made. There Is, per- 
hnp.s. no greater need today tlian tlmt 
women should learn that there arc 
ihing.s far belter worth trying to gain 
Ihan llio visible signs of wcalLli. Our 
eyes are likely to he dazzled by these 
and Judgment weighed hy the number 
arl:i value of innterial poasessloiis. 
thinking imic of charjicter. cducaUon 
and cultiije. To decTde what UiIuks lii 
this world are most worth hiivlnc Is 
no! nn easy problem. 

To Rent 

Premises on Yates Street, near 
corntr of DouglttS. consisting of 
ground and mozanine floors now- 
occupied by Messrs. Baxter & 
Joiinson. Apply: : 

A. G. Sargison 

Boom 4 Promis Block 

perfectly mattired a|4p|e from decay, as, wts are offering, in 
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Fresh Asparagus, 2 lbs. ....... .^ . fl^^^ffil * 25r 

Good Mealy Potatoes, per sack'^^pjpM^". ...•■•• ^3.25 
New Zealand Butter, per U). . . '.".' . .'.' ''*^^^. '•' "^^^ 

Fresh Lettuce. Celery, Cauliflov/er, Cabbage, Green Onions, 
Green Peas, New Potatoes, Artichokes, Radishes. 




Phones 28-88-1761 

Government Street 


Kor a few days we have about 
150 acr^s of Waterfront, about r: 
uiiics from city, about 3 acres in 
.-uiiivtttlon, several acres slashc<l 
ind easily cleared, -Also some 
i:ood timber. Owntsr clalrhs that 
' Mibor will more than pay purcli- 
xHn price of land. We will take 
parlies but and show them this 
land siijip. 

About lU.uflO win handle lliis, 
balance arranged to suit 


I'lionc 110') 

and 12 3?roniis E'ock 
1006 O-overnment St.. 


S. p. C A, eases or cruelty. Fbunc, 
inspector Russell, 1921 Bfecreiary's 'phone 

Builders' Notice. Doors, windows, 
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Meet mq at the James Bay dni. We'll 
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ion acres of the choice rich 
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lialancf over five years at T P't 
cent. I>.on't foil to see this. 

ino flc-rcR m Mntr'noHin <ll.-ilrlot, 
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Large road frontage, fenced, and 
plenty of water. Price $335 per 
acre. Jf.riOO CRSh, balance over " 
yfsM's tit '1 I'cr icnt. 

Large double corner close lo 
llie city hall. srixliO. Kevenue- 
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Bell at $01,000. Casli $i;0,()(i(t. Iml- 
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KsuulmftU Road, fillft. frontage, 
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4 \). 111., rcarhing N'iotoria about (1 p.m. 

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llawkiiis & Hay ward 

7a8 VKIW »tf^t tWftp^**,^ 



■» <rj »i L i l*'" ' ," 

""jnntif I iii» H i » iw j w i " ^ ' * " ' ^ *^ 

At>ywmssi m rm. 

U i wf ii f i 1 1 1 I . ' I l l I ^ iii ji iii ii iii iiji * ! 

'" " " >il.4JI 

■ f-'-^ -J*». .I'L... . f ■ 


Fndny. April 12, 191Sf 


— = — • '"~" • - ■■-'"' - 


The Sporting World 



OAKLAND. Cal., April 

New Player Manager Gives His 
Opinion of Squad Selected to 
Represent Victoria in 1912 

r .r^yvr'i' 

What tne Victoria X^Bt'^WVit hew 
:nanag<ci; thinks of the ^. 1912 MQiUtd 

Nordyko 1:: a letter from Raymer to 
Meek. Raymer dlUn't have the heart to 
tell the manager that he had to auli. 
Nordyhe ha*; high hopes that Keller 
will hit the brilliant stride that made 
his reputation In the California State 
League and if he does there Is no bet- 
ter second sacker In the Northwest. 

'Uunke don't get the credit around 
hoadtiuarters for playing fair witli bhe 
management. He tralne* consistently 
during a two weeks' vacation fr.ou\ 
the San Francisco bank which employs 
him, but didn't have tlie nerve to 'stick 
It out' and try for the pOfUiO" when 
lie found' the competition l<epn lie pa\e 
tlie excuse that hi.s father was ill In 
another pert of the st^ite when he left , 
here hurriedly during the teftjn'«» »*» 
sence and it wa.s only throil |a| #!. 00»< 
7 Incidence that Xo^dJike WM ilS«»m»*' 
''' I thki He aWa*t btehi «otli« with the 
^\vb. lJ»8tea<J of e^tkS t» .We father's 

Equines of Quality Being En- 
tered in Victoria's Spring 
Competitions ~ Horsemen 
Displaying Inteiest 

cAntalned in a. lattfiS ntrttten from San , 
Jbae, Cal., ty tSEBSBSiiatNtorreepondent 

WCOTA lil» iGmri^ Xw the north. 

"UriSm Norayske. ilmt baseman ^and 

ltd. .-at jB*liS&l|'^ abW-'tc^' *W-,t'<Wi"' ;':-»tt<Jy^-*t'*W»rt*««P.i>a»'«l»*'***''*<> *«"*' 
,twilmh^H1ii''*t. 43»4Ty*»V-«>Bf»f| J;;ji)i..'buiihl.Jol» a* Balwofield •j'* ^JJ]^^^^^ 
player, end I have hard luck In losins " ' "*"" " "" '^^*' 

^„^.yt Vlcltorlft** 

li^oi t8X«B VHfl^ 


^^ide^hewent l*ck lo w<.rk Jn tn« | SerTSflSJSl^^* SS>c«lpt oi 

'*'»*• enquiries from tM the pHnotpal oStlMI 

ntialaunoBs Blaappolnta ^ ^ ^^e Immediate iiBlgiiborh^oatma. In! 

the I .practically everi'""wa*ie."tt "Ir- • aeauired 
its- I that ^there will lj|^ «^ten*l1fo^entl!1e■• 
■^^ncouve^■*8 ahow, which t»ii;ea place 
Just before that of the hopie orsanloa- 
tion. ie goingr to be one of the largest 

tlie bin 

be In the Une-up. This proved another | In the history »f jt^e T^innln^l City and 

11. — Oakland 
won its seventh consecutive game today, 
this time from i *-tland by 3 to 1. 
Harkness was batted out of the box in 
Ihr third and Latime, Who replacod him. 
was relieved in the fourth after he had 
given four bases on bulls. Temple was 
reliable for the remaining innings. 

Score; ' i<- «■ ^■ 

Portland ^ ^ ^ 

Oakland ^ ^ ^ 

Batteries: Harkness, Latime Temple 
and Howley. Abies and Mitre. 

LOS ANGBLES, April U.— Vernon 
coast game postponed, rain. 

SACRAMKNTO. April 11. — Sacramento 
could not buncli liiis oft Meikle excej.l 
in one Inningr today, and Say Kranclscn 
won the first Kame of tlie series, 3 to 2. 
Mclver's single, a sacrlllcc and two 
fluke singles due to the muddy condition 
of the fteld gave the visitors two in the 
first innlnff. Hartley's slnffle and 
Swain's muff of Jackson's Ions drive In 
the third gave the Seals their third run, 
which i« •*Wt4W!-.'il-f»'^^-/^acra. 

singles; by "^eiater, WSi/Vir ; «Bf ■■s fKSfP^. : ; 
ibid a» infleld <>"*• « 

■ ■ow*:. ^ ?■'", J 

San Frandaco .. .. .| i.«» • • .J^* 
fiucramento ' . . •• •"• *•■ .. t 11 ■ 
Batteries: Melkle and Sohmtdt: 
Byram and Cheek. 

CINCINNATI. O., April 11.— Before 
the largest crowd that ever saw a ball 
game In this city. Cincinnati, defeated 
Chicago In the opening game. The game 
marked the formal opening of the new 
grand aUnd and park. Both Cole and 
Frank Smith were forced to retire in 
the early before an avalanche Af hits. 
The game was remark\ble for the good 
fl(Bldlng, considering the number of runs 
g c o r w l . — Bat e s, Bgaa, Bs e h er nn d Ph e l a n 

Boston team defeated Philadelphia with 
Alexander pitching. Spratt of the 
locals, led In batting with a home run, 
triple and Bingle, while Cravathran, of 
Philadelphia, got three doubles. Mayor 
KltBgerald threw out the first liall, and 
President Thomas M. Lynch, of the Na- 
ticnal League saw the game. 

Score: ^^- ^^- ^ 

Boston ^ 12 1 

Phlladftphia * ^ ^ 

Batteries: Purdue and Kllng; Alex- 
ander and Dooln. Umpires, Rigler and 


starred at the bat, locals while 8heck> 
<wd and Schult hit well for Chicago. 

Score: R- H. B. 

Chicago 6 10 1 

-TT r 




• • •• •• •• • 7* V 

cole. C. Smith. Richie and 
F. Smith. HuR>Pbi«« and Mc- 


A»m Jl.-»«»«w York 
enlicd In ttif I***!* ««*oco"nt of **'■''* 

One of Mr. W. S. Holland's Vancouver entries for the Victwia Hw«^^w^^mj»et^ 


ana tn* team tnai oeais u; j»wo» iu w»c w.e ...=.....— -v- J-^T^ ~ 1 

* ' ' '. . ^.. ',;* _•!.>- j.-L^ ''^_ \.__1' >kn* hi. -»■>• ohiA tn hAflt- niark. 

catcheri^X *«dnfe*p?ecjtei4- tor tise Baymer 
regularly at second and Burke looked 
to'--bar^i»iai«nt'"eatcher.'-^ ■■■■■■■'*•■"••'■■■'■ *' ■ 
..'! '^**!^ 'them lot me, thoaglv 
tint yrt ymi be up there flghtlng all 
thi lihnto and tM team th^ beats ug 

vil|,..#if^' a good in^eld with the ex* 
ciptton of short, athouffh I believe It 
■wiould_hav£ .bfien strotig«r had we been 

10^: ' '9«9ti Hlttavg 

^mLVllt h^^e ^t l^'*^ three ,iW 
3i liters on the team and It looks aa 
though we are going to Be ablO to de- 
velop a couple of other good hitters. 
•rtie outneld Is worrying me stUI, Ken- 
nedy, pi course, will be a standby, bBt 
the rest are somewhat doubtful quan- 
tities. Kricnc looks good and Clement- 
fcon hits fairly but Is a weak fielder. 
IDnnlels will be a star If he 'comes 

""We hope to be able to finish well 
up in the first division b«t anybody can 
boast In the spring. I am' critical about 
all my men and won't reoUy make any 
pE-edlctlons until I sss them under fire.' 

"It must be remembered that the de- 
sertions of Burke and Kaymer after 
two weeks of work has clianged plans 
already practically laid in the manag- 
er'."! mind, and if the t«am, Whi«h must 
also undergo the ordeal of a long boat 
irip, does not €ct oft as well aj» It 
might have been hoped, just 'stick It 
out' for the Bees are a talented lot 
end will hit in a lot of runs before 
trie season is very old. 

Boster Outlined 

"The foUowins playi.ra were taken 
north: Catchers, Meek and Grlnd?ll; 
pitchers, Kauftman, Smith, Berger,'' Wil- 
son, McCreery, Jorgstad, Co.ncannon and 
Xarveson (Kantlehner Is under contract 
to report .luly 1.): flrst base, Nordyke; 
second base, Keller; third' ba.sf.-, Bren- 
nan; shortstop, Rawlinjrs; uiillty, Sad- 
ofsky.'Merrltt; outfielders, Daniels, Ki-n- 
nedy, Friene, Adams ftnd Clementson. 

"Qf these men Mee.k, Grlndell, Kauff- 
inan, Berger, McCreery, Concannon and 
Narveson will compose the batteries for 
the first week at Spokane. Tlie inflohlers 
will play as named and Mcrritt will be 
taken along as utility Infielder. Daniels 
will play If-^ft, Konncdy rentro <ind 
I'llene rlglit. 

"Nor<lyke has decided that he will 
keep Sadofsky and K've liira a -chanre. 
to play up to the brilliant record he 
made with Baltimore, and .Merritt will 
also b« used for utility purposes. 

•Jimmy .\dams threw a knee out in 
practice Sunday afternoon and will not 
lift available for u»c. in the outfield for 
some little time. Clenientson does not 
figure at prP!?<:-nt except as a utility 
outfielder on account of poor fielding. 
J>anleis and Friene have been hitting 
brilliantly at practice and bhey will 
have the first chance at regular places 
In the outOeld. 

Business for Baymer 

"Fred Raj'roer Is going into business 
In Los Angeles. Ills wife and daughter 
nr» both ill there and he feels that ho 
cannot leave them for the Ave months' 
season again. The information came to 

mi VM 

"etevfnth hont disappointment, -Rnwl-, 
Ings Is a brilliant fl'elder and. idtfd #ome; 
work In the last exhibition game Sun- 
dttjr that i!WW'«ttti~'sh6rt df^%atness. 
hut Ihe Is wMdc with the wI»ow.f '-'' 

"Nordyke believes he has discovered a 
J4^el In the big lefthander Jowitad. 




herelhat'he was' able to beat Clark, 
who P»tcb!Bl.f^Oj9jiftll S^,;93l«at.^5i>**i A*- 


„ _. protit0mmm* tll»iaAj«rtty oT tht 
cpmpetttorti' ^^Nff*; «ltt.<Mt«, part in the 
Island co'nesftr. 

'. Some of those who !li«.ve already sub- 
ikuted „ their . entries foMowJ Qrean 
QoQ^ "Ammtb .JftMrleta. Satolit. and 

r« owned by 


•'The Unanclal profits of the spring 
training trip must have been disappoint- 
ing to the Victoria management Al- 
though the paid attendance at <)l4)0«a4 
was excellent the games in San jroiie'MMl| >' 
SUnta Clara have no£ been attended by 
a corpoml's guard, despite the fact that 
gooB ball ims be^b JSflven in every ex- 
htb)tlcn game during the last two 
wtvks .of the team's stay. Victoria has 
played '?<icfh •.iniformly fine ball that 
despite the dlBappolntnients of the past 
week It Is safe to predict that the team 
will be popular both at home and 
abroad as a clean, hard-playing, ga>me 

"San .Tose is not a ball town at pres- 
ent, althoiish Its charr' ' -nmrnercp 
and many of Its bu- nen have 
been willing to do anything within their 
power to boost the Victoria squad. The 
players have been univerBally voted a 
fine; • trmniy buneh -and-:i>»eny— of-~them 
will be sadly mlssed."^ \ ' ; : 



mm. ■'A.'"EI.- McPhilllpM i;'' ■*» < Victoria; 
I^idy Rhoda and Prince George, owned 
l^y Mr. H. T. 01dn4jfc('kKflt Victoria: 
BrUrfaam Radiant. o*iiliit..'by Colony 
jfarip, Kamloops; Tommy, owned by 
lister Jack Smart, of this city; l-ady 

' li \ ^ • — ■ — ^ — — *i' 

JBcMpe: R. H. B. 

kew 'Tork ',, ». •■ ...; ..■<» .>|^'.->W' ■ ■ XJ 
:Brooklyn i...... Krv*-'- ♦«■■••',. ? •■■.•• A. 

/ B»tt»ttfi^Jft»tt»P'4. Borgor usbA Vi»V- 
«ni'^ Bueker. Oent' and Phelps. 
Amstloau As8oolatl«i 

At T«ledo~-Toleao, 8; Milwaukee, X. 

At lndlam9oU»*«t F»h1, fi; Indtam- 
polls. 4 

City. «. 

« At tK>al«vm». -.lnWil— iU». «f Mlmah- 

fipoUs. «... • 

At New T«r)fc— • 

Score: .«•«,' R. R, Bl.' 

New Tock !►'» •■• •• «» •'• •■< ■ * •* 
Boatm .,«".. »!«••••• k t • S t • 
sSaMariM; Wood and NwuMmwlMr; 
midmXl. Vtantlin and Street. 
'CBmAOO. April 11.— Tha AtoMleMi 
1ettg;n«-«aa«on was opened wltSlg^vtotory 
for the locals over St. Lout*. Big Bd. 
Walsh was In fine condition, hsrvUjif b'O^ 
one bad Inning; In which three hHi tM 
%, balk called by Umpire Evans. gav« the 
.visitors their scores. The game was 
||HitllTg|ff tV the hitting of Callahan and 
i|» lldjitiiHr o£ Ilogan, Bath and Lord. 
iMSNMpp&^aOn presented a. CtlMt •T 
Mlv«k''.f»'->1tUlMror Callahan tha'f^Wt 
sopie of ^Is friends. The w«atli*t wan- 
\ijhw: R. H. K. 

Chicago- ........6 9 J 

St. Louis ,...-,^......2 7 1 

Little Birdie Cree, a valuable mtm- 
ber of Harry AVolverton's Highlanders, 
Is expected to be missed all this sea- 
son. He has not signed and does not 
intend doing so unless his ttrms are 
accepted. The midget outfielder, wiho 
left the club in hitting and base run- 
ning last season, has stated his case 
very clearly. There Is no HI will in 
ills attitude. Unltss his manager 

comes through he is goinn to desert 
the diamond for a year. 

Elmer Strlckett, the former brewer, 
who has Joined the Brooklyn Nationals, 
has a "wave-spltter." tt ^a^fcl^l which 
breaks In at least P09!'.0ml^MM': ' ***•?' 

-C«i»iwi''*tiM'W^l3r- It has "moM/'Spsftd 
tlian tb«>^«r<«n»ry spittw. 

jMk Wiurhop states thnt he has heard 
of FMuik Baker's we«kn«M nnd has yet 
to be Introduced to the same. "Any 
time Cobb, Baker, lAjoie, and Jackson 
thtt tb wiUlop the ball." says Jack, "It 
Is simply a mistake or a clerical error, 
not worth Jotting down for futurei use." 

Rube Marquart has mastered the 
"turkey trot" curve, according to dis- 
patches received from the camp at 
which his club was drilling until a few 
days ago. 

Ivan Olsea. shortstop, will be captain 
of the Cleveland Americans this season. 
It had bten thought that Larry LaJoIo 
would have t hat J e b. — Ole e n p l a y ed wUb 
Cleveland last year, having come from 
Portland of the I^tclflc Coaat league. 

Not one of the players who went 
from Victo ria to t he big leagues h^ 
~tnade good:~ Bill ObAdinaisr th* popntar^l 
third basewan .is the lagt to be hand- 
ed his "get-away" slip. Ha was tried 
out by the Boston Red Sox but wfs not 
fast enough to beat Gardner otrt of his 
job. He Ms been releasiMa tp 8t i?»ul 
in the American As80ciatlMi.M. 

Bonner aiid Ilouck. mt*!^^ »|telHiiiN| 
of 1»11, are sUU with I30ltt«to i» 
A«bi«tt«> B4>^ af« M|tf >^ bf Arti^ 

,gOO<l,''1|l!IWl|f'" '.■■■■'■:'■■;■, 

C©l<M*Mkii>»' *W Ui 'With tb# Kow York 

Anii6t4i»UMi; is r«ported to be pleasing 

his new club. There is only one giolnt 

olr«r which there is doubt and tlwt is 

.bfp speed *>n the bases'. 


Farm and Garden Tools 
Seed Drills, Single Wheel 
Hoes, Double 
Wheel Hose, 
Horse Cultiva- 
tors, Straw- 
berry CultiVts 

E. G. Prior Co., Ltd. Ly. 


English Bicycles 

•*«*k#i« «<>«jle«— Manirfacturek in 3Umlnghani. flttWd with free wheel 

^^^iSm^^r^c/^^ .ri«^^^,K,bT^,t««, toe Clips, h^i a.. 

Sndga Whitwortb SMoiKflair-FttteJi^with free whwjf, riiapilPt mu^ 
guards, detachable tires, steelisrtw; toe clips and beU - . *- - • 

HigOi-Orads Bndge Whitworth Bl«jri*U»— With heafjr ,_j^ 
wheel, rim brakes, steel rlm^. ro^ «u»rdB, toe; cl^]?p^ andf I 

We can fumlph Speed Oeari-'ott gplfci^ the al^ovo wheel* •t.M •««' 
tional |10.flO for two-speed and 116.00 toir three-speed. ,.vi„7 ' / 


Every wheel guaranteed for one year. 

Old whefels taJten as part payment of a new one. 
easy instalments. 

Bicycles aold on ' 


920 Oiutemmsnt Btrsst, 

anwM m. 


Oouldlng, Holder of CanaAtga 
Wolklng Title, Wants ■World's 
Premier Honors 


Bicycles - En^sh Bpcles- Raleigh 


TOBONTO, April 11.— Oeorge Qchild- 
inis,'ihe Cianadlan walking champion, 
H^ irtii- probably annex the world's 
OlHMBBvkMAlip heel . and toe title at 
tnmMUm, |HPL-«ummer, whi retire 
tlfmiau tiWi *t tlie end of tfllg «n- 

gtW|t ' 

Oonldlng's only obstacle In 'the was' 
of a world's title Is St. Norman, the 
South African wonder. The Canuck 
^showed his class when he beat both 
E. J. Webb .Tnd nf»nrge E. Lamer, the 
English rriick*-, nnd his chances" of 
beating the ^outli African wonder are 
excellent • ■ ' "-.-•• 

emMUm lii «k •«»«•% MniltUe young 
lll«o«r. t»»<d«MM ilot'««re for the no- 
toriety Ihril Ills walking brings him, but 
he does love the exercise and does 
want to beat out. the other fellows. 
He wants to g«t the u-or!d's title and 
then retire an unbeaten champion. 

•This is to certify that Raleigh Cycle is guaranteed 
against defects of manuSacI^ ias long as it $haU re- 
main the property of the first retail purchaser. 
Fishii.g Tackle of all kinds at 

~~ HXEris lb smith 

laao Broad StiSlli*'". Sole Agents 

A large crowd was present at River- 
dale, Toronto, last Saturclay night to 
witness the 12 mHes race between Tom 
Lr-ngboat and Alf Shrubb. The early 
part of the race was very IntcrestlnBr, 
thu runners stlcklner tOKether, but about 
seven miles Longboat began to slacken 
and went lame, oau*ed* by one of his 
shoes Rlvlnff out. He stuck it out till 
ten miles, when he stopped to fix his 
shoe and then started out again, but 
(iiiit after jroiriK two laps. 

Hhrubb ran a very Rood rare nnd hsd 
lap on Longboat the first time he stop- 
ped. Sl»rubbs time for the twelve miles 
was 1 hoiir, 4 minutes and 5 1-5 see- 

Two o(hf>i- rjicna were also r\in. a one 
mile, which was won by Percy Sellen. 
with H. Taylor sciond and H. Wester- 
bep third and in a three mile rare in 
v.'hich Percy »Hlen was first and H. 
Westerbee secortcT 


BA8lSl6A£t^ we mean, and. reth«m^cr. we are the headquarters for 

Base Ball Goods 

■We have an excellent new stock of Gloves, muf^, Balls— In firt overy- 
ihittg fOf ,the!,fPOr|ln».«nthusiast-T-at very reasonable prices. ' 


Onasinltb, Xtc. 



1331 u-overament St. 

tumber, Sash and Boors always In stock. We specialize In artistic 
front doors, steamed slush, grain fir, and Howard's iflusli. 


Fhou« 77 

F. O. Box 363 

Weight Throws 

XKW YOIU-C, April II.— *In order to 
avoid any possible miRnnderstandinR at 
the Olympic games. Secretary .7as. K. 
Sullivan, of the American committee 
some time aso rerpiested the Swedish 
committee to forward f\ill particulars 
In relation tn the i)ile.>« for the welRht- 
throwing conte.iis (riifhl and left hand), 
and today, he received a letter from Krls- 
tian llellstrom, Kecretavyi of the Swed- 
ish committee, (statins tliat In tj|ese eon- 
tests all the competitors make their ef- 
forts with one hand and then all the 
competitors with tlie other hand. The 
best effort with each hand ylH be ron- 
sldered and added together to determine 
the competition. ^ ( ". / . 



liis well known British Columbia horse is seen here jumping 7 feet 3 inches. He is being ridden 

by E. N. Heard. 

Galore, Gold Dust and Glowing Rose, 
owned by iMr. C. K. Ooherty, of New 
WtHtmlnster. and Follow Me, owned by 
Mr. 11. Baynes, of Kanilonps. 

One of tile features, it is expected, 
will be the jumping competitions. Own- 
ers from Vancouver, Seattle, and Spo- 
kane have signified their int«ntlon of 
making entries in these classes. Vic- 
toria also will have some high jumpers 
so that those who attend look forward 
lo seeing some of the most thrilling 
evtnts of the kind that have been wit- 
nessed In this city. 

In preparation for the occasion the 
local horse show building and the B. 
C. j^.grlcultural, guounds In general sra 
bilr.? greatly fmproved. On the I'oruter 
atructyre lliere ia liblnK built an enttre 
new roof. The interior, also, is being 
fitted up sn AS to provide more sntls- 
ff^ctory facilities for competitors and 
more comtortsble accommodation for 
the spectators. 

BntlerleR; Walsh and Sullivan lake 
find Stephens. 

PHILAIJRLPHIA, April 11.— Phila- 
delphia won the opening game of the 
An:erlcan leagtie season from Washing- 
ton by a score of i to 2. 

Score: R' ^- ^' 

WaSlilngton 2 4 3 

Philadelphia ,•■< "^ ^ 

B,itterie8: Johnson and Alnsmlth, 
Coombs and Lapp. 

ST. LOUIS, Mo.. April U.— Thirteen 
hits, including a homo run by Bv&ns, 
enabled St. Louis to shut out Pittsburg 
In the opening us me. Evan's home run 
followed a three base hit by Koenetchy 
in the sixth. 

Score: R- H. E. 

St. Louis T 1« 1 

Pittsburg V > * 1 

Batteries; Harmon and Bliss; Cam- 
nlU, Adams and Gibson. i:mplres, 
f/Wr-.ns and Brennan, 

BOSTON, April H,— The rejuvenated 


TORONTO, April 11. — Articles of 
agreemfcnt have been signed between 
Edward Durnan of Toronto, champion 
oarsman of America, and William 
Haines of Boston, for a three mile 
sculling race jan Toronto Bay. Wednes- 
day, July 10, for the championship of 
America and fl.OOO. 

Crane the Tlotor 

NKW YORK, April 11. — Tn i"iir flns. 
match of the National amateur court 
tennis tournament today, the former 
British champion, Vane Pennell, was 
defeated by Joshua Crane, of Boston, 
6-3, 2-«. 8-6, 8-6. 6-1. 

TORONTO. April 11. — Article* cf agrae- 
rrtetit hnvb l>6Rn Signed between EtSward 
Durnan of Toronto, champion oariman of 
America, and WIIHani >T«ln«i» of Bo«ton, for 
a tliiee-mlle scuIllnE race on Toronto Bay 
WertneKany. .luly 10, for the ctiamplonshlp 
or Amerlo*^ and |2,O0e, 


made from water 

from which all 

germs have been 



Prizes will be given for the 

best high scores during 

this month at — 

Arcade Bowling 

Pemherton Block. 

Port St. 

Bowling Trophy 

Messrs. Meerns A Full«r ■ will 
give A l»6.»f -ewt ot— Herat- 
Ready" dothee for the beat ten 
gfames of 10 ..pto|i rolled on the 
Brunewick AUer>. up U> May 81. 
1912. !' 

7U TMeihatMM 

Headqiiartws (or ti^t JfUt 


^ mfMhWk 

The Next Thing to Flying 

T\ying Merlcel ICotorojolea — 

pprinj? forks, spring frames, ball 
bearing engine throughout, auto- 
matic oiler, free engine and 
clutch, faso to »»0. 

Marconi Bros. 

Successors to F. N. Coatla. 
Bloyele apeeUUsta 

n* jomsrsoH 


Order \m 

and jnuukt 
priew», i 

• ,7 V :::;i»Mi»«r»watw-'-'^. »--& 


Friday, April 12, 1912 

Your Cloves 

Slioiiltl ho cliorti-n 

with oare — choose 

\h('Mi at Corilon's. 

The fam»d Tre- 

f o u s ■ • Kid 

aiovea, ■' 

• ■i.utes. 

pair .---^l-GO 

Fine Cli a 111 o 1 s 

(ilii%(.'9, short Jl, 

!..ri.- .-91.7." 

■ I ■!! ' ii: . • l< 'i 

; loves, in "jn. 

-;r(>y «il(I V, lllli>. 
I'aii- ..- jpi.OO 

789 YATES ST. 

A Great Show of 


Uainty House 

PHONE 1391 

lieic is no rcascii in the worUlwhy your morning 
house dres^ sin mid not be as dainty and attrac- 
tive as your altcvnoon gown. That's what we 
thought when we bought those we are showing 
this week-end. . Percales, ginghatns and other 
cotton materials of the most serviceable kin4 iw 
stripe and check designs of all shades. A gVeat 
jwuaety-i3£ pretty .aQdjEflL,-JUid£iw2cfta^.^^^j^ 



The Graceful Linee of 

Our New Spring Coats 

And the beautiful new materials in such "good 
taste" shades are some of the reasons why they are 
going so quickly. Of course our remarkably low 
prices l>clp a lot too. Prices start at !? 11.50 only, 
and we know we can please you. Let us try. 

You Will Be Sur- 
prised W/hen You 
See Our 

$25 Suits 


TheBC b r i K h t 

sunn >' day« 

make a biiii- 
•sliaiie almoMt 

itpreasarj'. The 
l'ir:<t lot tins 
iiiino 111 mill 
I hoy are jum 
tli« pretty 

. 1 -l i M t (■ H I ■ \ 1 . H 

tU.l! B \> !■ i U K 

(1 10;. SI H .lelTUIIUi. 

I'rlcca frnm $', 
to Jfl.OO 

At any price you would be surprised at the fii 

isli of these suits, at tlie [lains whicli Have so evi- 
dently been taken over each lit t It; detail, and atten- 
tion to detail ensures satisfaction iii the finished 
suit. These suits are made by our own tailor and 
are really equal to suits for which YOU wouUl 
have to pay a tailor ivvice. the money, or more. 
Each is distinctive / «^fefate individj^j^it y^^ p»V } 
ser^T worsteds ilSefrWt&S&S ,Uue(J"iSl«ir~lSI*RIte! . 
satin. 0£ course if yoi* can afford to pay more we 
can give yau equalfy good value- Cotrtc in and see 
these suits today. 

New Shirt Waisia 

In Linen, Vestings and Linenette. Plain white and 
with fine pin stripes. All the newest styles and 
the best of the old ones. You wiil find your idea 
of a sensible stvlish Shirt Waist among those on 
show today. Prices from $5.00 to ^1.50 

Hair Combs 

The greutest show of 
nrctty Hiilr t'omba 

you ever saw. and 
many kinds you 
never saw. Beau- 
tiful 8)ia(le8 of sll- 
'vwr wrvT, amber 
and tortoise, and 
aU sorts of beauti- 
ful. J e w e 1 li n 8r. 
prices from 15.00 
to 10^ 

I I iiii.l i I ill . I II I 

Easter Is Over 

Iwu it may be that for .-ome rea>'".n 
■ ir iHliL'i you a rc st i li with o tit y»« r 
'lew hat- Well, our show is snll the 
most exclusive and most extensive 
in town. We arranged our buying 
to ensure that it would be so all the 
time. Uut remember, no exclusive 
prices. We want to do business. 
Bring the children, too. 

Neiu Hand 

These wer« iipeciaUy 

bought to go with 
the spring suits 
and dresses, and 
are Just as dainty 
a;na T»retty «» can 
tie. LAce, pique, 
crochet and auede. 
FHces from »6.00 
to T5f 

FILL IN Ll^li 

uiitiy In lriakin«»d in tiVvry player there 
cnn tir llttln (\<jaU\ that the Munn cup 
and ftlHd thfi Kllniurnuck cup wlM tlud 
an ablillriK pu<'«< in Victoria. 

Oiganieatioii Mbeling of Vic- 
toria Club a Happy Augury 
tor 1912 Season — Piayers 
Want Mann Cup 

V\lilU' til' r.- noi as larKe nii ai- 
tfndance i i general sport-lovlni; 

iiubllc an vMi« expected, last nU'hfs an- 
mial meeting of the Vloloria I^acrosoe 
Chill brouKlit out practically all of the 
UkIh who have taken an active part In 
tlu> national ftamc hero durjng tjie pant 
ai.voral seasons. 

Mr. i;d. Chrl6ti.i iipiied the Chair 

"mMWIHHBIii iWWriiilHTInlWtiiiiiiX-JnWi iJI'HB'i. 
routlua kmttttfis, 4iii)Ei< jiit «ii# •uiwilMloii" 
of reportH and t1i« ' iBldCtton «f ofllcwrft. 
jaj)l«CB was some tatfe of tj(?© wwon'* 
prc*pei;t*, and lUeae ttptMssr to bit iiiHt 



The KIngiif'iii Wtr««t TunnU Clubwii;> 
or^anlzfl for th(r season at » v.iii n r 
trndod mi'o.linK lent nt^ht n ^»u ,•<,. 
noijnccrt that ih*' r.ourts alr«H<ly ar«i In 
ahapn for plnylnK. wfil' h ri' .v*. v.;m rp- 
(clvcd with i:\F.ry aIuu ' . - ..i 

The ttrsl matrini, .n- i,. 

played on May . i 

That tlui iinjiiii.'i Ni,i|, niii..iiii I., lim- 
ited w«H one of tho decisions r(«a( h^fl. 
It being found that ihorc 1« a poHnlhll- 
lly of the dub frrowlng too lar^f. 

Officers were fl»-ctcrt an followft: 
President, Mr. J. McArthur; «pcretary. 
Mr. (}. D. Case; executiv*-, y/lcfitrtt. O. 
Brown. A. J. 8ommfrr, Mlharr«y, K. 
I'M ■■•'■II. A. H. Tuson and .1. Moss. 

Too Late to 

>-iiupH (111 Dunlcvy St., adjoining Vp- 
land». VV<- Imve iteveiul lieaullful 
building lots. 60x116 to a lane, at 
»1,160 earh; third cash, balanea 
«, 12 and 18 monthn. Ililtlnh 
I'anadian Homo Uulldei-ts. 31::-316 
Hay ward Hldg. ; phonp I "30. 

I.lndm Ave. — Corner of Mnden and 

I ilrfleld. 17«xtf»; price »2.«00: 

f'i- Id a rroat bargain. i-iiiiiau 

-: ■no Ilullder*. 3U-J16 

,: I'hono 1030. 



The New Silks Await Your Inspection 

The new designs and color combinations make one wonder at the resource. Imagtnatloi and orlgtnaJUy of the makers. Juat opened out In all their dainty 
loveliness and charm, you should see the new Stripe Silks. Black or navy stHpes In all width, on silks of the most ejtqul.lte weaves, with prtcwi 
actually starting at 85c per yard. These silks vary in widths from 40 In, to 1« in., with prices from iiM to. ' . • • • • ' • • • o*^ 


'■;Tr'7'"'"' "7'Tj 


Improved Front Laced'\ 

XJtve that final touob^ necessary to aeeure the full' mesaure of your 
figure beauiy-^glve a pertect fit for your batctt. Only a front 
laced corset can bring out the naturally beautiful lines of your 
back , and to ensure perfect f Iguris beauty, this Is Imperative. 
Come In and let the lady In charge of our Corset department ex- 
plain why so much in claimed for the Modart. Styles from 
''-^|113,£0 to . • • • .■4 •'• i ••■«• ,C .,,..'.• ,, ^ •,,.,*•■••..•.. . .ip7^«>v 


Of course you realUe that all the esqulaite Hats and all the charm- 
ing Oowne in the WOTld can't make up for 8ho*s that are out of 
Keepth*. IftbuFinB ■iKaiOTHT iJODD" S^o*8. yw are sftft. 
We absolutely a»d unhCBltatingly affirm that lo "Dorothy Dodds" 
you get the highest combination of etyllshness, comfort and dur- 
ability that it is possible to get In ft ladles' shti*. Frlc«s 
.,..,. ...,.•....,.• ' ' ." • 'ffhCt^Vv- 


•pdrts, whSeft''t«|^''.|riMi9ie''»ixt Saturday 
afternoon at tbrtlfma. there will tiom* 
petft thii«<k 0«immnt ' }ocaI athletes. 
lUtmely, Hat Beaaley. T. A. Oalton and 
J6htK P. Sweeney. Th» former already 
Is en route aouth. The latter, two will 
leave tottey it their plana do not mis- 
carry. The idea la to obtain some prac- 
tical training before taking part in the 
Olympic trials at Vancouver on May 

f.drnontnn H»»«<1— •-roomeii home on 

• ! ir.vl.-«. Price »2.U00; term* 

• li. balancH arranged to 

,:i-itl»h Canadian Hom« 

ill2 316 Bayward BldB ; 



The twenty greatest boxers under 
Mantula of Queensberry rules are: 

1. James J. Jefrriee, 21 o. 

2. Robert Fitzsiminons, 158. 

3. Jack Johnson, 20C. 
— i. Jame a J. Coi ' bott i i»i , 


That Win give entire 
satisfaction, (ire tho 

materlalH and expert 
virorkmanship »re the 
reiuioiHB, T^et us give 
you an estimate. 

.r'i liirli 

The New Laces and Trimmings 

here laid 

Are here in a beautiful profusion. Everything iiew In the wjwW ^f Trlmmlnga la 

out, a feast for the delighied eye. Here are only a few IteW*: 

Many of our patrons have been walUng for this shtptnoftt Which haa now come to bind. Ex- 
amine these trimroln«8 hefore settling on your new gown. 8am« phenUle Chlffons^and 
Gold Cloths In all the new spring shades will particularly pteaae you. »&yal,.Ola Kwe, 
Cerise. Taupe, Black and Saxe shades, 40 In, wide. Per ywA^n^M to .flViiOO 

Slaok «ltt Ohwtniy Xkaca laoonoliMr— a very f «««« qu«Uty of the latest t« Tunic lAcea. The 
d«8lgn le most elaborate and there are finished «da« bands to match. Flouttdng 4a ii^ 
•ride, per yard, |8,00. )3ands, per yard ,,,..,....» .....f9,00 

gUk ObUfou of the best aa«lHy. All widths and ahades, Per^ard... 





On the Mcohd floor 
we «r«. aboWing all 
aorta of ^;;' artijsftla 
Dr^f rlea i^nA. , <2ur» 
*" fir the arllBtlc 

mikV iemi of giod 


5. Peter Jackson. 197. 

6. Tommy Borne, . 1"6, 

-t.- .Stanley Ketrhnll. ISS.. 

8. Kid McCoy, 15S. 

9. Tommy Ryan, J* 4. 
■JO. #aqk DemPB«y. 

11. Joe Wotodtt, 118. 


Corn^'r Krlmonton. Road and (iardrn 

~' '■- ■■ ('•!. n J1400; third 

12. IS months. 

i.i;:i.:h < u Home Bulldera, 

ai'U /iidK. Vbone 

One ot-%m''WmiBm(>f^ 
He la A 9it^4»r'.1»i!nfltoNi'' 
fielders,.' ■■,., 

Utt team. 



' ^^f ms^m a f^ . 



Je CL KIN<iZ^ 

MILL w ooiy 

$3.06 per double load. 

.11 ■ -* 


Green Window Screens, Galvanized Window Screens 

161 5 Douglas St. Phone 07. 

as bright aa baa beeti f orecaat 

"We Want the Mann Cup," one of tfee 
leading pUiyeW remarked^ "and we are, 
going to iMSt It. A number of fast home 
; men from butcld* bave signifled their 
wnilngnesa to evm* here If poaltlona 

there la no doubt, in toy opinion, that 
we will hava a iw^tva capable of car- 
rylng off .the Catwdliiti eh«tDploBfUhiip«** 

: It was decld<^;vttwit;tili-f^,r«»«ienta- 
tive twim* |bat /!» ,tb<? «gii*g«aoiii that 

,f|ifiSlatM|ji|||up gpitlr^..^-al>aU.'''be Indj^e;' 
«nl •' of |^;^^Wi |^ril|.-'0'Of thaT 
thero.Wii^ 'ipi^:!^ 
ates, 'iMi*4'"iilttm»#' ww-'mMWi 
thti tepwta atittiBftifia It la ilk«0y tfa»t 
there will be enough entrlM la bqth of 
ttiaif ; -WfjiwiMi ".liwrt ' ' ioM wa iti i i g ■■■, '«bw-~ 
tk^^^^xmk ,•■';-•'■■,, 

OptafStH.wete elected ias follows: Hon- 
of aiy !« Vrmldent, Hon. T. W. Fateraon; 
tacborftry vice»presidents, B. b. Helmc« 
Ken. K. C. J. KlQgbam. Aid. CHtell, Aid. 
B. j^uVfiber and Skene luowe; president, 
j^amuel i«orlmer: vlce-preatdenta, B. 
Clxristophtir; J. IXaneook, . C. BtffB^tt; 
secretary. *E. Taylof; treasurer. C. Stir- 
nett; executive, e. Okell, C. O. Clute, 9. 
Johnson, F. Sweeney and fi. Brylnolf- 
sen. Delegates to the P. C, A. I* A« 
Meesra. Lorlmer and Taylor 

Screen Door Catches 
Screen Door Hinges 


$44-546 YATES STREET Store Phone 59. Office Phone 2048 


.Suflo: .-ind Ki'jiiiiy Wtrpets • 

San Francisco 

An up-to-date modern fire proof 
hotel of 250 rooms, faking the 
place of the old Occidental Hotel 

aria LI'.lc lUniBo 
European Plan — $1.50 per Day 

and Up. 

T.ake Any Taxlcab frum thr I-'f-rry 

at the Kxpen^e of tho Iluti,!. 

18. settling NelsiNi. l&S. 

13> Joe Qaqs^ IW^ 

i«. Jack McAtililt* i«3. 

1«. Oeorge IM^iea. tf^-. 

17. Terry MoOovem, 1*8. 

18, Saung CorbeilLiUf. *. 


CHICAGO. AprlMl.—" Jack" Johnson, 
the h«ivywelght prize fighter, today was 
made a defendant In a sntt for fl.fiOO 
mod >y Oeorge Little, Ute former man- 
ager. According to the complaint, the 
,suit gi^m<Wt|of ■:«w»;.f«Mi^,e# ^ dlj^ond. 
ring to "Jofaiuibii. ■■■■■' • ■/ • '"r- 

Oaaadlut's Kn^ 

Camtdlai^^^e hwMhPed yards handicap 
at Cairdlfc won hla beat, hnt was un- 
placed In the final, _^^^^^ 

AT HftUF tlME 

XetUi HaMMdiw K m A. N ew, f«v«n 

terms tUM ^ttm. taMlmi ar- 
rtngad: BHtMk Caactfiea Home 

.:Bsfl4«rs, , Wf*«f-fiai*»l»tj|-*.. Wlilt^ 
r»gj jiihfme W»». *^ 

Donglas ||4„ Vle*erta West,— Pine 
lot 44XU7. Price |»eo, t*rm» flOO 
casb, balance |2« par month. , 
Urlllah Canadian Home Bulldera. 
<12-S15 Bay ward Bids. Phon* 101* 

Alder Mt., Cloverdale, ' fine large 
bulldlUK lot. &OX173, higti aod dr>-. 
Price t92l>: terms third cash, bal- 
ance v. K', and 18 montha Brlt- 
lah Uatiadiao Home Builder*, SIJ- 
315 Hay ward BIdg.; ptione 1030. 

Cook M — Finn lot. 62x120, in Fair- 
field dUtrlol. Price |:i.»CO; terms 
(hlrd cuah, balance C. 13 and 18 
niiiiilhii. lirlitsh ('Ku.«dlan Home 
Diillderii. 312-316 tiayward Bldg.; 
plionti 1030. 

WlantiBrrt Av». Vi.trfl»l.l— H,.«..t imi ». 

roumcd modern hjouae on lot &0xl98 
taclng on two streets; price t6,000; 
terms 11.700 cash, balance very 
easy. British Canadian Home 
Builders, 3i:!-316 tiayward ■ Bldg, 

Sonnd Investmentp— Purchase snares 
In JJrItlsb Canadian Home Bond- 
ers. Ltd.. while you can at gl.M 
per share. In addition to profits' 
from our building department the 
Beai Batate and Insurance de^art- 
mfHita contribute to the dividends 
on Home Banders sharaa Seud 
tor prospectus It wm interest you. 

IMMi^ f^met to call for IMa tMAvpad 
■;-, ^ . Map -Of City, ■ 


^at Estate Department. 

Ilembtos victoria Real Kstate Ox? 


AgjOlts:. Royal Insurance Company. 

Third Floor. Sayward Bldg. 

Phone 1030. 

Ernest Kennedy, Managing: Director. 


C. a.ciutaiiflSiii;' 


Colds often herald their cominp 
with a warning coii>;h. i 

This warning dctnand.s instant 
attention. The health is in 
danger, the body is attacked, the 
risk is terrible. 

Act on the first symptoms. 

Malhieu's Syrup of Tar and 
Cod Liver Oil arrests the cold 
at once. 

Tar and Cod Liver Oil are the 
great twin agcnt.s for cold cures, 
the Tnr healing the inflamed parts 
and the Cod Liver Oil building up 
the whole body. 

They are combined in Mathieu's 
Syrup to produce marvellou.'^ 
results. Large bottle 35 cents 

At all dealer*. 

When hcadscht «ihI fever srr prrtent with 
■ cold tslce Malhlei''* Nervine I'owder* to 
reduce the fertr and slUy the psHi, J •. 
Mathleu Co., Props.. Sberbrooke. Uu«. (B) 


'Wlillii|.«s. E»»iiU,iii,»ii. ','ir,c...«v«r, 

Ohtrlbutloa fos Wasters Oaaada 

J. Hancock. Capt- 
captaln, S. Okell. 

Secretary's Beport 

.•\ii intcri>sting rpport, read by last 
y tar's secretary, lieo Sweeney, was 
adopted. It follows: 

While the lacrosse season of 1911 cwi 
hardly be said to have been a brilliant 
success there wore many redeeming fea- 

The greatest interest In lacrosse cir- 
cles In Vlclorl,!, of course, centred on 
the outcome of the Pacific Coast Ama- 
teur Lacrosse Association emblematic 
of the amateur championship of the 
Pacific slope, and the privilege of chal- 
lonKinff for the Mann cup reprcsentinfir 
tlif amateur title In Canarla and practl- 
i-iiUy thfA ■world. 

Althougrh our tciim only succeeded In 
romlnR out in .second place. It Is KTall- 
fyirw to know that the brand of la(>ro.«!so 
as played in this league was very little. 
If any Inferior to thnt of the profes- 
sional organization. 

Tt Is also plerisInK t" notice thnt the 
V. A. C. twelve, of Vnnco\iver, who won 
out In our ncrlcs. Invaded the stronff- 
liold of lacrosse In Toronto, and wore 
scccessful In defeating the Young To- 
lontos In two straight games, thereby 
v.lnnlns: the D. D. Mann cup and tho 
un(llsp\ite(l amateur championship of 

In connection tvlth these matches 
much dls.^aUsfactlon was aroused by 
the action of the Canadian Amateur 
Athletic tJnIon in professionalizing the 
V. A. C. team. However, aince then, 
everything has been nicely settled, and 
tho V. A. C. have no stain whatsoever 
on their amateur status. 

With regard to the city leagues, the 
North Wards were successful In the 
senior series, the Oak Bays in the in- 
icrmediatc, winning' six straignt ganies, 
and the Junior honors went to the North 
Ward Assoclatloa. 

The outlock f or , th«i cotnloj? aeasoh^k 
work was nfiver unore i^y^ tliit UWNMild 
be well to aKaln consider tjfie advlsabll- 
iti" of operating a senior repfeaentatlve 
teHm independfint Of th» city a»r1e«, In 
■.h<' varloiw «nul4Mt, but at tha ■feme 
time to eontln|i« the dtty achedulea aa 

. - ♦• . , . ■ ...V >.- ■■.■■ .. ; . ""' 

In cendutHMi I irotiM aiir <Mt If 

ittore #tiMi4i't<rrr«i;iiataU6n aA^ 
.ttial idiiwiott *W4.|i*ili;.flghilnK 

lM(iph||| lUXlero'a laBt''-teoIl*' 
.««*» " -■■... 

The Bnsrllsh ^rot«at MtaUMt Jean 
BoulOj ^he Frenc4i «Foap-«imitiv Olumir- 
pfoot on the grounds of prbfaaBlonallsm, 
haa not bieen accepted by the French 
Olympic sport committee;. It la declared 
that if Bauin is rcfnaed admlaslon to 
tba Olympic gamea France -^111 .tak« no. 
part In the big event this year. 

It la almost assured that .J^rry Oto«>- 
Jng wlU try out for. the .C&JrMmiis team 
tn the 400-metre *Venf. OikiCl^ %R)ben> 
aon, of :the Irlab-Amerloan A. G.. thlnliu|;|; 
thit Gij»slfl«j will do 48 aeconds for thjti 
dlatanoethla summer. 

De Mar, winner of lest year's Boston 
Marathon, who broke Tomaiy Longboafa 
record for the course, and set the 
flguroB for the 26 miles at 2.21,39 3-5, is 
being forced by the American selection 
ttoramittee to go Into this year's Boston 
Marathon, which is the official trial for 

Ernie J. Webb, the English walker, 
wiio, with his wife, lias left for tlie 
Old Country after an extended stay in 
Canada and the United States, has inadr 
many frlend.s on this side of the water. 
•He came hero to compete with aould- 
Ing and every time he met him went 
down to defeat decisively. He visited 
Winnipeg lost autumn and while therf 
won t'he mile championship in easy 
fashion. Before leaving T-oronto he Is 
quoted as saying: "I know I cannot 
win In Sweden, for Gouldlns lias the 
walks at his mercy, but I can get in 
the money. GouUllng is the greatest 
and the fastest walker In the world to- 

A Montr**' dt-Hpatch reports that 
George Hoclgson, the noted Cannrjian 
swimmer, broke two Canadian swim- 
ming records the .>thfr night when pre- 
liminary iheals in the 100 and 40 yardsi 
events, and 4 40 yards contest was held. 
It was the first night's programme of 
the Canadian championship meeting. 
Hodgson won the double furlong event 
with ease, flnlshlng laps ahead In the 
remarkable time of 5 minutes 25 2-5 
secondo. He also won his heat of tho 
46 yards In l> 1-S seconds. Both are 
Canadian records. 

is r-i 

iiiifs Specials 

''|(lve;jif:€i,^high lots, 50 

'*|x i!^;-^iSii;Obed St.,, $750 
,,, ?achi on easy terms. 

ITwo lots on Portage Avenue 
close to Tillicum, 50X 1 25 
each. One-third cash. 
Price, each ........ .$850 

Six-roomed house, modern 
basement, on good street, 
in best part of James Bay ; 
Spiettdid view; $1,500 
- cash^ bialaJBCi; ^t .$30 ii<^r 
motith. Price ......$3,950 

Grogan & Crook 

Fhono 1865. 138 Femberton Bldg. 

NEW TORK, April 11.— The N. T. 
Natlonala today sold Third Baseman 
Devlin to the Boston Americans. Devlin 
was released to Boston so that Presl* 
dent Ward, of Boston, could waive claim 
ti> Arthtrr Bues, a promising young in- 

ittsixns«^-vw" ■»*»^ ■■-*■*»-*▼ — •-»«-*• ■■ -■ — ^ - • ■ ■ ■ ■■-— — ■ — — - 

McOraw tfas anxtoua to farm out, but 
whom BMitMa woqJd not waive. 

dScilp*/^. . April;; ]l.-»rbe Nn. 

allowed •lattna of player John Thoney 
for silary artro*atln« |»,1«0. The 
eommlaaont h«ld that Thoney's clainfi for 
■niarj' of |9,#M acalnst the Boiston Anrt- 
erlfiana, 1910, waa in^tld becattne he 
mH fu>i ra|Mir< il.>*i/«tt. whetk.lttfftrnuijl 

that l>« ir«iiliji b* mtlklmt * CMuHb 



FrHsy, April 12, 191? 


Will Secure for You a Fine Quarter Acre Block 
In Our Portage Inlet Subdivision 

If you have such a sum of money lying idle you should investigate the great 

ecause these 

values now offered in this subdivision at once. We say at once bee 

is»won't im^miiS^mmm^^miw^mM^^^msmgm. 


consider^^ 1^^^ ^ ^^^ ^:^^^^ 
cheaplbr*^ . - ' .' '-■ . / ^'V',; ' 

W# 4»uW «»y a Ht more about these lots, but it would bi J«s«f«^^^ 
,^:fwim and us if yki w^tt/v^bn&^t irill^' a marili^ilii^^ P^!'^' 
lii tben go out and see this property for yoiibcli; We wiJl tai» you out ^F you 



T^RMS yi CASH, BALANCE 6,; t*,i». M-StiStl^etS.' 

To Buy 


Pay off mortgages or 
improve real ■ , artit ffii .; ui&„. 

Baseball Manager Leaves- to 
See His Team in League's 
Inaugural Matches — His 
Opinion of 1912 Clubs 


There are a few waterfronts left in ii^i^l^liib^ which are also offered 

at first prices. They would inalM?;^lendidhomesite^^^ fact the size and loca- 
tion of all of these lots make them especially desirable as suburban homesites. 

Kn route to Join the Bees, wlio arn^- 
at Seattle today, Mr. b. A. Wattelet. 
their mariuger, wus a pussonBer hy yc»- 
ttrday ari<'rnnon's oiusolriK sound hoal. 
From the ^ound metropolis thr entlro 
BauwU will uepart for SpoUaiiB, when-, 
on the 16th Inst., they will play their 
oiMning Bume. The other northwestern 
lefigue Inausural iixlures. are at Seattle 
au^: Vancouver, Portland playlnK apalnst 
the former and Taeoma with tlio latter. 
At all cities the occasion will he marU- 
fti "WUh no'no sDCclal I'latuitb, tlie iantj 
agMfcty toeing desirous of "V-ix '"^/^t 

Uberaiely cominlia a foul it is lli«? r«f- 
eree'» duty to dl«(iuullfy lilni. At limes 
a contestant fouls his opponent ac.l- 
dentally and In such co-tes, If no frein 
harm la done, liie offender in let off wltli 
a reprimand and cautioned not to repeal 
under peiuiUy of dlsguullftcatlon: hut 
where (he ofrtiu><e l.s deliherule, or re- 
pealed, ihere 's no alternative for the 
ottlcltil arbiter than lo slop pioeeediuKw 
llien an<l ihere and to <K»t|uaHfy ihe 
offender. There sliould not lie iln: 
MllKhleHt arKunieiil on that point. 

A rule that in noi lived up to Is ;i 
joKe and maites a Xarcp of the entire 
system. Modern boxing rules were 
framed to eliminate the objectlonablu 
feuilures of old style prize ring meth- 
ods, «.nd a referee who hasn't couruiie 
to enforce tlieni is not lU to S'l \ '• i" 
that iniporlanl capacity. 





ftot l»WH, bqt M !• m^^ ^ 
cuest ot Mr. Dugitl* «t ihMittI«s. ^ 

There Is rto one more deUi*»t«|J>tljftfc 

the 1918 aeaspn i».>«> nearly «^«nr,^ay 

th«n Vlptbrtfi,'!* magnate. Mr. L.'^, W at- 

tettt. Hto u at t«H ot tnmwt^mi^^f- 

•▼er. The fact that the Islander(l-«»r« 

tiso .♦•peJlar oluumptoiia" of l»ll bM «•* 

tn/^ bi« ar^or ona whSt. Ha b«- 

th*i^tbtti t«me he han » club tba,t 

l»iLfc9WI^|*\0wiB in. the company. whl«h 

^ Wtt *• ^IWlW, «!« fwwwUiaa the 

MkltirmiirS^iimm df th« llneit ball that 

VM b ee u;play e d In the w eg thoe e fe — W*- 

■ ""nng any pennant-wtonlnK 

While, of oourie. It i« his 

iti<>|i to "gnab fha nm^' and 

V«it MtH Ui»l Jin vlaw, the 


President Jones of the Vancou\ii 
I..acros3e club definitely announces thai 
ho has come to terms with another of 
his players. Dot Phelan, the dlmlnulho 
home player, wlio showed np well on 
this team toward the end of last een- 
son, has signed up. Dot will he on the 
t'oasi In about ten days and will Imme- 
i\y get into Harness atOOCWttH tne 
ot the players slama©? vfiifiyBki* 1- 
-yovngeot member o£ the line-up of 

W«rt<i'ff. «haroplon»» and Is due for 

-^ Mot aatiafled «Ub swte^inp; the «aat 
for players, It ia lipw atatlJd tha* Con. 
Jones will make -an offer to the best 
lusroese official in His' east. "Billy" 
ilstyre Ja the »»>« .irJ?«m Cearad 
to 4ian4le the eoasi games, anil 
he'vltl make I9»e pttaW* referee an 
«rffer totfore the Week' li» yut, 'Vr»^ 
Wstffhofae. the ioo*! »thlette official, lil 
%i«> alated to go to the coast. As 
atolntyre was pteked on the Btg Four 
board. If will lie seeii thaf Mr- J^^nes 
t« rhttslns Ii^r. Fleming.. <3haries. Quer- 


PHOX1-: 14^:4 

Branch Office 431 Homer Street, \^ancouver,B.C. 
Asrents Pacific Coast Tire Insurance Go. 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 


rirst ClasB Farm Lands In twenty- 
icro blocks. Black and Chocolate 

loam, good water. 

^'Jctorla climate, and progressive 

people at 



rle and the rest of jtbs Dti^; I* A- ™**' 
nates up rather Wom.'' >. 

"NeweyT lualonde e»»fl J*««s «' 
Who il iavg MeieK - p laying -l i Ht e 

{►lErtterns to-f 

7*«t J** 
$18 buys iw 

Spring Stiiii. 

The Western Farming and 
Colonization Co., Ltd. 

aenaral Offloes: 
S Wlnciv Bldg-., Vancouver, B. 


Rent Payers and Salaried Men! 




A few weeks ago we oUeretf6rsa\^^WM^Wm 
paying $25.00 down and $10.00 monthly thereafter, and eight 
of the purchasers are now building or arranging to build their 
homes on the lots on which the first payment was only made. 

We now offer 48 Beautiful Residential Lots on similar 
erms, situated within the three mile circle at Cedar Hill Cross 
Roads, within a few minutes of Church and School, in an Ideal 
neighbourhood, only 10 minutes from the street car line. 

PRICES $400 and Up 

$25.00 Down and $10.00 Monthly Thereafter 

This is the chance of your lives. Grasp it quickly, please. 
We are the Salaried Men's Friend. 

_ ttJ|#y|Jihl«0((t::out that coaat. ha' 

a severe^ handicap. It heinjcr rocOKnlze<|-« ? 
that the club, which is working at homit' 
on familiar grounds, before ardent 

hoofiter,'), "f .■:.^*v||!BiS^¥'^ ^ l>reat 

I«iand«r« ioot iikeiy 

There is no settine away from U, 
however, the Islanders of 1912 are a 
likely looking outnt. They are excep- 
tionally fast on the bags, all being 
^rrinters with the possible e.xcGptlon.s 
t>f Norilyke and Meek. The two latter 
make up for what they lack in that rc- 
.spect by their uncommon ability with 
I'm Stick. They ;i'. ii.K-, aiso, in poy.- 
.s('.s.sing two outflcldcr.-i whu can'pitcli at 
a pinch, so that if two or three of the 
regular staff go w-'.r;r it tlie same time 
there always w. ..serves to fall 

hack upon. Taking ii all around the 
Bpe« have a team, as Mr, Wattelet 
points out. that should make good, and 
one that is peculiarly adapted to hold- 
ing; up its own end away from home. 

As for the other clubs of the league 
Mr. Wattelet has no special fancy. He 
thinks that both Vancouver and Spokane 
arc going to miss of last year's 
players who will not be on deck. "Bob" 
Brown'.s team he docs not believe will 
bi) as .strong as last season by a long 
way. Cohn's .snund hp sizes np similar- 
ly, stating that the loss of Nordyke Is 
likely to be severely felt. While Dug- 
dale has had hard luck. In that a num- 
ber of his best men arc reported to be 
incHpacltnted for the season's opening, 
ho thinks that the Giants arc going to 
uuik well, but the greatest iniprovo- 
ment, in his opinion, wUl be noticed In 
tlu Taeoma Tigers. .lust what thePort- 
l.-ind Pippins will develop la njore or 
less a mystery and, until the league has 
gone on for a little. It will be Impossible 
to form a reasonable Judgment of their 

ftVe I.efi 

CO A tUp 

IrfOende's r*turn *wltb the opfeti 

lb#^ lacrosse seamen J» , pwtotically - as- 
i-An.;^ - _^yone <vho saw' Con. Jonns" 
!|?!niif!tien the speedy home plov- 
er hurt his ankle In {Saturday night's 
hockey rajitch at Vancouver would ad- 
mit that there Is ah understanding be- 
iv.cen the two. It is a pretty safe het. 
caKtern reports to the contrary notwiili- 
sUmdlng. that Lalonde will be ."eon .ni 
the coast Ihl.s summer. 

Mien & 

Yates mAW^rn^ 



TORONTO, April 11. — Charlie Querrle 
■At-.a .Hmmle Hewitt have agreed upon 
what is probably the greatest lacrosse 
wager that was ever made. $10,000 Is 
ir.i- - ,■ ■ aad-the mor-^ •-•■ beilald 

ni)o]i ■ outcome of ;. of two 

matches between the Teciuusehs and 
the Vancouver champions this fall at 
the Island Stadium. Con Jones, repre- 
sented by Jlmmle Hewitt, will complete, 
arrangementei by the end of the week, 
when the money will be put up. Quer- 
rle is backed- by a puntber of wc'.l- 
known Torontonians. and the series will 
come, no matter which club wins the 
championship of the Dominion La- 
crosse Association. The officials were 
agreed upon, Hewitt suggesting .Tlmmle 
Murphy and MlUy Mclntyre, which 
Querrie agreed upon. , As to dates, it 
is probable that the Vancouver club 
\yill come east In September, or if the 
coast race becomes one-sided, Jones 
could bring his club here for a series 
during the Canadian National Exhibi- 



Thirty feel 

street 'Detween 

(lacing „ 
$11,500. Term.s 
casli. balance in 

The adjoining 30 
held at ?i 5,-^-^""^ 

Applv the sole 

111 |)i>ciivcrv 


street.'^, i>ro- 

j^ $50 a month. I iicc 
1 and 2 

leet is 

Beckett, Major 
& Co., Ltd. 

Meniber.s of the Victoria Real 
Kslate Exchange 

843 Tort St. 

Phone 3967, 

Majestic Theatre 

Programjne Friday and Satarday 
"The Sunbeam," Biograph feature; 
"The ImpOBter," a strong romantic 
clrama:"Two Brother*," a splendid yes- 
tern ph.. lure; "Her -Oncle's Consent," 
irresistibly funny. 



The probeble l)nf"-iMi of tii, 
couver team will be: goal. Hess; point, 
Griffith; cover, Po^vers; defence, lonz. 
West and Godfrey.' Bones. Allen and 
Fitzgerald will be the spare men on 
the defence; centre, Matheson: and 
the home selected from Fitzgerald, 
Lalonde, Pelan, Adamson and McCar- 
thy. There is ?tlll a pos.sihiliiv of 
Fred Scott or George Roberts being 
Induced to go. 

Hi« Trouble Is Xisok 
Art of Evading 

of Knowledge 


The Victoria Gardens, Ltd 

Open Evenings Until 9 p.m. 

323 Savward Block 

Phone 1769 

If M Palzer, whom TomO'Rourke is 
pointing for the chairiplonship, knew 
lialf as much about ■ evading pu.nieli- 
ment aa Tom Kennedy, there would be 
no stopping liis rush to the top. Palzer 
i.s the Ideal aggressive fighter, but woe- 
fully lacking in defense, and until he 
learns more ot tlie science ol .-self pro- 
tection tlie shrewd O'Kourke will prob- 
Hhly be chary about sending him after 
the scalps of the colored heavies w'ao 
occupy the highest places in pugilism 

Palzer' .« yoiitii and stamina added to 
iiis natural aggrcs."! veness have carried 
him to success thus far in his career, 
but arrayed against a sclentlllc slug-' 
ger, like iLangtord for instance, It might 
ho a different story. In the Kaufman 
light, in which he knocked the Callfor- 
nian out In the fifth round, Palzei gave 
a Mtartllng exhibition of Ills recnper- 
iiiivH i)0wers by Immediately Juniplng 
up after Kiiiifniiin had ilatlcncd !;lm on 
his back and returning the compUinont 
with interest, putting his opponent 
down for the count of nine. 

AVhon he be^-lns to understand that 
success in pugilism does not lie In ag- 
gressive tactics solely and masters the 
methods of land this should 
come w-lth experience, for he Is yd a 
mer^ boy), Palxer will make a wonder- 
ful ngliting machine and a formidable 
candidate for the heavyweight cham- 

The action of Referee Charlpy White 
rpi.ently In .itopplng tin- Hogan-Ooss 
contest In the flist round on account 
of continued fouling hy one of the 
boys, and that of Jack Welch In per- 
mitting Frank KIsus and Jack Dillon 
to tight rwRBrdienS v' rul©s •<"• ,.^r, 
Francisco has led to a great deal of 
new.wpaper discussion. Some claim that 
White acted with too great haste and 
others that lie was Justified in what he 
did and deserving of the greatest 
praise. Some few put Welch on the 
PHn for jillowlng the fighters to break 
the rules Of the game, but ?nany con- 
tend that he did the right thing in 
Rtandlns tot tTie rough work. 

There Is only one answer, and that 
Ilea In the rule*. When a Bffhtar d«* 

'Wolgast'a Uite 
LOS ANGELES. April 11. — It was an- 
nounced at Manager McCarey's hoad- 
qiinrters last night that Cliampion Wol- 
gast would receive 51.5,000 cash or 45 per 
cent, of the gate receipts for his fight 
against .Toe Rivers, th.e local Mexican, 
on July i In the Vernon arena. Wolgast 
must decide, t.wo days before tho fight 
which he will accept, KUarantee orpursf. 
Rivers will receive ?7,500 win, lo.^*- or 
draw. By the terms of tho agroemciit, 
neither lightor will receive any of tlu' 
moving picture money. 


A Pood Problem 


The Stolon Nickel, Idlison comedy 
drama: The Heart of a Man, Vitagraph 
Wrstcrn; Earl'a Court, Xiondon, scenic; 
Kitty In Dreamland, Juvonillc <lrama: 
Jealouey Polled, Pathe drama. 





orfpi-lng ".M thu IteccpUon" 


In till- «»• ii'iv 

i P.\XK 

Mr. Ilorhort 

A AVoman's Way" 



I.i^hUlllll? .lugKlers 
\audPVllU''K fiiHilnalIng violin vlituoso 


In a leii'Ttnlrc nf miisi'-nl e<'iiis 


Si;iglnjj iJiid talking 

An AshevlUe man tells how right 
fotid did that which mediilncs had fail- 
ed to accomplish: 

"l''or more than \h years." he .swys. 
•■1 WHS aflllcted with stomach trouble 
and Intestinal indigestion, gas forming 
In stomach and bowels and giving nie 
great distress. These conditions were 
nndouhtedly due to the st.TVchy food T 
ate, white bread, potatoes, etc.. and 
didn't digest. 1 firew worse with time. 
till, two years ego, I had an attack 
which the doctor diagnosed as ai>peudl- 
ciiis. AV'hen the surgeon operated on 
me, however, it was found that my 
trouble was ulcer of the imncrcas, In- 
slcad of appendicitis. 

"HInce that time 1 h«vc had several 
such flttacks, suffering greatly. The 
last attack was about 3 months ago, and 
1 endured untold agonies. 

■'The doct6r then said that 1 would 
have to eat'le.'^B starchy stuff, so J be- 
gan the uBe at Grape-Nuts food for I 
knew it to be pre-dlgested, and have (con- 
tinued same with most gi-atlfving re- 
sults. It 'has built me up wonderfully; 
I gained 10 pounds In the flfst 8 weeks 
that 1 used Orai>«-Nuta; mjr general 
heaUh la better than ever befoi-e, my 
brain Is clearer and my nerves art 

'For hreakfBst and dinner, each, t 
i«Lke 4 teaspoonfulB of Ora|H»-Xuts wltTi 
creuin, a small bHc* Of dry toast, an 
egg soft boiled and a utip of poatmntt 
and I make the eyeniiic nfai on OjffkN; 
Kilts add treaiTi *l<|^4r^t)llll WKIvc* ## <* 
good night's r*«t. t'aW ■'#«il 
Name Riven Uy CaqiUlllmi F** 
Windsor, Ortt.. .. -'' "^ 
••Thers'p a rvBinn." Ii 
book, "%lf0 m»«t % W4A 

Victoria Theatre 


r,«|a Coast Tour of 

Lulu Glaser 

.Vs tin; Honnlc Scotch Lassie In the CX- 
(|uisitc Contlnr-ntnl Operetta 

"Miss Dudelsack" 

C(.VM i':\ S Y < >!■• Si XTY 

Special Orchestra 

Miss Olrtser'.K first visit to Victoria. 
Prices: ?:i.O0, $1.50. $1.00 ami T.'.<-. 
Wests on Sale Krlday, April VJth. 

Notice to Contractors 

*-s. ■■"■■■' ■ ' . ■ 

Tenders will b« racelved at tWe ofaco 
of Thomas Hoapeir. ,M«^"*ct;, ^^J^l 
Bank Chamtfees, u0 tliH 1* fi-'^' j*'^' 
n, for tn« epWt^n <•?«« •'•""•f^JS" 
a frame dw«ni«f t» ttaaf""^ 
fleia Road. VUrtoMa, 
Carlln. Bcq. I^ana 
imaye b# «l»tala<M j»|^ 






Frid»y, April 12, 1912 


Oak Bay 

Large corner lot on M1tch««ll Street, close to Oak Bay 
Avenue, elze 6&xl20. 

Prlcp only fl600, one-third cash. 

James Bay 

Croft Street, B-rooiii imxitfrn (IwellhiK with lot 40x107. 
Frioe 93B50 
JltiOO caah, balance »30 per month at 6 per cent. 

Rockland Park 

3 lots, each ^OxlfiO. close to FernwooJ RoS-ii anA Hillside 
Avenue, nicely sit-uated. oak trees, etc. Price, ejich S|WOO, 
J300 cash on each lot, balance 6. 12 and 18 moiithH. 

Oak Bay 

50x205 on St. l/OUls street, closo to^ 

Richmond Avenue 

South of Ottk Buy Avenue, l' lota citili ISxlOO. nicely 

«Uuate<l — A 


;n.'. anri tW«3i|iMHBBHI|iPKS^^ 

B. G. Land and 



To Leas 


A lar^c lot in centre of city, l)oiindcd by three streets. 

Call for particulars. 

PHONE 125 




nn -npftni. 

i in; 

Two well rented houses, ground level, 
and close to water. 

Price, easy terms, $6,300 


11 It 





Victoria Ave. 

, ^, Qak Bay Djs trict— j^xi2 6 

uig site. 

Price---terms, ^1,250 

Shelbourne Street, double corner. 40x120; each S650 

Dallas Road,' near Wellington; large lot. .... ...... . .?3,000 

Clara Street to Bank Street, large lot facing Clara and JBan'-. 

near Oak Bay Avenue. Price • - • - ■ • - ■ • ■ -^3,000 

Swan Lake, >:i acre lots. 2, 3 and 4 miles from city hall ; casn 

Sioo. I'ricc • • • $500 

North West Real Estate 

Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
-- -^-^ i/^o 751 Yates Street 


t;-rot.iii houi^e on Wellington Street. 4 bedrooni?., c.---Mont h4i«:r>mpnt. fur- 
nace up-to-date In every way. »2000 cash and »l»rt every three monthfi. 
Price f 6100 

.Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

Hnyward Blocc. Ground floor 

Fbona 2984. 


Investors to know that the followini? 
properties are offereij 

For Sale 

Fairfield Dl«ti-|rt— «xtra large coriipr 
on Richardson, with modern S- 
roomed house |ia.700 

FairflPid Dlstrlit — 5-rooinrd bwnnn- 
low on C^mbrklKe Street, modi'-in 
In every respect f6,300 

Prior Street — l^iirge lot, S-rnomi>(l. 
' modern house |I4.HS0 

.lames Hay — Dallas Ave., close to »ea 
with good \ If \v, new 7-rooniPd 
house, eleg-nnlly finished Insld. 

.lame* Bay — fSlmcoe Street, lot nf-ar 
Oswego. 80x123 *3.200 

Vlrtorla West — A hnrealn; paril'u- 
iars only at office. 


Five-room house on Alder 
street. S.^SO handles this. 
Price $2,300. 

A. W. Bridgman 

1007 ao\t. m. 

BmiI Katcte I^oans In«iinuir« 


Rutley & Smith 

Real Estate, Insurance 
Phone 2278 854 Yates St. 

tni<m« Its:. 

IJII l^nnley St. 

Corn*? Ccek %nA Cli»pin»n 8l».. uitt »Oxijs. 

l8.tM: 1-* caxb. 
Corner Ch»pni»n and Unden. «!«• **x\tb. 

IZ,S««: 1-1 cMh. ^ 

rprn»T rerawood »n<1 King's ro»d. lot l»fx 


We have a choice lot Iti this fine 
re.ildenUal etreet going for only 
IIBOO. Thie la conalderably be- 
low the preaent market value. See 
us at onca to Becure it. 

Welch Bros. & Co. 


Fairfield— -Each 50x12c 
$800 each— Easy terni^^^^;. 


urnside Rd. 

G|p|^r-i 29x97— Corner . 
Harriett -and Burnside, with 129 feet on 
Burnsidc. ^^Hi^lass location for 
stores, etc.. 

^=^*'T«#flllie"^writtea ''*''""\SoUf Agent .i,jy.2s,BJCpad Street 

.,^., . • ^ • '•■■ 1: , *«P«»'0. Box 423 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 




Cloee to D«n«s Ilo«d, modern «ix<^n*1ioti««, stool fomttifttioD, three open f^e^MwJ^sctc, 

oh good lot 

lot quick sale .*-•■»♦"■•■''.»'«"*=►* »*4:.»*v. •• •* 

• ••••'•• •••* 'ii'"5 • • • i'lp«p|W^M ' 




'B^^l^g^'^w^ ^l':'gW'M|| g #rrip6li%,ft|o^ gitqated on' co rtier U^t 



New '^ix-room house, large reception hall, panelled dining room, open fire place, concrete foun- 
.lation, cement floor., laundry tubs: full sized lot, lovely view of sea and close to car and 
schools. Price on easy terms, only $5,000 

W 1 LD\\OUD AVENUE— Best lot, on terms, for $1,350 

^^.r^Ute !»• C. combines. 
jj^vtetms, S4,500 &„ix£--. 

Alvo von Alvensleberij Ltd. 

p. O. Box 618 

Iklembers Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
636 View Street 

Phone 2445 

Some Good 

Foul Bay. 6-room house, lot 50 
xl25. Dhe-tWrd cash ..$5260 

North Park, In half-mile- circle. 
R-room house, lot r.ox.f r'..-, 
$2500. Price ... .S^(>750 

Dominion Koad, good e-rooin 
house with lot 141x500. just ofC 
<*rorK(j car. jiOOO cash. Price 
jnly ..........$3600 

IlillKhle Avenue, 6 large rooms, 
modern. Trie- ...... ..$6000 

Adelaide ocond lot ftNjm 

f-nr 1in«-. „ „ . -rOOm liouRe, lot 

JtSOO cash. Pri' , Jfii.lOO 

n ( 




Phone 2662 

^linwniKiin Lake ■noterfront land. 
nraiiy two acres, west .side, op- 
posite Strathcona Hotel, six-room 
house; fine homeslte. Term? easy. 
ITlco only $2,600 

Victoria Helgljte, large corner lot. 
xtrilSO. Price l$I.57A 

.\notlier on same atreet, 81x130. 
Price $1.21."> 

.Splendid Home in JTairfleld, . elgrht 
'. ■■'■AiK, fully tnodern, Inclutilnii 
■..i -.1^, lot 50x192. If you art !:ly you can possess this fin*- 
home for 15S.0OO. with only 11.700 
cash. ^ 

Xew Seven -room Uoiif>e, twelve min- 
utes walk fi-om City Hall. Youi 
opportunity to secure a real Imnif. 
On terms, only »fl,00o 

.Vrnold Street, two fine level. Krnsiiy 
lotj, 50x120. Terms. Each $1,250 

A. von Girsewald 

Member of the Real Estate Exchange 
Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

Chicken Ranch and 
Truck Farm 

Clo.s'e^'loT'ssquimalt Harbor, over two 
land, all cleared, .some in fruit. New 5-rooin 
cottage, bath, fireplace. Oti terms, $3,500, 
for quick sale only, 

Phone 2026 

P. O. Box 900 

Wanted— For Eastern and Local 




Give us particulars and best price on your properties. 

We have a client who wishes to purchase a small ranqh 
suitable for chicken-raising and small fruits. iMust have fairly 
good house on property. Will pay about $2000 cash. 


Brubaker & Meharey 

Rpnl K.stntA aiul 1 n«ii r;ini"'H 


Memhers Victoria Ileal Kstale l^xolianse 


1300 DouKlan St. 

Phone Sins. 

Great Snap 
In Acreage 

FJk Lake, (') acres, all clear- 
ed land, good soil, magnifi- 
cent view of Lake and Cor- 
dova Hay, new /^-roonieu 
cottage and barn ; prr>pcrty 
all fenced. Good road to 
property. Close to new car 
line, and within short dist- 
ance of railway station. 
Terms only $800 cash, bal- 

The Biggest Snap 

In The City Today 

Jnlin.-^on street near Blanchard, 6o.\i2o, revenue producing. 
Easy terms. Price $26,000. 


Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
IT8-119 Pemberton Block 

100 .Veres first cla.*.'* kind, close to railway at Metchoaln. One-thiril cash, 
balance to be arranged. Per acre S|I135 

I) 1-2 Acre tracts at Saanlchton. fronting on two roads. Splendid soil, 
near new ii'iiui liiK*. aiid '^'. cC S. Tvallway. 52000 OrtSli, balianCc to be 
arrrmBPtl. Kach ^oOUO 

lOO Acres logRort off liinrl. h.alf-mile from ShawniK«n Lake, one mile from 
new t^anadlan Xorthern Railway ."!t.xtion. good soil, excellent for fruit. 
$2000 cash, balance 1 and 2 years. Per acre, only 9®<* 

ancc tAsy 

short time only $3500 

Heinekey & Shaw 

"The Home Finders" 
319-3^0 Saywafd Rllildillg 

l.AMES BAY — Si.v-room house on lot 45x110, within 150 feet 
Dallas road. Good terms. Price ^6,000 

Sl'.CO.XD STREET — Two lots. 50x110; S200 cash, balance 
easy. IVicc, cacli $800 

C. F. de SALIS, LTD. 

Members Real Estate Exchange 

Havnes Blk., Fort St. 

Phone 856 


Listings of Properties in Oak Bay, Fairfield and Hollywxjod. ^| 
T liave a big demand for Houses 

Phone 304 


704 Fort, Cor. Dotlg2as 


Members Victoria Stock and Real Estate Exchange. 
101-2 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria Fifth St., Stewart, B.. C 


DaUku Rd-— N*ar CambrldBe A^e., % 
Roomed house, fireplace*, furnace, 
hall, dining and living room, panel- 
led' and beamed. Kxtra well and 
waimiy built *•«» 

Fell St.— New < room bungalow vry 
eft«y t«rin*; ISM ddh, balanca quar- 
terly, « . . i * ••••• 

Bnahbjr S<. — Nice lev«i lot '«Iom to 
the tea, tOxiZO; third caah, 6, 13 And 
II moathfl. . . . . • • • • . ■ < , • > > 9*9* 

CAUUmmi St — Betw«HHt XttntMvyM anft 
aDd Cook. 10x1 !«i third caiAi. t, H 
and II mantha. ,.,' » iMM 

young fruit tlrcMi iNWqr tanns. ftMt 

Cook m^^i»«M- ttnUM* Air*.. iMiaU 
[ third eaM% iTlFfM t« htmm iP» 

t " t y j ' f. 'i t't ' i*-"' ' "' ' ■.■■■ . ■■■I .. .. K .I.W 



1 ' '.■B I- 


"»Ti mvnmtm 


ISl tMt on Falrl|«14l B«|»t v^ 
c»r Une, 111 feat a* '^^' 

. treea. a««d«AMrtni«nt i^CL 

.. i>ut«Yi«r At mvk' 'mki,'^ 


iiiiriiirfriiini rjii'i'i 

K- i-^J M 

• ~'"^T 


.. . ..,;.....v..^.. 


i iigiiwite i i'^a ii ihm' i iil.J i > j Bi 


j'fi.ii-^ii/'ii -'i-tv«''.v»jUf^.; 


Friday, Apri! 12, 191S 




Riverside Homes 
Alberni Somas River 

We liave a choice subdivision of Section 93, 3 miles from Alberni on Sproat Lake Road. 14 
Blocks of from 2 to 7 acres, have river frontag;} of about ;^co feet each. The soil is of the best, 
large patches of cleared land benig intersperse! with trees of maple, dogwood, cedar, fir and 

As this property lies below the forks of Sproat and ,Stamp rivers, which flmv from Sproat 
and Great Central fakes, the fishing is unsurpassed on Vancouver Island. The river at this 
point is navigated by small boats and canoe-;. ";c banks arc not over 10 feet high and the 
shore clean and gravoll} . Call and See Photos. 

Prices about $250 per acre. Terms over 2 years. 



Telephone 30 

620 Fort Street, Victoria. B. C 

Members Victor?^ Reat^ 



Established ^-Sj 


Cor. Richmond ami Taylor* Sts. 

rsTfoom ii\odem Kbti^e, 3 bearooms, \attpi reeeptkwji?ill, idrawing ^9^i P^ 
^ST l3ltQBiJ»" passlpaiitQr and 3eiL:i«iUiac :,. k^meitt, xemcnt -floor, lot 


Terms to suit purcjbaser. 

\-. .T 


Corner I<ahgley and Bi^ughton Streets, / s ;^ 


Bulkley Valley 



Price $7.50 Per Acre 

jum z^ M i^"iI-> h \M 



James Bay 

Modern 6-room house, lot 40x110, cloge to car line, three 
bedrooms, bathroom, hall and dining room, panelled with 
cedar ; built-in buffet, fruit trees, chicken runs, etc. Rents at 
$40 per month. Price $3,950. Terms $1,500 cash, balance $30 
per month with interest at 6 per cent. 



Phone 2612 Corner Fort and Douglas Sts. 

Agents for the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 

(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange.') 

Somenos District Acreage 

220 acres, lightly timbered, about four miles from Duncan, 
-! i'-c" to C. F. R. extension' line to Ct)v\ichan Lake. This is 
bonild to advance in value and is the very best acreage to be 

had at $60 per acre. 


■JO 5-404 Savward Block Telephone 2772 

'' ■ " Branch Office, Duncan, \ . 1. 

Let Us 
Show You 


'p. Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

"Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
ri. l/iKPsmmWkt^ ■ Phone 766 

■ 'Ji' ' .. ■■''.- i,, ' . ■ / ; ..-■.-■■ ■■,-. ■' . ■■-■■■ ■: ■ - 


Southwest corner ol' Howe and 
Faithful street, 100 x 100. Price 
$4,500. I'or terms, apply to 




Burns Ave. — Lot 50x128, 
near Oa^ Bay avenue. 
Price ............. $1,250 

Amphion Street — Five lots 
on a corner between two 
car lines ... ... . .$5,000 

Government House Block 

Magnificent residence or ftpartment house site so situated that none 
but de.s!rable; oi>en outlook can obtain, lot 51x146, level and cle«r, water 
laid on and pipe and fauctt installed. nelBhborhbo.l unexcelled. Few 
days, ?i,600; third cash, balance' 6, 12, and 18. 


618 Saytvard Slccl: 

Phone 1717 

Harbinger Ave — Modern 6- 
rnom hotisc, nearly uew% 
hot air heating and all 
other conveniences. Price 


MAN & CO. 

General Agents, 1212 Broad 
Victoria, B. C. 

One lot Avesburry ave 3000 

Two lots Forbes St., each . . S700 

On.i lot Victor St STSO 

Ont lot Forbes 31., S^O^ 

Two lots Walnut St. each . . 5D30 

One lot ^:c^■eil .\vp 39V5 

One lot l>ennian St.. ■ ... . 31000 

Two lots Pleasant .\.ve., cacli 


One lot corner HrcoU nn.l ,Vr- 
;.ul,i Ave 81350 

Queen City Realty 

J, A. ArtUnd and *■• ^- doctor 
1413 Douffla* Street 

Fine Fruit Farm 

B. C. 

36 ncrcR. of wn' i : ' acres 
phmted in l&Oo. Good \arlctlO!?. 
Aliio l(j acres wUh some fruit 
tf.iar., mid sn-na last Kail with 
:i0& Clover, Timothy, and Alfalfa. 
•I acres with Poplar trees, and 
very fine hulldini? site. About 3 
a^•lrts Of Kiszing ground. Domestic 
WKt'ir laid, ready to connect on 
property. This is one of tlie very 
.inust bf..irlnK pro|.'ertlos and la in 
■,■: ;£«ct-^x;tKditHJn. 


7 Acres, new n-room cottaR^e. 
barliB and up-to-date chlcl<en 
plant, All under cultivation, sou 
yards from c u- line — 

PRICJ3 f io,ooo 

On tcrma 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phoneii 11«6. Res. R-26S4. 
■17 OotmorftBt It., Tlotorl«, 

John T. Reid 

.Member Heal Kstate Exchange 
319 Say ward Bldff. mone 3690, 

H»aap«Alre ana UcMeil— A sw^ll 
corner. itfixllO with lane Ca?«h 
$fi()0, balance 6. r.; and is mon. 
I'rlce fr^.'tOO 

Sea Tle-w Aveune — Close to Hill- 
side. A snap. >500 cash, t>alanco 

11 u per month 1^850 

Owner needs money. 

Splendid BariTRlii in a 6-roonx 

Otorge Koad, new and up-to- 
(Inte, cement floor, buffet, piped 
for furnace, something out of 
the common, $1000 cash and 
balance' arranged. A snap 
at f4O00 

Let u» show you this. 

I • 


S4SI Vudora StrM«. 

Prince George Wotel Btrfck. 

4 Specials 

Comer Oliver and Central — 2 

larK'c lot.s $;;::50(» 

Island Boad — 1 lot ij^lZoO 

Cowiclian Street — N'ew cottage on 
lerso lot JjSiJTOO 

Superior St. — Next to Montreal si. 
— ^60x128 k>t, largra 7-ropni housp. 
Price :..... J.. ........97000 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 



i< lars^c lots, \arvinq- ^^i/es. 
Mugrave vSt. .'.jplO.OOO 

4 lots, Musgravc St. }p4,000 

5 lots Bonrchier and Am- 
piiion Sts 5)»5,000 

^ lots Plea.siint Ave. $3,600 

2' lots Cowan Ave and 
Richmond $2,800 

Terms can he given on all 

the above. They are well 

..siiuated-.ior selling houses 

and should be eagerly 

snapped up. 


Oak Bay Realty Office 

3056 Uak Bay Ave. 

Phone F1605 

(Opeij all day Monday) 

i jj i ' iii I II , , ) p ii' . 

Grant & Lineham 

G33 Yates street 

: ' '^^Mkji' Phone 664 

Fire lasurance v^^en 


k.,^'.;:^,r..-.:..;:V,:jv„. 4,. ..•-.•,;-;■. '^v:' ;■ i.;:,-v.---.'/r-.. . . -{Mci^-tr' 

■-"'•"' I. !-:'■''»■'-( V-' ■ ; ■ ;■■, .'■ -^ ,'' ■■ *J.' ".^ ',*T' 

■ii. i M i l l et' II L,'; i f i i 1 I I'ti u i .(, ' 4' ' ' . ' . ' .''..';," ■ ■' *' '"':;;; ' ,.'"' 

'-' — ;A new abt'f6onfed ' house itt^ak.B»y/ '' stri c tly -me dcf^^^ ' g g bd ' loca)Hy i oh lot "j & ^ ; ^ 40^. t tt > .:. 1 an e . 
Price, $4,400, cash $1,250, balance arrange. This price is good for a few 4ays only. 


Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
1P: U Cox 167 



Real Estate. Insurance and Financial Agent 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 


Over 600 Acres in Rupert District, parts of Sections 17 and 
20, Township 2. must be sold soon to close an estate. 


Eot oft Olive Street, on 

term.s — 

Member* ol the R«al Estate Bscnansa 

l«oa Bropd 8tr»«t 

Victoria, B.C. 


Lot on Lillian Ruad, uii 
terms — 


Everybody Is Buying in 

Beautiful Garden City 


Prices $300 to $600-^-4 acre blocks. Take a look-our auto 

at your service. 

ONE-QUARTER ACRE, Hollywood Park ^1,500 

DE-^N HEIGHTS, a few choice high lots,'Robert Street and 
Townley Street and Foul Bay Road; '^^^^-^hird^ ca^li. 
Price, each ^ • ' *i ' 

Park. Terms. Price .•• ^7,UOU 

GOVERNMENT vSTREET, 60x120 $65,000 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

rii 8 Trounce Avenue, Victoria, B. C. Plione 1888 


Fire. Life and Accident 

Rooms 5-7-g-ii Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1462 
!Menibers Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

Fort Street Special 

Cor. Fort and Vnncouver, 60x112. 
ipvonuo prnJuclng. Prioo $;!5,000. 
Terms onc-lhlrd cash, bal. one and 
two years. 

Gordon Burdick 

620 Brousfhton St., Pemborton Blk. 
Plions 3508. 

.Ml kind.s of Insurance written. 

Cadboro Bay 

12 acres close to the "GU^n" doi'ble 
froiilago on Cadboro Bay Koad; 
Jlnolalr and Wilson, with four 
■ooined cottage, lioautlful prop- 
!rty to sulidlvldp; Trice $3500 
itr acre; long terms. 


Room 10, Mahon Block 
P. O. Box 785 Thono 1119 

Fairfield Special 

Eight-roorn House — Inilly modern. Cement founda- 
tion and ba.sement. Heated by furnace. Close to 
town, Beacon Hill Park and car. 

PRICE $5700— CASH $1000 

GUY & CO. 

'»^-» v-^ 

1 009 Government St. Phone 2987 

For a Business Man 

Tn the liig-liest part of- Fairfield and close to the 
mile circle we tiave for sale a new six-room semi- 
bungalow, with full size cemented basement, station- 
ary wash tubs, fuel lift^ pip<?d for furnace, built-in 
sideboard and bookcases and other attractions. 

Within easy -walk of the bu.siness centre, this 
house should appeal to a man who does not want to 
spend too much time in transit. 

Price $5500 

Only $1,000 cash. 

R. V. WINCH & Go, 


52 T Fort Street 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Small i state 

within IM miles of the post of- 
fice, 5 minutes from car line; 
this land i.s entirely surrounded 
by evt.rp:rpon trees, flowers and 
shrub."?, lakes ana lawn, cement 
■vvalk.3 and maRnificent view; S 
roomed modern houa*. 


604 Tfttaa BtxMt 



Corner of niackwnod and Kln(t> Ro«<1, sU«> lOIilIS to 1«ne: ?rlc« ■^^HSH 

Cornel of Ulaokwood and Klnff"« Road bIz*! J02xl3B: prle« *^5S 

Man, hMtiT Road, nanr Burndlds, one lot, «l«« I^XHO; prlco fSWIO 

Do You Own Pr o^f 
in Edmontmi? 

Send US dMorlpttOn. ^Mt/tJSfXt* 
and t«nn« iot' ^t)ieX f»*|t ^„., 


160 acr#> dairy farm, 15 acras 
cultivated, iiouBe, barns. linpl*> 
ments, $10,000, Half cash, balance, 

Oood acreage, 40 acre blooka, 
•S6 per acre very oosy term*. 

Robert F. Hickey 

>' ' «... 


foul to 

«10M to 


IJ5*''>';?i«\-?r' A' Z^"!!^ ^w'". ' ■'>■ . VT^'^i-/*. '.i-'/^' ^"^'.".'-v 



Friday, April 12, 1912 


Lots for sale in the very choicest location. This 
is an opportunity to get into the coming Metropolis 
of Western Alberta at the lowest prices and very easy 

Lots in a sub-division within Nine Blocks of the 
G. T. P. Depot at from $ioo to $150. 



Robert Baldwin, Local jManager 
1214 Government Street, Victoria H^w|sQjy| 






642 Diaoovery St. Vlotorl», B.C. 

l-"i)<!ier's Dill Stanii 

I'rompt Service and Good Work- 
manship Guaranteed 



!||ees and Shrubs 

For'^ti<irtiiw<W^|EM»t«*e* now Is the best, 

, , Mils, PJMwo iai8U)CBrB» cHiimai $#au«k: PIba, -wwifc 

tnslaBiii$' TAxodlum, Cryptcmerla. Araucartl^ j^ao AndlWaeAfk .99SPW%, f|»^ Oon 
bqnaiC.^ciiba: Laurel. Bn»lli»h and Portugal; jBteebe*!*" Ilai^iW, 'fiWseBtol^^ 
MaBraai% ttandl-flora. BambocMia. Yucca. »tc;' etc. a»tiilfl»ue tfM or «ftm» to l*«ni. 
ery £c^ liimfflonal selection. 

LAYRITZ j a iJItSEl U p S 

oASHnr MWm.'mmmtK «.«. 






ii« ti 

J- % . 71 ■ nr . i . jMi i San B 'n i ^ .ii -B' ii " ■75"T i j i. v i ;rTvr'r i ' t,.i ;art- i - i mr i TT i nMinur^ -h ^ lT t n 



iraii oc rhone Orders Olven Prompt Attention. Complete Cfttelogue of Records In Stock. 


Some of the latest selections: 

A 'Cello Solo by a Famous Canadian 'Cellist 
12-inch Record $1.25 

31857 — Widmung - - - - - Rosario Bourdon 

lo-inch Double sided Records go cents for the two 
iyo45 — Dixie Moon - - - - Collins and Harlan 
^ick. Pick. Pick on the -maigmi! 

Mandolin. Antonio - - ^MSS^ Billy Murray 

17036 — Jimmy Valentine 

The Rooster and the Hen 

Peerless Quartette 
Collins and Harlan 

17054 — Ii it Wasn't for the Irish and the Jews 
Alexander's Bagpipe Band 

Billy Murray 
Billy Murray 


■^' J. 


» \- • 

'1. ; ' M 

A Great Showing 
of Fine Carpets, 
Rugs, Mattings, 
Draperies, Lace 
Curtains, Fixtures 

Never before has there been such a display in any store as we have just now onj3ur„sccond floor. Carpets 

of every shaj;te..and desig 

' WWW 

^r^ i^%hiiv^tci#B^ j^^%xi0» 

tto:id, one to „suit 

Rugs of eve|^jSizft| 
anything l{||':^i|^pi.^ ^^ lt^» 1,^^ ^ 

'SI':. ■ 

Caruso ^ings an amusing Nepolitan Song 

88347 — Tarantella Sincera Crescenzo 

Amato sing5 llie popular Alfio's Song 

87097 — Canzone Alfio - - - - Cavalleria Rusticana 

A Victrola in your home \v(nil(l mean that the world's great- 
est entertainers would sing or perform in your presence, at your 

lear the alim'e records on ihc Famous Victrola at the ncar- 
.;st dealer"* today. 




4lt. 6in. jr^Tft. 6in. .^■.^^•^p 

6ft. 9in. X 9lt.. ,...,,... .^..Jjil^jiM^ 

'^fe;:'3^'iort ; ^ ^ih..,.;V;:; : >.,;j;:§i^^ 

itii. 3^,;i2ft.i .^.^,^-.,.., 928.00 

lift. 3in..,x'^]^||^,;.;..., ^35.00 

Tapestry Squares, in all sizes, :designs 

and i^rices from ..^7.50 

Axminster Squares, in sizes of 7x9 ft., 
0x9 ft , Qxio fi . 0x12 ft., 10ft. 6in X 
ijfl., 10ft. (nw. X 13ft., 12x15ft. from 

.. $80.00 tfk-.M\>,. ......... .^S»53e.OO 


tuls^Kt i^fr such a splen<2id f^oK^mm^ 



,ny ilsflriiw, ''^iih^^^^ktjt^ 


'■4- ^ t'aft>^ -^|^;^jftTff;^.;.:,r;. . .?30.oat:i: 

git. X loft; 6in.. .;, »i . . . ..,,■..;, *§ l»s#^- .^^'x' lo^t., ^:^mM^^hu. '. S-l ^>.041&'^ fw^J^^' •-••••»•-••*••• • • • -$35.00 

m L..'.- 




•f'I'Irioft. 6in S37.50 

i> X i)h Jf?24.00 

9 x loft. 6in S27.50 

r2ft. X* 15ft., $7d.00 and. . . . . .^65.00 


loft. 6in;; X 12ft.. $32.00 

12ft. X i:^ft. 6in... $42.00 

oft. X 10ft. (.Ill 824.00 

9ft. X 12ft 927.50 


I I ii\ . x 1 2 f t.'^^f^^''7f?^rTTi- ..... .$60.00 

:. X 13ft, ^in.. ............ .965.00 

III. ,:;in, X r3ft. ........ $85.00 



^%Ai X, 6ft.. ,,,,... .$9.00 




lift $45.00 

9ft. X 13ft $50.00 

Tapestry Carpets, sewn and laid, from 
•> per yard 75«> 

Brussels Carpets, sewn and laid, from 
I)er yard 91-25 

Wilton Carpets, scAvn and laid, from 
per yard 91.90 

Axminster Carpets, sewn ami laid, 
from, per 3'ard 91-^^ 

Velvet Carpets, sewn and laid, from. 
per yard 91'5^ 


-'■^ .4. 

it<£^^.^ ---~£r,-.^- 



L V 

Summer Floor 
Coverings For 
Camp or Home 

Japanese Matting, at, 
per yard, 50c, 35c, 
an.d ....25^ 

Veranda Mats— Made 
of strong; twisted 
straw , cxtcptionally 
good wearing for 
veranda, camp -or 
summer home, in 
many design.s and 
sizesj from $6.50 
to SI. 50 


Lace Curtains 



Every Woman Loves 


^\'c h.avf a brilliant display for you to select from f>n our second 
floor suitable I'or covering furniturp, catty corners, window seats and for 
making curtains and overhanglng.s. 

Thnse materliil.s will tninwform (he appearand. r room «nd give 

your home a fresh int>-i-i'sl ^nil a splendi.! • iT , .nail outlay. 

Cr«toune», .Tlln. wlil.-, from ..20c 

Chlat«, :?lin. wide, from 30c 

Art lainens, .'!Jln. wiile, from 60o 

Deniius, '.i;iii. wide, from 35c 

Taffeta*, TiOln, wide, from. . .?H.OO 


to look at our Lace Curtains 
on the second floor. 

Irish Point Lace Curtains 
from 4Sin. to 6oin. in 
width from 3 to ^tVi yards 
long, from per pair 97.50 

Point Venise Lace Curtains 
48in. to 6oin. wide and 3 
to 3J^ yards long, from per 
pair $15.00 

Swiss Applique Lace Cur- 
tains, 48in. to 6oin. wide 
and from 3 to 3';/ yards 
long, from per pair $4.50 

Ariston Cable Net Curtains, from, per pair $3.00 

Scotch and Nottingham Lace Curtains, from, per pair. .75^ 
Scotch Cream Madras, from 45 in. to /2 in. wide, from, per 

yard 30^ 

Scotch Colored Madi-as, 45 in. to 62 in. wide, from, per 
yard 50^ 

New Liberty Table Covers Arrived 

Suitable for bedroom, dinin-- riMnn and bniidiMr, all last colors, hand block printed. Xovcl designs. \ size to suit you, 
from, each $3^50 to 50^ 


Hicks & Lovick Piano Co., Ltd 

Exclusively Victor Representatives, 



ARRIVED--A Shipment of 


Get Yours Now, Prices Start at $12 


Popular Home 



r i*i * » lii^i i 



.W«i C^fMI*' 

I ».. i. ' ^Mi i irt i tu i ttit rii ii| «i iii ti i 



Friday, Apri! 12, 101? 



On the Waterfront 

R«y m\) Ti) 

Service Machinists Will Do the 

Work at Shops in the Es- 

quimalt Yard — Tenders are 

-ja--si:Xon side red Too Higl 

►w.Tiia » i r ii w i i i riii «ti^pB M i h f 



Government sto CaH for Bids 
for Addition to Coal Wharf 
—two Sailing Ships Bring- 
Ing'Cargoes from Wales 

Some,. time ago the board of trade 
nuide a request to the Dominion govern- 
ment to open the machine shops In the 
naval yard at Esquimau. The govern- 
ment^ b^ acQuleeced. and has Instructed 
thf. ilf»vai department to overhaul the 

. ■ ■ I^MTrT-Tw^^MJ«^''li5{a■j! l S g*^ 

lighthouse tender Quadra, now lying at. 
'kaquimalt awaiting repairs. Tenders 
; were called 'or the work, and six bids 
were received by the marine and flsher- 
-ies department-and submitted to the 
government. These were considered 
high, and It wae decided to place the 
Quadra l»^ Ahe drydoek, and have the 
necessary worjt done by the naval arti- 
ficers. Thie veasel was turned over to the 
officers ot ,ih* Baval service yesterday, 
and will follow Into the dock the steamer 
Prince Eiipert,^ which entered the ^ry- 

'.. 'Hn^ni to o<^ vrhtkxf 

Tenders will be caUed'tn a few days 
for repairs to tHe ooial wharf at the 
naval yard at Bsqulmalt. It la ■under- 
stood that it is the Intention of the 
naVar de|>artment 16 put In a concrete 
pier ^«iwi»i|(|nd pending arrangementa I» 


this rtifiCM:bids will be Invited for the 
■i-i lit M, ring:'' of -the coal/w^'arf "and' build- 
ing an approach in readiness for th« 
coming of the bark llarold, 48 days out 
from Cardiff with a cargo of Welsh coal, 
and another sailing vessel, which Is to 
follow with a similar cargo. The two 
cargoes of steam ooal from (Cardlft are 
being brought from Wales for Uw 
cruiser Rainbow^ . 

'; - In coiuiedtlon with the overhaul of the 
pov«rDm«nt steamer Quadra, whlol^ will 
Dfu In the drydock for 9^ 
khe naval deilartment #11 
erfuldynamov^and a wireless set and 
searchlight, which was sent to Esqulr 
mult for the tlShelryprot^ctWri' cruiser 
Kestrel, condemned last year. The wire- 
less set Will be similar to that on board 
H. M. a S. Rainbow, the i^ijuit : Bet on 
any ■veasel- ln;'these- wate^f|^J^i'j6lte|i!^»■■M•^^ 
icon! set«f one and a heJtv|isiip[li|ti^ 
a,n emerganey QtBt with stoijwte'.lbfttterles 
on the upper deck wUr also be provided 
for use in the ev^flitlOt-.tll^ Stoppage of 
-the 'engines ana'; v' (i yig|in«> ;..aj:t-; any time. 
The searchlight to lli»~£iwtaltiii<l'^ iUbo 
a powerful one. * v'-ff, 

The overhauUrig -of -the V' *l>4 : (^^ '(ll. 
Quadra wiU be the largest job tiyRider- 
taken by themaclbine- shops of ttienaval 
service since the, Bsquimalt naval yard 
was takeii Oyer by the Dominion »i)'V» 
crnmeai^^ibMisU is lu^erstood that a 
"'■ •• •/^ji'f ■ ■" ^nd others will be ' 
employed- btlih«v,fiW|W-lirhti«' th»'.w'otiiE. 
Is in progremfcp- ■'; .„, -^ w ;•■■ ■;. ..,,',' .■■•■•-'. 
Bupert winters JNNdc 
The Grand Trunk PaclKlc steamer 
Prince Rupert, which went into the Ea- 
ciulmalt drydock yesterday. Is to be sur- 
veyed, cleaned and painted, and when 
she leaves the dock the three funnelled 
KtPRmfir will ho taken back to the B. C. 
:Marlno rallvyay yards to have the tanks 
for carrying, her supply of oil fuel In- 
wtalled. It Is expected that the work of 
friiilpplng the Q. T. P. liner as an oil 
burner will be completed about the end_ 
of the month, and the steamer will re- 
sumo service on May 1, when the twlce- 
a-week schedule will be resumed. 
ZilUooat Ooes ZTorth 
The hydrograriliu' .Mur\oy steamer Lll- 
looet, after being- overhauled at Esqui- 
mau, has started for the north to re- 
sume her work. From here the vessel, 
is to proceed to Cousin Inlet, Dean 
channel, and after the work has been 
completed there she will go to Hecate 
Htralt to make some surveys, late in the 
.season, Koing into Dixon entrance to 
chart the way from sea to Prince Rup- 


Brought Mewa That Many Ar« Being 

Attraotod to the Xiands in th« 

Maas VaU«7 

Tlie liteanier ■VaJso, Capt. S^ui, uf 
the Boscowil^ SteaniBlilp coinpuny, 
reached tlie outer wharf yeaterday from 
N'tuiB, Princo Uupert and way ports, 
ani left asuln for the north last night. 
'!"he Venture left tor the nort'n early 
yesterday iiiLirnlnK. Aecordlng to ar- 
irivula Ijy iht! Vatluo, Naas river lands 
are altractlnK many from nortliern 
Ijorts. Interest Is beliis crcate^l in Ihlu 
district In a largo pan by a surveying 
party whicli wintered in the Naa.s coun- 
try reporting that the weatlier was nev- 
er as cold aH had' been expected, and 
the deepe^5t snow was only three and a 
half feet. 

Government surveyor.s w . ! c in the 
district iBBt year, and reported that 
there waw at least two hundred thou- 
sand acres of arable land — ^partly rpU- 
inar, mosiiv L-vei, aor.xe, ,., dam 

--■^^■'- - '.d wifh aygpa wear 

ing to imvu iiivae dams oMB^^^J^i It 
some instances, needing to be drained. 

In the o«Ati-tt of thla vast agricultur- 
al tra«it I« beautiful Mesladtn lake, in 
miles long and abounding in flah. Four 
miles distant to the eajst from Mcxiad- 
In lake is Naas river. Whitewater riv- 
er, on which attractive placer bars 
have been found, runs south of the laka 
and into the Naas. 

Meziadln lake is between 35 and 38 
miles from Stewart. A railroad runs 
from HlAwart 14 miles up B^r river 
\'alley to the Ked Cliff mine, and a 
trail, for which there Is an appropria- 
tion, win bo built on a wagon road 
grade the rest of the distance to the 

Observatory Inlet, where the Oranby 
company Is building a smeller for its 
own mines and to treat orea from sur- 
r ounaing tia n ips, Ih un l y sepmat e il f r o m 

imn vMCMW - 

British bark Kinross-shire, which comes to Canadian Puget 
Sound Mills on Monday. 

iisi m 

New Blue Funnel Liner 
Reach Outer Wh^:rf Today 
—Many Steamers on Way 
to this Port 

Honolulu. I»^ fWjMfitea to arrive alnnvt 
the sa>tf«> tiiqB#. |r|^ flfio^ O? Toledo, 
witich la dHaehariibs at yapcouver and 
will Itltely oomplete unloadlns about 
Che end bi the Week, te td come here 
ftom the .^nlat^ tt> dlwiiarfe 100 

The German steamer Betos. of ttif 
Ko«mo» 'lin«t~ lii expected at the outer 
Wharf ne»i weelc. This 8t<«nier« -W' 
aow at Sail Fwinclsco wifh a eargo bf 
Iron and general merchandize from 
llwhburg and way ports, and will come 
to , tWii port ilrlth |k ^If ahlpment of 
nitrate* for tlie vtctorta Chemical 
Works. The Setos has oh board 200Q 
tons of nltit«tij»( fo«^ V^^^ and De-^ 

parture Bay. ' , .'"'> , 

Kazel Dollar B«palrs 

The work of repairing the damage 
Mustaincd by the British steame-r Hazel 
])ollar, of Victoria, B. C, In storms en- 
countered in the North Pacific, as a 
result of which she 'was forced to re- 
turn to Victoria under a Jury rudder,, 
is expected to be completed about the 
end of the week. It is anticipated that 
the steamer will clear for the Orient 
about Monday next. 

Tides Is xrarro'ws 

Capt B. Johnson, of the G. T. P. 
Steamship Co.'s steamer Prince ■Rupert, 
has prepared a paper on the peculiar 
tidal conditions prcvalllnsr In the Sey- 
mour Narrows for t.he department o.» 
naval service. In his opinion those 

strahdlnga and wrecks, the variations 
of rise and fall along the connt rnnKlng 
from plus 23 feet to mlnu--^ feet. 

Bronght Xalibnt 

BrlnRing 60,000 pmfiidw of froKh hali- 
but, trhe steamer (.'elentlal Kmplre, of 
the Canadian Fish conapany, ha» arrlve<l 
at Vaivcouver, and, after taking on a 
load of Ice. will leav« tf'.lay for the 
hHlll>ut bankfl. Th(» halibut Mtr«m«r 
KingflHhpr l» expected to Brr!\-« within 
a couplo of days with a load of flah. 

On her first v<>ya«e f rt>m the Unlled 
Kingdom, the new Blue iF^haiil^ liner 
Talthyblus, Capt Allen, wUl reaioh the 
outer whatf this af teafnoon from IdvtT- 
pool via the Suet «anal and way ports 
of the Far Kast. The TalthyblUs Was 
reported by wireless from Triaosle 
I.<iiand station yeeti^rday morning. The 
new steamer, *vhlch Is the lajgest of 
the Holt line, being 20 feet lot»irer than 
the, ProtesIIaus, which vessel she re- 
sembles in style, will land 250 Chinese 
passengers from Hongkong at the outer 
wharf and will 4hen^ proceed to Taopma 
to discharge, returning hero about the 
beginning of next week to land 2000 
tons of general cargo. The new liner 
left Liverpool on February 3, and sailed, 
from Yokohama on March 30. ■' ' "i-\ ■-^: 
.- ' ' Monteagle Expected ■ 
. The Monteagle, Capt. Davison, of the 
C. P. R, which left the Japanese . port 
one day after the Talthybiua, Is ex- 
pected to report by wlrelesH tolay en 
route from Hongkong and way ports. 
Heports received by cable froiu Yoko- 
hama stated that ^suspected case of 
smallpox was on board the tatoamer, 
and arrangements are being ..made -at 
William Head in anticipation of the 
ateamer being detained there. 
Vessels on "Way 
The ateamer IlerculcB, of the Weir 
line, la espei-ted in a fow daya. The 
Norwegian steamer left Kuchlnotzu the 
name day that the ^Talthybius cleared 
from .lapan, but the Hercules la a 
much slower vessel than the Blue Fun- 
nel liner, and Is not expected to arrive 
until early next week. The Oceano. of 
this line, which Js following the Her- 
cules, left Yokohama on April 2, and Is 
expected on Tuesday or Wednesday 
next. The , Chicago Maru, which left 
Yokohama the day after the Oceano, Is 
due here on "Wednesday next. 
Xeamtm's Big Cargo 
The steamer Koonnin, of the Blue 
Funnel line, is S'^heduled to leave the 
outer wharf on Wedncwlay for the 
Orient and United Kingdom. The 
.dteamer will carry a large cargo, In- 
cluding over 10.000 cases of last sea- 
son's salmon pack, iHft.eue sacks of 
flour, 3000 bales of cotton, hay and 
oats, box shr>f>kK. tallow, lumV)er and 
fCpne.rnl nifrchnndl/.o. 

Karrlson Xiinera m«port«d 

Thr sfenmer Clrnftsman, of th ellar- 
rlson Direct line, reached Han Peilro 
yfisterday en route to thiH port from 
I.,lverpool, Antwerp and aiasgow, and 
will reach the outer wharf via Han 
KranclHco al>out tttrt end Of next week. 
Tbf« sloamcr Crown of ArraK"i', of (he 
.lame lln", which la coming by w.\/ t»f 


the Naas district by a narrow mountain 
range. A railroad from Stewart or 
some other point Into the Groundhog 
mountain anthracite ^'ohI fields will 
pass through the heart of the district', 
as It Is the shortest route to the fields. 
Hay as high as one's waist grows In 
the district and wild blackberries, 
raspberries, currants apd strawberries 
grow In abundance^ Muoh of the land 
la covered with birch, willow, cotton- 
n^ood an^ small spruce and Is all easily 

A great gathertng at Island mine workers 
win be held at Nanaimo on Miyllar. whl^h 
has been declared a civic holiday. 

Petty thievery Is epidemic at New West- 
minster. ^ 

Half a million eoboe fry from the Praser 
River hatchery have been nlabtsd In the 
jcgnuper and Coquttlam riven. ' 

% I I ... I ' l I I ' i )) ii .' 1 ^ I' l' i . ' i ' : i ."''.iVn- i , i .1 .1 , 1 ^ 1 I III , 1 ' I ■ « 

s. s. 


Sails April 36th. 

A. few fMervations available 


Choice and Cheap 
Residence Lots 

Klohardson Btres-t — Several lots 
tiuxlJU, l'a<-liiK the south, com- 
inundinK poaltlon. Tht-se are the 
flioiceiit "offerlns-s in this high 
rluss district. Terms of one- 
third cash, and 6, 12 and 18 
i.ionlha. Price f 3200 

CTa.lgdarrocll — One lot. This Is a 
iwii-gKUi for cash ^2660 

Tornar Btrsst — Two lots. Ti-riii.". 

1-iicii faaoo 

Douglas Boad, Victoria Wast 1 
acre of land, 6-room residence, 
stalile, orchard, etc., charming 
situation. On eaay term.'*. 
Price ^T.TOO 

Choice Corner 

112 feet cm .Xiagara Street by 78 
on South Turner, with building 
rented for »30 per month. This 
property has a choice location 
and until the end of the week 
ts 5»Cf*ve(l at a laiif; price. Th* 

-''■ffftptrim^iWi'^nnlk' i'B*ai»iii»Wi 
terms. This is probably the 
cheapest priced property in the 
James Bay District It is on the 
car line, one block from Dallas 
Road, two bioolts fpom Beacon 
Hill Park and ten minutes 
walk from the Post Office. 

BvaxvBss v»omrta» 

Inside and near inelde a num- 
ber of choice quotations. 


And acreage In North and South 
Soanlch, and elsewhere, suitable 
for subdivision and for farming, 
some of the moat attractive offer- 

VOBV xABmr XiOtk 

These are still to be had at bar- 
gain prices. 



Vancouver, Prince Rupert 
and Stewart 

MdiuUiy, lu a.m. 
Connecting for certain Queen Charlotte Island points 

Special Return Excursions 





City l•l»^. uiid Ticket Agt-. Tol. 1211. Pork bikI Frelcht Aat.. Tel. 1431. 

L, H. Ellis 

Room 6, Moody Block. 
Oomex TMM mCL Uroad Streets. 

Phone 940. P.O. Box 110. 
Member Heal Estate Blxchange. 

CaBadiaiiF^cific Railway Co 

Ttoksts .irm Us On tfals tmt the 43raTs' Os thi 1l^fiaapiMi''W0^ 
April 26. ze and 27 to St Paul and Minneapolis. , ' ^.^■ 

May 2. 3. \. 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 2< and 29. .; , . .. ^ ;, ^ . 

June 1, 6, 7, 8, T3. 14. 15. 17. llf. 19. 20. 21. 24; 25, 'vf / S» ^UUl % ,r 
July 2. 3, B, 7, 11. 12. 16, 16, 20, 22, 28, 36. 29, 30 and JK ' *" ' 

August 1. 2, 3. «. 7. 12, 18. 16; B2. 23. 29, 30 and 31. "' ■'•■'■,''•■'': 

September 4. B. 6, 7. 8. 11. 12 and 30. * » . ■ 

Pinal Return Limit October 31st. 1913. Stopovers in both dlreotlOMi 



tn the World 


Oapt. Carl Benson, of JSohooner 
. oana, Shot — Murderer Brought t»' 
Port In Xrons 

SAN FRANCISCO, A»ril :11.— Capt 
Carl Benson, of the Attterlean- schooner 
Americana, which reached port 188 
days from Australia, was killed Jan* 
uary 27 by the vesRel's Japanese cdok. 
This -Information was received when 
the vessel entered quarantine. United 
States marshals have been sent to the 
ship to arrest the cook, wha is held In 
Irons,, v 

,_£ftBJt..l.aeBson and.,Jfea_cg. Ql !t,„g, .<a « uba, 
a Jaoanfse, 38 years old, hti^ ipumllea 
repeatedly. The captain has !"«itered 
th^i galley on the morning of .Tanuary 
27 and the quarrel was renewed. Okuha 
fired five shots at the captain, each of 
which took effect. 

The captain staggered to the deck 
and died in 20 minutes. The shooting 
was not witnessed by any members of 
the crew. The Japanese was over- 
powered and put In Irons, where he was 
kept throughout the voyage. 

Capt. Benson was burled on the after- 
noon of the same day in latitude 5i! 
minutes north and longitude 166 de- 
grees 33 minutes we«t. Tie wa* from 
San Francisco, and loaves a wife and 
children here. 

The Americana left Newcastle De- 
cember 4 with a cargo of coal for Han 
Francisco. Capt. Benson had disrated 
the first mate for Insubordination, and 
the .ship was brought to port by Second 
Mate Frnncia Robinson. 

The Americana formerly was owned 
by the Pacific Shipping company, but 
was bought while en route from New- 
castle by the Charles Nelson company, 
of this city. 

Capt. Benson wns well known on thiw 
coast, having commanded the Amerl 
cana for many years, and previous to 
(hat tlic schooner Halcyon, for the 
Hickman A Mastcrmnn company. He 
was ftho\!t 4R ypfirs old. 

Arraigned on Mturaar Oharga 
S. Okuba, the cook who killed Capt. 
Brnson, wan arraigned in court here to- 
day flmrgpd with murder. 

A HlHtpnii>nt dlctiitfd by Akubn to 
Paul Ulttomoli-, th<> cabin hoy. ivaa rfiad 
in roiirt. In It Okiiha Bfiy.'< h»> shot In 
nfdf-df'fons*' after the captain ha<l ac- 
oiiaed him of wantInK (he ahlp's stores, 
had threatened him with arrnMt, taslicd 
him with vile nanif>a, and laid hands on 
hini with 8uffl<|pnt vlolonco to tear hln 
hI Irl. The cabin boy cunllrmii tho state- 

April 30, 9 am, « 
_ , May 4, IS noon 

*f«l»eaaaesbln only; will call at 

■••.-,'-"■•' ■. Bo ulogne , 

(The Hamburg-American X4tt« orlg* 
Inated ocean CrulBing 83 years 
*»o.) , , ' _ ^ ■ '■ ■,■'.„ 



|X INniA 
V York 



(16,600 tons) 
Tiuratlon Each Cruise, 110 D&yf 

COST $fl»0 UP 
Including all necessary expenses 
aboard and ashore, railway, hotel, 
Bhoro excursions, cnrrlagos, Kulrtos, 
foes. ptc. 

r<) thp T.ANO of (he MIDNlOnX 

.Ml'N. KIkIu (iPliBhtful cruL-ies (lur- 
ing; .Iiine, July aa<l AiigUNt. from 
HambiirK to Nor-way, North ("ape. 
SpltzbcrKpn, Iceland, etc. Duration 
II to 2fi (lays. 

Coat li;«2.50 and Vp. 
.'^plf^ndltl iicrvli'i-. larRw sLcamshlji^ 
■■V'lC'IoilIA l.l'ISI':," "KRON- 
riMNX.i'i.s.six c:i-:i;ii.,K" ana "mi^- 
,"i:i Hi.-' 

VViHm fdr booklet of nnv ci-iilco. 



'AKtt ' ' ' ' 

& B. ViiJ^TlVlsA or CITY or MBLA. and 
10 a. m. every Friday, from Seattte. ,& .Ifc 

For Soatbeaatiejrn Alaska. AP™ •i/it.fXi 
8. S. SPOKAWfc or <M*T OF BBATThB 
laaves tieatti* 9 T. ,m. 

Ocean and rait thUMtji to New Tork aad 
all other citte*. Ma '9att JTratieMno. 
Fc«isbb.,aaaUvJMiMt„ttUi«Mk.JlUl WtMrt 

*. 9..amaa *«ow Ofrntm AcMib 

CLAUIXB A., Faseewee AmtHu- VH* 

Douglas S»T«at. _ _ ^^ 



-St. Paul . 






Toronto . 



Sioux City 




M;ontreal . . 


New York 

Atlantic City 


Boston . . . 

>•■••• •••««efa>> ^JfTBfWW' 

• ^ • •■■>•«*• ■ » -IfS^'^O 

I • ■ • • at* •-•-••.'•it *^'*J^T 

■ ••••■■•••«•«• *,^P*IBip»0|p 
And all other principal points In the Kast. For resorvattona asd furtber 


particulars apply: T" 

£. O. OBBTKAK. Olty raBaenger Ayent. 

Government Street. 

Victoria, B. C. 


^or Few Days Only 
Seven-room Bungalow, Liri- 
wood Ayeiiuc, nearly an 
acre o^ ' .ground, cyn be 
cut into ^s; $2^500 casK, 
balance arranged. Pj^ccj^^ 
f 6,500. I 

a«t«c« vb *i#»v If %«« ii. 

1214 Havtmrnent Sif«et 

- -. ' - -"-itm iiii<n I 


The Union Steamship Co., Ltd. Qf | C. 

•.a. CAWOSUN— For Prince Rupert and Stewart every Tuesday* 

•A CUEI/OHSIN— For Skeena River. Prince Itupert. Naas BtT«r. i?H>rt 
Slmpaon and Ooose Bay every Saturday. 

- mm 80900WZTS BTSAicnay cKMUPiurr, ikvs*. 

•.a. VBNTURIS— For Campbell River. Har4jr^||»y, Rivera Inlst, Namu. 

Ocean I=*all. Rella Coola, Bella Bellai ovary Wednesday. 

•.a. VADSO— For Skeena RiVer; JPrinca Biipert, Natvs, every two weeks. 

; #OHN BARNSLEY. Agent. 

Pkona %tn &34 Yates Street. 




"PLOaENOa* ..,■■•-■., . 

m4]||gi;j|ftlo<m. caWii, « baitba. 

30x7.6, cabin forward, fiuflb 
deck att. Price 9080- 


Sole Agent* 

\ acllt 

519 Say-ward Bldg, 

.1 c u : _ 

ami .imp 



Jl Payl^ Proposition 



One and a half .mllea fton^'tfll Cilt^ Of Vernon. 




Mr -vXBiTon-, B. o 

liave 1^ aale ex«|W|lvel|r tha*^JMlddletpn Ranch/' formerly part of the 
Bksa of iitterd<^ents llitate.;, Be^ slioatadi on the road to Coid- 

atream; one of tLevtest inwwn and: most/|p^^ district, and 

In first-oUwa order, ^)^' ■ M" 

,Vo^ putttilMgr pt •nres 114, divided as'?ohows: ' 
VlmotlM^' attd dOVtir so acres, producing -,a.bout 75 tons annually. 
Bfearia^ orchard'!! a<u^e8. Young orchard 2 acres. Range suitable for 

Uoaara 8 atorey Betia« anA otttbulldlngs; costing In all IIBOOO. 
Domestic water ftom ever flowlntr spring. 

Oftirylsie: it carried <m in a bualneas like way will brins.ln «400 per 
month. AU milk finding a ready sale In Vernon. 
Total price for a short time $53,000; payments over five years. 

ICr. Spencer Is In Victoria for a few days; anyone interested can make 
an appointment by addressing lett'^r to Balmoral Hotel. Victoria. 
Great developments are t;aklng place in and around Teznon. 





San Francisco 




Full particulars and reservations 
Claude A. Solly, Passenger Agt., 
1 310 Douglas Street, or R. P. 
mithat » Oo^ 1117 Wharf street. 


J Island 

Eggs, local fresh, dozen 30c 
Eggs, Cowichan, dozen 35c 

Butter, Island, lb 45c 

Butter, Cowichan, lb. ..50c 
Butter, New Zealand, lb. 40c 
Cowichan milk fed poultry, 

lb. ...: 35c 

Whipped Cream, pint... 40c 
Milk on and after April i. 

18 tickets for $1.00 

Try our famojs Quality Ice 
Cream, Neapolitan Sher- 
l)ct, etc., for parties. 

Wholesale Prices on Appli- 

Daily deliveries to all parts 
of city. 

Satisfaction guaranteed 

131 1 Broad Street. 

riiOiics 1344 and 1345 

Wage Earner's Opportunity 

?950, $850, $750, $650 Each 

Quarter cash, l)alance .$20 month. 

These lots arc well situated on Clovcrclalc avenue within 
four minutes' walk of Douglas street car. They arc all abso- 
lutel}' level and in grass, and being just outside the milq and 
a half circle arc exceptionally good buying. Tlie prices arc 
well below tliose of adjoining prog^^ty and the lots are in a 
good improved district. 

J. R. Bowes & Co. 

643 Fort Street Phone 2724 

Agents for Yorki^liire Insurance Co. 



5!WMf«H|fafc/«- "■•■.■■- .' 




Fort Albernt values have mcreased 1.00 per oent. In th* paat If ; A^ 
months. The Albernl Land Company hava atUl a number 
Bale ar the trlglnal prices. 

44 foot iota frt.n. — *...^,^.. ftH 

66 foot lots :rom k. 

Terms 1-4 cash and balanee ever S 1-t 


iUeata I>ort Albarai |«ai4 

601-608 Say ward BuU<ltilt. tisrtitariML. - ^^ 

KambeM Tlatmlla Real 



Friday, Aprtl 12, 1912 




Progranime o1 Con- 
struction of the Canadian 
Northern Pacific Railway tor 
This Year 

t^ir DonalO Mann, on M* rouiiu lo 
Toronto from the coaul, jtuve *n inter- 
view on the oon3tr<ictloii p^nns of tlie 
(Oiiiury for tlie nt«?Bent your. Ho MiUtvl 
liiai ihe company's conutruotion I'ro- 
Kitinime for tills ye»r ini-lviUe^l iOt">S 
miles; that nearly H.ODO n\*n >v«>i-«' «t 
I'lfsent pngaK(sl '" <'■■ ".n-iv au,J t'.iu: 
as t!iv season ■ ' ' ' 

atr*teb wwt Cltt^lKliliMNl.i* .tN 0(^«» 
riT«r la to b« >roct<#i d «rltlk to inw> 
tioally ma tatlsuttom tt»l fN> DOrtlMi' 
oC feb« tiiMuw«HttMM»l Um froaa Ot>> 
t»w» to Nor^ JBftsr D^l b« btttU wwt. 

T^« coBstraotkMi, of t9f ovUM wwt 
from Ruol wlU mwl tlM IM ntlw to b* 
bttUt wst from Port Artkue. Tba road 
ta now operattec iip t* RuaL 

Four buadrodl mllaa ot now traek will 
b« laid on brmncb Itnaa and axtanahma 
In various portlona of Alberta »aA 9mi- 
katcbewan. SeveBty-tlva mil** In BritUb 
Columbia wUi bo buUt from Hop* eaat 
to wB id Y e ll ow 

To be coQstructwl, aaxt y«ar ta or> 
der to com]>lote the tranac«atln«ntat 
Una, tbere will bo *?S mUw, iaolwUns 
360 miles from the a ammit of the 
ftocMesT to Xytion ind IRM mUw~ia1oac 


amontfamnt dow not rM«ta tba eaw of 
a ftnipi alfuasiitp «»0H)«By cMrylAc 

ptfflWB t w. , tnMi 8Mttl» to Ttotovta. Or 

,ralU removed ^ wMl jBO to tha braaeii I y ^ tJhli'^-flrtTSn'l S S rt l^ 

the north rtiore. The company wriXk relay 
200 mtlw or tracK on Hf nwitMi Um 
wwt wUb heavy rails thta y«»r and th* 


Omaha Paper FubUahw a lipMl «C 
information Abont 'Viila 

". G«Kuitxr ■ 

thf malnUnd and inve«llit«t";d It for 
1.S00 iiillon iiorlti more thorouslily Hia" 
for ihf tpn n>ll»a awuy fVom Win co«»t 
on nnper Vancouver Island. 

Hut thl« condition will not last long; 
iti.Mi««n.lB of awttlers are t>ojarln« to» 
anvt raihOBii conntructlon work VUl 
f«oon Ktarl Uial will open tlje entire 
\«l«n»1. mit Jiiat now It la the heal ex- 
DloraiUin hft left On the W«^rklB map. 


••attl* Cnuuraber of Oommero* BeAka 

A>B*Bdiu*«« to Cw«avwis« Smpvlua 


t-KATTI-K. ApWl 11. — Rfeconiniendlnff 
I "1*1 an anu'julnit'iU be made by ootmr*'H8 
lO Iho coHHtwlSB shlppIuK laW8, the 
ccmtntttoc on jiaflonal uffaira of the New 
Chamber of Cominnri'o presynled a ve- 
.tioi'» to the truxCeets thl»- jnornInK, in 
vvhteh It 1« d^olared that the settled 
policy of,lhe Ui\l:ted Kiatea to forbid 
lorelKn ships frooi trading between Am- 
' ' U'an ports Is beln.^ evaded in con»- 
' ' rce between Pacific coast porta and 

'Vhc report Which ts slRned by Judge 
L-lmirmun of the roin- 

' i- - I lilt the method by which 

.adotl Krotvs out olf 

XlUed by rolioa Chief 

BLACKKOOT, Ida., April 11. — An un- 
identified MfXlcnn "aa shot and killed 
yestorduy by Chief of Police Bmlth in a 
field netir here. The men exchanged 
shots at Home distance. The shooting 
WC8 bcKiin after I'hlef Hmlth had chaH- 
ed the Mexican for aome distance In an 
attempt to arrest him Cor breaking: up 
the chlef'a bicycle with an axe In 
revenge for the arrest of a partner fo.' 

Beattie'a Telephone matea 
.■-^KATTLt:. Wash., April 11.— Suit to 
prevent the Increase in rales lo sub- 
scrlbera of the ■ old Independent tele- 
phonn aystem which was recently taken 
over by the Pacific Telephone and Tele- 
«rayh Company, was b?,run by the city 
yenterday \<»Hen It obtained k superior 
court order' "feQufrlnK the Pacfftc com- 
pany to HhO^' cRUBe on Friday, why a 
ti-nip"rary InjViiictlon should not be is- 

t|»iAk;«|^^Maett«ally a omttaiioua a«r- 
'Tifltk ' Who ' <biialBaMi > iMri i rh iaHw i& 
AtwMta }• .iwiftiMr'^t* aaniMrwar.' "Aita 
•ort of foralca oompotltton la acalnat 
public policy and la unfair and an«<|ua!. 
"In 1M4 Uio aavtsatton laws war* 
amoadod ao aa to prevoai evasion of 
tbia klad ta Um oarrytay of (roUcbt. but. 
unfortuaatoly, that act did not cover tb* 
caao ot traaai»ortatlan of pasaoncors. 
To remedy Ihlif imtfct an act wma yaaa- 

CouBorvatory Myatery 
NEW YoitK, April il.— The mystery 
aurroundlng- the Identity of the woman 
found In the homo of Professor Louis 
P. Parma, musician, after his death 
fi : ■ il hemorrhaBO on Monday, 

V .Lip yesterday when friends 

jLi o u e V u«^uguiKttai;»aA.lAM»ttie4v 

ira ronh«f,#|^ltfim«t'S»tt«BK' 

.n'ril»flaa:«ild Uiat. 
>!>^M ._ .sho-iiiif boon a prof'- 
;ofossor^j|(l|«j»,..- . , 

il^li.— ^n hour or 
mbra a«t«ri;|bUp«'%i^ ^ « Ctaicwi 
youth. wtao«n|^diiiti|J'''ttae p<Hloe did not 
::)Maak> Mlia <i>riUinln»ry bout hers laat 
nliJ^C JTobii Got^erg, aged' 21, fell Into 
a coma and was removed to a hospital 
tn a aerlous condition. It la belleVcd 
hr la aufferinz from a fractured skull 
or a blood clot on the brain. 

ed in lS9a iNrovidtnc that no forolcn 
TosMl aball tvado bstwwa p<frts or 
placw la tb« United Statsa, sltber 
dtrso^y or by way of a fnralyn port. 
The ^anaia atimaeati tialfl »<>»» «».«» 

In ab'niia i^^ifart^pi p| tj^e .eartb Vbegtt 
appears t» ^ etilt a ^eal of Igineranco 
Titf«u>aing VaUmwar Ishiad. A ?ii««it 

'tiistie or;one-:<«f::|t^^ 

coQtsias a wlia srtoY^ ieortefei'tfMi3(f"'j 
lanid. mlnKlCiI .with: which WM 'fbil^ 
more or iMu luu«atMl faeW aa to Its rsp 
sources. Some of the thlnsta tbe paitof 
said under tho boadtng: "Darkest Van^ 
cotiver Unexplored: OtUy Victoria as 
yet Discoveved'; Uht6u«i]h«4 , by White 
Man," wero" las follows: 

Vancouver Island ijs about tb,» itiiiat 
int'$iiL^ely':^t^ti|ai^ commuiui^^ outsldo of 
Londoh; has been known for a hundred 
years, yet embraces hundreds of square 
miles where no white man Iu|« «yOr,s«t 
;foot. ■ :-■■-• "■'■:, '•*■-■■>;-■-, ■■•■■-'••■V' "- ,■-.■-■• ■'.:'' 

,Vas«(niw lM|i«i4^ tboni 909 Wit* 

iaae..ti1l4^%m^'^'-^ «Of*aty' miles wide. 
In all ttdia ebiinttV tbere' are 78,000 peo- 
ple, and 65,000 Of thette Uy« ill Jk vtfa- 
-mile radius of -Victoria.' ' ■^'ifjS'.t'lic 
' "^talk-about wlidwt AtrUm^jatt*, 
^within sixty ittltes of Seattle^, 'wi^i-e 
Baciflc conutterce passM, where ev,^ 
miner, trapper ajBd explpM||g|^>a8se5 | 
by for a century; is a conn<»P' ' 1»lKffcr 
than Ireland that is unknown, unexplor- 
ed, unsurveyed! Whose: 'faiinkind min- 
eral arid tree wealth is only grueased at. 

The man who would explore this is- 
land from en4 to end and from interior 
to outer rind would moat likely find 
things to make a Rog.sevelt trip s 
eftsy. ''■■■•■' ' 

Just the little frolicking that 
hieen done on the frttirts of the lalanH ' 
has shown wonderful ininera) weDlth, 
steam cannel coal, copper,' gold, sil- 
ver, platinum, great forests of pine, 
fir, cedar and tamamck;- two new spe- 
cies of big horn, , grUzly, black 
and cinnamon bear; the riohest cod 
and halibut banks left.- on the conti- 
nent and natural preserves of upland 
and water fowl that have never been 
disturbed by gunshot. : :. 

Kven the Indians have >never thor- 
oughly explored the interior; the OW- 
est assert that it ha«- ^ever beer, 
touched; in their traditions -it i-^ hnunt- i 
ed by spirits. "White men have found 
such a wilderness of tii'lld hills and 
winding inlets they have possetl on to 

^ ■i iy| ' i^ 'iBa||M|t :'^( ^ -' M tlWa^ttfl'il " fTW lT -%4i'**' 

.■ 'ClMir'oiiiaiittbbia'iadMi^^ ttet^ '^e'' 

i>aW' ;u<ii>y|i(iif _ ■pfmt ' t>i,<i,' tow, f:- 
'iMtftotii Sm Biol ' 

irtottov'' 0Wtti»rUt;'lMrt''^itiAt-':fA-. '«tteilni>l(; 
t«r CmUito to break up aBadical dem> 
aaatjPatiiMt Civil guards cbarsad bo# 
»MHti«»v;';<itie; man. was; kiit^d iaO, if.': ^<tiip 

Shasta St. 

(r*hoice lot:.. 

ok teftnse 

\ f < » 'f mm > 


MNifcWS yiqtdria Real £s- 
' •■■'■■■ ■ 'itiite '' Exchange^: ^■"' 

. 130 Peirab^rtdn Blk. Victoria^ 
r >«iid |^>rt Ail>erni. 

ill ir ifi i »,l|, i| . I I I! I lii | i j i i i - i , l ^ i '<n !l|ll *, i 

- ■ ' '■-■ ■■■ ■■■■■■ ■•'>;■<■■, 



'i;^ -■■ «■■»,' 




Tf^.^^C^ PYJAMAS. 


5^? s. 



For Fort Geoii 

Now is the time to get in and buy something. Ask 
us about the price and terms of acreage almost ad- 
joining the Townsite. 

The Ncchaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

Reference: The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B. C^^ 
(ao Bronghton Street, Victoria, B 




Victoria Transfer 


■ 'r-' :".»■■'• ■ 






An 8-ro()m new house in the choicest part of the Fairfield 
district. Has all conveniences and is exceptionally well built and 
finished. For a short time ow.ner will sell at .i>G,0(X), on very 
easy terms. 

F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd. 

1012 Broad Street 

Pemberton Block. 


'yiftJ^iVii.Pj.11,1 'j agaqtatcggc 

W| lmv|||iorses-^^^ for sale and ^re ready at 

l^^fipt exhibit such to intending purchas|P| 
■ fl^ yo^ to see us before purchasingf 



W^ra-ME-irkt?^ &k»» Cl4r»1^^ ^^ ha^^' ftew and second-hand sets — double and single. 

Jliey.,,ait- au^ for "Iftht driving 


for saie at reasonable rates — Farmers jShpuW see these, as 

^ 'A 

#^ c| 1%^ 136'yeti feiow that our Glass Front Carriages are at yotir i!isposal at tlie fotlowiti^ 

5^** i^^ charges — Four Persons, single hour^ $2.00; -Four Pcrsopaf*, an fMyuir iaittd a half, or 


iibver, at per hour, $1.50. In four hours a pa^^|y,ef,*iour cs 
the City of Victoria for the rac4erate: chargitiii^ 

ipal points of interest in 

Victorias r^^ 

doing afternoon calling. 


we can furnisl 
les accomm< 

iria, at per hour, $238i|:1^i|le hour. $2.50. 
■persons and are most suitable for ladies 

.'i rh 

PWc Furniture m^^lgl is an ^:lmpo«aiit 
^**'^ We havfe menwrodo nothing e||k 

.',<-wU,/£t].nJ,n>)&'i..C:'..%.'<'V.^u. -', <. .J<...'.'(^'^ ' -. 

■■-;;""-"•■■;'■ ' ■v.'"".''n.*PF", ■-■'■.<*" '■■ 

arc — By the hour, $1.50. With aa extra man to help the diargfe wi]||#i«i«| increased to $2.00 per 



.'. . '.''•.'inSM'ZiXi^Aa:-u^.:-^'''.,^^.'S. "i 

Baaaage and Express ^" ""!! ''?rr"\r'^* '''''''"! ,'' *'"' 

^r^**«f cf ^*ci/**^ »*m»^^ M^^m^ji^M. ^m^ujr*^ important factor. If you are catching a 
steamer or train you like to know that your luggage or packages will be at the wharf or station in 
good time to depart with you. What is more annoying than searching for your belongings a 
minute before your steamer sails or your train^pulls out ? This is off-set by our claim checks. Our 
drivers check your baggie at your residence. You present the claim check to the baggage- 
master — show your ticket — he then gives you the railway or steamer check, and that is all. You 
then go on your way rejoicing. If we cannot .attend to your order we will t&U. you and thus avoid 

Express and General Drayage TJJ^Z^.T"'^, 

Delivery Wagons. For the use of one of these we make a cfararge of — Per Hour, $1.00. 

¥ ^■^/'^'■•"V Better Single or Double Trap« cannot be found on the Pacific Coast. Single 
RjM.wyCM.Jr Horse and Trap — Morning, $2.50 ; Afternoon, $3.00. 

np^ jj «w<l ^ We are prepared to supply teams for Half a Day at $5.00, excepting Saturday, 
■■• ^Olli.^ Sunday and Holidays, when the charge will be, half a day, $7^0. For long 
distances, the office will furnish particulars. 

D^«;|M|1^«»^ We board your horse, look after your trap and Kamess — Per month, 
■■^^^ \11^1. ^ $35.00. Our object is to please ouf patrons. We arc responsible to them 
as to safety or damage done to furniture or goods. Our drivers, we believe, are civil and carrful, 
and seldom knowingly overcharge. If by any chance a mistake occurs, come to the office or no- 
tify us at once. In other words, give us an opportunity to put right anything that displeases you. 









3 ur ' M;(.ih i>A'Ufi^j JM 


■ r'^'.- " ]'.r:!:i.tyjhii:i 

M.-« WkjI '*MMr'« . 1*<««1MIW •* «*•*' iH-'l' 


IJ i l gl WIWtiiH 'I'P'W"'**"'"''*'' « ll> ' mmt'Mf*u^*~>^<. 

Friday, April 12, 1912 





NOW is the time to try 



most wholesome spirit obtainable, and 
the very best stimulant for general 
use. As a pick-me-up tonic, 
and digestive, WOLFE'S 
Schnapps is always oppor- 
tune, and exercises a most 
beneficial effect upon liver, 
kidneys and other organs 
Invaluable for stomach 
disorders, WOLFE'S 
SCHNAPJgS should d 
be" ""''^"' '""■ 



SmprcBS Tb««tr* — T.arKfl tiiKll- 
i-iices haxe gruceil every imfnini- 
.•icc ai ihf i-Inipreas Uieatre litis 
wefk, iho excellence of the bill provki- 
cl havlriK proved u bis ilrawInK card. 
A KooO musical sketch Is provided by 
two former musical-comedy Htavs, Mr. 
J. Wilson Hunter and Miss lOme Hcar- 
si'i\, TV 111) w'tll present an act entitled 
■".M the Itrcepnon, ■ which abuunda wilii 
gi od music ond much comedy. The 
bi-.rlescjue t^leidione skit proves Quite "" 
attra-ctlon. Another Kood act Is thai 
ptcividerl by MIhs Helma AValters and Mr. 
llcrb>rt Frank, who pre.sent a society 
birlesnue which ihey entitle "A 
Woman's Wwy." This playlet Is rcmar1<- 
ably well staged, and offers much to 

Violin playing of a very high order 
Is the feature of the contribution by 
Miss Rae Eleanor Ball. Miss Boil ha.s 
hud much concert and recital experience, 
and has the advantasc of havlnir V>c'on 
the pupil of aome masters of the vloUn. 
She ftj loudl! 



to 5 and 7 to 11". 
to 5.30 and 6.30 to 



Kobb«ir Sentenced 

April 11.-— Kdward Klns- 

mcAt* lil'l^l^lft Of tn« Unit, d KInK- 

SBSiat riBoEt Renfrew, ■20,000 feet of merchahtab!^ 

pa* acre, 20 per cent fir, 20 per cent cedar, 60 per cent 

;)^i. rThe soil i^Aeeft-ialadcL Inajn, 

iWllcept $2^ per act*; on terms d^ $$,O0p 

cash ;iwii.|Mrfance-i 'iand ? jrears at 6''pfer <^iattC 




Fruit and Poite Ranch,. , 

A splendid 5-acre ranch, revenue between $1,500, and 
$2,ooo: per annum, last season V fruit crop over 5 tons, 
to railway station, and within easy distance of city. ' Fruit 
trees 12 years old, never-failing water supply, good 3-rooni 

poultry houses and runs:'. "^First ra^dtJidtrtitig 

Only $5,000, on 
\ ery easy terms. 

cottage, .sheds 

and fishing. The best buy on the island 



Grimason & Bunne||^ 

329 Pemberton Building' 

Phone 228 

the »u4l^Bee 1» 
|ir.~«cul Ifni; St4ii^ Key* 
holds i^4»ase' ivtth a atOfflnr (iiid tAlkinff 
act. and' the Bmpreasoope ihowa some 
KOOd flime. These are of Brltlah raana- 
facture, Imported apeclally tor the Sm- 

Orjrstol Theatr»~"On Board an Bng- 
Uah Traintng Ship" will be shown for 
the last time today In connection wUb 
tho Tekular. pro^nramme. -This is a big 
feature film showing . yonns England 
l>fia>*rtn« fn fight fnr thair country. 


man. one ol" ihc men who look iiarl In 
the recent $2,500 taxicah robbery, l.a.s 
been sentenced to Sing Sing prison for 
three years and six moniha. He turned 
Informer on the others In the robbery 
and because of this he received a llglil 

IT. a. Bailroad rined 

.'^I'OKANK, Ami! II. -riie Chicago 
Mllwaukei ami I^uget Hound rallrojid 
was found guilty on the 33 counts 
chfirjrlna: a violation of the sixteen hour 
law for the ovieratlon of train crtws. 
In a dfeclston handed down yesterday by 
United Statejs District .Judge IluilUn 
and fined $100 on each count. 

,1. '\\'. Kengough, tne veteran Cana- 
dian Is making a chalk talk 
toui- of the provincial Interior. 



Arrived — 




-M.-F. Automobiles 

"XbO,. Stolen Mlokel" la an Bdison com- 
ed:^'dtama and Is a big feature subject 
In Itwif. It Is a dellghtfiU heart-ln- 
tereBt, picture of a typicaf small .boy,' 

1 Wester^ i,«Tbe bf^cifuliPAiiiids Of this aub-. 

^ ..4pet (Gwrdon of- Vt^^jOpAait -^ %re ^fta*;- 

tb«r{» ar« «oro« BrftU^ . iiHHHrtttlli 

-Yie*r% /WMM|»;4*if90ili plot and plenty 
■^.,f%fni.;«l|l**j^.lti'.t>reamland'' la 4' 
J uv«niie subject. This dolJghtful fan- 
tasy showi! jiis the land under the 
pansles . and battepcups, where very 
pretty fiatry .daaeos ta^ pUce. This is 
(i:|^3it||iiii^{ilet«ll,|^K^hlldrcn. .ind 
pamittti^ should not fad to let them see 
It^ "BArrs Court, London," la the 
^'centcrkMoi^j^k eood l^iOk ^- .ttmjf^if^il 
great amtljiMDBliHtt park, «|Mirlllt iEIItb* 
devices to amtifte. "Jealousy Kidled" la 
a PattaLfi draxnik well acted. Ilcmomber 
tImfeiMp|illi|,4|onday (wo acts of vaudc- 

^>fn e:j^i | |^ y*y -'•«"'' " of pictures win be 

imUt -^ ,%» am theatre. Monday. Tues- 
day and" Wednesday Jack Plcmlng, the 
vagrant musician, iind The Waynes, in 
singing, talking, dancing and novelty 
entei'tainlng, will be seen, Commenclnsr 
Thursday matinee, "Kane," the illus- 
tr!o\is ventriloquist, and "Hugo and 
Mando/.a." ^^panlsh sercnftdt-rs on thu 
violin, will be seen ThurBday, 
^ fend Saturday. Pictures change 
iiiy, Wednesday and Friday. Same 
e of admission. Vaudeville from 

Notice is licrttUy yiven that <«i^rj|ff^ 
ciegg, Henry IWBun and i';clwv9lft^SiJli$ 
ac# WPiyton to m» BxcellejBfcy.,«|(|^-qi!^,ii:'< 
. .iNffwr-Qwaaml pi Canada in^eosm»''0«''^ 
«pp«>«)||ki of the area pl«n%.; Mttt tthd 
4M«rIptlOD of works propoiiM' t<ii 1^ con- 
structed In We«t Bay. Viot»rl* tbrbor.' 
Victoria. ijHtllb Columbia, being th* 
lands i^tuate. iylag uid being and known 
aa Ziot 28,. Block I. Subdivision of 
BioolM 6 and 8. VIewfield, liSaqtutniaU 
District (Keg. plan No. ii%y and has 
deposited the area and site plana of 
the proposed w jrks and a description 
thereof with the Slln^ster of Public 
Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate there* 
of with the Keglstrar-Oeneral of l^ttes 
In the Land Registry Office in the City 
of Victoria. MHtlsh Columbia^ «na that 
the matter of the said application will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
Mo nt h < >e w rt te t i m e e < the flw t 


publication of this notice In the 
Dated thla 26th day of March. A.D., 



U. A JMk«»n. aoUcltor for tli«.{mt{« 



Moore & 


1014 Yfl^ St. 


1 — They are made by the famous Studebaker Company. 

2 — They are recognized throughout America as the best, value in Automobiles. 
3 — They have prpved so here pu the 1^'aciSc Co^st. \ .' ■ ' 

4— There is not a second-hand pi.-M.-F. lor sale in Victoria, Vancouv«f or Seattle., 
5— Every owner is satisfied. '" ' t^ . ' ' '.'. , , ,; 


4..*ti b. 


XottCe is hereby given that Andrew 
Gray, of Victoria, t*ritl»h Cohimt>ia, Is 
applying to Ills ExcoUenoy the Gov- 
ernur-General Of Canada In CoiincU, for 
approval of the area plans, site eud 
ddBcription of works proposed to be con- 
structed in oelkirii'u'ater, Victoria inner 
Harbor. Victoria, British Columbia, be- 
ing the lands situate, lying and being In 
thfc City of Victoria uforeaald, and 
known, numbered and described aa Lot 
Thirteen (13), ;$ection Ten (10), Esqui- 
mau district. British <;>3lumbla, and lias 
deposited the area and site plans of the 
proposed . works and a description 
thereof with the Minister of Public 
Works at Otte-wa, and a duplicate there- 
of with the Keglstrai- General of Titles 
In the Land Heglsiry Office in the City 
ot-j,^J,«|iol>ia, lUlti»lfe»jS!gb»nbla, and that 
th^lnHl^r °^ thfi||||||p||^pIlcatlon will 
be p itift e ^ded with *t'*l»e expiration of 
one inonth from the thne of the first 

fr— An E.-"M.-F. wMl run farther' oh a gallon of gasoline than any other ,30-l^iii]p^f«siiv 
7— Tfie ujikeep qosts leas for an E.-Mv^F. than any other 30-h.,„p. c»r. Ask thje^jfllii^who 
owns, one. • .' - ' 

8 — The vacuum oilingf system used on E.-M.l'. cars as*^nrc }<>u 

9— There is not aii E,-M.-F 




WO) mires 

lO— Because nie TE.-M.-F, Company 

Tlic iii>i car 

have a branch 



six years ago 

aild Portland 
where they stock over.^ worth of parts. This fact can only be appreciated by people wIk* 
have had other cars and parts, for same couid not be had on the Pacific Coasi. (hereby caus- 
in.'r the nwiier'to have the car standing idle for weeks waiting for parts froiii liie factory. 

}mbilc<itlon of this notice in the "■Canada 

I>ated this 18th day Of March. A.D., 






Notice Is hereby given that Albert 
George Sarglson and Albert Kdward 
Sargison. of VlojBtttei, British Oolurnbia, 
are applying to 

Bellency the Gov- 

ernor-General u£ Canada In Council for 
approval of the area plans, site and 
description of works proposed to be con- 
structed on Victoria Harbor. Victoria, 
B. C, being the lands situate and lying 
and being in the City of VicloriH 
aforesaid, and known, numbered and 
described as Lota U'93 and 1291, Beck- 
ley Farm Kstate, Vancouver Island, 
lirltish Columbia, and have deposited 
the area and site plans of the proposed 
works and a description thereof with the 
Minister of Public Works at Utlaw;i, 

auil a duplicate tlicroof with the Regis- 
trar General of Titles in the Land Reg- 
istry Office in the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, and that the matter 
of the said application will be proceeded 
with at the expiration of one month 
from the time of the first publication 
of this notice In the "Canada Gazette." 
Dated this 19th day of March, A. D^, 
191:;. — 




..liilM l lBlJ 



Which do You Like a Soft or a Hard Hat? 

vSomc men fancy one sl)lc, sonic I he other. 
many men wear both .styles, thus having- a 
pleasing change. Whi[chever is your choice 
vou may be sure wevvill have it in llie correct 
sliape and color for you. 

aiawes Von Gal. Stetson, Imperial, Christy 
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$2.00 to $4.00 

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Weight Underwear 

Tf you think it is too early to change to 
summer weight, we can sjiow you medium 
weights in fine Wolsey garments, all wool and 
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Summer weights in P.albriggan, Aertex, etc. 
All prices, 

50c to $2.50 per garment 

Let Us Show You These 
New Shirts 

At ^1.25 to ?2.00 

Most every color yon can fancy is Iierc. neat stripes as 
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'bosom style, also with soft French cuffs and .separate soft 
collars to match. A particularly good range of this latter 
kI \ If, See iliem in nur windows. 

;?1.25 to ^2.00 

J. N. HARVEY, Ltd. 

614 Yates Street 


127 Hastings Street West 


Our Clothing 


And you will find it bears abundant, evidence of ^ 
attention to each iittie detaji OT imish arror Tivyi^k-^^' 
manship. Every seam properly' sewn, all linf 
and trimminjj.s of the best thirt can fj|)98ibly 
in for the price asHed. These 4uaHti«* make 
sible for us to guarantee satisfaction . lor ^ 
we sell. Cloths irf dcmktkd ate— rovidl ^""^ 
smooth, dressy worsteds. ^^'^Ifr^l^fr^^ 
lar color which we are show^^ 


*, -1' ;!&* 


Sec bin- Vehraa «i I^13| 





Thursday, April 11, 1«12 





Amount of Annual Expend!- 
lures will rruuduiy oe riAtsCl 
by Council — Large Increase 
in Assessable Values 

Tonight the clylc estimates for tli« 
year will probably be brought down 
before the city council la conipleteil 
shape. A meeting of the oommlttei) 
appointed to consider the estlraatos was 
luld last evening at the city hall, but 
behind closed doors. The various con- 
t'.ntiou.-^ itPniK wi-re fully, sronn over. 

Since the first draft was before the 
council many changes and alteratloiiM 
have been made. With the additional 
expense occasioned by the repair of the 
^^mlth'a Hiii reservuai, thtj cost of 
Iv'hlch work will undoubtedly be in ex- 
cess. Of the flg-ure flnst given out, and 
other unforeseen expendlturfH the most 
careful consideration of the estimates 
has been required. When passed by 
the council the details will. ; usual, 
be Incorporated in the annual expend- 
itures, bylaw, -which wlU bg gut through 
its various «tHiHi]l^y s, ';.'< ,'. 

iP9 in m m * mlW mm the uUtlllllt ^ 
mp mf^ rate for t»* f«fife «Wb^. ?«*• 
fJSimt'hft city aase««er eM«%«|Jfh« 

assessment roU and the cburj^'qt, f!||K 

vision Bits, The assessor mU«li WJHTO.", . 

the roll to the council by ^e" en« Or-i^' 

next Wtl^lJtl>> Z4MtVy 

The increune in values during tlie past 
year will undoubtedly «reati.v swell the 
asatsament on lands thl» year. Im- 
provements last year were not taxed. 

It is probable that Alderman Cuth- 
berl'8 motion that Mr. Thomas H. Maw- 
»on, the eminent landscape architect, be 
engaged at a remuneration of It.OOO to 
prepare plans for the beautif Ication of 
the parks and open spaces of the city, 
nn well as or Mount DouKlas Park, will 
be again considered. It was taken up 
at last Monday nights meetmg, bui ieii 
over until the estimates were again 
considered. • 

Following the council session, tl>e 
streets commitlee will meet, when the 
report of the special committee com- 
posed of Aldermen Stewart, Okell, An- 
derson and Baker, which visited south- 
ern cities and at last Monday nlshfs 
meeting presented llie results of it.s in- 
vestigation into the class of pavlnK 
laid In the south, will be taken up. 
While this report made no recommend- 
ation, and only gave a synop-sls of the 
various types of pavement and the de- 
cree of durability of each, as demon- 
strated by actual use In those cities, 
the asphaltlc concrete Is stated In the 
report to have apparently Jfiven satla- 

racUouv -^ ■ ■■ ■■• 

A nytriber of local linprovero 
works will also be oonsldered. 


Thousands of Applications to 
be Disposed of During Fort- 
night—Tribunal Has Heavy 

'IMtt l»t», 

the fixed date wa» iO'MXtB on th« d«|> 

lar. the rate being struck at 8* iqUlMit' 

with . one-sixth off for prompt pay- 

.-»«RV U, is XM .^8trc of the council 

lapt y 

■"•ffejfjj- :l*^ 

'^^^ii.iftn^M^.'^^ better. ^''nirhiKe 
the assessment roll for the year i« still 
to be revised by the assessor. It is pre- 
dicted that there will be an increase In 
the assessable values of lands and Im- 
provements of at least $20,000,000. The 
total assessment last year was ?60,- 
007.000. of which $46,516,000 was on 
lands and $13,461,000 on improvements. 

Slviaer Is Conanlteft 
South Vancouver municipality, which 
has been spending thousands of dollars 
m an effort to oM|to,4|Mrt;;;w«tfr Iqr 
the district's ne«4^ lrtiWi|i,weU after 
well, but without dJscov«i^f water at 
Ihe bottom, Is now in con»Wt»tton with 
A'aelf-Jitylea '^i^lifft" -tT'WW*-^**?*^^- 

The provlnclul water board, com- 
posed of Mr. J. K. Armstrong, chief 
water commissioner, and Mr. G. Gray 
Donald, will sit at central points in 
the Okanagun during the next two 
weeks, their judicial duties beginning 
on the 17th and couiluuing until the 
29th. In this short period they expect 
to determine applications an.l appeals 
In water rights matters running Into 
">,-,*6Veral thousands, from which It may 
■j^SwIfflj^r ga t n e red laat the co.Ti.iu3~.-"--'" 
"llSre .some busy days in storu Cur ihc-m. 
The work of the water board is ex- 
ceedingly Important and especially 
difficult, involving as It does an Im- 
menae amount of detail Investigation 
and the application of wide kpowledge 
of provincial conditions. There will 
be. for example, hundreds of applica- 
tions for wtter «?» fo*?*. iHMft^""** 

iBltlon— the' <|ivHi«r ' ^S0i^' 
•water at $860 per *lvi 4W , 

money. ' / '•■' 

XlttW . lURlBllbAtioitf 

QOndttton W«* compiled wtttit 

^UHPPl»««WH in «»wt position ^ 

luiSiB^ iniiirl. liowevw, •how that Wi 

m«MMUleii. in the miUt«r ot irrt^« 

t|MbW'<>UMrwl««« «<iuai i^* «qaount of 

^l^^^ipp^ for. Otbcrwlw )te i" »>- 

;>Stm»«r4H|ty ao much of the water M 

' ha ttp a c tu a l m e * " > ■ gcrnprtwrY «B 

common sense and a profound appre- 
ciation of e<iuity. 

Not only It know Just how 
much preoipltatlon on an uveragr- can 
be depended upon for ths uses of each 
Applicant, the character of the land to 
be worked, and what amount of water 
will actually be necessary in He work- 
ing. Natui-Htly hay crop, cereals, fruits, 
eto., all have their varying water re- 
Gulrement capacities — and knowing 
this In each case la part of the com- 
mlSBlonera' business. 

Since Us establlshnu-nt the water 
hoard has been working with excep- 
tional smoothness nnd etliclency. and 
from tens of thousands of cases dealt 
with, there have been virtually no ap- 


8 ■,. m. 

Point Grey— KaluinK; wind N. W.: 
29. &7; 42; sea. smooth. 

Cape Lazo— Foggy, rain; wind S. K.; 
29.72: sea smooth. Spoke, Princess 
Beatrice at 11 D.u... off Powell Kivcr. 

Tatoosh— -Part cloudy; wind W., 10 
miles; 211.74; 4«, sea raesleraU. 

Ph chena-^-Clear: w: 
29.41; 40; lig'ht swell. 

■Eslevan — ("loudy; 
43; sea moderate. ^ .f. 

Triangle— Foggy; wImT' 
80; dense. Spoke, Chicago at 7 p.m. oK 
Goose. J^apii V »»C)f^«U«tf i'^ JSIffiffi 

<•; ^^ •fdPot^ 'in-city Ot sc»m •« 

amm li«ry. «t lOM j^m^ >n#lswM>l»4b 
^^yHpFCc »>»iit-<acM: :«*i«i(»t ••• 


bar. 29.7 4; 


p.m.' — 

Steamer Harle«den; tug Dearlsi* 

Ing two barges, 4.46 p.m. 

Cape Lazo — Cloudy; N. W., light, bar. 
29.7 2; temp. 48; sea smooth. 1 p.m. — 
Princess Kva. southbound. 

Point Grey — Overcas't; 
temp. 47; light bw«11. 

Pachena — i.'luar; S. W.; 
temp. 40; sea moderate. 
Spoke Tfes off CUipe Cook, soutlibound. 
Triangle — Overcast; S. W.. 15 miles; 
bar. 29.10; temp. 42; light swell. Prin- 
cess Koyal. Queen Cliarlolte bound, 4 
p.m., northbound. 

Dead Tree Polilt — Cieudy; calm; sea 

Ikeda— Clear; W., ligljt; bar. 30.44: 
temp. 50; sea emooth. 

Prince Rupert — Gveivast; W. ; bar. 
29.18; temp. 53: sea emoolh. Spofce, 
Spokane, 4.30 p.m.. due Prince Kuperl 
S p.m., northbound. 

8triunNhip MDVcinenlN 

SB.\TTL,E, .\pi-ll 11.— Arrived, HChoouer 
CUse, Euglu Harbor. Ballert. 8tuamei-a Dul- 
iihln. S^kagway; Atlai, Taotmiu, tug Huiiliii, 

KAN FriANCISCO, April 11.— -Arrived. 
Btcaiiier* Honolulu, Honolulu: Nan 8mllli, 
Coos Bay; Watson, Seattle; Oolumbitin. 
Sallna Crux; Goldsborough, Bremerton; 
_Btiiitlitevoii, Norfollt. Va. Sailed, .iteanx^rs 
ijijs'ebraisltan, fol. iti. i.. I'ibK'-. Vihj k^ :•■. 
■WilUmctie. x..,»tti>: I'nomaB i.. '>V:inii. •;..- 
coma; G. C. I. Hoqulant ■: U;ir- 

bor; bark ata ; ' an^J, BflK " ' 

Espada, Grays HuiUor,^ ^.^ „ 

SHANGHAI. Apiii IfM^plved previous- 
ly. Beller-ii!'.-; i,lvorpo«l.'fSfiWl(»(mi|r 

LOS AN'.;i;i.i:.s. April thiii^mf^ **»?• 

A. Blaney of f^outh Francois 1^^# 
the possessor of a live, fully gro|W|^^|| 
ver fox. the animal— probably the Urst 
ever caught alive in this province- 
having Ijeen caught by a local Indian. 
Mr. Blaney now "only wants a mate" 
for his prize in order to. Start a fox 
farm. • ' — 

iMiuSili may then bo «nmt«d » *«cl* 

^ ^^^M the w^tcr »ot rMi|irf4 tor thcli 

" 4JU1 auttc pQMlbly ccm* o««j 

mimM witf'W •«*ttt'* «WJS^5! 

'Siek- to^U^li1&on of *^^^^^ 
as this third does riot use. 

The board now has the advantage of 
the data gathered in recent compre- 
hensive water surveys, but It must 
Vrring- to bear In Its work very much 

light; 2>.7X: i^i 8«k smooth. 

■^ -iiaiMth. ft«maMr«ta«U tiwFtbbQ«uaia« 
29.71; M"; eea hiofleisite. CWtrt-awlre** 

■' Urn "'. ! • II m i i I III I II I I m l' 

J«o^t67 »zovlseS« Jttrftnutt 
•WilUam <more comnfionly known S9 | 
"BMiy") 8t»PlJ. « son ot ««•» Jr«o«f | 
ma0% ^0 ym ichown Vn^ottvcr wtt- * 

•ift Sylllih e»lom.bMm to J«in tM »^ 

ot Uii hlv^a^ih. he b(^lnf now p^ 9m 
TOM. •»«#»!»» IH»ht «cje|iee Wt|h,*h« 

Some Good 

No. I.— On Johnson Street— Six-roomfed modern 
house, lohnson is bound to be a business street in 
llic"neai- luuirc. $1,600 cash and $20 per month. 

p $5,000 

Price •pt^jvr 

NfiiiAiBE-On Oak Bay;s most beautiful street— Mon- 

^ayeniic South, 5-i-MMncd hiiiigalnw, fully 

modern, $t ,oOQ^cash^ M^'V'S . '-^° ^^' "'"^"i^;: 
Price , ^^^T^m^MkMx ?4,500 

i, modern. 

'3v-"^a6f^to^an Street— Six- 

"Ism #^4i ^M^t /P 

■ fopms, iW»H[in every way. .^tiSfl«|^alance 


Ick at 8.60 a.m.; Nome City at 9\a,tn. 
Pachena— Clear; calm; 29.45; 46; light 


6 p.m. 

Tatoosh— Clear; W., 15 miles: bar. 29. 
76; temp. 48. Inside, bound out— 

«€ th* hM^ nmttoar kvtateff of 

•■ '«''0«l>ttl« PHOWne— the coe^ 

6W''-pftHt, ■' -h^F'#»n<^'^rr,'''<^19f ,: .^.* '' 
suwimer. "Billy" Stark, ha4 t||<||^;^taii|It' 
of Introducing the motor In Vanciiirtmr. 
He is the fourth British Columbian to 
take up aviation .seriously, three others 
being Victorians, Mes-f«rB. J. D. McCur- 
dy, J. B, Woods and rW.QlbeSn. 

Bids Fair to be a Record Month 

Our strong values and smart styles are 
appealing to men who appreciate real merchan- 
dise/ at a MODERATE PRICE. Saturday is 
to be a "bumper" day. See our special window 



Shirt Department 

Comprises ^^^^^^^g ^^^^^ designs in 
the newer shirt If^s at $1.25 to- $2.25. 
They are made with a soft double cuff 
and soft collar, detached or with ihe 2- 
inch stiff cuff coat style. Our plain 
blue and striped wool taffetas at $4.00 
and $4.50 are beautiful goods. Be sure 
and see them. 

Spring Weight 

In natural wool; Hsle thread, silk and 
wool, linen mesh and Balbriggan, in 
Iwo-piece and combination style, at 50c 
to $3.00. A garment guaranteed un- 

W. G. &■ R. Athletic Underwear 
$1.00 per suit. 

Wri;i i-5 acre. $800 in fwo years. 

Price . . . ,:.,,^',;^.. ..,...: .^ ....-•••■?■ r * * •+*'*^' 

No. 7.— Oak^^^enue— 115x120, 8-roomed house, 
fully modern. $3,000 cash, balance easy. 

No. 8.— On Moss Street— 5-roomed bungalow, all * 
modern. $1,500 cash, $35 per month. Price $4,750 

No. 9.— Shawnigan Lake— 5-roomed house, lot 1V2 
acre. $800 ca.^h, balance in two years. Price $2,000 

Proper Clothes Suits 
At $15 to $30 

T^lade iust the wav you like them, with regular 
and full peg trousers. Try on the new models 
and see how beautifully the coats fit around 
the neck and shoulders. You'll notice that 
easy, graceful swing in our garments that is 
not apparent in other makes. 

Our Serge Suit values arc particularly 
strong at $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 and $30.00. 
We consider them the best on the coast. 










A New Hat Showing for 

Saturday at $3, $3.50, $4 

Some of the smartest blocks of the season will 
be on display. They're made of the finest ma- 
terials in shapes to suit all faces. We will see 
that youf hat suits you before you buy, as a 
becoming hat is most essential to correct dress. 

We are exclusive agents for "Roelofs Smih' 
Hats" and also show the newest styles from 
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You'll like our Hat showing. 

Imported English Neckwear 

At 50c, 75c and $1.00 will be shown on Satur- 
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Dent's Chamois Gloves, $1.00 


In grey, yellow and fawn shades, for ladies and 
men. Also complete lines of Dogskin Mochji 
and Suede in tan and grey, at $l.oo to $2.25. 

Hatters and 

81 1 -1 3 Government;'; 
St., 0pp. P. 6. 



' "IxiiiJiAil 

n ,;J^iili,.klliLlJ<Ai,: 

if^.'", .iL.liM)f, L'\ II, , itfVa fitf 


J. L. Punderson & Co., Ltd 

Roonis 5 and Brown Block, Broad Street" \ 
A. E. MITCHELL, Manager Real Estate Dept. 

Phone 1206. 


rooms, between Richardson and Fairfield, beauti- 

ful view, niixlern In ever.v respec 

t. For a home you can't beat it. For 

a spec, it's excellent. C 

ash »2000. Price. f 8000 

All particulars from: , 


Phone 2808. 

685 saywwra Block. 


The Table Water 

of the 
Duke of Ck>iiiiaii^t 

Weak Heart 

MwT people aaffer {fo* wmIc bweto. TWr 
•floe thortnM* of biwth M flUwrliM. P^ •«<•' 
or diisiy fedUait. oppffa«fd l)i(MAia# «fMf 
•YM beeoiaic bUirMd,> dMAr feMrt it #»l MT 
to pomp blood to the •i^MttUiw. Miliar 
•ttd lMt» Of pe«r«MMlilt l«f"W.'"f' 
tottwtteanob. A l Wi Ortt Jtf " *g iff ^j-m ^°fT M ii,- 


mar (Himiioii 

t *:!''; 


:'y!tj^»'x '■v.i-a'^ 


, ■Mmm !».?i»-»'i'S«^«»«»iWi*f5'''**'''<«>**'* 





Hfekmaini Tf 

C(0)Mpainif 9 Lfimnt 



h « 


The Corbin Door Cbeck to close ttiedoorj Gpr- 

bin Ball-bearing bronze butts |@|^rry it; a Gorbin 
Unit Lock to secure it. Such an equipment is a con- 
stant source of pleasure and adds a dozen times its 
cost to the value of the home. Glad to show goods 
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Be Sure It IS a Corbin 




But NO pumps like 

The Red Jacket Pumps 

fti^: \ y-. 


h •'. .,'v,.'. 




Oo 'J'-ocr;: itiR T70od ia a jiCy, vrtL'.'. 
lUUe clTort." The bla^c i? tapcrci, so t jnt 

rresL-t bind or rWei in Ilia jroc<l. iiacle 

rutiiSx cdRe. T?i« handle pcrmito a coni- 
foilr.bfc position. Cost co more tiaa Uic 
old "good euouRh" kiud. 

Roy BO iSftins— Ix-- sure it bci~ curnaTSi. 
If It 'lo'"=n't lunkc vou Ice! mere fncud.j 
to your \vood-piU:, briug it bacUto iia aud 
get your money bact. 


All PiiMPre good, but, 

The picture shows the difference 

Red Jacket Pumps 

I V * aT And they are 

ffl^vcr "SO EASY TO FIX" 

^ACilt' l^pX 'EM YOURSELF" 

They pump easier and last longer, a 

child can pump them, and when 

they need fixing, it's easy. 




■ -u-fT T . ; r 


We carrv Babbit ^letals in all grades. 

:n r 


Carborundum Stones 

Gold Medal, Charleston, 1902 

Combination Stones— These" stones ^i^^^^"^^ 

e>i.ccially for carpenters and.. mechanics,i^^~. 

They are made with one face of coarse and one 
face of very fine grit. The coarse side can be used 
for shariicning dull tools, the fine side to bring the 
required keen, sharp edge. 

Round Combination Axe Stone— The Carborun- 
dum Round Axe Stone has several decided advan- 
tages. It is a" combination stone having ^ne side 
coarse grit and the other fine grit, the same stone 
takes out the nicks and giv- ihc finished edge 
(iiiickly, and it is of such convenient size and shape 
as to be easily carried in the workman's pocket. 

No. T96. 3in. dicyneter by ->8 in. 

Knife Sharpener — .\ round shaft of Carborun- 
dum, firmlv mounted on handle by a steel rod extend- 
ing its entire length, giving it strength and durability. 

Ornamental Fencin 

Ornamental Gates 

Lawn Fencini? 

Field Fencin; 

\\c c;!rry an exceptionally well assorted slock of ihe above class of 
fencing, including the two well known niakes of 

"Rex" Building Paper 

Sanitary, Insulating, \^^aterproof and Vermin Proof. 
Does not rot and crumble away as inferior papers do. 

9 59 

Slatine Roofiri; 

In 1, 2 and 3 Ply 

SLATINE ROOKiN(r is fire, acid and gas proof, 
unaffected by extreme heat or cold, weather-proof 
and indestructible. Has a specially protected weather 
coating, consisting of a heavy layer of mineral rubber 
in which is embedded a coat of fire-Te sis ting and 
weather-proof material. 


Both the above makes can lie thoroughly relied upon— otherwise 
we would not be carrying them in stock. 

It's "Hickman Tye's 
for Spray Pumps 



Knapsack Spray Pumps 





,' V't <rtit •B'-i.'.'Vi.i'iV '• i'lvvi' »■•••'*? '. 

From Mouse Trap to a Bear Trap. 

Our Phones 

OFFICE 2043 

Prompt attention to 
phone orders. 



Shovels and Spades 

nuts a pressure of I7?4 pounds on your forearm. A 9^ weight 
on a common shovel puts a pressure of 20^ pounds on youi; 


spade was designed (by one of the most practical concrete men 
in the world) for forcing the concrete back from the forms afid 
aUowing the thin mix to run out against the forms. It is th« 
only spade that will not clog up and beeome unfit for use if 
neglected. For this reason any laborer^can "se it and get just 
as good results as a skilled man, and it is NOT AS EXPEN- 
SIVE as others. 






Wholesale and 

rj ' 



k. 7'imm 


\ — ~ — — — 





Friday, April 12, 191i: 


uiu- tuni a woKl t'ttiti iii««rtloii. 10 iier 
<-..u dLcouiii I"' »';<■ '"• "'"f'-' cou«.wutls« 
,,.»,•• Uons-.»»l> wliU order. No ttdverllse- 
li.piit aiieplrd for less than 31> cents. 

Hu»liK-»B ttiul 1'ri.fesslonal CarUii— of four 
ilnis ui uriduf -»1.UW V^f wuck. 

No aa\tiil»sme.vt <hiirKoa oa account tor 
U»a than fli.UU. 

f huog No. 11. 

BI.HINK8M UIllBCTOBV (Conlluoe*) 

ri^HOMPSON, W. K. II.. 3:'J Sayward Block, 
i Mfr. Flrr and Acold.MU In»ur«n. •'. 
LoauH and ABrcfinenta »alf nrgotimyd. 

Try a hca;ilnK doublr 


U. by 


\ m-HlTliCT— \V. U. Van SIclen. sp.Mlallst 
iX I,, ai.urlmenl house and tlotfl di'aljsnlMK 

Hjid nii'di.i'u 


iZi aaywaiu 

W'UUU— I'heap fuel 

>1 load of »hc.rt i ut mill-wood, acll\"ie<l 
in any part of the city at »:i f. t> ' ' 
(■ain«ron Uuir.bPr Co. , . phone Sg4. 

VUCHTAKlNG — B. C Kuneral Furiilsh- 
K I'D. (Hayward'al. 1016 Goy<>rnnient 


A HT CiUAS.S— A. F. Uoy. over thirty yearn 
J\. .jxpiTlenco in an i;la»s leaded lights 
tor rhuroh(>ii, sohoola i-nd private dwelluign. 
WurkH anil atoie !)10 I'andora at., next to 

Mitliodl»t chnri-h . I'lioni; tlX. 

'i»AGGA«t: delivery — Vlclcrla Transfer 

r> CO,. I ,td. T el, :a9. 

"|»l-rE I'rlntlnu — Kleclrlc Uluc I'rint and 
J"> Map Co., mi I^ngley nl. Blue pnnt- 
ine. maps. drauBhtlns: .le«.l.-r« In surv.y- 
..r»' Inati'umeiiH and drawing ofll<.e auppUwa. 



t)01CUlNl,)fc:ilS— Thi; i^uloniHl has Mh« 

host bookblndrry In the province; lUtj 

suit iB equal In propoi-tloii. 

iTTL£S — All Kinds ot bottles wanted. 

Good prices paid. Victoria Junk 

Agency, 1620 St ore at.; phone 133l>. 


C in. -„ - , 

»t. I'roMiui utlenllon. Charges reaJionuU.... 

I'hont-* i-'aar., i!:-3«, 2:s7. iaas, 2239. chas. 

Haywiird, president; K. Hay ward, aeirelary; 
1". IlBHullun. nianaKer. 

JHOUESAI-E Dry Goods — Turner. Beeton 
& Co., Ltd , wholesale dry gouds Im- 
piirtira and raHHufaciuiers. uii-n's furnlah- 
InKs, l«nt8, •■Big Horn" brand shirts, ovor- 

alls. Mall orders attended to. 

\\rn<Jl^K:.«Al.E Wines and IJquors — Tur- 
T> ller- Beeton Co., Ltd.. Whlirf St., Vlv;- 
torla -vvhulesah- only. All the leading 
brands of Uauors; direct Importers. Writu 
lor llets and j-ijces. 


AUCHtTECT — Joim Hallewell. 1303 Broad 
St.. room 4. upstairs; previous experi- 
ence hi apiiriment houses 
blocks; over twenty years' 
Cajiada and England. 

UCUITECT— Plana prepared for apart - 

HKLP WANTED MALE (Cont t""*^) 

Real Estate Men-Wanted, a young 

n with experlenc. tor ""^'^V*,, „.!d 

xpeMence and salary redUlKd. 

Box 16U». 

a '«tro"ng~^l.oy about }'^- 

a ^-aciory, _Ba»llou »^ 

ANTEU. at, once, tor high elf 

HBU WAyTBP— g BMALB (Co»tU iu«<) 

~ l»i with hou*c 



T .ANTED, young g.rl to ossl y«.i„» 

work, good horns. Apply U»tl ^ ale» 

lagi, «ialu 


VV Big Horu Uvsri 



till eol. 

tirA.NTEt), at oace. 

VV Apply <::■,> I-'"!-* •' 

flrsl-class lalloreas. 




W tl^ng' proposition '""-V,/''„T .u.o 
uf good "i'I'"-"»--,/r'^.^s «" h 
Uu.,ly ni Lcssary. ^'^^'^t ,,,,,, 
as to eharactr. Box 7 1 UColoulsl^___ . 

■ — ^.- --r~:~ If.. Apply 

WANTED, good 
1783 Kort si. 

boy. about If'. 

\\; ANTEU, 
>y who 



man for -^ ,,,«,- 

. understand, -he '^"•''J«",„ "L°ox 
ml g>.od sultsmun. APPiy 

\ V'.'^.N'TiaD. goo 

>V tlou In country 

tun rd. 

d maid foi- temporary po»l- 
Apply »6- Pember- 

Xi'OUNa man ohatleur wishes P""'?"^ 

A eoui.try prcteritd; good references. Box 

iTi Colonist. 

employment on 
X geutlemiurs farm, Vanoouvej- J'^'^'i^- 
anxious to Itarn whole routine, «ood work- 
er. Wrlio particulars to 
office. Maywood, Vlctorli 


Joliu Clyde. I'oBi 

IIILDKHS. here Is a good buy for you. 

I corner -f Transit and \Aalter; l'J«» | 

us; makes three dand\ lots' fur the price 
of two; >210U on eaey terms Apply owner. 
1', O. Box 734, clt^^ 

BlJlbUBHS" opportuuHy In Oak Bay. two 
btixlOI. Ion on Uavle »t., water and 


rBOrERTV rOB IAI-B (C— ll«n«*» 

W0;TE1>, reliable «oman to do general 
houaework, t«o days a wiek. 

1 I81t .MiMJ'luro *i. 



:;u'.;, Modlclne Hat. 



TANTED-^lood Udy J-,';^,';°"-J.,,es and 

Isher. Gibson s 
Uroa<l .Stre et. 

^ tor 



light housu- 

k and plain cooking for family of 

At .Tn^ ^ Aooly_::03 3Jnm»;_s^l'-"--t- 

l_ a. general servant for a 

«VnaU family, good wages. Apyly til 

Vv H. Wllkerson, 14 lu_Barj;l.Km_8|.2"J: 

Tii"N'rED a~g<"'U «».riii waitress; »10 a 
7 A.N I*-", _a^ B^_,_ _^ ^^^^_ Olympua 

VV work 
■•-"ur. At 

Y\/ ANTED — A « 



olio mluuiM from two can. 
Owner, Box 1116 Colonist. 


f\. govc 



mtllon S 
rness; reiereAOeS. Box 

\)», Cul- 

IBACHEn seeks 

nces. BOX ;:ua 

lady, "hBvTn"f~Iust~ arrived 



»\i;aN1'K'^- carrier 
V'V Victoria WesC 
colonist Circulation Depacunem 

(;olunlst route in 
Apply at tne Daily 

and business 
experience In 

Sandham & Lester, 
vlcw. Vuncotivor, B. C. Uesldence 40!. Bth 
Ave. \V. Estimates lurni»Ue« ou applIca.U"h. 

lUUDING Movers 
building movers and contractors. 

/^\FE— .Money properly Invested leads . to 
Kj' fortune. Thin r«?sult may be aUalned 
).y purchaslnjt the best 36c meal in the city 
I, the Strand CafcH 



A nCHITEi^T — Jesse M. Warrou, 414 Say- 
Ji\ ward Building, Victoria, B, C; phone 
3097. ______i_— - 

AHCHITECT— r-. Snwv>o,l --.Vatltliir, -.••-"- 
1 and 2. Green BIk., corner Trounca *ve. 
itnd Broad. Phone 2188;. res. jhone Ut 

,7ANTE1>— For the sa 

le of a paying prop- 


CtAKB and RestaAnant- 
J Itostaurunl. con . 
i.i',. .Meals I6c and 

-Occidental : CaCe 

• und Johnson 
.sfactiun guar- 


Dealers — Wni. 

•bt MacLacltlan bugelea> 
iH beaten tor durability. 

XX er 

Griffiths. lOOU 

yJ^akm «iurpenter Mlir; 

v; Tipctlon with «ftri.«W»<WSBM!W. WW|" 

J nectlon with JMWr+ ,, 
r; O'Brien Br6g.;vSli(!pl*J 

RCHITKCT— H. S. , . ji 

ernment a t., phone 14"8»; \' ''': '.'" ' | -i ii^-' 

ARCHITECT— Thomaa K<«W«»fr:^ljS*ft*: 
tice in B. C. for 26 y«IU»> f-x»>|H»t^S^ 
apeclflcationa tatnttb^ 9lt 
Office New itoyat f | i<BB BW fcp^ ^^ 

ViJANTED—ror i..^ "•"",: .hire Is a iln« 
VV osltloa. to a B°"<*„"\'^'„," Apply 326 
opening. «'»eK a,id >"'' ,;"-J,'''r 10 ll. 
I'iMnbertoii Block, -JJ-u l'> Jf'_J _ 

VV llcUoPB that can '"y/*^ ♦f.^; concerns 
. ,. Hox ilOl Coloiiliit. 

W week, six days 



. . _ p*fin>9 

TX^ANTl'TT., girl to assist with >'»^«r«'-Jt 
W and take out baby. Apply -'ll, BoJle- 

\ille »1._^ ^ _.__, • 

Tli7rBl> cook tor apartment 18, FU'd 
"Apartment,. Apply after 8 P- ni. , 

white p referred. ■ — 

ANTBU millinery maker or improver 
at otice . at Chrlstlne-s, J 3»_£on_g:^^ 

-./n?:i:y."Lr,!: a^" n^. 3^ 

willing and obliging, have good re.''-^;"^"^- 
«iwl not object to country tnear \U;lorla). 
V«v c^omloriable hou.e and good Japanvxu 
^•%,.';°f,n K.-pi. Apply in first Insia..'.- 

girl I'or light liouBe 
■ i.ply Oli. auperlor Ht. 

i yocsG 1 — , 
j;\_ ._„„•. i.-nijif>n<i i» de»Li-ouB or •touring 
^niploymeni' as a housekeeper, or would 
take care of children. Itulerences rtqulird 

and glvpji. Answer: Box 41. Colonist^ 

i-l iTbS; M .i'K I .-rjl'au 1 1 rrT » ^ """ • r 'J^esses. 
U evening dresses, IbuJ Quadra si,, 
pnono Ui"au. 

XJ fro 

in Winnipeg 

wania aelnB \>y the day; 
I'hone K1470. 

i:i:NABy~A iurgo ttltt. lol near B. C 
SS rlciiTsoU, fruit trees, watci, «6xli;0 each 

l,-v.i;it a.itl a half acres In strawberries 
r «„o i„ganbe.rles, 3-room shac-k, cook 
«lM%r. heater, good we", i "'"«" ""'•",",! 
ules (rom station; »4t.0«, unns, owmi. 
Box 3X8. t.'ulonlst. ^„__-. 



Lt.. Lake— EroHtage also on Sooke road 
acres, make a 'plcndld hotel slte^only 

13200 on Nery essy term 
111- Cjovernmeni »i. 

U. S. LiClghtoU, 

Uy., for »7o0: cash »2"6, balanie 
ears. Box 326, Colonial. 

• L'K-N'HIDE rd.. north side, 2 splendid .on, 

prlco for yujck sale, jmiO each; third cash. 
A. T. JjYampton, 

C-100D level building lot, 4Uxl06 on U»^'* 

i »t,, sewor and waier. ofie short bloek 

from Oak Hay and Kort St. cars. ^^H>. 
ifrin", <>wn»r. Box 1114 Colonist, 

GORGE water and road frontage, large 
lot. well treed; cheap. B. M. 8haw, 
7211 Eorl St. ^^^^ 

t it I r oi L 



NS'atis, ot 

07 1^4 YalOB St., begs to announce that 
ihe late7i styles for spring and summer 
iXr are to hand, i'erfect cut and tit guar- 
anteed, at moderate c harges. 
^'xTeiUKNCEI,' la.iy wants P°«'«''''tt »'* 
hj manageress in large ■■"""^''\>{^^"'jj',^'t 
UiK house or country hotel, with view 10 
pl^tn ersnlp. Box 7ai^_Co'"°^'^- 

M' AllIUlCD woman r'"i' 
housekeeper; h>. 

Ui, Cc^iii.s 

BI.'YI':R.S waiting, houses wanted, lota 
wanted, acroago wanted; nanl your 
ll»t, quick. V- <i. Borteous, 7UT'/. Yates St. 
r^rHl.lN K.iai7: King . rd.. 5«xl3«: prlc. 
\J on terms. $860. .1. U. Bowes *. Co., Hi 

7MlAl'\l.\s"tU. iSx'l39 to lane, J141.U; »i:0 
\J cash. Cheapest buy In the ]• airfield 
I'i^slate Arthur Coles. Broad St. Phon e »««. 


A\.V acre. Graham street. |2,2i0; south 
of Flnlsyson. Box 213 Colonist. ■ 




a main street 
i-room housi 

TT17ANTED, immediately, experlencea lady 

W stenographer •t»^^i«i^,JiV.Si!i'*: ^ 
operate small teW 

aly -wuh rctcrenciip, J— ™22;, 



XJ oniMa. ssi-Sts PwaUrtour Bloc*, w. 
tilia I>»veT«l»fne44t. w»terwortMU «•«•»«• 

Srwu SaktinM»-43kir« * »cantot—9M' 

imtintlmftfr cn»»»Pfi ,P; ^ fft 7' ikiiy 

'^ID. tender, oi. «^* *«" '"tUl 

and •1«*?«»«*|««>2S«"^'b«»^» B»^ »««* 


Siaitp »•»»«?•" .Sf'SS. 

boi> W ^wa t«wj | » * 


CHIMNEY Sweep — Lloyd, ChtlittWJ' 1 
Phone F2183. 

J cd. dyed.' i*^ii ■■?■■*■- ■w«"»«»^i»»- 

brellas and porasols made, i-epalred «^l,J»r:, 
covered. Guy "W. Walker, 708 Johnafft jp»« 
Just east of D ouglas; phone L.1261. v, : ' 

LOTHES Cleaning — Wah Chong, ladles' 
and Rents' dry cleaoilng, pressing and 
repairing on short notice. 1725 Gorernment 
Ht . "V'trtorla, B. C. ■ . 


McOr««or. J. V. Tetapi9toat. x. * »»•»». I i*rANTED— Sma,rt bpjf^^nwjr-™ 
SlSSS'^dWtmentr'cbijaew, Cg^^g. W^«Sp!^o b^glne... Apply S*.*w 


i_/c»rM i 1 •>- ■ 
die af.. 

, . .s Mtuatlon aa 
^ed. Box 

s position 
iHt; rcfer- 

liiip by "ild- 
,ou..u(. Box S8«. 

Exi'cllent silo ("i grocery store on 
close In, big lot, new 
juse full basement, easily iron- 
verted lo shot. |3,b00, or nearest cush of- 
fer, owne r. Box 261 Colonist. 

UEAUEU lot In Newport ave. 
1 jnd ♦: 
Apply J<lr. Tyier, Oak 

AlU-TAl-V St.. fine builder's proposition; 
block of four lots, including two cor- 
ners 220 (.n.HaullBln St., by 100 on SScolt 
• nd .-hakes peine; this makes (Ivo good 
l(,m on Hanlialn et.; for a lew days on y 
111 »31i,(i. imperial Realty Co., i.4G Bastion 

CIUEAUEU lot in .Newport a-\-:., Oak Bay 
J »10iio ;(.-ftSh J4.'6 Jnd $26 monthly. 

Owner leaving town, 

Bay Posloffice^ 

/ tliOVBRDALE snap — Cloverdalo and Ald- 
K er; corner. l>l^xli;7; »S4 0«; third cash. 
Owner, 122 Hcmbcrton Building. ' 



EFINED young "udy, """■'»««"'^, '''J!^! 
;*.«Nftbi!».-.«*e«''''* position a» childreaK,** 

—uiiail.-. person *ai»t^ ; 


im to help with XlfW 

■— "Ut* — ' 


gn^rai mnra^t 
Ik ' Avpiy Mont* 
%l oSf^ P.O. 

OMOX VsUov— -For sale cleared 

* ' lea.'yil farms, sea fror.iaga and 

, 11. 11. il. Bead noil, local 

ay lands; r-.-al "Slate 

HERE'S a chance to bny a lot on I.lndun 
live, near MadCenale at. high and diT. 
Jiar,*) cash, or »210O, »T00 canh, bal. on 
teims. .\ddre8M Hnx 34 1. fplonlsl. ^ 

HOI.,LY\VO».)U snaps— Kalrfleld rojtd, fine 
lot $1400; Wililwood ave,, »li60; easy 
terms on th«i above; Herbert Cuthbert 4: 

Company, i'Ji Eon at. _^___ 

TZIX)L,X.yWO<)lS Cresfeni, fodng the water. 
-tXand adjoining lot on Robertson st., 
south front; price »18flO. third cash, ba ,. 
1 and 2 years. There Is no better buy in 
Hollywood and the price Is low. J. It. 
Bowes & <"o., 04 3 Fort St.; phone 2724. 

,< |,M— 'Xlou'ole cuj'li^v lOUX 

.!ve.. fine building- site 

iiriiis; Herbert Cuthbert tk. Co. 

112, W::; . 

n?.!. I 

oUlce cujrnox and '" 


ijv and Ullphant. torn 
»liUO vash, «, 12, 18, phone n.o» 
C'tVam pton. 727 t''ort st, ^ 

/ttf IMH clo*a 


ws rww rtryfft 

984 i McOrctfor BaUdlng, Tbtrd at 

' • ■ t i .iii. f . ■ -■ 

Mir^'i^Kngliwsor— George A. Smltlt. Brtttih 
\J Columbia; land lurveyor. Office at A1- 

berni, B. C, 

/-^OAl., and Wood— Hall & Walker. Wel- 
yj lUiKton collieries coal. Comox anthracite 
coal blacksmith's and nut coal specially 
p re pa r ed. Phono S3. 1232 Go'-ernment. 

C"4KUSHED Rock and Gravel— I'roducers' 
..,' Rock and Gravel Co.Bunkers Store St., 
loot ot Ch.itham St.; phone SOB, Crushed 
rock, washed sand and gravel delivered by 
teams at bunkers or on scows at quarry and 
irrarc! 'jlt at Koyal Bay. 

C^IVU' l^nglneer— P. O. Coates, Dominion 
-> and Provincial land surveyor, room ?4 
Board of Trade. . 

Co.. civ 

EnKin.-Ms -Green Bros,, Burden & 
eis, Doaiinion 
C land sur\ H* Pemberton block, 

it ranch of ticca m -Nelaon, Fort George and 
llazeltan. U. C - ■ -- 


:. y«uii« J»to, S* <«■ a* y**!" ^ 

^^^>.lat«ltw — 

yV^S^toT imcS'/^H *• • Kood pewng. 
■h.- Sg." ana »sxam <lt ^S^SSt^.*SSSL 

gi ' .'J.L,w:" L^'-Jw/,. iAt^. ' ' hob ■.-W'»»»rfr .«. 

larm 'hand:"' ni'tist' '''1ft» 
*■ ■ • and 


VSr'"*^?'v«ivCS''^SiMiy employment 
g^dCme'^rmTrS^an; nS tritlers need 

Spply. BOX 270 Co lonist. 

TA.STED. .1 
handle v 

"'^ «■« i^O^?^'l!^^^. Cuioalst, 

Tiergetlo sr'''"<"':i" ♦<• 
. ! estate >"■' 

vou can c > 'kc 

AMARRIKD couE . ... 

experienced housekeeper, buaband 
derslands hotel work, also poultry lanihlns. 
unu general handy man. require sltuatlou 
Celnor, town or country hotel or l>"^."t'° 
house. Address U. U Walker. Victoria W eat 

. tori*. 

IfUffMUlW— ■■ '^^ffj' 

^rSSSSrnrxrh. Island and iSSSStt, 

ii#4: VT/ 1^ *■ <"»•• «« ^"'^ "■' 

"^ i n i ti >[i iii (i 





il.i.VWOOD thescent — 1' 
r lo.'kOiK .stialts and li 
lilty tt4lvan<lnK se^.^ 




-MiiHm< '■ iny lot in Victoria Wc.t 

_B# ^Ule\-arded and paved street, 

■•^alainSm^ txlufUiae. for flSSO, as 1 havj 

^ iS^iBm tSvja^et. Box -<I29, Colonist. 

S?ili«W»t!' lot, Government a^^JWg 
%/ a M. wo. »l,05fi; terma. 0»^»^«^ J|{l'' 

Own«r. P- a Bwt fiK 




IV ' 

■ '•'■ ' ■ ■. ■ ■. ..■"VJ■ ' i!.^i^liJ!^|' > ^i 

. i 1 1 1 ii'i.i* 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ) * j'Lj ' " -ii* m. ' " 'i '' . 



«, £0x180: 

>M««t«ktiW'> «»B» M WQtent 


ren?^!^L ftox^-JB?" OlOiiHt- _■ JSaywaid BIK; 



*Tid Hillrfi 

i^g^^tS-^^st- ^i&St"''" ***■ 

for only 

^ ei#' i;i*m>> ' In^iyeria,! Realty 

jrajrioariH- f^ v^^^fj^'. ^*511'!! 

>f uii ■ 'I r ' i;" * ^'* ' 

rort nu 

Heath & Chancy, 

■■■ '' ■■ .", ' ,''- ' — ■ '■ *^ xrOtlNCr Engltah woman wanta 
uple, no «hildren. wire Xsil Penwell Street. \^ 

„„ak<i«np.r. busUand un- , — - — — — — — * 

dally worli. 

P. u. 


Dll.\YM.\N — Joseph 

f St.; phone 171. 

office 65 

DRAYMEN— Victoria; Truck & Dray Co. 
Phon a 13. . 

DYE Works — Paul's Steam Dye Works, 31S 
Fort Bt. We clean, press and repair 
Indiea' and Kentlcmen's garuionta oauaP to 
new. Phone «>24. ..- " ■ ,' ■ 

Ij-M^ECTRICIANS — Carter & McKcn«le, 
J practical electricians and contractors. 
Phone 710: Res. phones 1>2270, R2667. Tele- 
phono and motor work a Specialty. 1318 
Br oad St. ' ' ' 

EL.ECTKICIANS— Foot & Tuson, electrical 
contractors. Motor boaU, gasoline en- 
gines. Phone AH46 . 736 Fort at. 
171 LMORE & TAYIXJR, 319 Pomberton 
ii Block, telephone 2708. Public typists. 
^^pccltlcatlon8. etc.. pr omptTy executed. 

EMPIX)YMBNT Bureau— Wing On, 1709 
Government St.: phone 23. 



\cii . 

^ineer— Clarence Hdard. member 

. C. B., member Am. Ry. Engr. 

'•• -n— Klectrlc. liOgglng. Rall- 

1 ■ onstruction. Office, 

. ,, ;: , .:;r,3-, ■■ rPhoae iIS4;. Ros. 

Empress hotel; phone 1 680. 


tOXSUL-TlNG Engineer— W. . G. Winter- 
burn, M. J. N. A., receives pupils for 
examination for certificates. Stationary and 
Marine. 616 Bastion Square; phone 1631, 




geon. Jewell BIk.. comer 
Douglas Bis.. Victoria. Phones: Office 66 
■Res. 122. ■ ■■- ■ ' ■ ' ' ■■ - 

WANTED. 4 tb ciasB KnK'V.f ^,rt^^■Sr'a»t^"' 
ve.- Sprin g Brewery, Mctoria West. 

T\-VXTKD. young man. 21 or under, for o'.- 
\V ,1, , ; one who h>as knowledge ot'horl- 
haud and' typewriting preferred Apply to 
Bwift CanadH^n Co.. Ltd.. Wharf streoy 

A YOUNG, induairious noy 


Ci».r.».',|.irTi -iva man 'or real eatate, Ahd 
W-'^anct woTfr g^d proposition ^tor 
the right man. List, McGregor 
8-10 Cormorant at. 


i«, -.vishtt* 
situatio n. Address Box 371>, Colon ist. 

ACCOUNTANT desires poeltlon; ten years" 
reference. Box 22T. Colonist. 

A TTENTaoN— %ArChlteclJl, mortgage, real 
A cMi^te. contracting or Similar firms 
An experienced man. who ha. tor .everal 
veara been, bullduig mapeciol lor o..c o- 
\he largest firms on the continent, aeek- 
poBltlon; capable, energetic -"^ *'•"«'•- 
worthy. Box 4«, ColonUt. 



X BT-V In Garden City; '^'Oi^^ '*»*• J'i^. 
1 eared, high and dry; »675, 
il. »15 P<!r month. Apply to 
:, Colonist. , 


anA truai- 

"T — 1 \— Dean Heights; close to 
A Normal school site; «4l clear, ^gb '.nd 
Price »850; cash .8300, for a few, day s 
Box 1911 Colon-lat. 



BARGAIN— Money needed hence 


lendid soil: near 

balance *72 per 

WAVTKD a boy to make himaelf gener- 
ally U^ftS and to look a^er furnaee 
.^lani. Apply Clarence Hotel- 

heating plant. 

DENTIST — W. P. Fraaer, D. M. D. 
732 Yates St.. Oaresche BIk. 
hours: P.30 to 6 p.m.. . 


GARDENER — C. Pederson, landscape and 
lotbing gardener; tree pruning and 
spraying a specialty. 606 Francis ave. 
Ph one L1862.. ^ ■- - - .. ,' 

(^ ARDENER — Landscape gardener, James 
X Simpson. 951 Johnson at., phono R1160. 
' Ex>ert on all ga.rden and orchard details. 
Pruning and cleaning from insects, rOsas a 
specialty, lawns graded and finished in firaf, 
{jiecond or third quality, according to con- 

GJ^ASS and Glazing— Every description of 
glass, plate, sheet, prismatic, ornamen- 
tal, leaded, etc. The Melrose Co.. Ltd., 618 
Fort St. ■ ■■ . ' ' 

H~ ARDW-^VRE— B. O. Prior & Co.. hard- 
ware and agrlcullural implements, cor- 
ner Johnson and Government sts. 


.E Estimates for architects aiid con- 
tractors; prompt fiervlce; accuracy guaran- 
teed; room 8. Green block. Broad st.; phonp 

1204. ■ " ' ■ ' ■ ■ 

RHEUMATISM and nervous complaints 
cured without drugs: iaatients visited or 
received. Local tcatimonlals. Phone Rl&6i>. 

RriBKRTSON and> Meyersteln, BrltlBh Col- 
umbia land surveyor*. Chancery Cham- 
bers. Victoria, B. C. P. O. Box 793. Tele- 
phone R2S32. , 

C<WANNEL & NOAKB8. Pomlnlon and 
r> u. C. Land Surreyors, etc., removed to 
I'romls Block. 1006 QovBrnment atreat. P. 
O. Box B1 2. Telephone 377. 


1 en and women to learn the 

W bafber ut^eF wage, paid while learn- 
4nl- 818 to »« per week when quallfled- 
We' l.*.ue ?he bnly recognixed diplomas In 
H,e world' loam a trade and be Independ- 
i.t; The most complete "'"■'^^ '";»'« ,^^7;; 

call °r ^'■''« '°i-,,''-|j^r.t *v.- "°'" 

Barber College, 848 Main it.. 
B. C. 


AUTOMOBILES— Man wishes to OU 
spare time In garage, or with own" of 
car- some experience; good mechrto.o. la 


CtARPBNTBli wajita cottage to 
J plana prepared' prices right. 



sacrifice; 60xr 
i'ort St., 8900; 81 

q uarter; box 5ji ■ _■ : — _ 

TinrmT! two lots lor »die, 35 ft. by 
100; 11600 and 51650 cash; situated on 
Ba... near Quadra ei.. Apply Owner. 1041 
yuuen'8 ave. : phon e LZ799. 

waterfront lot, 46x160. 
11 car line for tne rldicu- 

/-^OltNER of Maddoch and Orilla st*., lOOx 
\J 120ft., near Burnside rd,; price only 
81400; 8350 cash luul tin' balance in 0, 12, 
18 months. Eureka Really Co.. 862 Yates 
»t. " '"' ■ " ■ ■ ' " - 

COWt''"^^' '^'- — One lot 60x134; price 
jjiV cash. 8. 12 and 18 monUis 
for the 1 ■ . a really cheap lot. Wi«e 
& Co. lOU Pemberto n bnlldlng. 

(lOWlCHAN Lake waterfront; 1.29 acres 
-■' for ■8600; this la a snap. Wise & Co., 

109 Pember ton Bidg, ^ ^__ 

TTi7\Vlcn.A.N fl^akc waterfront lots; we 
V-. have them from 5200 tit- Wise & Co., 
109 Pemberton -Bidg. 

,«r<lH;ik the Wii- 

quIW UMft. > -^ 

LARGE lot. 60x120 Myrtln a, v. , 
Heath & Chaney, Sayvward BIk. 


LINKLEAS Ave.— Choice of a extra fine 
lots BOxllO at 8S6O: hurry to secure 

these; Herbert Cuthbert 

Fort Bt. • 

ft Company, ti.ij 




lous price of' IsiU; third «">'' ^*;;^Vi,f'& 
3 years. Come and see us at once. Wi»e * 
Co., 109 pemberton Bidg. 


YOUTH wanted for grocery 4itore. Apply 
S56 Yates st. ■ .■ ■ • ■' - ' : :, 



A YOUNO girl wanted for light ihouse- 
AworlL Address: 467 Niagara Street. 
"a V exnerlence* hand wanteci for ^ tti** 
A ladrC- tailoring, a. Enner. 402 Pem- 
beiton building. - ' ■ -' ■ ■ — 

-H).MP'iTJS.ST clerk and bookkeeper re- 

\J quires situation, 

Apply Bos 10. Coi- 

AN opportunity for youns ladl«» »'. f*'' 
' ed^ation to learn 'elophone operating 

,ict l^ramc. Chi^f. b: C. Teleptoone 

1^1)-, J,..-. Uaetion st. 

LO. O. 
• Mee 


< utlery, 30 u 

■ Hlckmat' 

Iron, st" > 

. ates st„ N 

I ware. 1 
B. C. 

TAMES Bay window cleaners and reliable 
hJ Janitors. H. Kelway. 844 Coburg st. 
' phone R962. ^ 

JEWELERS — A Fetch, 1416 Douglas st. 
Specialty ot Englis h watch repairing. 

rUNK — Wanted, scrap brass, copper, rlnc, 
lead, cast Iron, sacks, bottles, rubber, 
hlghcHt prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1020 Store St.. phono 1338. 

Anjr-iEiCT Order "' Forestara. Court North 
'erri '■ •'i', moets at Forest- 
ers' Hall. nd -and 4th Wednes- 
days. W. h . . ^...c. ;.,-■., . Sec. 

M., Victoria I-odge No. 738 — 
-leellng will be held every Tuesday for 
initiations until 60 -days have expired from 
March 1 8th. C. Boyle, SecreUry. 

LOYAL Order of Moose will meet at their 
hall ou Government St. every second and 

notice. W. Wri ght, Secretary. 

ORDER Kaatern fitar. Queen City Chapter 
No. 5 meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 
K. ot P. Hall, Pandora st. Sojourning 
members are cordially invited. 

ELDERLY man seeks employment as 
caretaker, night watchman or olhei 
light work. P.ox 261 Colonist. 

ENtiLISHMAN (Public school and Uni- 
versity) seeks post u. eLiUanian with a 
well established real e--' „. ,^r»uas- 

lous experience, but po ■ ,^. ^i,^r«e. 

ter. No money to Invest. Reply Box -66. 
Colonist. ^ ■ - : " - ' ' 

I-^SGUEHMAN seeks employment on gon- 
ii'tleman's farm. Vancouver Island, with 
view to ultimately take up land Btato duties 
and wages If any; reply to G. S. B., P. o. 
Box 319, New West minster. 


f CAPABLE cook. - ssnoraJ. 

(j"viotoria. Box 116 Colonist 

— ~ -TTtXPERIlCNCKD Old Cou: 

wanted; near \ J^ aceka aliuatlon. Call 

T>o>j\-FtnE bargain saJe by own«r— 

, ■ , - 110 81160. Quadra 

. I ,,ta St. (double 

;''• , I , .-, car line, 100x135. 

8mo?» * ,us,' Pilkington, room 202. 

Dominloi I ■• ' ■ ■ ' ', ■ ■ — 

'a CHKAplot on Cecil St.. 60x120; only 
A . 8750. Hoath & Chaney. Sayward Llk. 

A CHEAP business corner oft Hillside 
and Cook. 73X110, for ^.^OOO: '.V/Vco'" 
balance «. 12 and 18 nwrntha Wise & Co., 
109 Pemberton Bidg. 

COWICHAN district — Splendid up-to-date 
farm v.-lth waif»rfrontaee. gaa system 
in house, large house, drawing and dining- 
rooms. 5 bedrooms, furnace, well -lit led 
basement, water pumped by engine. UO 
fruit trees, barn, chlekenhouse, garage, 
about 15 acres In all; prUe J22.000. terms 
arranged. Ovcrseus Investment Agency. -OS 
Pemberton Bloclc, 

LOT oa Linden Avenue; price 82200. Box 
7 38. Colonist^ 

M' cTciCNKIB^ St., large lot, 50x141, facias 
BOUlh, 82100. 

Heath & Chaney, Say 

ward BIk. 


•O.N'TERKY ave,, 50x110. .1usl south of 
McNeil, west front; very cheap lot, 
81075. .1. 11. Bowes & Co., 643 Fort St.; 
ph one 2721. . 

M'~" ONTKREY ave — .Splendid level, grassy 
jot 50x150; this v.-ould make h beautiful 
home site; 81500. third cash. Moore &. 
Johnston, Yate.-< and Broad; phone 827, 

"VEWPOR'l" .'Vvc. — Two fine I0I.S south ot 
-IN Central $950 each; cxceTltloiially easy 
terms; Herbert Cuthbert & Company. 63.i 


"at the Gorge," lot 51x140 ft., 

high aiVd dry. near Tlllcum r.l.; price 
fni- a few days only. $750 terms ;»21.3 cash, 
and the balance at *16 pcr month. Eureka 
ll,.aUy Co., 852. Yates st^ 

site In GoK 

..■-.UtlfUl hi-:; 

ark loux 



< uiE,; 


V iitnt,, [ t ,si c-'. 

A dandy on .Hcott st.. 
Heath .'; > 


full slxe. 


FINK 1' 

• iho sea: 
a avo;; 81500. 

T\LN'C\N Bay— 112 acres, situated close 
JJ ;«' Duncan Bay. .with \ mile fontago 
on the Campbell river; all good land w ih 
about two million feet of good timber; tl.l« 
is a fine piece to subdivide. ^I'"!'* j'',,f\'*°: 
lately the cheapest land to he had In the 
d strict; price and terms on application o 
WE Pldcook, 131 pemberton Block. 
P hona 235S. 

DUNLEVY ave., 8 nne lots, 50x116, vo 
lane, 81300; third cosh, baiatice «, 12, 
in months. A. T. Frampton, 72'.' Fort st. 

17\iAIRFlBl.D Bargain — Woodland rd. I 
^ will sow quarter acre lot, adjoining "■.>■ 
own bouse fo party willing to build one 
good hous e on same. P, O- Box i.-z. 

,-^.URFIELD rd.. close to car terminus. 5 0.\ 

Fort St. 

-VJKWPORT ave., one lot from corner of 
-IN Central ave., on Proposed car line er.- 
trnslon: 80x90; high and cleared; $1750: 
cash $600; 6, 12. 18 »nd 24 months. Apply 

o w ner. Box 287 Colonist, ^ 

"V^ICE level lot. tfOxlOo, on ."Second St.. for 
iM ?8'2'5; third cash. bal. 6, 12 and 18 mos. 

Linden & Rolland, 738 Fort St. 

a level lot on Arnold St., -18x120: 
5. Hcnth & Chaney. Say-Avard BIk. 

i-> 8127 

S. Pride of the Island 

IVERY — Caldwell's Transfer, general ex- 
press, sale, livery and boarding stablcj. 

J j,r 
7S7 Cormorant st., night and day; phone 

LIVERY — Victoria Transfer 
l'i9. Best sei-vlce In the city. 

SONS of England, B. 
Lodge No. 131 n 
Tuesdays in A. O. F. hall. Broad street; 
president, F. West, 667 HlllHlde avenue; sec- 
retary, W. Dawson, Head street, Thorburn 
P. O. . 

CJONS of England, B. 8. Alexandra Lodgo 
fo 116 meets Ist and 3rd Wedne)«lay». 

K of P Hall. H. G. King. Shelbourne st.. 

Co., Ltd, TeU 1 pt^esldent; Jas. P. Temple, 18 Erie St., sec- 
retary. ^^^ 

COMPETENT stenORifiolitfrs who enroll at 
the Remlngtcn t compauy^- 

Employment Deparf. »oon placed !n 

positions . 316 Pemberioii b.ock. city. 

TT^XPERIBINCBD sklrtmakcr; »1,«°. f»J: 
ll< provers for High-claw ladle" tallor- 
Ing. Apply Ferd. cjulnkcr, 664 Yatea H. 
..r-,vT»wHrEN'^'I?i* chambermaid ior City 
■lli'h oTc'l.' Apply BOX 187 Colonllt. 
SiL or woman, to look after two chil- 
dren at once; apply 515 Superior at. 
?^IR!L for housework; m'ornlngs only. Ap- 

KX ply 65 » Michigan st. 

/-4 1RL wanted to do general housework; 
(jT good wages to competent person. Box 

274 Colonist. I 

/-(IKLS wanted at Uie Pickle and Sauce 
VJ Factory, 851-3 "' 
Houston & Co. 

■4 IRL wanted, 
ham Bros., 

Hanks, BrunswlCK ritnei. 

I74XPBRLENCEU bookkeeper will open, 
y close and keep books. Terms rewiou- 

aole. P. O. Box 137U. 

i:^XPERlENCED real estat* Bales agent. 
I conversant with every department. 

wishes desk room or opening wit 
real estate Arm. Box 810 Colonist 

with good 

Jj Itlon as foreman 
onlst. • 

au carpenter wants po.s- 
Apply Box 3*8, Col- 

aiuip — Berwick St.. James 
1(3400. Beams. 623 Say- 

Bt.. weit 

SSiO't. on 5-year 

;i8. 707 H YfttcB St. 

Flsguard »t. W. K. 

T ITHOGBAPHING — Lithographing, en- 
jiJ Braving and embossing. Nothing too 
larsfe and nothing too small; your station- 
cry" Is your advance agent; our work Is un- 
• qualled west of Toronto. The Colonist 
Printing and Publis hing Co., Ltd. 

1>ATRNTS — Rowland Brittaln. registered 
attorney'. Patents in all countries. Falr- 
fieltl building, opposi te P. P., Vancouver. 

IJOTTKHY WARE — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, eto, B. C. 
Pottery Co., Ltd., cor. Broad and Pajtdora 
live., Victoria. B. C. 

13I,T?MBING — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
ing Co., r^td. For first class workmnn- 
uhlp In tho above line give us a call. Tem- 
porary office, 755 BroUtfhlon «t.. ;ihonR 562. 

THE Boy's Brigade. "««re and Rledfaal," 
28th year. — All ex-members who are 
willing to help on tho "object" are re- 
quested to send their name, address and 
record ot service to Captain F. V. Ixmg- 
ntatr. hon. sec. for B. C. »UUe 20, Mount 
Edwards, Vaiico uver St. ___^ 


ilso chocolate dippers. Pop- 
Mary »l., Victoria West. 

Sons, proprietors; R. D. Thompson. 
manager. Cor. Carroll and Water sts.. Van- 
,'0uver, B. C, Vancouver's first hotel. Sit- 
uated In the heart ot the city. Moderately 
egulppeil throughout. Midday luncli a spec- 
ialty. European plan. Famed for^ good 


T^lUL wanted to assist in office. Standard 

VJT Steam L aundry, 841 View st . 

IRLH wanted for mangle work; apply 

Stand ard Steam Laundry, View st, 

/-(OOI) saleswomen, for a puyliig :''•«»"»?■ 
y- lion, a Slock that soils. Apply -t-S 

fcmb erton BhH:k. 9 to 10 or 4 to 6. 

Iss DEVERKUX' Employment Agency, 

1,-VORnE9T and Dale, Carpenters an* Qen- 
. era! Jobbi ng. Phone R2827. 

TtABDENER seeks situation; practical 
O mw. and handy with tools; can milk. 
282 .Colonist. . 

G -GENTLEMAN wants business which 81,000 
r will handle or would take position of 
trurt; caretaker or similar post; can glvo 
bond. 819 Colonist offlee^ 


ward Bl ock; tin 

AGiOOD bars 1 
of Van CO 1 

pgyment m. F. 1 

RARE Bargain— Must be sold at onco 
100 acres at Goldslreatn adjoining rail- 
road; price for <l">c^^..3»l«„^»?lr'"p"*u; 

tcrnis; invcsnguio n,,o, 

<.;o.. 12 32 Govern ment s t. 

SNAP—Flnlttyson ave.. 2 lots, 50x120: 
8600 each. Walker Bros., room 3, 
aweency-Mc Connell Bidg- 1010 Lan gley st. 
HurVMoney Maker— Dean Heights, near 
Normal school «lle. 60x120. Price 8000. 



125; 81650; cash 5800. 
727 Fort st. : phone 1658, 

A. T. Franip- 

-VTORTH Park St., the cheapest buy there. 
-IN c-ose to tile Cook St. cars; will make 
a fine store site, :!5xl40; Income producing; 
J5750, on easy terms. Apply Owner. I, O. 
Box 7:44 ci ty.; this la a r r.-tl EJn ap. , 

OAK Bay one block from Fort st. car line 
three good level lots, together 150x120. 
„.i,i, th"-"* roomed cottage and outbuildings 
p'rVcV 88500: cash $1000. balance 6 and 12 
months; A. H. Harman, 1207 Langley St.; 
opp. court house. __^ ■ 


i\IHFIELD lot, 60x120, on Waltvn St.. 

fine Situation; a snap at $1400, on 

terms. Box no. Colonial, 

FARM for sale at Sooke. 160 acres 5 
cleared. 10 slashed; small house aiid 
; running stream; good ''""''.'■•,„", 
liox 184 Colonist. 


per acre; easy terms. 

or Willows Hotel, 


,BRD St.. 6 lots, each 60x125; these are 
_ beaut if Hi lots, and are a buy wo strong- 
ly recommend, terms one-third cash, bal- 
anr« R, 12 and 18 moiiLiii,. Any lol ao^. 
singlv; price $750. J. R. Bowes &. Co., 643 
Fori" St. : phone 2724. Members \ ictorla 
Real Estate Exchange. 

cash $360, tor a tew days only; Box 



oUt4K painting by day or contract. Box 

001 Colonist. 

TAPANBSB boy wants situation; Y°^l«, *J 
e) the bar or hotel. Momo. P.O. Box 388 


Phone 447; business hourn. 4 to 6.- 

wanted, at oncu. genera. 3'"«'^:|,Vs'''"wanu.d: 
amall family; one child, ^. y^"";,„,„ e,, .^ 
useful woman us general help, plain cook, 
,"T,."work: mother With (Jlrl from 4 t 


PrA'MBI.NG — A. 
stove fitting. 

N. Atkinson, plumbing I 
2544 ^Blancliard; phono 

HOTEIj — Blackburn. A. B. Blackburn, pro- 
prietor. This well known and popular 
halcl, entirely rfbuiU nnd refumlnhed, 

SCAVENGING— Wing On, 1709 Government 

5o St.; phone 23. ^^ 



■4HORTHAND — In Ihrec month.i by th« 
Pitman's Simplified (Royal) System. 
Day and evening cla.«scB. Typewrlilng, 
iiookkeeplng and foreign languages taught. 
The Royal Stenographic Co., 420 Sayward 

Uidg. Ph one 2601. 

C3HORTHAND — Shoithnnd School. 1109 
t?) Broad St., Victoria. Shoithnnd, type- 
writing, bookkeeping. ihorouKhlv iHiiKht, 
firaduates fill good positions. 1: ', . .Mac 
MlilaH. principal , 

TjINGIN*^ — ^'" ^''^'"' "*■■'■ exhibitioner of 
ft Royal College of Music. London, solo- 
ist Teacher of sinking and voice produc- 
tion. Anna WllUanis method. Studio 510 
Oswego St. 

Seal Engraving — General 

engraver and stencU cutter. Geo. Crow- 
ther. 816 Wharf st, behind P. O. 


»ti-n to vttii jfv«r 

fTWTE New XOTK laiiom o«»«i 
I. special •ttentlon that we guararit« 

-11 our work to be faultl'^•»; rlwitilng. 

1. resting and altering »t niodarate prlc««; 

I ork callod for «nd d<»livere4l. «. Heyman, 

roprletor' 846 John«)n «t., n-ar Dougla.: 

,,;ione R27T8.^^ 

rnuiB Pantorlum clcan«es any kind of a 
T^^sVirrror ii.OO. Phone RJ042, o'flce. 
1107 yprt at. ^ , . 

w Webster M, B, All makes of type- 

N-iTVMoi^dy BIk., Tatea at. 

now open to Its patrons. Strain heal, fine 
commortlouB room«, first class dining room, 
bust attention to comfort of guests, Ameri- 
can plan, tl.60 to $2.00 per day. European 
plan, 75 cents u;jward8. 218 Westminster 

iTbn In Vancouver, B, C, stop at Hotel 
Windsor. 748 to 752 Granville streot. 
Strictly first class; all rooms connected with 
ba'hii and shirwer baths; first class cafe In 
connection; loce.ted In Vancouver's best busi- 
ness centre, opposite Vancouver's Opera 
House. Ogle * Burton, Proprietors. 


A GOOD strong boy wanted. Apply Pio- 
neer Coffe* * Spice Mills. Pembroke St. 

AGBNT.S wanted everywhere for easy 
selling $5 proposition. $25 dally easily 
mnde. particulars t ree. Box 451. Toronto. 

APPRE7NT10ES wanted for she»t metal 
works. Apply 100 1) Yates »t. 

LEARN to be a moviog picture operator 
.»._ T}i_,_._g Scbs?!. 1*''* Oovern- 
menrst'^Union "salary commands 8l«0 per 
month. Every branch of the movin« pic- 
ture businesu tatjght thoroughly by »" •»- 
pert of 20 y»»r«" experience. Call, writs 

or phone No. 1807. 

AN and -wife for household and outdoo,- 
work on farm n»ar Victoria. Box 
79. ColonUt. 

ii.r work Wanted, home tor giri ni >^' 
vciirs whern training In domestic work 

v'JuTd b"';.vcn and ^Irl allowed to attend 
school; small wugea only, S«R ai'xng 
,land or country hom e. / ^ 

TV/TTv^x AUY for shiiol' music depftrtmenr. 

Slfavld. spencer. Limited. Apply Sh.H.t 

TAPANRBK bov wants situation as porter 
J at sto re. Box "Z," Coloni st. _____ 
AJ-AN and wife want trustworthy posHlon 
JM on farm or fruit and poultry ranch 

Wife good cook and dalrywoman. Apply 

to John C. Evans, 1116 Davie St. ^"- 

B. C. 


ARRIED man wants «7;""°^l^>'„„^;;'',';. 
I i,n farm or fruit and pouiiiy 
Wl", ,.m cook and used to dairy. 


Uox l-H! Colo^i,^St 

ilXT'EKllANOlNG, tinting, ^X day, .'oil or 
L r.ontract. Good workman. Phono LUjB. 

ACREAGE within the 3>.4 mile circle; we 
liave about 8 ncrt-s on Glanford avenue 
which la all finest «*! ln'> the district, a 
going concern with orchard. 5 roomed 
and aU necessary outbuilding; our price for 
the whole onlv J9000; atljolning acreage 
held ot $15010 ppr lU-re and up; good tcrmn 
can be arranged; Herbert Cuthbert & Co. 

ti36 Fort 9t^ - 

A CREAUE snap. 112 acres. 3 miles from 
A. Goldslream, 820 per acre; haU cjuih; 
phone 1B5S. A. T. Frampton. 72. Fort st. 

ACREAGE— A fine piece of good land, in 
cuIUvatlon. Ill acres; running stream 
close, and near school, post offlco, main 
road and railway; easy driving distune; 
from Victoria. Prion $400 an acre; very 
easy terms. Owner: 1817 Cook htrect. 
Victoria. B.t^ Phone Rlli4S. 

Y7VAR.M— 50 acres, ten mllee out. 18 acres 
H , -. «_„,a h"-!— f>"'' outbuildings. 

tn goodTand;"cTay 8Ub:soil. Price 815.000. 
OveraeiS Investment Agency. 208 Pember- 

ton Block. 

T.'lIl'T'k st splendid lot, high and dry. 5MX 
X: 180ft..' which win make an excellent 
building site; price only $900. on the usual 
term, or ^^ can make the terms lo suit. 
Eureka Realty Co,. 8 62 Ya,tes st. 

iniNE level lot. 50x120, on Edmonton rd,, 
' onlv 8850; third cash. bal. easy. Linden 
& Rolland, 738 Fort. ■ ; 

OLIVER St.. just south of .Saratoga ave. 
50x120; below market value; price 81060. 
J. R. B owes & CO.. 643 Fort St.; phone 2(24 . 

NLY $S00 cash— 2 lots 100x160 on Hamp- 
shire road. 2 blocks from Oak Bny a>, c. 
with fine large now house, 6 rooms finish- 
ed two more partly finished upstairB; ce- 
ment basement, etc.. thoroughly modern^ 
$5750; Herbert Cuthbert i Compai^y. 6uu 
Fort St. 


WNER will sell lot 60x110 on First st 

$950; arrange good terms; Herbert Culbberc 
& l"o.. 635 Fort Bt. 

ITTnlAYSON St.. near Cook. 2 excellent 
i"* lots level. 50x150; $850 each; cash $.100_, 
,,„!. 6. 12, IS months. .\.T. Fram..ton. ... 

!•' rt St. _^ ^___— _— — . 

XJilNLAysON Street snap— "I-wo '<"" *t 
r $875 per lot for quick sale. Oveiseas 
investment .Vgency. 208 Pemberton B.ock. 

|XI''(>RD St.. near Cook 
' Jt450; tijrms. .Mlcii * 
ern Crr vn Bank; phone 1650 

50x135; snap at 

$t450; tijrms. .Mlcii & Son, over North- 

,-WR sale, lot'and shack; large chicken 
run and house; rca.oonable. App.i >0. 


Bov 855. 

TTOSITION wanted by young man as elec- 
1 tr clan thoroughly experlencoa in gen- 
Mai "rflce routine. Box 334. Colonist. 

market gardener; 
3 years' ret- 



Wanted, girl to assist tailor. 

Apply Allen & Co.. Yate. at Broad^__ 

cook and house- 

.....jre one or after 

School, 1167 Rockland 

rANTED— c'oinpeicni 

IJ091T10N wanted as 
rincrlenced liorKcrnan 
'^""'J.,,".- .3 ,.„ L»J' of town It neces- 
•ary. Apply Box •■I2(', ' 'i 


wlahesi Hllumlon. 

n with good kiiow- 
(ind carpent 
Box" 282 ColonUl. 

I»RAi.'TlCAl^, hanily m_. _ 

ledge of engineering and c.,,rpentry tools 


OUGiH co-rpe 

Box 311 Colonist. 

nter wants Job; handy man. 

^1. Gtorgc s 





must be Hrst-class 
the Victoria Hat 

hjnd sewer, at — - „nnlv 

Works. Only first class sower need apply 
ti4 4 View Bl. 

T-ANTED— Female h°lp; "H'«'' 
kept. 140- SlBdacona Avenue. 



btlTUATlON wanted by marrlerl man with 
JS \xperlencr In farm and dairy work. 

Box 992 Colonist. ^^^^^^ 

ttTENCXlRAPHER' and bookkeeper wishes 
fe position at once; ten years- 

office ex- 
pf.rlence card Indexing, publicity manager, 
etc.; best (yt references. 

Apply: Box 49, 

an experienced wa: 
Tea Kettle Tea Room 

Itress at 

?4*';;i%v'c'ir/'pror- iv^ v. ;i. 

Oiger, 728 Yale* »l. 

MBBSBNaER.S Wanted: 0'»at 
Western Telegraph Co^ 



84ART young man «or <«•»»•*, "if'Jj,'" 
,.,., «,,..»•.•,««•>• TOOK *» •»<»* winoow 
drM«r and WiesKi'w; aPP'r between v.- 
an d 1. 838 .Tohnaon •!. y .^ 

UrTX>R»-<lood bu«hc4raan; »^«»/»y "?^ 

xttanTbD — Tw-T women as general helps 
VV and to wait on table: good wages 2616 

TurnersURock_Bay^_____ , 

\T TANTBD— Experienced dressmiilters. Im- 

W provers and apprentices; apply to Mis. 

j»»v:i«.8ii«*«*» *-—■-— • *- !._., . — ,^-.— P^i II.. — 

VITANTBD. two waltrMses. Apply Domln- 

VV ion Hetal. , 

x\ 7 ANTED girl to nol't In "ght house- 
W work; .le% In or out. Apply 1»23 
riprnwood r d, _ 
wTnTBD— Oood girl tor light housework; 
W^Sorlable ho%ie; wage. 820. Apply 
BOX 286 tiolonlst. , _^ _ 

W' ANTED— Woman cook for small hotel. 
AnnlvjatjOgOTg*'' !""• t^'1^^^^^1^ 
. j:^- ' • '«L"'T--> E. r«r' •*■«»••' «"» 4»»il« 8 or 'S 
\V"S;*. d^yi no «un..y worx. Apply 
llanarin ghani, Fort st. 

THREE men want a Job clearing land; 
write to O. Lucas, Oak Bay P- O- 
T~~'o"win6 and Spirit merchants, young mail, 
steady, willing, long experience in all 
departments of trade seeks employment as 
clerk or any other capacity. Box 210. Col- 
onist. __________—————— 

rnREE pruning; o4lt of town orders a spsei- 
X filty. pox 1227 P. O. 

ACREAGE, Cadbor.7 Bay— 12 Acres with 
large road frontaB.i on Wllsoii. Sinclair 
and each side of Cad bo. o Bay road. C'ot- 
lag,) ot four rooms; choice property good 
cleare,", land; right In line for subdivlaloii. 
Price $3500 per acre on long terms. 1'. H. 
Mayhew, phone 111!*, P. O. Box <k,>. Room 

10. Mahon Block, Vlctorlu. B. C. 

PARTMENT house site, 120x120 ft., on 
, corner Cook hi., within '«",„'!''"">>'• 
■vaiW of shopplni: district: price $10.1,00, on 
i.,r»y terms. This is the chea:ien nuy m 
the dlstrlcl, and will he caally worth 
815,4)00 before six months iinve passoCl. 
owiirir wishes to use money In other proposi- 
tion. Western Lands, Limited, 1201 Broad 

■I., corner of View. 

l^'AliTxrKNU' site — A nncly situated pro- 
perty, corner ot Sladacona avo. and 
Fort at. Ideal tor apartmttnl site. T hi" 
properlv Is tho cheapest aparMnent si " 
Hvnllable: largo grounda .and will occupy 
a strategic jiosltlon When Pandora ave. ex- 
tension la completed. Price «'"!„ '"C,"^" .V,.^ 
O. K. Shaw Real E.-.tale Co., 802 Pembei - 
ton block, \ii;lt)rla, B, C. 

A" suCjTiil St.. fiin sue lot between H*"'^ 
tain and I'Mmonion, 8625. Heath & 

Chaney. Snyward Bloclt. 

Vli;BUnY~8i.. nftar iHauitaln; lot 60x 

126; on excellent lot. »»»'>; ."S^J't'Tr"'' 
llorbert Cuthberl^&^Ctn^^im^sJ^ 

AnTTsT— Lot 60x110 quick sale price to- 
morrow 81150: ihlrcl ,7»h' b*""-* ''l^ 
three years; Herbert Cuthbert & t.o„ 686 

Fan =1- _^ 

17,011 8ALH-A lot on '-''H."''"" "V^..''';'!5 
r ,0 Klchmond road, 60x1 :i.., $1,000, 1-3 
cush. Apply BoxJt!b_JJolonlat^^____^_ 
^F;SR~balo— In'Tlardcn City Heights; five 
F^mlnute. from new car line on t^sy 
three lots; prices re8pectively-_ $500. 


i^^O-'arld »75rca,heach825,JiaUnce$^10 
per month; Interest . P-fc cent., apply 

!;wner _Mr.-.. H. Trull, Colqultz. . 

T->oi' SALE— At $30,000—140 feet on Su;)- 
Ferlor street; revenue-produclng. , See us 
fbout this Exclusively by Todd & Hay. .15 

F,,vi Street, 

^■^{{"ssTr Berwick st.. bloc I, from Dallas 

F rd nfar proposed ^"•7"V"u,^c- 
.,-.,,<. .'-ignfi- trade house, and luL l^wne., 

Uox 398 Colonist. ^ 

T^iiir >4AI..E— Five acre ranch. « niil>« 
F fronf G P. O.; nice cottage, cultivated 
i.d l-ommand. a ^-"V''';,„-'-, ^-Lsn'h-h 
-ril-ran^d m'a?n'ro",'ft'o city ^l.y terms. 

Apply J. H. Wilson. Empress Ho-tel 

TlOR SAL,B— 10 acres. 6-roomed bouse. 
F water m house; Seymoar water runs 
hrouVb property; dairy, barn and .table 
md forty fruit trees; 7 mile. out. Apply 

PAND08<A St.— An 1 
lor an investor; .IB feet on Pandora a\. 
below Quadra and running through to Vin- 
son at $650 pfrr f.iot ; this Is easily ih^ 
uhuapcKl froniage on tin; alrcei. and is good 
for an advance to $1000 this summer; pri. -) 
$23,400: terms $50OU casti, balance 9. Is 
and 27 months; Herbert Cuthbert & Co. 636 
Fort lit. ' 

|>.\NDOI<.V I"., between DougUiS and Gov 
J- ernment St..- 60 feet for 1800 per foot; 
easy terms. Moore & Johnston, Yates and 
Broad; phone 027. 

PANDORA ave. — See us for the best buy 
on this avenue, near Blttiichard. I«6<) 
•ler foot; very easy term.. Overseas In- 
vestment Agency, 208 I'emberton Block. 

I>OTATOES. Polttlocs, Potatoen — Ten 
ai res of the very beat land procurable. 
all ready for planting; deep black loam. 
near Victoria, price $500 per acre;^ «.«' 
terms. owner. 1817 Cook St., Vlctofla. H. 
C. Phone U1S13. ^ 

House Plate 
Ho\ 65 Colonist 





285, Colonist. 

-i-^fVH SALE 10 acres, S0» p*rda wUtdffront 

F north .hnri. Brownm« h*rtw.r. «Wf ^ |; 

islands, Pena«r I»l«nd »M0 V*r acr*. Apply 
Box 96 Colonft. , 

Stteet, lot, Ooverninent 
al X 148, 81,5JO . terms 

R" ' ICHM'^'^P rd l«r«* lot 152x810 fr , run- 
nln'g through from Klr.t to Hecond 
avenues, dry and gra«sy, 'nrtuding a house | 
now occupied, price on reasonable terms, j 
84900. this will make .!« goo« building, 
lota Eu reka Realty Co.. 861 Yate. M. 

K~'6cKLAND Park— 1 «ne .lot ffOxlKS. f>(i 
Roaebery ava.. directly Oippo»ue new flr* | 
hall, finest vlaw In the city; Pi^ice |U0«; 
good teims All«n * Son, ©ver Sorthem 
Ciown Bank, phone l»M. _ .. 

WANTED, by a respectable and tru.t- 
wo^^thv Bngllthmwi, poaltlon 4M jani- 
tor or any place ol trust; good raforences. 
Box 296 Colonist. 

and brother, Scnttl.h. 
and poul- 
Apply i<o. 

TArTX>R»-<lood bu«he4raan; »^«»/»y 7£;J •tlrANTBD. e^pflflenced woman or glf' »» 
and good pay. Apply K*w York T.lH.r* I W h<w^ ••rv.irt. Apply •«« Nlagarll*rt. 
»46 Johnson St. ■ 

WANTED, by .Ister , .. , 

position on poultry «r fruit and poul- 
try ranch; with raflned people * ""'" f'" 

288, Colonial Otflco. 

ANTED — CTly lots lo oloar by day «r 
coptract: estimates free, charges mod- 
orate; apply Box 748 Coionl.t. . ' 

T^'rU^«TED.~risSrt'tlS» "" "»•«'« *■»»". !»■ 
W married ma.^ M^'ral yc4ir. >n,C'*na«. 
last two year. In Niagara, O"* v''"^ „„V 
."r preferred : wile to act •m houwkeepcr. 
B9X 884, Oi>l<«4at> 


A9IL St.. cheapest lot In stVeet B«xX12, 
$1250: third cash: phon. 1«68. A. i. 

Frampt on, 727 Fort at. ^ 

-r-»IANCHARD St. corner. BOxnO; a spleh- 

B''d,V'bu'sl«e.s site; ■^^^^'\^\l'\,T ^Zl 
annual payments; inside lots In this mo^Jt 
^rrileld'^at 882,000. See ""'"i'^'^'y -".?-*? 
are inleiastod, Wcat»rii Land., 
1201 Broad at., corner of V iew. 



FOR 8AU6-M* » *M J^ l»lj« •»«. ^ 

1-8 eagh, bal. t* wU. Ap»>y'>»» '»•»«• ««• 

'Big..g- Cl«*t. J» ^g» 

r iron Vlcto4_., , 

4 ftW«% • BA1«* 

ROCXSIDB.- •ttuated o» QtmgfjIU co*^* 
•lattng of h*u»« and «M«'W*.„l!s5SSr> 

v»tt of tin pruMtrty li life tffeimwff. 



m.r(TGHT<">N »t.. opposite new Tn«t*tr» 
,H„. 80x120 feel, BullBhle for g*''^' 
" i'jS.OOO: 86000 cash will handle tWt; 

™t'e";;;f" TMs-'hT worth 

Western I^nds. LlmM«a, igOI B*0*d 

corniir of View. 




m' 'Met ■■■■•'■' ■ ' ' ■^'-....i^i&T-'^-T^-'': 



ii m,i i , * . ' 



l^^yr.-^ ■'•>■%■• 



Friday, April 12, 1912 



I'KUl'lJtrY lOlt WAUi (Conllauwl.) 

SHOAL liuy, uViTluoUlntf llie »ea; beauti- 
ful virw., im lurk, good nlopi-. 'j acre; 
IT llilB wowk J-.'iOU. jloon: At Jgtinsloli. 
i a.tc3 an J iJroad; i>hune *i"7. 

Vj'NAl' — 4-iLore farm, i inlle» from c-liy hii:i. 
fj well cultlvateil. 100 fruU tree*, new 4- 
1 :.>iiu-d liuusc, barn and chlekuu house; 
1TU..S tor a r.nv iU>« »700U; t aeh J'JOOU, bul. 
airaiigoU. "A. McUoiialU, room 14. Oreen 
i Ik.; ijliunc 1681. 

.^r. Patrick »!., nak Uny : I'JOxlSO. on c-or- 
^ tier — wuuld niake three good building 
Kllt'ii; price |;it)OU; third cash, balance G, 1:1. 
)>> nvMnh!. ! ■-•'.>.•: 1 2 •'. iMBld- l<'i« <" "*"■<■ 
block; prlci- S3000; third cash, balance u, 
iJ. ll> inoulhs. '1 hern are nice ijrovcii of 
oak« on these lutv. Wcvltern L.anda. Lamlted, 
IJUl liroad Bt.. corner ot View. 

aui SKe> iOK ft.\I.K (fontJuiifd). 

BliJ anap — (i-roorned huu»« on lot 50.x;;iOU, 

with biarlnfc' trulL trees; cIosl- lo car; 

»2660; one third eaab. Imperial Rea-Uy 
CO., 'oia Baitlou »l. 


BlNOALrOW — Near Beaton llUl I'ark, 7 
ruoiua. concrete foundation, cuuienl 
lloor In ba*ement, furnace; attractive. rc»l- 
dence. I'rlco »5,000; jl.OOO cash. (Jver- 
•uaa lnveBtin«m AKeucy. 20» fembertoii 

-VOL WOOD— House, 6 ioom«. and 2 Acre», 

t;;,600. Town and Country Realty, 

7U Vali» Street. AucrloncciB. 


ACAKLUAt) ot drauKht hor«Btf due to 
arrive April Int.; Kevcral well-match- 
ed greji irom SO to Si hundred. Apply 
aieeion and Ji»hn«on, SiiStJ Ijianchard. 

BL'KF Orplngionii; spleudld laying strain; 
(i per aetllng; piUo pen tC. AlaUrona 
I'oultry Fariu. Uwrdon Head, or barmeva' 
JCiXcuaiige Co.. iHi Johiuo n Bt. 

>lli;.\I' hoiM iuliabiB lur larai work. 65 
Boyd ru, Janiea Bay. I'honu DIZIt. 


^1T1H youmeir! — Canadian Northern rall- 
fj way de\i lopment* at Tollerion, .Vlberta, 
make the pun haae of towaalte lols In Tol- 
|. Hon a ■afo liiviainient. for quick, largo 
I'lofun. You will uue oyr investor's inforin- 
.iiliiu to your advantage; price $160 and up- 
«urds; He want agents In S'lccorla; write ub. 
T.i'.lerlon Townelt.- Company, iH-2i5 Holden 
liuUdlng. lii lluatlngs »t. K.. Vancouver, U.C. 

rpiCN acres, Holland ave., cloao to Burn- 
-1- side road; price JIO.OOO; third cash, bnl- 
iuice 6, 12. IS, :;4 months. This la good sub- 
division property. I'rice will be advanced 
If not sold before May Ist. Western Lands, 
l.lraltcd. 1201 Broad a t., corner of View. 

7nEN acres near Cobble Hill nicely; sliuat- 
-L ed, with some fine building sites; 

clearing not heavy; aome clear aj-eas where 
100 to 200 trees could bo planted at once: 

make (ine poultry larm- Albert Biflll, Mai- 

ttkwa, H. 0. ' • ;' ■,-./'.'■' ; 

■\T & S. triuiiliiiMKB,;, 4JS*,»00, lor IMOOS on»- 
m third opMiCpMice J^Sj «. «. 6, «. » 

WU6 & CO.. ar' Wtaberton BWf. 

II n il r iii ' ir i tf ri l i i . tif ' I I, ' I ' ' " II 

VAhUABUB wmcr on CaleOonU ftve.: 
rlgbi on the car line: not thr«» qnar- 
tew oF* mile from the city ball: *cr« ot 
ground. 10 roomed houae. with magnlrlcent 
oak trees: price la rlBbt; with paymenta 
gpreul over 8 yeara; astute buyer should 
doiible bla money on this before second 
MiKment; room 488 Bmpreaa Hotel. 

^iripTOUIA West, Heroward rd., lot lOOx 
V' 100. good 6-rooroed bouse, very «ood 
■«r4en: nrica H>00: $1800 cash. bal. to be 
longed. Wlso A Co.. Pemberton Bidg. 

VICTORIA West— Btislness lot, 8 blocks 
from Rbserve; price -88000 jterms to 

4lxAt; Box H7 Colonist. 

i[riCTOBIA West snap tor quick sale. 
Sunny lot. improved, loo yards Cral*- 

1 AO*N T delay Ovta your own honi« In 
XJ short lliue by payments feas than rent. 
Apply for particulars to Box Ko. 2»4, Col- 
onist. ^_____^^.^_____ 

|,>OU sale, Victoria West, a modern cot- 
-L luge, 5 large rooms, on double lot; 
cheap. See owner. 703 Pine St. 

■I,">A1U St., 6-roomed uuuse, all modern; 
X: price *3,O0U. balance »26 per month. 
A. McDonald, Uoora 14 Uroen Block, phono 

i Rs'H. ^ . , 

IrtaNK speculation — 'J rocmed house, neurlj 
■ new, every modern Improvement. on 
I'andora at.; lot 67x91. This Is avi absolute 
snap at $6200, on terms, and will not last 
long. Imperial Itealty Co.. 516 Bastion at. 

AlVK large rooms. dining room and 
I i.„ii nan.iii.,.i. ftH coivvenlences ; 

. hall panelled; 
nicely finished, }3,100. Cash »l.»50, bal- 
ance mortgayi. -Xi'Ply owner, 2«28\ Forbes 
street. ' 

CxOLiQUlTJi Poultry Itanch, Hoyal Oak 1'. 
•' O. Bhodj Island Kods; iny breeding 
I'tns arc »electeu iiotu ouu ot tne best lay- 
ers: J 1.60 per setting: (j per hundred;' lOuO 
eggs alreauy sold for selling. O. V. aoville. 

C'^OMU and see' our irap-nested e-xhlbltlon 
> and utility B. C. W. L.eghorns. and 
lettvu your orders for aeiilngs at 11.60 up; 
♦ iS.uO per lou; Baby Chicks at i6'; to 6uc. 
■biocK lor aale. I'inehural Poultry Plant, 
2»»ii beimoni Ave., Victoria. B.C. 

,^U(J», l'"lshel. White Plymouth Kocks, 


PIANO offered for 5I2.V cash; tood piac 
tlce Instrument. II1< 
Cii., i.,jposlte I'ost Office, 

A PI- 

I*- tlce Instrument. Illcks & Lovick Piano 

AUTOS fur real estate from ♦400 to JIOOO. 
Cull 1410 Broad street. 




and 83.00. 

Phunu L,26a4; liia 

E(l<j.S for hatching— 'J'horoughbre,d Ithoilu 
island Beds and White NVyandottes, 
»i.&0 a setting oi lu. Apply James, 'i'Ue 
itlver House, sVllklnso n rd., Uo yal Oak. 

l">gss for hutching — Pure bred Khode Is- 


iTMOR sale, new house, modem and well" 
' built throughout, 8 ' rooms, reception 
hall, bath, saalry. ai>d ? toHWfc «onorete 
WW^meiit, i^ped tor ftmiac*.' Telephone 
B3704. ; ,,„ ; 

iaoa SBle. new ft^roomert bangalowf ia»00: 
. 8«80 cash, bal. |2S per month, •• rent 
UM BdmoBton rd.. near hosp^ 

IJIOR aale. by owner, bungalow, 6 rooms, 
• pantry, bathroom, large attlo untlnlshed, 
lull basement, large lot, close in on Camo- 
sun St.. near Yates st. fire-hall: price 84500 
for quic k sale. Apply Box 38i>, Colonlat. 

7»OR SALas — New ft-roomed bungalow, fur- 


ao w t i t ns i id eii f l in e I 1 bl o rlr 


— nlshed; good view of sea. Price 84.T0O. 
C^ah 81.000; balance as rent. Owner, 84T 
Beecbwood. or at Hammond Shoe Company. 
Fort Street. 

iiK>R Bale, nice new fi room modern houae 
in Oak Bay. near car. Apply, owner. 
Box 878, Colomst. 

IJ^OIR aale. 4-room cottage, pantry and 
bathroom, oii large lot; or will ex- 
change for vacant loU. B ox 808 ColonlsL 

P lOn ante This m«s» d««l » a b» pr o p e r t y . 
9-roomed houae, modem throughout, 
almost M acre, garden planted In hollies, 
laure:s. lai«« and smaJl trults; Ontario St. 
■oon to go through at ibe back, or will sell 
SO X 120 on Michigan at. Price and terms 
fta . awjllcatlQa to lho...P.wn«t ««. Ill MJohj- 
gan street, James Bay. ^__^.^__^ 

GOOD 6-room modern house for gale: 
best part of P»tor Street; very high. 
Price 84,800: easy terms. Apply) Jtjwls 
Roberts. 118 Pemberton Bloek. Phone 
8020. ; ■■ , ■/ 

land Reds, slnt-le comb white l.«ghorn8, 
Barred Kocks. Wyandottea, Black 

Mlnorcas. Anc ser setting, ftira. 

Bayley, O ld iiianuinitut rd. . .: 

.>008 for-hate 'ft l feii 11 1'' i#^-'WWt»-'lbsil»ttrH. 
86 per hundred, atacliae. Diincan. 

IntHJti lor hatching— 6.C. white i^ghortt. 
U 8C pur hundrcMl: ttSB tor flttees. <}00- 
pol, Coltjulta r. O. ^ 

1J\pOB <or hatching: pure-bred black Min- 
Mif OHiM and Barred Rooks, 78o par sct- 
tllMt. 488 government St., James Bay. 

Baas for batching— Hansons 8.C 'Wnu« 
Leghorns 81-40 per. setting and 88 per 
100 cockerels and puliets tor sale. R. N. 
Weaker, Strawberry Vale. Phone MM84U. 

UK sale, Urge sable collie dog. 9 montha 
Apply Mrs. R. Colvln, C owlchnn. 

IJIOK HAUIC — Five pure Spangled Hamburg 
JO pullets and rooster. 818 (laying). .Nan- 
ny goat. fl!0. Mrs. Brabiner. iS&u Hlllalde 

Ave. ^^^_^__^_ ______ 

1i>OH sale, 1 team work horses, about 
J^ 3000 Iba., 7 yeara old: hameaa two 
wagona and one truck. Apply 601 Craig- 

flower rd. 

Tj^OR SALiB — One thoroughbred antler 
■X: cock. Apply 1020 Colllnsou at. 

OATllOl'Ht: and light HO toot rowboat 
for' aale; apply Box 362 Colonial^ 

SALE — Itomlngtou typewriter in 
good working order. Price liiO.OO. 1'. 

U. Itriv uw 

I' ;>, I n, tent with 

' : ^a ft., walla 6 

feet; »oilod Horn UBc; cheap, 818. Apply 
3044 l.>uugia* at. 

IJ^OU SALE — A bargain for a few days: 
. Sloop-rigged yacht, 4 2 ft. OA beam 11 
ft., diaft 8 'A ft., 10 h.p. aux. engine; new 
t'ulls last summer. Phone 1066. 

t,\OK HAl.lS — Strawberry plants — Paxton's 
X^ — }3 a thousand. Loganberry tips, %"■> 
a thousand. .Vpply C. U. Holmes, Mount 
To 1 i nle Post Office. 

TilOU SALE — Contents of flve-rooraed 
■t- house, $226 cash. Buyer htLs option of 
renting house. Apiily S08 I'olllnson Street. 

1T\OK SALI :il launch, 18ft., teak 

' built, coi.,. I :ined, $300. Also good 

Kngllsh hammerless gun and caae, cost or- 
iginally $200. I'rlco lid. Capt. Windham, 

Post Office, VlotorJn^ ^. • , ,. 


AAHU.VSO.S b panasliJp bus ronioved from 
Uioad street to 1410 Covornmeot sL. 
upposiio me W sslliuUuv huluU 

ALL seeds. llower, vei'etuble, cabbage and 
slruwoerry plants, rhubarb, choice 
pansleli, marguerites, etc.; leave your or- 
dcis now for your bedding plants. Yates 
r'loral tjloie, tiii4 I'ales St., auove Library; 

phone 227H. 

NTlQiJli Jewelry, diamonds, engravings 

and pictures uougnt and sold. Mrs. 

A. A. Aaroiiiiun, at Johnso n st. 

BAOUAOii: promptly bandied at curreai 
rates by the Votorla Transfer Co.; 
phone 12tf. Oitlce open nlgnt and day. 

I »t TLKll'S Furniture. Store, 734 and 736 
Jj I'andora si., is the place to buy your 
oedtfteaus, spiiugs. maitreaScS and linoleu m. 

C~^«ALlFOitMA hotel, 62» Johnson street, 
J worklngmen's headiiuarter'a. Under new 
managemuni; thoroughly renovated and re- 
modeiiod. Purcy P oiter, I'rop . 

eAOMFOKTAULlJJ home lor old lady or 
J gentleman; best of care; Box 4SJ Col- 
onist. _^^___. 

C'tONTKACTORS and commission builders. 
J Let us build your home; aatlaiactlon 
given both as to cost and tiualicy; bunga- 
lows a specialty; artistic plans supplied. 
iJox K2l!, colonist. 


AKlUbT class furnlslied room, i or :: 
gentlemen, partial board; 1« luluutcs 
irom lost Onico; modern conveniences; pri- 
vate family. I'hoiio Lao76. 



FUH.NltjHEU room, suitable lor 
gentlemen; apply 764 Hillside ave. 



FOR "SALE— T»| - mm i^ band safes. P. 
o. Box'SfiO...'-'; ;.■.,'■ '''':. 

f Heintsman pltnoi co#t .1(906; will sacrt- 
ftce tor 8860. P. O. Box 188. Victoria, B.C. 

FOR SALE— A Ud>i'« Sfb«IUh hUlillUg 
side saddle (a%lid pigskin thruugituiit), 
almost new, 836 cash. Apply 1881 Bdmon- 
ton Road. 

.li^BlSE: while It lasts— Shavl 


ANUCK freshly furnished front room lo 
let In choice neighborhood. 840 Bur- 
uette ave. 

C'KiMl'OUTABLK furnished room to rent; 
J (|ulHt home; breakfast If desired. 1612 
liank St. . 

CtOMKOUTABLB bedroom to let. suit 3 
J luon. also bedroom and unfurnished 

room. 425 John street. Kaclc Bay. 

/ IOMPOUT.'TbLE room"~lor 2 or 3 m«-n; 
\J board optional; walking distance. 2«li 

C^oMKOR'l'ABLV furnished bedroom break- 
^ fast If desired; 1139 Hilda st.; phunu 

1.^L.'H.N'1SH13D rooms, also largo front 
room suitable for two men. Uenta lea- 
sonablu. 10:^5 ^ates street. 

1.'>UU.MSH15D rooms to lei. Apply Mrs. 
-L Taylor. 1028 SutleJ at., off Vancouver si. 

jjACllNlSHEL) rooms to let, gentleman 
jO oniy. 2347 McUrlde Ave., oft Bay st. 

17MJRN1SHEU bedroom for buslneaa lady 
■ ■ (board If required) In centrally located 
UKt, Apply; P.O. Box 1208. city- 

I.-tOUND— 1 grip and travelling rug on 
April 4lh. May be had on IdeniiCylnn 
and paying expenses on same, at 14;:- 
Oouglas ttireei. 


OlJ.N't) — Gold mounted fountain 
Room 2. 616 Kcrt Street^ 


I.AOUND, a stoning silver watch, with In- 
. Itlals "E. It. M." Owner may hue 
same by proving property to Box bul. Coio- 


lj < UR SAL B — T WU dflftlg l U tiults Using « 
J^ years, weight 1,600 lbs., lightly broken. 
Apply Heat's P. O.. C. Heah 

1V>OR sale, one' pair of horses and harness; 
a; 1426 for quick sale. Call or write 
owner, M. A. Carntn(|i: Canada Hotel. 1320 
Broad' at. 

R sale — Ticket, Ist Class, to Winnipeg. 
Box 87. Colonist. . 

IjlOR SALE — One kitchen stove and house- 
. held goods, all nearly new. 806 Tates 


'T7K>R sale, furnltui-e of a. amall apartment 
X* houso. cheap rent, close in. Box 904, 

TjlOR aale, atrawberry plants. Magoon and 
JO i'axton's 13 per thousand. :Box 168, 

IpOR sale — Buick runabout auto In good 
ahape. Phone 1218. 604 Sayward 

Ij^Oil sJ-le. roll top deak and letter preaa; 
express wagon In good condition. 
Phone R-I19S. between 12 and 1 o'clock. 

C^ AKUKNING ■"w a i i i iJ4 i ll ih /''!*EL *»'*"*"'■■ 

SttiaSf* ^uttM"*«»v*»r* »«it o«x* 
will have prompt at tention. 

SAIRDRBSSINQ, manlouring and electric 
or pliUn massage done by appoint- 
ment at your home; ladies only. R-J420. 

If YOU want yotur house cleaned good — 
and cheap— phone -■ -— "- **'" 
V acuum Cleaner. 

26. and get the 

LOST, lady's gold pIn, nugget, <r«yicei.i 
and maple leaf. In or between ni. 
Andrew's Presbyterian church and 927 l^ol 
lln«>n »i; Under please return to above au 

LOST— Small red covered diary, wiiu biii:' 
of James Leo ic Sons; a.lso check f'lr 
MO. "I-eBg" name on bills. Reward. Bo;. 
;:S1 Colonist. 

LOdT — Balolgh make bicycle; return V' 
Uurria &. Smith, Broad at., and receive 

LObT — On Thursuay, an Aircdaio terrb i 
dog. name on collar. .Notify Brtij a 
Stables. .^__^ 

LOST, an American medal of the Oraml 
Army of the Republic. Kinder pleas'- 
leave at 1106 Douglaa street, and receli^- 
reward. C. Kosche. 

LOHT, child's gold bracelet, name Inside. 
betwi»pi' Vv 


IND lady would ilfcs to adopt baby. 
Box 81, Colonist , 

J .VJH naif — xew nuna i ng, la i cn 
- for store or shack; cheap. 

tt . ' , l ultaPlB 
1*14 Maple 

LAUY vocal teacher would share her 
atudlo. cenlr«.lly located, with plauo 
tea cher; 810 month. Box 177. Colonist. 

MINIATLRES for lockets, broochos, e.c. 
painted In permanent water colors; en- 
largeinents. Illuminated address, negatives 
rttSuched or remodelled. 1011 Uovernmont 

St. - 

XTOTICB to real estate agents— The west 
iN half of lot 878, on Discovery St., owned 
bv A B. Burke, ia listed exclusively with 

Messrs. Beckett, Major 
until further notice. 

at tiompa n r. 

IJIIiRNiaifEl) I'c unfurnished rnuinr* u. J((,t5j: 
'J&'-*tBrw#«»oilciiiic; centrally lucjicd. A)!^ >■ 
ftress Box 3C7, colonlat. '•'__ 

litURNlSHBD and unfurnished rooms to 
f let. 616 Bprln««|»»d «»<■.. ^'^f'^r''^ >^"" 

FUBKISiiBU rooni*— Bedroom, suil aulM 
lady. 6 Alma Place. Michigan at. 

JAMBS Bay — ^Furnished room, near sen 
and car: phone R171&. 

TAMBS Bay Hotel — South Government St. 
8H blocks from boat landings; fine lo- 
cation facing Beacon Hill Park; 100 rOoma 
modern throughout; flrai clasa grill in con- 
nection; moaerate rates by day. week or 
month; phone 2304. ^ 

A ROB furniahed bedroom, aultable for 

two g«nHenien; new house, turnace 

hea te d. 1116 Collinaon at. ^ 

LAROB comfortable room and privileges 
ot home offered to young Bngllahman 
or BngUahwomau of cnlllvated lastea. par- 
tial board optional terma moderate. Apply 
Box 18B Colonla t. 

LARUE front bedroom, aultable for four; 
breakfast If deelred; also ainaller 
rooms. Oerra Veragh, Beaumont P.O., 

Kinder kii 
ward. Co.s 

and Bowker Beach, 
he;? and receive re- 



■;'_^^tday, a round gold brooch. 
Is. Reward, 1306 Yates st. 

T 0|Bf«-«lreeB parrot. ^ultable "- ^' ' . 

X* ,ApM-* -^^ ****. ^»»^i^^sm^i&B^smt 

B8(iui i iwm. 

PUP found; owner proving 
paying ad. may legain. Fei^i 
'i'aunton si. 

CJOLU out— We have more bdysra for pio- 
K7 perty than we can supply. We wani 
any kind of inside or otitside price* thai 
nre cheap either for oa»fa or on terms; 
make your prices right and W» *'*» sell for 
you ImnKd lately. Herbert Cuthbert and 
Co.. 885 Fort St. ■ • •. 

\\riLL the party tiho -toaok pni'^el ;)«•«»« 
VV corner Kt-mwood rd. and Fiifrt ilfrS>?,,", 
conductor return same tO B. C. Blectrio Rfil 
uluce and oblige. 

Utnl-Mi^ab CHAKCJUI 

ABi S'l.N'i-iJd invcatmenf'ot itop gllt-edfti|; 
variety Is oitered by thu Canada Ato»«*-Si 
...... CO.. Liu., .tv.VoO ordinary doarea »v.- 

♦ ^.u« |)c, snare. < ills Is a company wtlli » 
gltiAl ittlUltt. Have them UIQVt; It. 


l-roomed cottage, »l,»00. 
balance as rent. Box 100, 



VIEW ST— 1007, comer of Vancouver, 
fiiraisbod room for two trieads. »4 per 
w«4»; US per month. 


I.L.J-.1 .'.:-.. 

WATBRFBOPMTS-r-Wo have three «slr- 
kbie wnterfroot lot*. baautlfully 
wooded. In Kwiulmalt and one at Shoal 
Bay. -— Bnaulee : Overaeas Investment 
Agency, 208 Pemb erton Block. 
\T''ATERPRO^fT — On Hollywood Crescent; 
VV we can deliver for the balance ot this 
week only two choice waterfront lots for 
J 1900 each; these are a particular snap. 
Herbert cuihbert & Company. 6*5 *^<^" 


WfATERFHONT lot at Slioal Bay. corner 
VV Oliver and Beach Drive. J58X188 ft: 
price 83000; terms arranged. Overseas in- 
vest m e nt Agency, 20S PembortOn block. 

can sell you lO-acre blocks. Tilth 
u iterfrbnt on Cowlchan Rlve« **n"Pj 

sialinon. ateelhead and trout fishing on M»o 
I.-^land. for ?7.000 per block, very easy termg. 
^Vlse & CO.. 10 9 Pemberton BlJg. 

V\'B can deliver a few lots on Second at. 
VV at $600; all 60x105. Heath & Chaney, 

fj ayward. Itjk. :■ ■ ' ' ' ' ^ ■ . '. 

VXTEST Bay; Dunsmulr rd.. SOxlJO; 88100. 
V V Heath a?' Chaney, Sayward Block. 

[THY pay rent when yotir rent money 
wlir make you owi^er ot your own 
home. Call at 1309 Dbuglad st, and get 
tho plan. Elliott. Sly Co. 

ATES at., between Vancouver and Cook, 

80x120. for $12,600 ; 84000 etiah. Moore 

and Johnaon, TatJes and Broad ; phone 687. 


"\rATBS and Quadra, 60x130 teot This 
J- corner presents the finest ntv^stment 
opportunities of guy, l*l«!toria projiewy. glv- 
tnK iSO ^lKe!tM Shftw lnQgdow 8paoo^at the 
comlrtg WlBlnees' hdb. Wice and t*rtaa by 
Robert Rusaell. 404 Pemberton Bldg. 

*iRROft 1" cheap tor a Shelbournn stl 1 l^L 

TTARBINOBR Ave.— HoTba at a facr»|tc«s 
XL large « room bunsalow.- tnU «oiio»«t« 

basement; Interior very best ilttuibi P|U»- 
elled, beamed; very convenient grmngoment 
throughout:.* tborougbiy moWjm'hoiaojJor 
partloolua ma Herbert - Ontbbert * 0». 

886 Fort at.'..'"" v '•; . ' ' ''...'' 

HIIXSIDS^tve,, cleofle to Governmejit irt., 
80X130. .'»«».• tive-room brlclt hiirQs*. 
eiery m<4«ri)i «WH»WilM»ce, rentad »t »« p«|r 
month: thin **ell only ^t $«68»; terms. 
Allen ft Son, over Not'ttwim" «3J<»wa Bank, 
cor. Govt, and yates; phtttto ^Mift 

bath and pantry, near 

HOUSE. 6 rooms, 
Beaumont Post Office; $3200; quarter 
t»Au lMa«nc4» «M» JW,^ J Ajaiy .„i!fee.W» Mm9.t. 

la 'WoUifl* Weit, • rberm*; "Jot 
'fcllO SMt, on oomer: bedrooms fln- 
i«b*d" VbIt* mtinuiL Price 86,800. Terms 
td Bdlt. OvenMss Investment Agency, 208 

Pemb«rt4»n Block. ■, ■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■ ' - .■ ■ , ' 

■ I ■ II I ■ , ■' 1' ■ 

HbVBE. Fore St. »-room«d. lot SOxltO, in 
splendid condition; going tor 810,M4', 
on terms. O. a Lelithton. 1113 Opvt. ■ 

HOUSB. Oladattine and .;Sj»&iiXd«t 
price $5600: $1500 caal^ !.&:•> 
ton, 1113 Government st. 

Ij^OR Mkle, two wellbred yearimg sows. Q. 

Johnson at - 

Farmer's Bxctiance. 818 

I^OR vale, 10 dos. Pekin duck t^ggs: 81 per 
■M2 dos. or $8 t)^e lot Farmers'. £!xcbango 
Co., 818 Johnson st. 

TjV^R aale, logging donkey. 


1jM}R sale, young Iriab Jersey cow, <trom 
X* beat UtOQk. J. Watt, Royal Opit; f, O.. 

M. O.. No. i. 

TJIOR sale— splendid saddle taorse. Ap- 
J ply: 1018 Biro^d- Street . 

t*»OB,-lU*|(MPW0 sows with » to 10 plgB. 
JP t40i. • John ttiitpburn. 1830 Yates street 

TAOR 8.A.LB — ^A inod general purpose, 
J? borwki 8 ya«» old. W. Ouvai, Hetb- 

tw« ay«....'-. ■ ■ ■ ■ ^ ■ 

, "> i»>mttrMimi» ^■'— '- — ^ ' ' ' 


Heath & Chancy,.:8»ywartt Blk. 
AaquUh St. cheapest <«t _on_0»e 


!^ 1 ^" r street; terms. 
., k; .-^ jyward Bldg. 

OxenOale ft War*. 

$'-|»'r cash may secure a. good Ltnklens 
I UU ave. lot: adjacent tots quoted at 
?500. Apply shayp. Bvann, 78 Menxies. 

(i&'7'7!;'—CecM Street, near Haultain, high 
qpj 4 O part: term*. 1825 down, 9 and 
18 mo nths for balance; Box 61, Colonist 

(SO,'!' A only for a nica leval lot Ah BJd- 
«lt)OOU monton i-d. HAath * CW8ll»j»jr, 
saywar d Blk. : -: '.,, . .- ^.'^ '..,., ' ..■ .' , 

©1 AHA— "'»<*»'''"**'■'**• choice buti«jUlil9 
tJ)jLUUU site, third cash, balance (» ISt 
38. oxondalc & Ware, 618 Bay Ward BWfr 

IXot 6 womfcTot *6«30. Vlotbrla ^^IrtJ 
«ah Cot |40 month rent; price 88EOO, bat- 
alco f«* per month: phone owner FUSt; 
o?Bbxl8«Col o|>lrt. . ; : .V 

XTEW 6-ro6m aouas' ito Prtac*(«»' 4V«., fc*U 
JN bloc^ from now George Jfy goboot. 
$6,000: 11,750 cash, balanco aa rent* 0. 
Mahood, 1082. Princes* at, 

AK Bay-^Dcslranio lo-roomed realdenoo 
with ,one acre of grounda, J|i7>||»«. 

30^ FfllUtMrr 

tiV>B sals^ iHNUr Mrd outOt Box ill Cot- 

X" • onlst, • ;■'• 

i ' ' i " m ' . " ' ' " 

ftiiiiw^oheap. bay horse. 10 yeara old, 
ainnnr-'lttO |b«„ good alngle and double, 
tine for * rancher. James HolUns, 809 
Joh naon aC 

OR salfr-^Blaok* homo, eboaps IVK rlg^t 
tor esprasa. Apply; B. Brook, GUm- 
ford( Avonuo» 

and Buff 

Ik dtttrwr.. 

17V>R Hde — White Orpington 

J? IjOffliortt b«ns aiid pnilets: _tbo£pii|;i|- 

JP .0 to* 

,^lii lUt tfV. 
il»>^4jOi. Vl«!for|». 

■ •' ♦" '■ ■ will ■ 


JP- 'Pw«h« " — 


Overseas Investment Agency, 

ton Block. ., -i 

)K— Pnmbroke St.. botftlfld !«*« 

lot, 50x136. tblrd oash, balantie 

:. 12. IS. Oxondale & Ware, 618 flayward 


.'Blackwood st.; flhe liapfc -tot, 

wItK splendid vIeW. ,B6«tt(^ 

tlilril cash, balanco C. 12. 18. ; OxeOdalo « 

V.'iu c. ul" Sayward Bldg. ''[ 



w I *■ i W I I'r'or St.. close to Bay fine; buHd- 

|J!>JL'JUU iiiK lot; third caah. balance 6. 

12. IS. oxendaie & Ware. 618. Sayward 

Bldg. . 

-Oxford st, close to Linden; 
good level lot; third cash, bal- 
Biieo 6. 12. 18. Oxendale & Ware, 613 Sny- 
w ard Bltlg. ' 


ABEAUTIKoL new. modern home of 
seven rooms, piped for turnace. gar- 
ci.;n laid out by oxjiurt. This house la situ- 
ated on Klcharoson st., and In an excop- 
ilonal good buy. Price $«U00, on terms, O'jV 


CORNElt Belmont ave. and Gladstone 

♦ ' 

modern In every respect, prlco $5,600. terms 
H.OOO cash, bal. 1, '.!, 3 years. Look this 
up. It will pay. Patrick ilealty Co.. t(4& 
t orl St.. phono 2666^ ' _^ 

HUMb: lor $1000 cash; 6 room very 



PRIVATES iais, largo bottae. wodd Hbr* 
■ nilaatoreia. bUtb, hot and sold, main 
M8i«. boiit locatlpii, ,tOr twms aond stamp 
tor reply. H. Musgreave. I^tdysmltb. 

L^tCLKlRlC ave., .between Burlelth and 
I5f Gorge, f lots with a e-roomed house. 
|«7«(l£ MOoiw A Johnston, Yates and Broad; 
phono 837. 

CfKVBN rooms, tine house on RUda >t_^on 
P a lot 60x130, el«o to car. »»M<>j. H*w« 
elli Fayno . ft Co.. I4d.. Ul* I<»a«I«V ■»** 
^hoM tn94 ,:■: ' '■ -■ '■ _..>.-•:''. ^-■' V:"': 
rjSlX-RQ«MM80:.»M<*A ,li«iii«8S^,JttB-oW'^ 
JO on lot ttiWit* with too gardan; »o» 

14 31-Clty. -, ;•■ V,.-'- ■•,-■. ■':'.■ • ... .. ■'' '■ ^ '• ;.. 

ix roomed hottssi imirnlshod: W60«i} tifcrina 
102 Falrtteld. near Vaneouv«r. . 

UNDER market value — -Well conafructed 
new, five room bungalow, full base- 
ment; bath, pantry, fireplace, column arches, 
piped for furnace; on Saanlcb rd., two 
blocks from carllne; ten minutes from city's 
centre: price $3300; $800 cash. Owneir, 123 
Pemberton Bldg. ^ 

\ \ ^ORKINGMAN'S opportunity — 4-roomed 
\V bungalow, bath and pantry: good 
basement, will be completed on or about 
-^.prll 1:' splendid locality: this house Is 
well built, and four more are to be con- 
structed: size of lot 80x90; price $2626; 
$300 cash and balanco $25 per month, cov- 
ering liiterfst until paid. Russell ft Gregg, 
207 Pun.berton buildin g. 

down and $35 pt-r month, buys a 

very taatefol 4-roomed bungalow 

- ave.; bathroom and modern 

Bize 65x110; price only $3600. 

.V Co., G43 l^ort at; phone 2721. 

-.,. btHw #i<(M*ai,'a»in»l yoan8:''iued 
tMJril. . Avply B«Qc tftl Colontat. 

' I II nn' i i ' . . Ill I ■ 

FOR Sale— Hor8e, 1800 Iba, U yoars eld. 
good workOr. OrahdlsoQ, PiarsoA'a 
Bridge. ■'.,■'■, 
Ill I -«j»»im»»Mtw— «««ii '. I I I 'll I ll " I I 1 II i II I . ' 

4Ato pvro broA 
ttaiisoii' imported trOjte 
Fraaoo bi^ Moiviteltttn - BroK, of goium|>og, 
Ohio; coior black; widii^t -jtm poaatttl ato 
10: will ' exchange for aiinliar. or youastr 
horoo and pay dttloroa**} or wtU mU r^ 
SMMftt*; horse is in flno eondittoln Und por- 
^S^&: ooundi for (ttrtl>or tatormatlon apply 
to S. Pi Miiirphy. «(«. Cariboo Pure Bred 
Stock Coi. hmo lA Hacbo P, O., Cariboo. B. 
. g • '• •• ■ : ' . . 

FOR oalo, SwwUhg TnJrkejM, |«; *!•»}<* 
Giant RabUt« «8 S»f tmiri KaaVywati^ti 
hen and dttOH aJUPI' for jtoTtlat; llyo^ <lO*f„"^ 
|S; cash wtttt all orders.. H, and a Ga»- 
dom. Box |». Pender island. ' ^. .. 

FOR Bale— White Wyanaott eggs for 
batching, 81.50 per setting; W. N. attt> 
chell. 243 Gorge road. 

10x18, special 
yarder. nearly new. fully equipped, on 
Bl*ir| rendv for work. Address Geo. H. 
Ke'efer, HH Johria6n~Bt. Anclorla." 

FOR sale, furniture ot rooming house; 
price 8378. Apply 1817 Cook st 

sale, two chicken botisea eaoh 13 x 
te«t. In good shapo. Cheap. Inaulro 
at 2082 Chaucer street Pbono TMU 

OR Sale- FoUUiig bSiggy o«»t 110 > 
months ago; pfione Lat »t bttotm t, 

SlUC cart (or sale cheap. Apply Slbson, 
- Q'o'^'fo"' ■^>'g" K-^-P- Ko. a. VIctori*. 
SITSIC lover*— A Gramophone bargain — A 
Victor VictrOla Cabinet Gramophone 
tot sale, latest model, cost |:S0. olaa 100 
choice records, averagin price 81- AO oaoh; 
will take 8i68 complete. Baaotly like new. 
jVimly Box 888 Colonist. 

IpiANO offered for »316 casb- , this, la » 
aT very special instrument in fipe mtpflon 
*caM. HIcka ft Iiovtek* Piano Cob. oppooRo 
Pool Office. , 

I . .. I'll II I II .1. 1 i .H..! ! ."..- III ,. 'M l . I . II I,. I . ' '. I V-"'- 

l^IANULA piano player and numerous 
X rolls, first rate condition; sacrifice. I&S. 
Box 384. Colonist ^ ;.. ' •■ ; ■ 

BENT a Reroiniton itoOott thi'SO t">ontlia 
for 8f: Vlaiblo ModoU ft per t:.cutl>i 
tetophea* 8814 ( Rotninstcn Typaw^it^r Com- 
pany. MmltoC n« ?oufaalrtoa balUtn«, VHi- 
, torla. 8. <?■ ., '.' "■' ": '.. "./ ■' 

' C!KAI^^AMK|>iVt«y new Wilton rtig. teit 
O QBftKy' Qrtiuital design: »xlD.« It A^- 
ply Boa 883. Coaniilwt. . , y 

SPlcElNOID oak cottbter and etgar fltlMs 
.caae, very cheap. 1037 Cook at. ' . 

' OtOVB. furniture and bodatoada, doll 
fj carriage. Tatos st. 808. 

NOTICE is hereby given that on the 1-th 
day of April, all Hindus and Blkha 
ahottld enjoy a holiday aa there la going to 
iZ a! V"flt m-etlnK of Hindua aa well as 
a great 'feaating day: ^WjT Tfopd^TBat .veiv ♦ 
Hindoo and Sikh who wlahes to "»*• • 
holiday on that day will be given a d ay_ott. 
BAL estate agents take notice, my pi'oP" 
erty in Victoria is ott the market. 1& 
McStUlan. ^ 

TtKUOVAX, notloo-^-44»t. McGregor ft Co.. 
Jtl A«icitoneer#. Bstate ^ and . Infur^jjce 
Agents. bJig to inform their - cllenU that 
Sw h*v« "»«>*«* "» MMSlr New Auction 
iiiSt, 81 Cormorant StrOote Phone ****• 

RiBiVtVAU ui miniftture paint»ng--In»iruC- 
ttona given In this dellghtldl ajt^on the 
moat awrovod method. For terms. oto„ ap- 
yly Charleg liddfton^ ]K>11 Government st 
CMNOiKa l»eWO»» *«"» *y Pa^' Edmonds 


W SfOTi 

LARGK front bedroom lor two or thrcu 
gentlemen, bath and phone, turnace 
heated. 82.60 each weekly. 648 Government 
second house from Bmpress hotoL 

mS nil 


rvottklna -btHM* — oh A rg oa - m oaa r a t a; 
I North Park st; proprietress Mrs. 

fno rent, furnished 
X gentlemen. 3508 

room; suit 3 
Blanchard St, 




fmim U»t 35C meal* tt» t|»^^ , 
JL 11 a. m. to 8 Pi «»• Kiwi . .- 
artU.-«orn«r -*'•«;••- «»* Xangiwr, atr^tg. 


i^dOD oound ihorse <or sale, aultable tor 

oxpresd or deUv«iry, 
S60, Yates St. 

Apply Acton Broa, 

HAVB Just recelvod a oar at eztrm heavy 
horses including three. matched pairs ot 
black and three matched pairs ot greya. 
weighing front 3600 to 8800 lbs. per toaqt 
Can be seen at our sale barns, Barlelth 
iwSk, on Cr*li|w»r rdad. 8W*^*«*»to » 
Werry. proprStSi; ». O. Box Sfill. Vtumvt 
B2676 and M408. 

mHU plaUd ^Olred for $S4t eiwft; M« 
% ai«kB ft Lovtok ptano Co^. opjposlto Poat 

Omtmk ,; „ . 

I ' III I ..1,1 H I . I .... . 1 . 1 .^ 1 ' , 11 ' I 

"i €ki 1 CAblLUAC, In .oxcetiont condition, 
X«7XJ. bargain. Apply ailiesple ft 
Green. ttl» Mi hgley Street. ' 

*6 IJBXwU(lt;SKKBCraK» B003U 

A> GOOD cornor suite to let April .I4th at 
AXltt Edwards, VancouvOr Bt., also One 

fimifi botnpianloiii Ot thp ForeM will Jintd 
X. their primrose dance on Thutsday, Wth. 
in the A. O. F. hall. $1.00 couple. 

mHB Cd<D»»nlona ot ih* .go' a** .j^ iy^itf 

X; pri^nio «!w»e«Jin^ *HeiR*Ri^ ImK 

0»: Tbtttaday. twh, '»•*,.; »«*» 




•iitt i^jdotbminits itiekow l>-00 

^^- ■^'^"'" BOO. •■; '■ 

iO LGT — Furnished bedroom. 3018 Ghamr 

bers street . -., ,,. , . , ''/" ,, 

^_ r , i' T ■ ■ ^1 -^ ■■■ . I ifa 

mo let. a large iront room. funiisIMd or 
X unfurnished, Xitmes Bay; close in; 
would suit one or two ladies. Apply phone 

L1317. . - - ■ . ' , ,', .:. . ■ ':'|'|,.-^ | . ■ ! 

TO rent, furnished roomii for twok »0« St: 
John s t, James Bay. 

rno LET— Furnished room. 1817 Bianohard 
X street . '' . , ,.',', . wj,:.:,:i^; vr,'. 

rno rent, furntgttad, largo tetibt hWi^rititftil 
X'/roontt suit 'two" or three: breaktasl it 

iiatiH rod.- ISIO Fortst ' ■- ■ . ." ;';■,.- ' ._ ' ■ 
rent furhUhed, large tisontro«|nW«i7v|«|. 
'Medina^ . . .' , . 

"TSSS^' " 

' X;",tt|fpfo<fc -*»tO Fort st.<. ";■•■::■,;■■ ' '; 

Iff IBiW ST., 1007— .Furnished rooms for two 

Y fftlends. 81.00 per week; cor. Vanwu- 

v V' 'iMi d^;yiew sts.' ' ■' „. ";; .-, .;. :v '■"•■:; 

L furnished bedrooms- to let: break- 
fast given .Apply 328 Mensles st 

FORT ST., comfortable furnished 
front room. Phone L142G. .t 

Al'.vVl.sU piopoiiluon — OrlU and. Cafe Us" 
best part ot city as a going concerns 
i.^.a tiwt ttoo a month; price and terijtu 
M.ry r«i.^souauie. t'atrlCK Realty .Co., I>4» 
Fort S!.: phony 25D«. ' 

* SNAP— Ro^vrag iri»u*e til » i-oom* uiT- 

.•CX nates st close in; rent 886 per montn: 
luase tor t year witu option Ot rehowliii;: 
PHiu ♦«89;; <>iattonai RoAtty Co.. 13»3 Oo.- 
^^nuieiil. .61, . . 

APVBRTlSfSR would invest tew* hundrcu 
. dollars with services in genuine con- 
iSWpn.' Appiy ^ox 7 oii ColonUt ' ' 

Ti^OR.. sale, wfc.n-c«itabllahed grocery busl- 
■V ness, centrally located. , Enquire at t)22 
.tohnson ,|g^ Rogcraon & Moss. ___^ 

/^ iSKtJlNiifi paylria i-eataurant, cjni-.aiiy lo- 
vJT cated: renting at $75 a month with two 
jvarW , to . run ; books will ahoW aubslantiui 
iicoiU:. ill health only reason for selling; 
tor full iianiculars apply H. A. Bell, sit 
Fortot; plionc 1741., 



on May 1st, one furiligbo<| Iwoai. 
write Phone 384!! 



CaU or 


A Three and tour room fiat vacaiit in 
madam apartment block, 836 and op 
InoluAtng pbonOb "Fleild Apartmonts," near 
OOraar <4U««n'a avo. and Douglas sc Phone 


■ I l l* . ' , I ' I I - I . 


mo Roal Estate agon* 
X st is taken off .tha.' 

tota t and 4. 
havo .iMIfHI mAi^' 

mi oaoar 

VV wtodowi oloMMd ring up tbo Island 
wi»»4ow^u5Sita«^Owopaii», Phono Mtf3; 

14t pJlBiO— i Itvi^ ": ' ' .: ' .'■"' ■ ' ' ■ - . '_. 

YOUNG English ladj^. BiirMr »J VNOl ««ti- 
cntcd and of good IMnlly. Wid«to|» ■>* 
rived, a atrangor in yi**«**»; ••W <*'*S' 
pondonco with trtoMly vm}» or hfr oWti 
social BtandlH tf. BOix n». golonlltt. . , 

; ■ ,: I, , ^ Houaw wm^ *»»'» ^ - ■' '■ ■ ^ 


- jMmi .AMU BOABD 

— ■»»«fl»W H ii W i 

AiBBBOB2SN." oor. Blanchard ft Brough- 
J% ton St. Board and reaidoBCb flr*t 

otaaa.^ Terms modoirafe. 

I J I . . I ■ — ■ — I — ' 

AN Kngliah lady and gentleman offer 
iCX comfortable home tor a refined English 
COntlc^aa; lO minutes from «nd of Spring 

lUii|g» q|u; UBO' Box 336, Colonist. 

AT ST; H«t4BN*9, 838 Courtney St., ringlo 
Jtm. and douW IwSirooms to let with board: 
highest and finest position In town; oppo- 
site cathedral; English cooking, steam 

hoifciOi^ jtorms moderate. Phone 1.3368. . 

"CWR ront. 

housekeeping . rooua 83S FlOft 

Kcll St. 
bert ik 

, near Oak Bay ave.; 
Co., 635 Kort St. 

Herbert Cuth- 


PRETTY little home In tlio Falrllcid 


on V 
.1. U. 


Xii. Av< 

hlll park, ti rooms, on lot 47x135, facing 
south, $4200; $600 cash, balanco $30 per 
mouth; only ten minutes walk to postofflue. 
A. Coles. Broad 81. Phone 66. 

"a SNAP — House and large lot, near car 
J\. line: $2600; ttrms. Oakiands Realty 
< II., corner Hillside and Cedar Hlll rds. 

oPLKNDlD house on corner Belmont 
va. and Gladstone Ave., 8 rooms, 
thoroughly modern. 4 bedrooms, den, bath- 
room, basement, piped for furnace. This 
Is good for a few days. Prlco $5,000; terms 
$1,500 cash, bal. 1, 2, 3 years. Patrick 
Kcaliy Co., 646 F ort Bt Phone 2636. 

' v.Xl.l I, I hi. I inn'.iol Im tACiI.ed — .V ,<■ 

roomed house In Hollywood on a lot 
30x148, with double frontage, 
Moore & Johnston. Y 


for $1800. 
lies and Broad ; ;>honc 

* 4-room cottage; 2 chicken houses. 1 
A cow, CO hens, lot 50x200. two blocks 
from car. Snap $1!(S0, terms »800 cttHh. 
Patrick Itealty Co., 646 Foil st., yhone 2o5h. 

caah Mecurea a choice homo pro- 
perty In Oak Bay. balanco 
monthly; this is three blocks from tho aen 
and half block from street car; house coii- 
tiiliiB 4 bi'drooms. bathroom, two toilets, 
l>iirlor, dining room, den, conr"rv-itoiy, kit- 
chen, pantry, etc., full-cemem bu»«.ni(!Mt, 
Chlnnmuii's room; lot Is 100x120 feet." with 
Hhade trees, lawn, flowers und kitchen gai - 
den; garage reached from lane. Owner 
wishes to build larger house. Possession of 
this property can be obtained by Juno Ist. 
This Is one of the best values In tho dis- 
trict. Let us show you. V.'estorn I-Hiids, 
Limited, 1201 Broad St., corner of View. 


BOY, 16. wants room and board In pri- 
vate ramlly. P.O. Box 75. Victoria, 

KESPECTABLB young man wants board 
and room. Box 321. Colonist 

;taNTEU, ot once, two comTortable rooms 
with board for Victorian Order 
.S'lirscs; central locution required. Apply 
Mrs. Harold B, Hob*irtson; telephone 102D. 

\Tt7AXTED, room and breakfast for older- 
VV ly gentleman, near cenrra of city. Ap- 
ply, stating irrma. to Box 301, Colonlat 


IF you want a good horse, quick aa* Cheap 
Blng up L2033 ;prlCe $80. 

ON account at moving, our natchlng sea- 
Bon will be short All eggs for hatch- 
In ir fi-nm mv prize pens will be sold at re- 
duced" rate.' Whlto Orplrfgtons, Keller- 
Btrass strain, $1.60 to $6 por setting of 16; 
Khodo Island Reds and Block Orpingtons. 
$1.60. W. H. van Arum, Richmond rd. sub. 
One. , ■ ■ 

BECOBD laying White , Leghorns and R. 
I. Reds; eggs for hatching and day-old 
.chicks, write for booklet; Dougan's Poul' 
try Farm, Cobble Hill. B. C. 

JINGLE comb Brown Leghorns and "Whltu 
fo Plymouth Rock eggs $1.60 per setting; 
$7.60 .)ur 100; I'ekin ijuok eggs, $1 for 11: 
J. D. 'West, Third St.. ott Richmond. 

TEA.M young mares and li-monlhs old lllly. 
new Bain wagon and aet double har- 
hoBS for sale cheap. Colonial, Box 346. 

rpwii flrai-class young ssle;. ro- 

JL leutiy calved; can i near the 

town hall. Apply Box :i i (I. Colonist 

TTIOR rent, tnfiitshed front looin. tor Ugtit 
A* hottsekeeplnff. 881 HlH»ido avo. ' ' -■ 

TTIOR rent, niooty- turabtiod housekeeping 
a: roonui. M» tfupffflo» at 

" i " i l l l' * i ' i (i ■ ' ii ' ii li ' T ii . ii i i '^ i' 1 , 1 L i' I I .' I • I II I I 


rqomf. M» tfupfirlojl? at 

xnUJiliri8Hl|it> ttousekeeida« room*. 

■ A?. ■'*'eTO«,(io,d , . Road. ; ' : 

^ mt^Umit^ I 'I I ' ' I > I 1 1 I I " I I > ' ' »" ! 

"IJIVRNISUED or unfurnished housekeep- 
a: ing rooma Apply Oaklands Grocery, 
1487 Hillside ave. \ 


OUSBKBEPING rooniM 160-' Quadra St. 


OU.SEKKIiPLNU room, li'ai Denman st., 
■ ar l'"ernwood car. 


I'lNG — Comfortable furnished 
,. 1th use of kitchen: uulet, 
pleasant houae on car line. Mrs.' Walker, 
I'ltv limits, Eaqulmalt road. Phone SllS"' 

i:^,ai«Mliii«pM«spi»isii II I I !■■»■<»«—■— 

FOB RBNT— A P«wtl|f tumtshod two- 
roomod ahaok on North Hampshire 
roadi ol^otrlo Mtrht and water. Beckett, 
MaTw # C«"npa»y. Ltd., 843 Fort street 

FOR RENT— -A foup-roomed summer «Ot« 
tags, one minute from Oak Bay hMaU 
bathroom, olectrlc. water. BitcoUont sttaa* 
tioR. Bockott, Uajor ft Gompapi;. I«td.,, •*» 

Fort 'Otreet. ; , ' . ■ • ; ■ ' ■ ' ,■ 

-raOR rant, oji UHJsldc, « fttoprand bftth: 
JD 131.60; store and two living rooms, 

and , room tor two - young 
ilis Mason St, near CooH st 


"DOARB and room 

and room 'at the Ravenhnrst, 
Am minutes* walk from Post Office. 

M4lisC|iirtnay Street.. Phone L2288. 

■■■I r l ll lli a i i ii .l ' I ' I ,' 1 , 11 

"riOARoantirwum: terms moderate. 1011 

Hawkins. 863 Pandora ave. 

FOR rtint, «»f» »:I»ur room flat furnace 
beat pt^iiii'lftth, close in. furniture 
(or sale: onlr «■•« ifOur months; beat loca- 
tion in city. Bo x 813, Colonist 

TTVOUL Bay — Vacant after 18th, a-l-obmed 
JP shack, electric light and water; 813 
mont h. Apply aft er 6 , 381 Wlldwood ave. 

OUSB to rent, Victoria "West, close to 
car. six rooms, modern, $25 per month. 
Box i65. Colonist 


McCluro Street: oft Vancouver. 

■ ' 1 ' i II .< I . 1 . 1 I I I ' I • ' I ■■ 

BOARD and room, ciofo In; terms moder- 
Atii apply il8 UUtsido avenue: pbobo 

|fc( M>«- ■ ■'.'.-■ .. ' - ■ ■^•' .- •■ '•' ■ ■•/.'-.I. : ':'-. " 

m il l c I ' I " 1 - 1 I " I , I 

Beacon ilill Park; 
new management; excel- 
I«nt cuisine: moderate prices; phone 8188; 
826 Boagias at 

TROUBLE or single rooms with board 616 

.OOD ge„ner,al store business for sale, with 
'five room house, situated uu Quudru 
street-: call tor i ml particulars from xioug- 
Son He Powell, 23U Pemberton. 

w i 'n il I i ' II ' III ' I I i ' I I ' 

'OnAi waiitcd-^MOueraltt slised licenBcU 
eountfy lioi'el; terms must be reason- 
ably: \|<iUcott, clo Post Box 11)30, Mortft 

■■vahoottVOif. , , , . . '; ;, ■ '■ ''■' .-' .' ' ' ' 

KEEN, enorgetlo and experienced real es- 
tate man desires partnership In, estao- 
tiahed real eatatu oaatness. Don't care how 
small the Concern is at present, provided u 
IS alive and healthy and the otner teiiow 
. ambitious, rellaole and eager for bustnesti. 
ueply In conhdencc with particulars to Box 
2 06 Colonist 

"VTINE:, roomed rooming bouse for ront to 
•li^. |>ifty -lil^ng furniture; centrally locat- 
ed: Box nil Colonist _ ; '' 

$7 por 

room, good lease, nut profits $--5 u monili; 

price 48600: terma $3000 cash. Address Box 

337; Colonist. 

VX^ANTED, rooming house, from 20 to lO 
vl rooms; must be in good location and 
tteaaonable rent. I ' will- pay part cash un<i 
will trade in good acreage iiear V^ancouvcr, 
or may pay ali cash. Address Box 338 Col- 
onlat. ' ' '• ' ;' ', - . . .;-.■ ',,;■' '".'.' 

WANTED^To rent licensed hotel; man 
and wife to manage same; references,, 
it reqilired; address Box 502 Colonist 


AUVERTISEK win pay cash tor two or 
three good building lots In the city. 
: iiend full particulars to Box iiSti. Colonist 

BOOMI>fG house for aalu — Slruoms, 
furnished, centrally located, rent 

\it under entirely new 


LADT receives 
. country house. 
Cowlchan station. 

paying guests In quiet 
Apply Mlaa Maciagan, 



t'lLUER wanta a good high lot In Kair- 

237, Colonlst.i 



SB to rent, 

6 rooma, close 
room 14, Green 

in. See 

HOUSE to rent, cheap. Apply J. FIetch,er. 
Victoria Barber Shop. Government St. 

T,F ' 

men preferred; 

" ; t room fiat, all modern, all out- 
ns, in firat-class condition, en- 
ti-an' • iiidora, corner Douglas, Inquire 

R2g72, Mr. Buugan, or 1426 Douglas st, Hood 


ANTED — Good young milch cow. 
Hutchinson, City HoU, 


ANTED, one whlto Leghorn rooster. Ap- 
ply 1331 Denman at 


r.\NTED, 0. general purpose horse; aUo 

ANTED — Good, 



fresh milch cow; 
Falloon, R.F.D. No. 4, 


ANTED — 2 dor. 'White Wyandottes. Ap- 

ply Hox 

■11,1 unit I'. II. 

LARGE, partly furnished room suitable 
housekeeping one minute lo car. $1.60 a 
week. Please call 8 to 6 p.m. 1606 Re- 
becca at. ' 

LAKiil-... sunny housekeeping and furnish- 
ed rooms; moderate rent. 444 Kingston. 

"VTEW honsckcepins rooms; suite, fireplace, 
..iM furnished, uuCui rilsh6d. One minute Fort 
St. cur. 1"6'J Pembroke St, near Richmond 

OOKE— To let, house, 
house: Ideal country 
F. D. , 3, Victoria. 



rnEN-BOOMBD rooming or boarding 
X houBO for rent to porty buying furni- 
ture. Bent reasonable. Centrally located. 
Box lOOa Colonist. 

rriO let, house, 6 rooms. Gl.tniord nve. Ap- 
X ply Slbson, R. F. D. 3. Victoria. 

TO rent,, rt-roomed bungalow, with flno 
trees, between Dunedin and Sumas st: 
$36 per month; would looso for a year. Box 

345, C olonist. 

6-roomed semi-turnlsh<!d house. 
Apply 102 8 Hulton; phone 770. 

TO let. tt modern «-room house, fhrce 
blocks from the and of tho Douglas 

~ ■ Realty 

mO rent 

rooms, with breakfast and dinner. 
Pan d r a Ave. ' 

ROOM and board; English cooking. 14 28 
Taunton Street. Spring Ridge. 

ROOMS and board can be obtained at tho 
aea-slde res'^rt, Cowlehjin itny; bnup*. 
fitted with every modern convenience; 
garden running down to the sea; good bath- 
ing, boating and fishing. For terms apply 
to Mrs. DIghton. Cowlchan Bay. V. I. 

ROOM and board for two young men Eng- 
lish . oookingi 1431 ■ Taunton st, . Spring 
Ridge. . " ' ' ^' ;■-, '■ ■ : " ' - 

lOOMS and board; beautifully altuntcd; 
near Gorge; close to car line; terms 
moderate; Miss Chamberlain. 123" .Sunnyside 
avo. i off Cralgflower rd.; phone R-3i;5. 

GASH for real estate, below price ot ad- 
joining property; owners only. Box 
luS, Colonist. 

I HAVE $500;. wish to speculate In city 
propci^y; owners or agoiits what have 
you to otf'er 7 Give terms and exact loca- 
tion. Address Box 374. Colonist. 

I 'WANT a good buy In Victoria West; 
whot offers from owners. Box 238, Col- 



ROOM and Boartl HOI 
Quadra st 

Burdetto avo.; oor. 

i^AXONHUR.ST — Largo sunny rooms first 
^ class board close to I'nrliamont bulld- 
Ingf , terms moderate; phono 2411. 

'ANTED, to buy, one lot on Lime «i.. 
Victoria West; particulars to liox 360, 

V^J'ANTED — iWatertront lot on Gorge; give 
VV price and full particulars; owners only 

p. O. Box 880. 

WANTED Immediately — Good building lot 
with city water; neai- car line; nuid- 
eraloly ;>rlced; am prepared to pay ea.sli 
for genuine snap; owners only; Box 3uJ 
Colonist. 'I 

A.NTPD. mil lot, about $900; $ir.0 Rros.i 
cash, balanco monthly, lor working- 



60 feet about 
327, Colonist 

$1500. OwiieiH 

yVTANTKl:), from 
with owners only. 

to 15 acres good land 
within the 2 '.i mllo circle. Will deal 

1". O. Box 992. 

i> at 784 


housekeeping rooms 
St. two blocks Post 

unfurnlahed. front room to 

\ D\'EKT1SER will build to suit purchas- 
A. ers one or two bung.^low«. choUe lots. 
James Bay; $2000 cash, balance mortgage. 
I'.xcluslve agent. Post 

Office box 86. 

AN a 
XV car 

absolute Burnslde snap; close to 

shops, city limits (who feed a tain 


lly) full 'i a..'re; 
ililcken house, so myma 
. o-.vF products cobl tight 
pasturing. $1,976— terms; 

Canneaux, Pridcau street 

ter. born, 
I ».niri.... 

cottage, ^ 

on place; free 
no commission 




lEACH roiid. Foul Hay; large wttterfronl 
"lot oppoKlte Hlehmeiiil wve. This Is the 
most Id.'Bl renldrntiftl Kite In the loeuUty 
und ir you are any Judge of values you wl 1 
kpireclate thi«; price $6000., third cash. Iml. 
1 and -i yeai'H. J. K. Bowes &. Co., 643 

Foi t St.; {)hone 2724. 

»B8T house buy In the rlly. on Helmonl 
ave 6 i'oom«. bath. pn.ntry and den. 
full eonr;r»-tn bu*i»ment. coneref walkH, 
i.tvvn, fire-place, lot 60x136. with 2 rhlrken 
Hi.ii-eK' price $4«nO: tlOOn chhIi, t.l6 
•<••' nif>nth In-ludliig luten-st. Allen H Son. 
ovei Nerthern Crown Bank; phono 1650. 

WANTED — By two young men. flrst-clas? 
room and board with American or 
Canadian family In James Bay district. 
Box 80. Colonist. 

gentleman deslrps room and 
board with private family. P. O. Box 



VOUNG woman of refinement deaires 
- ro.'^m 2^d board In nic£ locality. P. 

O. Box 61. 


WT.XNTEID. $laOO lit 7 jier eetil. on house 
VV nnd lot worth $8500. Addrcas P. l.i. 
Box 1115. 


* T peror'*''! 
Box I2U3. 

i\s loan for 
■Will pay 

few months, 
10 per cent. 



IT'HrrE Wyandottes, winners of second 
VV pen. In utility class. B. C. show, Vet-.- 
couver; all breeds competing; eggs for 
hatching and slock for sale. Goo. D, Ad- 
ams. P. O. Box 810, Victoria. B. C. 

\TTHITB Wyandotte eg^s and slock, $1.6a 
VV per 18; IS per 100; classj^stock: Al 
lii,vors. CBmpliell Malcolm. 1273 PcmoroKB. 

IIITR Wyandottes, $2 per IB; $n per 
100 and $4 per IH, $20 per 100. When 
buying from me, you are getting the high- 
est quality at the lowest price. W. H. Cat- 
terall, Cordova hay, May wood, B. C. 





)USK wanted — K goon utodcrii biiiigB- 
low, ."i-room, on large lot, g'>"d locnllty, 
close In. State price and best terms in 
Box 2SS Colonist. ■ 

fANT lo ouy, .'• or fi-roomed buiiKalow. 
with three or four lots. ICsquliniilt. on 
waterfront, A>ldre«» Popt Ofriee llux 116", 

O.N'E large 
rent, with open fireplace. Apply 810 
Phoenix Place. 

OOM8 vacant (Gorge) ; use garden, pi- 
ano, bath, etc. Box 188 Colonist. 


lELECT housekeeping rooms: excellent 
locality; no objection to children. Box 

5 2, Colonist. 

milREE furnished housekeeping rooms. 968 
i Flsguard fetreiit. 

KENT — Two furnished or unfurnished 
large rooms; every convenience; ono 
minute from Oak Bay car. 1032 Hulton st. 


J- ii 



car; $35 Per month. 
1011 Oovernment »l 

The Brain 
Room 3. 

TO RE?n 



ground to 
645 Pino at. 

rent on Victoria 


j\OR ront, desk room 
building; phono 2057 

In central office 


,10R Rent — James Bay stables, corner Nl- 

storoge or 


Apply R. M. Byrne, 

7SOR rent, new store. No. 707 Pandora, 
60ft. from Douglas st Apply 'W. H. 
Dougan, R2S72. 



.\NTED, for rllent, a loan of between 
J4000 and $4S00 on an Insldp. Renii- 
liuslnrss properfj-, revenue producing. Bnic- 
shBwe * Co., 224-226 Pemberton bulldlnir. 


V V secured 

$:ri0 for 60 days; 
Address Box «fil. 

give note; 

7ANTKT). at oner, a 6-rfKimed btingnlow 
in Oak Bay district; modern; $700 
first payment. Howell, Payne * Cotnpany, 
Limited. 12lit Langloy St.: phone 17S0. 



;t_\ntEI> — A 6 or 6 rnometl hotiso mod- 
ern near ear line; cash or lerms. must 
be rennonable; Inimedl.ile possesslnn If po«- 
fllble. but not essential: 
Hox 362 Colonist 




near car and sen; also two unfurnished 
310 Coburg St., James Bay. 

TO rent — Turnlshed rnoms iind hoiise- 
ki't^iioK rooms. lO.'JR Fort St. 

^^|) rent, furnshed housekeeping room. 112S 
ilrant Ft., off I'ook. 

iwo furnished hmisekeeplng rooma Ap- 
ply 559 Hlll»ido ave. • 


T roi 
1203 Pandora. 

V pl'-aanft furnl»h.<'i 

Jf^ a month. 




wanted for Hornby l«)and 

A ROE front room, suitable for ofllce, on 
floor, very central, 817 For! st. 
Call afte r 2 p.m. 

LARGE office to let aultable tor real es- 
tate; 762 Fort st. 

io entlon. $60 

Apply Box O.B.. Colonist. 

store, 30x70, comprising ground 


Yates nnd Douglas St. at present occu- 
pied by Messrs Paxter & Johnnon; posses- 
sion given May 1 Apply A 
f). Box TIS or Room 4. 

G, Sarglnon. P. 
Promis hlonk. 

rno let, modern store on Fort St. renr; 17 5 
i per month. Monk-Mnntelth A Co., Ltd., 
(Sovernment St.. cor. Broughton, 

tT^ANTED. a young Englishmen fo' sh^rn 
V\ In a shack. Apply Box 970 Colonist^ 


VACANCY for two boarders; best cooking; 
terms reasonable. The CJuadra, 1821 
Quadra St. Phone L920. ^ 

"wanted TO EXCHAKOK 

AUTOMOBILE wanted — Several largo dia-' 
mond rlngH, hIx to ten rarafs ea/rh to 
txchango for first class motorcar, or will 
sell at $175 por carat cosh. Address I'ost 
tifl'lce Box 1467 City. 

EXCHANGE — Equity of $5,475 In 265 
acres well situated, adjoining sub- 
divided property at Fort George. Bal- 
ance over five years. Will trade for divi- 
dend paying stock such as Island Inveet- 
nieiit Company shares, Canadian I'lielllo 
Hallway or Bank stock. '^jverseas Invest- 
ment Agency. 208 Pemberton Block. 

T^OK SALE or exchange for real estate, 6- 
passenger, 4-30 horsepower touring ear. 
What have you to orter. P. O. Box 217. 

I HALK or will exchangu for property 
3<i-foot motor boat, IT-foot rowing 
boat, two 7-fc-ot yacht tenders. G. Maude, 
Mayne Island, U. C. 

TANTED. close In lots or ear line acrenge 

\XTANTED— -Two lo 
V V land preferred 
Hox 266 Colonist 

four acres, cleared 
not loo far out. ternn. 

YY^ANTBD. to buy for cash, Vletorl'i 
' ' real estate; prii-e must be right; send 
full description; owners only. Address Hox 
2'JO, Colonist 

V V Fort Btreet. 


Investor, a gt 
No agents. 

.)d buy o:i 
Box 23b, 


-i- a 


nt $4500. Box 300, Colonist 


SCRAP Brass, copper, sine, lead, cast iron. 
sacks and all klntSs of bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cash prices paid. Viclcrla 
Junk Agency. 1620 Store at.; Phone 188. 

«X''.VNTED for shipment, quantity of 

VITANTED — Choice listings of residential 

VV and business lots. ('Jive full partleu- 

Inrs. t,:'hlld, Uarratt & Co., 606 yayward 
Building. Phono 363. 

a good high lilt' In Oak Bay. 

building; jirlee must be right. No 
Box 236. Colonist. 

' ' tor bi 

WANTED, a lot In Rockland park that 
$1000 win handle; no agents need ap- 
ply. Apply Box 792, Colonist. 

'TTJAN'rED, a lot at Cordova Bay that $io 
VV wtiu handle as first payment Can pay 
$15 por month: what have youT Apply 
Box 492, (,Jolonist. 

II I I ■ iw 


W7ANTBD to rent, a cabin. WrtJS 
VV Edwards. 1288 Langloy. 

WANTED— -Furnlahed 
office for medical 


seeondb.ind clothing, all kinds. Lsah. 
Douglas St. 

and garden free: addross particulars 
A. L. Hmlth, secretary. 

ONE Kelisble Man In every town to laka 
orders for best custom-made clothes In 
Canada- Highest commission. Kax Tallprtng 
Co.. Ltimlted. Toronto. Ont 

\TTANTED, old Clothes. Apply to Edward 
VV Finn, room 17, Delhi Hotel, after « 
p. m. 

Ii w. . 1 m l I i ^a^^iti^ii^^ 

\~C7ANTED, niee Ufht 8-wlteeled eart aa* 
VV harneaa 'R*p\y ' tM >tmfm(t$," "'" '""' 
elly, or p hone Mil- 80 86, 


^ ^ ' ^ ' ■'. i' ■ir.'ttf^ 

II " I ' ll i iii . i ' 1 1 III ,' i fBi 

\\r A :^-i'spr-<i!^-*titt*>«i «(i^ 

. VV inc. <?«»fitin»t. 



WANT»n» tb 





Friday, April 12, 1912 

a: ~ 


■.I once. £or 4 or 5 weekn. » 

_ _ buinaluw "r cott«Br, aboul 6 

,oom»; Oak B»y preferred. Apply Box 221, 


^MA1>1. furnlnhinl 

wuiiied May 1>1; 
hi, v. U. Box 166. 


liouBtt 2 to S roonii 
ruanoiiable rem, clu»u 


ED — Smull furnUlied hou»o or fur- 

heJ upariraenm; -.loBaesMloii by lotli 

Olh o: Apili. aiiiur'. & Ke^vpi. Plu'bB 

U7ANTEU, to 
house. Ho 

rent, a modern 
IX 30fi ColonUt. 


1 V tj rooms. 


leajie. house, about 
Uox 207. Colonist. 


Members Real Kstate Exchange 

Mci:allun> Uullding Phono :i:;9 

i:;23 Uourl»» street 

BL'lt.NSlUE rd 
•J 31 feet ill-* 


'ANTED — To rent 3 
or flat; 
..b t'olonlst. 

W'ANTEU — To rent 3 or 
or flat; state location 

A roomed bouse 
and rent; Uox 

WA.STEU — To rent a snmll house; i 
luonia; address Box S72 Colonist. 

or 3 

i ^t;^vTJ2D, small furnished house, 5 or 
>> rooms. Box L'47. Colonist. 


months or more. Heferencos 
E. i". McNeill, Macleod, Al- 

W'ANTED — Furnluhed house, at 
W four bedrooms, modern, about 
l8t, for four 

berla^ ______^__ 

W^ANTED, small house, furnished, Uo to 
VV t:B per month. In or near city, J to 4 
rooms. Address li. T. Summers, c*re F. Q.. 
(.;eneral Delivery. __,_ 

AT'OUXG married couple wish to«tlly fur- 
X nlshed -JmWIW iaiPJwate* locfttlon; best 

120 ft. on Burnslde by 
•up to Wunjas «t. : wUl di- 
vide Into ^ lots, each «0xll5; price for a 
few days. J1500; one third cash, 6, IS and 
IB months. 

lOCK Bay ave.. 6 room house, close to 
Hay St., and half mile circle; I25S 
revenue per annum ;thls Is a snap at third 
casli, balance 1 and 2 y ears; H5U0. 

CK\TCMll'wwH HllfhlaTi^^ «ijW,ttvl«lou; 
Just off guadra St.; a Jarjce lot In fruit 
trees, «'.!xl)l8; i'ivtl cash, balance oyer ! Vi 

years; 1900. 

tiak Bay ;nlce level lot, 60x 
third cash, B, 12 and 18 months; 


Uommr 10 

Ufa Inauranca. Ktra losuranea. 

Uambera Vtctorla Real Bstate Exchanga. 

111! Broad Bi.. Vlciurla. B. Q. 

Avery deslrablt 
cuntalnlnic <> 

home on Shelbourne St., 
IK ti rooms, modern, IMHU lot, 
«a fcot by 171 feet, price only ^^.'-".lO. on 
JolluwlMg tftniii. »1.-J0U cash, balance ut the 
rain of »20 i^r month, interest 7 psr cent. 


631 Bsyward UIk., Victoria, Phone 3074. 

So 130. 


and Hampton rd.. Just oft 
lunislde; a «<jod double corner, 96x 
150; will divide Into three good sized lots; 
third cash; 6. 12 and IS; en bloc, J1S50. 

FOR Sale— In heart of business iectlon. SO 
feet on lates St.. between Uouclas and 
BlancharU; price per front toot IX.OOO.OO. 

BEST buy in Belvedere—ChoUe building 
lot. 60x110 Victor St. ; p rice $800.' 

•f>038 St.. 60xU3; 11176. 

/-^UBSCBNT rd. 

51x110; JllOO. 


If Oil 


Room* 1 and Z. McGregor Dlook. 
View and Uroad. opposite U. apeoov'*- 
M phone XXiiag. Phona ll>< 

Opao Saturdays I to It p. ta. 


lots and 
and one 

rr. on 

V. & H. railway, fine trackage. 

new G room house. lOOUO. tiacUa^u 
lot, 12600; third cash and easy terms 



lot, $4000. 

H01iI-.VW00D Crescent 
111.4x111. »S500. 

nov*r- bungalow on 90 

(double comor). 

of referencegvljNilfc "■ tWI 


J^ lf II — ■ I 

iSSSiro UNO mftrried C<>Ut(w> 
■•"3t lilBhed house in cUuIm; 
. -■giptoaoce s given; 37 Colo; 


O acroiL' . ^,^ 

^■^Uo; 7 -room 


7 ColoalHi:, ; :^ '.,.i-...L»s.;Vj* ''' outbttUdinga. chicitsa-ttiBi, tfll^atiiii tiM tnA 

Ill , .n i C , .i I « '..■■,.■ ■ -j III 

EIQHT room hotufc tlv« rooms turoUb«4 
intf baaement. turaacn, •(«>.: Inun«« 
diate poaaeBsIon: oftU mvmlacii Mtt Or** 
ham' at. , 

iilOB RKNT^By April 16th, 
! turniahed modern bouaa on 


jfc. xtu uAsuvi* *»*w^**,* •• m»-^^^m. — ■- car IIIW* 
Applf on premiMB, S04« I>ottslu atrMt, t.l« 
am., and iS.80. 

jNOSItlBD auntmer l-r«oin«d thsok; 
•M month. M>«. L«tfr|^»mg.O> . 

«»»-«.»,»*—< 4-rq«pi cotMM to-TMit. Ap- 
ply Richm ond rd. and ywirtfc at 

rni rent. ffiria«h«a le-toQibad jbo«a«. wttli 
X ntc« cMtmdiir to rea:^albl« pwtr, un- 
til Ausust Slab Ap9ly Box P. O. IBS. city. 


Real Estate. Insurance. 

Cor. Wilkinson Road and Chandler Ato. 
ColqultB P. O. Victoria. B. C. 


froiii uew 

iiuuse. about 

,,%-■■ - — — — 

rent— g'Boom tarnMbiid houaa on St 

tAWwaea ■tfw; 
leaa*. |(0 

per moBth. Oreea A Burdlok 

TO let, (urnlahad, tor six moatha^ »n t- 
roomed houae near Beaoon S|tU Fiurk. 
StUh all modern conveniencea and irfBa jar- 
des} rent 170 » aumthi adolfi only. xW«- 
phone RlOSL 

6 -ROOMED house on oar Ilns.^ 
nlahed or unfurnished, to jNii 
furniture. Phone 8278. 

ft/MIlt »«.. coratr lot. «-ttoom o*Wn. bnai. 
V' a*«i gUei, near cltyj price 11.000: oaah 
KOO. May bete nce; good bu y. 


OARBY rd.. Oardea City Ueighta. three 
lots (one on corner) for 11600; cash 
required MOO. balance arrange. PoalUvely 
e money maiier. 

STRAWBBRRY VAUIB— BoUend ev*. dve 
acre* anA t-room house; tlO fruit 
trees ibeMrino, • obioken houaei^ s eorea 
eepvMUi^ email IrttUa In peat «uantlUes: 
BriM |li.TM> web lltTM. balaaee l. I wtd 
imre at 7 BMurceatt drai-olM* tnM i»A 
cbtckes tanob atte. 


1201 liroad St., corner View. 



St.— 58x118, J1600; third. 

St.— 8SX127. »1850; third. 8, IS. 18. 



C CORNER Olvmpla and Cadboro Bt» Bd— 
^ BOxlSO, 1170 0; third. 0. U, 18. 



ECHWOOD ave. (corner), 60x106, »1B00. 


ave. CInslde lot), 60x106, 






UOTtt , 

cash — Corner I'arkdale. 4(ixllo; 
only $660; close tu ijuruslde car- 

rash — Quarter aui'uS, StatJCn 
^ . _ Cardtn city; JlbO to »«50; 

liurnsldo line runs through street. 



•Corner Hlchmond avt. and Fair- 
field, 106M. 'in avcuuv; splen • 
building lot; third cash. 

CIHKSCISNT vd., 84x236, backing on to sea; 
J prlco *5000; JIOOO cash will handle. 
CiNAP— Largo lot, 69x208, Glasgow ave.. 
Jo tlOSO; third cash, balance 51u P«r 
month. ^ 

OAK Bay— 4-roomed cottage 
from sea and close to car; 

cash, 2 niie lots on Maple ave., Juat 
oft Uoutilas St.; price »1600 eaoh. 

one block 
$2600; easy 

tnrms- snap. 

Pxnain aiM n <oio»« to pouyijw »t. »^»*>«» 

rJTALTON St.-^4t0xlJO. »U7»l third, «, U 

CORNSR Brook and Araotd. 10x130. IliOO 
.^blrd. 1. IS. It. 

iilti t i i|,» ««. , i l» r * 

? '*fin 


1114 Qoverament St. 


A U>»B eu— 'lat Mxl7«j prtoe W««. 
poROS waterfiroat tot. ttal«fsSl» HOtfc 


9BNTRAI* ave.. > lote, 604100, coraer 
^f^Ctanrch; »«<00. 


,^ 1 tot 60x140; tlfOO. 


Real Batata. Timber, Ulnae and COal I^nda 

Phone >!••. Bex »«0. 

IS* Pembertoa Bids. VIotarle. & a 

Vancouver Office— Winch Bulldlac 


Real Eatate. Timber •«« l"*"?""* - ,,. 
•It Bayward BuUdIn*. Telephone 1»»6 

HAXbSOMB new oott8«e, situate ea Bay 
street, close to Vemwood Road, contain* 
In* 6 rooma with full basement. ««meBt 
noor. and faraaee. Price 14.000; terins ILSOO 
cash, balance c an be arrange d to suit. 

INSIDE) the half-mile circle, a modera 
••room cottage for »«,B00; terms 11.000 
casta, balance HoO every six moatba. 



S300 '-^d^ 

ave. ; 

two 10 ft. lots, Montrose 
third cSJih, 6, 12 and IB 

, Donald St., Just oft Burnalda 
50 ft. for »looo. 

cash. Batllefotd ave 
luiuuies Irum cat , 

Parkdala, 10 

bOxXlJtt.. lur 

The .Muni'liml Oouncil of the '-'or- 
lioraiKJii oftb* City of Victoria liavlng 
(leti-riiilnoil thul U in ilesli-tt-ble: 

1. To llslil Oovornnu-nt Htrp.ct froii) 
llvllBvllle Street to Superior Hlrect by 
nu-aiib of elBctrlc Ufrlit coliimna fj«H.rln»f 
brani-h llgiils aiul to coriHtnict the 
neceHaary conclultH for carrying the 
wirtia iiiritMjf anderjfround, and thu p!a.c- 
IriK of fire alarm «iiK'>u.l »»rvlce an<l llif^ 
police patrol signal service wires under- 

2. To light Government Street from 
Superior Strent to MlchlKiin Strfct »>>• 
moans of electric ll>?lit (.•oUmiiiM bearltiK 
brfinch UkIiIk fiml to construct the- 
neceHsary conduits for carrylnB the 
wlrt'H thereof undf TKroiind, ami the plac- 
InK of lire alarm nlKnal strvlce, and the 
police patrol Mervlce wires under- 

3. To expropriate the ne-cessiry prop- 
erty on the Bouth side of Fort Street 
from Linden Avenue to the division line 
of lotH 9 and 10 Cralgdarroch Park Sub- 

ivislon, and on the north side from 
rmon Street to Yateu Street, In ao- 

.JlWR^BW^l^^; .wit 

Uelnbefa ' VlWCO r ui n s ai estat e bf e na si— r 
-nOCKLAMD ave.. lot 00X180. no rock. 

latot— s t't acraa. oity ItVti 


/"^OLQUITZ Park— %- «ete 1«0O. 
-rppMONTON Road— Lot " 60x180, %iSu^ 
T^-ILBMIMO' aCiy|?«rKC— J8.X132. »9S0. 

fiST, Mtrtok at. north of 
O Iota >»ax>, efoh W' 



VICTORIA WBST — B. * N. Trackage. 
^ H« ft. t»«t^; <t»00 c ltsh. _balanoe ar- 

raoged. , 

RVBBBhV St.. lot OOxUO; •««»» third caah, 
balance ar ranged. 
aQVBRNUBNT St., «iO test froBtag«, with 
double cor ner. 

HenOd. with 

.*,'% *.a-.»'i I fv 

LhrffOOP lave., near Totmle ave.. » anar- 
^^^ **^ ^aBtM to omit ttota: 

room modem house: Olty watei^i lawoa dad 
(reea: ISMOi th ird caafc an* Mtms. 

OVWI otiarter acre to 0«wlUi St^ lor* 
91000; anap for a workerj aaly- ,|»M 
eaah and easy terma , - >. > 

HKRALQ at., ISO ft. «a 
"OwnMr. Government. 

k#^l«A]MW<Mnt «ee.. t beautltul lotat bicft 

"OEB 0t. WlWowi 

-eoxiso. fOoO. 

I !■! ,fc<S.ii«' II' ' >' r *-* ^~.*^^9*- 

■/ SUB V ■•'. 

i jiini-itau . 


5—56x130, 9S80. 

T^ISaUARD St.— 50x1*6. ?1500. 
In^OtTt. Bar waterfront Iat.,'^11800. 


ta- ~ j-^- CowleUaa Stpjp 

OU from statloBhiOim, MU/Mm, U 
timbered. Price |»3Hii.*ia *«*. 

|r|OjEKUlA^ Ot.,;.ttO A. BOfner lot 

I ' ... I '" » ' 

VANCOWttB »raa»<r«*9«, «itlk ll-ro«ft 
Jloiue. «8(00. , ' ' , ■ 

TT*'-^» 1400.000 to loan for erecting an 
~U ^«Me» buitdlav in Vtstorla. To purcbaa* 



OOOi^OT Sayward Block Phone fTO^- 

HfrlUt - " ^^^. 

SB8 us ba<«re b^i»t ta' Uta Valrtield So* 

a^ ''maar «m'oio«f„«t., «!««• 

QA ACRES. Sl^jNiiii^fM.' --^^V 


-I INKUBAS Ave.— :& fine J««|/gSf(itK'^tlM«w 
TjANDORA and Stanley-^jSkmar, UT*S*I, 

-L $6000. _ 

(^SVEHAL, ranches 5 to 20 acres, with 
-Vi houses and outbuildings, close in from 

13000 lu $9000. 

A Lt, above on easy /tl|nKii,, 

\T7j^ntJ3D, girJ lor office; one wllh «xpeH> 
' V once preferred. Apply W. J. Pendray 

:i»>l Sons LimKed 

W'ANTBD, a 4 or 5 room ibottse near car- 
> > line. Oak Bay, Willows or Hillside, 

price and easteat 

en owners only; sl'ate 
"■tns. P. O. Box. 15i». 

_ ,000 Aere% •*.«• 

IgaMlvBih"* W^aSe block.? would sell 
[jmidOy ••» H* - iter aeta. -'-" - - - - 
^%fliuan>8. near Sidney. JMftmm ttvn •«#• 

**"W-I tasasaOf tmna, iW acres. i^JMi**^ *«*^ 
6a Island. $1' per a cre, i n<flttdii»» abeeiv 

U&ensa. etCM 


miles from' CoKble Bill 

new cottage with water laid ■"^j.^^^^^rnc^ ^ 

and good anchorage. Price $UkWlfi 'Vmt miuRSR lands, cruwu in ant 

■ftaHewt I yitltafltt Hlv ar— lOO.ouo Acres, 

. 0^ Mcintosh 

Heat estate and Unaiictal A^^.. 

Wahaa Buiidins. uovsmmant flt, Vtotorta, 

», U, Xalrphoa* Ittt 



r- », 

O trOTS ilOxlitt best part of UndtnavOtoa* 

"X i^" In 

*»t|i -af:- M-- 

«Al>««li^ iK5li»»»«,' IW»«nt Place, the 
•ntlr« l«B|ltli» «tf to dOMtroot p«pn»n. 
«M aiavin^nw t^ «oi»«wt«, curba and 
tfuttera on both (ild«B of thla place, alao 
ta l*y lM«Md «i«UM»UonB to sewera, 
BQrf&6« dtniw ii«i:w^ m«»nf. •«* '^•- 
mova pol*<». Ife'MWiWiW*.-' -' ... 

6. To cooatnict bOB»»v«rda on both 
■tVA^B of Be«ohw<>od Aveouo irom J-Uhan 
Roftdato TMrOald Bodd. t ^ 

6. Tq grade, drain and-jPdwa vlfh an 
a»phaUtc pavement Pi««wood Avenue 
fwm St qharleu Street to Wlldwood 
A'vwnue, and construct permanent aWe^ 
walu of cbnorete, .with curbs ^ad «rut- 
W«<oii b^ Bld'ea of eaW AvdRue. also 
istaml oooneetJona to aawara. aurtooe 
HE ittb 1^ wmr m»tu», hma i g m »»»- 

polos tf n«c«M»ry. .. ' k..*h 

7/ IS) oofMitruct boulevarda on b^j} 
s aldw <rf Pinew«»6d Avenue from Bf. 
Ctmxlw Street to WUdwood AyMae. 

] JSw^eireWWt to Ha eaaterly ter- 
'^ ' kiUiAtfon. iRd -«<!*iBtruot permanent 

« 'aUdwi^k* ^ edi^^dr vUb curbs and 

Stfcm «nXittllSk««^ "^""^ 

«r win asH sep a,^.^. -^v.-" ' $1 "To consti=tt«*%ttlo«*6«; o^^ bo« 

'^ *^ ~ ■ " ■ " . , . i, . ^ -mI. „( j'alpfleld Terrace from Moss 

las the water; ntif*1ir3^\..ftm* -' 

street to Its easterly termination. 

And that all of Meld work.s shall be 
tarried out In accordance with the pro- 
visions of the 1/Ocal Improvement Gen- 
eral Hyluw, and auiendriienlH thereto, 
and Uie City Engineer ij,nd City Assessor 
liavlng reported to the Council In ac- 
cordance with the provisions of Section 
4 of this bylaw, upon with and every of 
HAld work.s of liieal Improvement, giving 
HtatementH Hhowlng the amounta eati- 
!H!itetl to h« charneatjle In each case 
against th.i varlou.s portlona of real 
property to be beneflte<l by the said 
work, and the reports of the City Kn- 
glneer aiwl City AHsesMor aa afoi^aald 
having been adopted hy the Council. 

the Hald rnporla are open for Inspection 
at the office of the City ABaeHSor, City 
Hall, DouHlas Street, and that unless a 
I>etition against any proponed work of 
local Improveniftnt al>ovo mentioned, 
signed by a majority of the owners of 
the land or re<il prop&rly to be assessed 
for aucti Improvement, and representing 
at least one-half of the value of the 
said land or real property. Is pre-nented 
to the Council within fifteen day« from 
thi- 4ate at the publication of this 
notice, the Council will prooced with 
the proposed Improvement upon such 
terms and oonditionH as to the pay- 
.MmkM the o<>iJb«fe,i»8iib>t»Pro>emcnt 

*j»1«» council 

, that oi?*' 


^- — u_:_^ mftmrm 



OU>VBRHII<I'— Some ttaest lou In tWa 
favorite stibdlvlslonj |000 » ftO*j 
•mall cash pay menta. , 

AOAA cash— Worker's horn*, tea minutes 
qPtivv from car and about Ave minutes 
from new Burnslde nne; » good rooma; , 
pantry, verandah; larca lot; oaUr •UOOjf 
ISO aTBontb. . , ^ : . : 


KcsBbera of the Beat Salita S9 
Hayaaa BolUtas. Fort St. 

BUHCXWOOV rd.. hal«^a» ain^ baekteft 
Oh to the ColonStS RMer; f tOOdr 

s^—*' ---*. '*■•»:' 

/-WOK at. three tot% c«niep« 

denUa^ aites in the SMrfliMI fMMotif 
, vr' will seti sepajt«talr« 

*** .. 

NonCB la hmt»r fivea that; toe Cw- 
poraUon of the City of Victoria. W^f 
Province Of Brttlab Columbia. Is •«*>**[ 
to His Bxcelieaey the oovernor OeaecM of 
Canada In Council for appfoval of tha area 
plans, atte and deacrtptwai ef »*•»<»* 
proposed to be constructed m Vletoro'nw- 
bor in the city of victbfl|i. ••««;• 5*«*S** 
o{ fWtlsb Columbia, «n»«»^«»J"%J'*2;. 
ate, lying and b«ln» la »»••«»« «^w 

Victoria at the weeteriy eatWWitr of T*»; 

atte plans and a speclfiwBofa «."»• >»?! 
poeed work with the Minister of PnMlo 
Works at Ottawa and a dnP»***t?,.;*>*'«2: 
with the «e««"t~»J2«wjJ of Ttttoa^ 

tlM XABd Reitlstnr Offlea » **>• ■•S^i^ 

of' yict e rla, - and 4h e watttf lilt Jot , OMg"OT' . 

^ouLvanxu> <^, wj*"** .«!5^I**!I8SS! 

plication win be P«>««|*lJj«i^*Jg2L^ 
ptratlon of one n»*^«»*5, SS^iffiL iSftfi- 
the nrat wiWlwatloa «l iWa •oeoa.m^f- 

"C»nadak.lh*M*#/'^ (i ~-v ":■-" ^..^j-" ■ ''''■ 
Smted this fOtii day of March. IMS. - 

Aaslstant"ctty Solicitor. Victoria. B. C. 

level: no rock: l»000. 

IkW^Mtf MpHO^..^ 

vfaa^- .■* »rva-w«» '*,' ^ i 

T itnsSt* a»*« new th<*j5&*k-i*»T«'«i*r 

_ are., new 8«roomed ' house, 

fitfB^ aiaMm ;fuii basefaienti mtsWon 

A IXITB Oaoar at. I1S80. 

LOTS HoKoule at, lltW. 

FxmibKMiltas eoraev CeOiit'Sm «*« •«« 
Aatea-at tUiii' 

kiik'-JW*' 1te»e 100 farma on Q«r Uai 

IBICBt. waSBSkiiSv*^***'' MMW' 

, a nice building lot near Wll* 
corner preferred: atate price (or 
on terms; owners only. Box 9U. 


' ' lews; < 
ish nricl 
I ) onlst. 

\ X'ANTED. a cheap lot on Bay a*, or 8d- 
,W monton 

LOT CO.lOxlOO on Bmma si., cUlsa.tO>Bttr»* 
side road, <1S66. ^ ^^-r, ,-,jr^ ^|,j 
' i l i m n- 
T OT on Dean Hetjhfli^ Mi« ;est <s»>Pl«mi«, 

i, Colonist. 


"■"^SACTH iDrlve.. Shoal iday 
1^ Box SS2 Colonist. 

Full psrtlculars to Box 
ROx^no: *14M> 


Real Bstate. 
Insurance. Timbar and Ulnes. 
1301 Broad, corner Tales. Phone 

JU road, *10( 

efiOV lob«» 
at. eaiw i 




$ti Tatea 

YVaOjAS't^. H acre. Just i«^^,*^**JSr 

J-'^^-atcr; jyg nt|-«m iafo e treeta; liMOO; 

\X7Bi;UH0WMf'«t,'f**» *ot; »«•«. , 

TOXattA atr near KAattf* if^ Jl <«» •*""• 
J? Kat aaoh; moo. :' 

Oioti^nVLO «<ro.. VWfofla. W«:. lot 
.-tjMtorHk Weati oIom «» »a«tttl 







i; VOxlilO; new*^6-roomed houae; 
inside qlty; 6 lota, only 


^iMMa t i*w <»«*drs»i«it.m».>L?bo«>^ i*-'^ 

Member Real ttstata Vkk^Mim'^i^ 

auburftafn ^av'-lmsk 

*ated on 

Victoria, iti 

toad, 6>i<i mUee 

also Bt»iMit"am» oiairi«vi*iJMw^[t*w>l 
wSSctmSir»JmS& location (or iHMm Wm 
attM :ttc ImS^nt. Price from ll.SOO; 

lot aM 


NEW S-rooraed bungalow with burlapped 
and tinted waMs and panelled, ceilings 
Itnished In most modern style, with furnace, 
etc., fully up to date. In yell at.; prlco 
J4100; terms J100 cash, balajice $40 monthly 

(\(\ FEET on May St., west Linden, 14200; 
'fyj third cash; owner had 13500 ail cash 
uftered for this some time ago. 

"VJEIW R-room house, half block from HIU- 
-^ Bide ave., within one mile circle, quite 
new, piped for furnace. 40000; terms UOOO 
cash, balance arranged. 

SPLENDID 7-room house, bungalow style,, 
all modern and new for 15500; cash 
J1500, balance easy. 

CREABB ave.. Parkdale. 60x112: }500; one 
third cash. 

OFF Thistle St., Vnilows, 40x120; |800; one 
■third ca«h. 

yvUNEDIN St., 55x180; «ia90: cash JIOO. 

avsu ,9 

«ovMb .«OftA sttb< 


A roCASKitO, St., S. * N. trackage; |4000. 
(ijHELBOURNE at., e-roonod hottse, fuiiy 

O lurnlshed; $4000. 

r^HE.VP lot. close to C. P. *.. ^harf, 

rpOLMIB subdivision. 

lola from 13&0. 

DOMINION rd.. Victoria Woji^ lot 
amaU houae. J^ZISO; termjf f<»0 oaah^ 

•W. .iiijiftiii * ' "''" 

STOHSr. JH^puHW and 6-rooirf houae, ad- 
lollinig atotton, sr^ool and maAn streat, 
UOOO; |tW ea ah.' balance «. 12, 1* mqntka. 

fHK/dVTQtft now the terminus ot the Cow- 

up on easy terms; «ood soli; no rocK; nnest 
site for summer homes: 12 lots sold today, 
now Is the time to buy b«tore the railway 
IH completed; the grading has been nnlshed 
and trains will soon be running from Cow- 
Ichan lake to Crofton; the flshlng and 
shooting In the vicinity of Crofton is ex- 
ceptionally good. 

nnLKIMBOM Bd.— Half acre- lots, MOx; 
ST i«i> Car Una runs through property, 

tol high ^SLm f.!L i'--''^-- »■'" *»•» 

ASMl.~d«n, ka flT 16800; <i»0 cash. 

,MV»» ot., Oik Bay., S-roomed 
_' "Umam mf Vo oonsirnoMon^/'W- 

Be^erJlSffvi^^ 'f.i^Jff- 


'BOlMa 9i Mil Governmeut St. 

AK Ideal chicken ranoih.. 10 minutes from 
, Colwood station. 4 aflres, all cleared ex- 
oent slumps, new chicken :bou»e, i2x'.-t. 
stable for 6 heed, new "S-room, Z-storey 
house plastered, with bath, on concrete 
foundation. This Is positively. the best buy 
m the district. »B00 cash will handle *i.d 
balance easy; price only »S,7fia; would taku 
va< ant lota outside city limits I» .<»xehaniti^- 

1: home, two minutes from the tiew 
Hillside car line, a new modern home, 
dining room, drawing room, btdrooin. lji,.lti- 
room and pantry, kitchen and re-.;ept!"!i 
ball downstairs, two good bedrooma can ba 
flnlahsd upstairs at a small additional cost, 
ftSTlilWment; this houno is now and lias 
'^SUniS^d&4*-^>"'«h ihrouKhout. H .comuvands 
ftia pannramlc *l«w of -lUa- »u«:(M»naiag 
coUntiy, sua, mountains, etc., I960 cash, bal- 
aooe I J* per month; price I8.X0. 

Park, e fine high, dry, 

im Tlllloum road, site 

S1X140; '&J^|^^i%4"iMf- <»«b, balance lis 



lie acre ot 
.: ^uillra and 
MBMik asMtla 

"OELVEUJiRE lots from |luO. 

METCHOSIN District— 4 aoratotSb water. 
front; |2000. ■ „^,,U»^ii. ■ 

GOOD choice of acreage at Colwood; 
from 2H t o 20 acres; cheap. 

IT\LK lake; 10 acres cultivated; nice home, 
li outbuildings, otc; »62»0. 


>{»ad — A good home anU 
close to beach; J10,50U. 

lAGAR.V St., double corner; ISOOO. 


BUSINESS property snap. View street, be- 
tween Quadra and Vancouver, 30x120, 
for 18500; third cash. 

COOK St., between .S'orth Park st. and 
Flsguard, 28MiXl25, with fi-room house, 
$8400; cash |2000. 


gooke Harbor. 

residence on .Dallas ra.. 


FARM property m all parts Vancouver 
Island, from 125 per acre. 

ON car line; beautiful 8-roomed furnished 
house; $7000; cauh $3000. 

CJII-^WN'IGAN lake, 2V4 acres, close to 
O Koenlg's station; $675; cash $300, bal- 



Contractors and Real Bstata 
Green Block, Broad St. Phone I.700, 

TTBRB! are some cheap buys 

T>AJRKDAtB, good high, dry 
-L each: cheapest In the disi 

OSOO. Quarto* 

8*ROOMBD house and 
pnMjf gpi 
Cook afiMMi 
lam. old M 

from oar. I 

good lots . 
80x180, at 11,5 

11,800. _^ 

T INDBN Ave.— lH)ta,t 11.000. and 11.700. 

JAMES Bay— One 
James Bay Is tf 
roomed house on.M 
SuHdlngs; on teriaa 

to Lieightiu): flM jot. OOz 

the beet buys in 
iI40, with a, llve- 
le to Parliament 

Qorge .Road; 

high lots. 

It , lots at 





50x130; 1775; a snap. 

r\RAKE3 ave., 50x150 
1^-lD.MONT>OX rd. 
/^■LIVER St 

a real snap; 1830. 
60x120; a bargain; |900. 

SOxliO, near sea; ItlOO. 

W. CROW &, CO. 

7S2 Tales st. ruono 

JAMBS Bay— A large 7-roomed house in 
Niagara St., on car line; fully modern; 
haM, parlor, dining, kitchen, pnniry and one 
spare roim downstairs; 3 bedrooms up- 
stairs; full baaement, piped for furnace; 
lawn back and front; all fenced and gar- 
dened; this Is onu of the best buys In James 
Bay; price $6500, o n terms. 

DEAN HelghU — One of the best buys In 
locality; 2 lots, each 60x120, In block 
7- price H60 each; one third cash, balance 
»,' 12, and 18 months^ 


T.ake, «0 a^rss at |73 i 
irter cash, mostly good i' l 
torn Jand,^ alder; drained by everla»iin» 
spring; H mile from lake. 

'. ^A 


sealed proposals'e'^^'^l . • Qu^^bec Dry 

^ubsldl^Acr'a. amended ^^^ .^'^ «'-';/^« °i 

U "feet *^%ar width at entrance and a 
u'a.»t 37 feet In depth over sill and keel 
blocks at ordinary high water Uprlng tide, 
and to be';., thr«e compartmenla. -^ 

U 1« intended thai said dry dock will be 
located H.her at Lauaon or '» '» « ""^"^^^ 
,.r ih,- Itiver Ht. Charles, or on the Beau 
or nai» ind the applicants will l^e re- 
aulrcd to submit with their proposal a re- 
port Vgn^d bv their Engineer or Engineers 


vea. 8 frr.m the date of thB execution of the 
mtbifdy agreement. No proposal '«'>»;;« 
ton-ldcred unless accompanied " an indi- 
ct i-,- i-ona fides,, by an accepted che^fP 

: f,,^ ',, pavaWo to the order oT the 

aainlsui !f Ftjbtlc Works. 

The Department does not bind It'e" *,'' 
accept any of the proposals received and dt 
Siso reserves the right to require from the 
applicant company whose p^P""*'.. » ."f." 
cepted a cash guarantee of Two Hundred 
and Fifty Thousand Dollars that the siib- 
sSy a«^r.i«'ni wiU : W faltbfullr cttrrleA 

rrT'.:^^':'-'-^- c. desrochbrs, 

;■ ' Secretary. 

De;)arimont of Public Works, 

Ottawa, April 2nd.j 1913. - ,_, , 

(Newspapers will not be paid for this ad- 

VerMsement- it they insert It without au- 

UwrlLiv from ibU depBrttuent.) 

1520 up. 

In this dlelrlit from 

ACREAGE — Some good aereage. 2 miles 
out; well improved, nnd will stibdlvkle 
price 11000 per aero on terms; third cash. 

ACRE farm near Shawnlgan Jakft. 
with large house, barns, fruit trees,, 
etc.; $20,000, on terms; 40 acres are clear, 
mostly in crop. ^ 

CHICKEN farm, 20 acres, with good hou/tS^' 
chlclien houses, barn; creek through pi^o- 
r.crty and within 15 minutes' walk from 
station; see us about this place at once, as 
we have to sell It before the 15th Inst.; 
owner leaving for Europe. 

SEVBNtBB.N and a half acres, just oft 
WJlkln»"n rd., beautiful hlsh position; 
M 0.000. on i-oay teirns; this is an Ideal spot 
for a gantlemnn's residence. 


ance 6, l; 


' to new station; $2200. 

acres, close 

MOTOR stage leaves DIxl Ross's store a 
8 a. m. every day except Wednesday 
ije day: return fare '" 



t'utumlng the 

SIX roomed bouso on cleared lot, 4-L 
acre; rented for $16 per month; pries 

SKA "frontage on Straits; $1.15 per 
excallent soil and good vUw. 

ELK Lake. 21 acres, 9 cleared, 
and barn: V. ft S. track 

good houss 

acres, Saanlch rd., close, to Elk Lake; 
$210 per acre. 

SnoKE — 58 acres. $30 per acre, good land. 


SHAKESPEARE pt., 50xl£0r «00d; 1850. 

A TOSS St., near May; 50x120; 11550. 
TTiEAN Heights, 60x138; $850; a snap. 
ly/TILTON et., Foul Bay rd., 50x130; $1150. 
TTIC.HVIBW St., 50x130; $r>00. 


Itaal Estate and Insurance 
852 Yates Street 



TSa^ acres. 
cleared ; 


barn. etc. 

PPLY to R. G. Mellln, Sooko P. O. 



Pemberlon BIdg. 


Real Estate 
120s Government st*. 



Rooms 11-13 

HOLLYWOOD waterfront, 2 
and 48x162; eae h $10 00. 


Phone 25') 9 
lota, 55x130 

60x110; $1150. 


Eslata. Office 

Patrick St., close to water: larif-> lot, 
50X135; $1100; $450 cas h, balance *asy. 

DENMAN St.. fine lot, 47x110; $1050; $450 
r.ash, balance easy^ 

QUEEN'S ave.. close to city park; new 7- 
roonu-d bungalow, with cement base- 
ment ■ Interior flnlsheil In • mission oak; 
only $8«00; $2,100 c«»h ; this property Is 
only nine minutes' iv«lk from the city hall. 

Soyke and Otter Point Keal 
„ Booke. B.C. 

r-o ACRES sea front, 1126 per ..ftorei would 

< Uaivlde. ■ ■ ■ ' 

acres nt land; 


lERE are exclusive listings, nml prices 
hol« good for Immediate sale only. 

ON Vancouver st., one block Irom car; 10 
minutes from post «>fflce;.new 7-room- 
ed house: all modem conveiilences! bath; J 
!lr,.n flxeDlacee, oanelled hall, etc.: lane In 
rl^- S^Xu^buy m Fairfield; price $5760: 
HMO caih, ba lance «■ Xa, 10 monihs. 
iNAP on,Cook St... near Beacon Hill p«.rk, 
1-X114- D'fe ♦»»»*: tHU is 1250 to 

ance «, 12. 1« montha 






-5 rooms, 


Tel. 2217. 
McGregor Block, 

p. O. Bor 24«. 
• 14 View Street. 

HARRIET Road, two frontages, close to 
Burnslde. 10x1 «0, s snap on easy 
terms, |10S0. 

an .v., near Quadra. 10x120 ; 
fA • third oeah. balance 1 and 2 yeara 

^l!»W st 

THIRD St. close to Richmond ave., llx 
lie, oa exc-ptlnne'iy •■•V tsrmai a 
snap, 11050. 

* N. TRACKAGE, half acre Inside 
city limits, frontaas on two streets, 
lltOo cash, balance 1 years; M.tOO, 


3S sea fi 

fine vl 



40 ' 

p^l\ ACRES farm land, $35 per acre. 



>nd Sidney. 


Kc estate of Catherine Hartery, de- 
ceased. Notice Is hereby given, pursu- 
ant to Chapter 120, Section 38, R. S. O., 
that all persons having clainis against 
the. estate of Catherine Harter.v, late of 
the City of Victoria, B.C.. who died on 
or about the 28th of March, 1012, are 
reqtieated to deliver thulr dciLms - and 
full pnrUculara of such claims to Kd- 
ward 'W, Hartery, 1209 Quadra street, 
Victoria, B. C, executor, on or before 
the 29th -day of April. 1812, and after 
the sald,28th day of April, 1912.' 1 will 
distribute Uib n!?sets of the said de- 
ceased among; the parties ofltltled 
thereto haviniu: regard only to the 
claims of which 1 .-jhall have, received 

notice. ,. ..,•( . ... ■\ 



Coal mining rights of ths Dominion, In 
MauIlGba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, the 
Yukon Territory, the Northwest TerrilorlttS 
and m a portion of the province of tirltish 
Columbia, may be leased lor a term o£ twcn- 
tyone yeurs at an annual rental of »l au 
acre. Not more ihun :;,6tiu acres will be 
teased tu o'lio" ^Pi^UCsnt, 

AppUcaUon fur a lenae must be made by 
the appilcam In person 10 Uio Agent or bub 
Agent of ilic district In which the rlglus 
applied tor ore sliuat'id. 

In surveyed territory the land must be 
desorlbod by sections, or legal sub-dlvUlou!' 
ot sections, and In unsurveycj tcirliory tno 
tract applU'd lor shall be staked out by the 
applicant himself. 

Kach appUealloii must Tie nccompanled by 
a fee ot 16 which will be refunded It the 
rights applied tiii- are not available, but not 
oi'e.wlse. A royalty shall be pa»d on the 
mBrvbau.U(.blu output ot the mine at ih, rat« 
o£ five cents per ton. 

The person operating the mine shall fur- 
nish th« Asent with sworn returns aocoui.t- 
ina for the full .juantliy of morchantab lo 
-.."l mined aoJ Pay the royalty thereon. If 
Uie coal mining rights are not being oper- 
ated, such returns should be turulshod at 
least once a year. „,„,„„ 

The leaas will Include t«e coal mining 
rUhlfc'oniy. but the lessee may be permitted 
„r purchase. IV Ivaieyer avallabls surface 
rights may be considered necessary for the 
working of the mine at the rata ot 110.00 

For fiill Information application should be 
mado to the Secretary of the Uepartmeni 
of the interior, Ottawa, or to any Agapt or 
Sub-Ageht of Dommton Ljandi^ ^^^^ 

Deputy Minister of the Interior. 

N B unauthoil2ed publloatlon ot this 

advirtisero^nt will a^i b« patA tor. ^. 


SISMOni.-^l' TO UKS I.ATt; 

«0 Be Erected for the Government ot the 

Dominion of Canada. 

. Terms of Competition 

C*Oiad*bBAL COMPETITIVIC designs for 
»^n?Wnnment to be .ere'^ted at Ottawa 
Canada, to His lAte Majesty Kink Edwa-n 
VII. ^ , 

<1) Competitive designs "» |"^•''^t \°'l,* 
tnonnment to be erected to His Late Maj- 
esty King Edward VII. 

(2^ The memorial when completed and In 
position is not to cost more than ?3o,000 tii- 
cludlne pedestal from the level ot the 

(3) The competition Is open to srtisls 
resident In the British Kmplre who are 
British subjects and to artists British sub- 
jects by birth resident elsewhere. 

(4) The site of the monument will he at 
a point on the tJovernment property at Ot- 
tawa to be decided upon hereafter. 

(5) Ueslgns shall be in the form of 
sketch models In plaster made at a uniform 
scale of IH inches to the foot. A descrip- 
tion of the design must accompany each 
model. JSo name. m'>it<>, or other distinct- 
ive device Is to be attached to the model 
or description. The competitor must send 
bis name lit a sealed envelope without dis- 
tinctive marks thereon. ■' 

(6) The author of the best design shall be 
awarded the commission of the work, and 
the second best shall be awarded a prize .of 

(.7) All communications regarding lhl» 
competition shall be addressed to: The 
: Secretary Public Works Department, Otta 
wa. Canada. All models to be addressed to: 
Mr. Krlc Brown, Director of National Art 
Gallery. Ottawa, Canada. 

(8) The deslsns must be delivered before 
the first day of October 1311'. They wU.rbe 
kept from public view until the award, has 
been made. All expenses ot delivering the 
liietch models and accompanying descriji- 
tlona shall bo paid by the competitors. 
Sketch models will, after the award, and at; 
the tXptnsti of the Public Works Uept., be 
ro'uvn'.'d i pon the requetft oC taw cuiupoti- 
tors. b.!t a, the risk of the competitors. 

Notice ot the award will bo sent to each 

The awtrd wlllonly be binding provide, I 
tho successful competitor is prepared to f Ui - 
nisli satlslaclory evidence, with security If 
d-'inandod, that he can execute the work 
fbr the Biini above mentioned. 
By Order, 


Dc,^artment of Public Works. Canada. 

Uttuwa, April a. 1912. 

(Newspapers will not be paid for this 
advertisement If they insert it without au- 
thority from this Department.) 

Offices: 21$ I'einberton Block 
B. C. Phone 1B21. 


IBO ciiickens, etc.; 19 
C horses, etc. Price 

ACRK farm, 

with house 
ISO per acre. 

and Ir 

■QRTH and South Haanlch land!, for sal* 
In small or large blocks, unlmprovnd 
land cleared land, and planted orchards, 
with or without houses. For prices and- 
nartlculars of t he best buy s call upon us, 

BU.Sl.MESS sites In Victoria on Fort st. 
and Hlanehard St., Including double 


MjK**t«»ble Waters 



T.\NTEb. Victoria He.,»ldcntlal 
houses in any district. 

lots and 



ReSil FiState and 
Telephone 1118 

mot Qovernraent St., 


P. O. Box 092 
Victoria. B. C. 

QNAP— Good for two days 

road. n»>ar Millgrove 
lots at $1250 and |MO0. 

only. Burnslde 
$l.OaO. Adjoining 


1221 Laogley Street. 

/^"lORNER Cook and Chapman sts., else 
y^' BOxiaS: ISortft; thi rd cas h. 

CORNER ("ook and Ollphant sts,. slie 47x 
120; laSOO; third cash. 





:,t.iden. sla* 

CORNKK Moss and May sts., slse 110x110; 
I&2S0; IhhU cash. 

In the matter ot the "Winding Up Act 
and in tfa.e matter ot the British Columbia 
Horticultttral Estates, Umited. 

The creditors of the above named company 
are required on or before the mh'dy-ef 
Aorll l»l2, to send their names and ad- 
dresses abd the particulars of their debts 
or claims and tho names and addresses ol 

their aollollors (If any) toW. Curtis Samp- 

. (J, _..*,!5i,.. 1110 Lnngifiy street, Vlotbria. 

The o'tfl'tlsTTrquldator of the aald oomnenj 

and If »* roqulrrfl by notice I* wrftIB* 

from the said official liquidator ars by 

their so.'lultors to como 

».-ld debt| or olalms 

at tho Cg»rt House. VI 

time as Shall be speolfled ... , „ 

In delauU thereof, they will be exeluded 

from the benefit ot any distribution made 

before such debts are proved. 

The IMh daj- of Mar, m«, '*t 10 •j'*'"^^ 

appointed for haartng )trt# M^iiVlMffKrVlMl' 
i... d*bt«; *3S claims. ^ . -. .... 

Uated this Sth day of March, A. P. lllSt 

(Bl«neif B. M. TrHR*rm» — — -• 

10 In and prove th^ UK*^ 

at Judge's cnambdr% iM ' 
■Ictoria, B. C. *t.ei4M tJN 
fled In such notice^ W "'■•'* 

Notltrs is hereby §»'««*« ^^'J^i 
and Arthur Bdw**d *r*y*»««^ tt*** SLJSS 

cSwabla, ere avplyinr » His SnielleMnr 
fhe^vernor.aene«l of 9««tV»";;ee<««^ 

?^«r-^ef -vf s •^s^^i.H sS 

fhwy-one <li> and *>fr}y>t i«e <«> Jg 
' - iffimm Xit»M*U ■»«** 0»l«t»bM. 




Notice is hereby given that Frederick T. 
Higgs of Victoria. British Columbia, la ep- 
plylng to His lixcellency tho Qoverndi'- 
Oeneral ot Canada In Council, for approval 
of tho area, plans, site and description ot 
works proposed to bo constructed In W*«i 
Bay, Victoria Harbor, Victoria, B. C, bethg 
tht) lands situate, lying and being In the 
City of Victoria, aforesaid, and known, 
numbered and described as part of s*]^- 
dlvlslons five and six, of section thlrtr<tWo 
t32), map 64, and ot another part ot said 
section thirty-two (12), Vlewfleld FArrt, 
Vancouver Island, Province of British CM- 
umbia, and has deposited the area and site 
plana ot the proposed works and a desorte- 
tlon thereof with the Minister of PUblia 
Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate Toerwi 
Kith the Registrar Ocneral of Titles In We 
Land Registry OCfice In the City of Vic- 
toria. British Columbia, wad that tke 
matter ot the sSM application Will be ptjf' 
ceeiied with ,«t tlUi expiration ot one OMIiUl 
from ths time ot the tlrst publloettea K . 
this notice In the "Canada Oesetteb" i 

Dfttcd this 11th day of Mareh, A.O. J|U. 
. y. F. HMipW. ; 


at VietOKaL T M***** OttoBlt — 

t» Hie mim»miir w*, """ 



■■'*^ ^'^'"^'^ ' 



Friday, April 1?, 19iv 



[aiiplk©t§ smud 


i.'3H i-:h 


Strength of Railway Stocks is 
Feature of Exchange Deal- 
ings — Coppers Again Touch 
a High Mark 



^'iipORK. April 11. — rrlce nio\en>«nts 

(tecldndly sirufitfev. with ,. dvyaftJMl. 

thuuch iaiii.'ipMililtMr;a!ii|tatttA (j*nadiaa croup. 

in ^(tJSp^riiV :ijlPii«<w' the ' weah ' ff a- 
*^|« fftl'eotoilBdO Kuj»l ili4 Araorloan L.ln- 
;.||hI|(I WMntacm aiia pr«Iirnf«a. tjnion Bas and 
f««iiiiK'''ainierlcai» B<i«t Sugar land gufck- 
illvur Minint •dvancInK irosa one to four 

Th9 coppers t^ncame Icadoi-a with a new 
hlK)!i:.,t<«t><M^ ^ r^tt'rCbtuo. , Uuliad States Steal 
|>u>y«i<l IvflMIii '4°oiie i>bb>i, ranico. 

tha msrllM 1>«cavw>' dull In the «arly 
4|t^>mw»r'«**~ta ^|i« laat U<>»r there was 
H: r^^lMl.trf |ic|(yltr .to th« aooompanimout 
'At' «ari|<it| ''.AecltnesL > 

; CaU mqtpey touched 40 p«r' *^«nt again 
today; >ut tho denied waa llshi. Tini« 
f<it«i||jii:«r« praeticAliy unohansed with some 
tMc i ' i ti H i ,- tn ol(«r(nvs of (commercial puiipr. 
w ains t P f itt i mr *»>»> » • d n a llnlTia 

Htowarl littiid 

H. C. Copper 

<'Mn i%iii«rl. K. and I! 


Coiiinatlon Gold 

ICootciiay Oold 

Lucky .rim Zinc 

NuBBVt Oold 

Riunbler Carlbuo 

Ktundunl Uoad 

Olttclor frepk 

I'ortlaud i.'anal 
Itcd Cliff . . . • 
Klcvvari M. anil i 
i>;iaskliiii •■■'il 




.4 'J 




59. UO 




May . ,^,.*, 
July " 
Sept. ^^a: 

I (pen. IIIbIi. 





Ul ' 





■i 'A 



31 U 


coKav ^> M « i , ii , i « i,«i i iii. a ii. v; ,g, ■ i m i .. . g- i, 
July v*-^ I^^'.'V.lf its' 

^^ts— " 


July » • ■ 

8«p<'. ,...•, 


' May 


Lrfird — 



Short Ribs — 




IT. 13 






11. it, 


• at ' 












Amal. Copper 

Amn. Agr. Chemloal 

AWD. Iteet Sugar . . 

Amn. Canv pfd. • . • 

Amn. far. and Kdy. 

.\mn. Cotton Oil . ■ • 

Amn. lee Kei'uritica 

.\mn. Lufoinollvt- . . 

Nor. }'*<■. ■ . 
raflrir .Mall 
I'enii*) U anla 
I'l^uple'* <>a» 
l're«»vd Sieijl 
italhvay .Sieel 


lUp. Iron and Steel -,. 
do »'<i. 

Ilotk lilaud 

do pfd 

Hlo»» fihc-t field 

Sou. Pai.'lflr 

Sou. Hallway 

do ufd 

Tf 111). Coppwi- 

Texan raciric 

Twin City 

L'nion Pacific 

ilo pfd 

v. .S. Jlubber 

do is; pfd. . . . 

do :ind pfd. . . 

V. 8. Steel 

do pfd 

I'loh Copper — 

Va. Car Cbemk'ttl .■•• '■" 


do pfd ■ 

Weslern l'nion '" 

Weslingliouiie ^ • 

Wisconsin Central .... i" 
ilonry on rail ZK per ■">"! 

•y-igtStal sales sr.S.TOO shares 

ESbi ' " 

t>.- , LUerpool Wh^j|».,J*rl«je» 

- l.,IVnR!'OOT. ....... -ii Ti-j-..,^^i|- 

T«. ii»»d.: July 7s. io«i«i ^mtfm t^ 

1 u 


7 1 
















6 3 










39 »4 




71 «» 






1 r>% 


•< ■» 

■-• 1 Ti 


Mutton. Australian, par lb.. 

\'eal. dressed, ptsr lb 




|l>i^xlcan Tomatoes, perib 

KUii Ida do., ;>er It) 

I'arsley, buiioli 

Cuiuuibei ». eai h 

I'otaloes. pt-r suck 

Ashcroft Totatoes. per sack. . 

Caubagf. nuw, per lb 

tjftrlli'. per lb 

OroBon Onions, 6 lbs 

Australian Onions, 4 lbs .... 
I.t^itucc, hot house, per hd .. 

Heels, per lb 

Carrots, per lb 

New Carrots. J bunches .... 

i'aullflu««r, each 

(.'elery, per stalk, 2 for 

Sweet Polaloos, 4 lbs. for ... 
(iretn Onions. 3 bunches .... 

Citrons, per lb 

k'umpklns, per lb 

Curly Kale, per lb 

Uhubarh, local hot house, per 


Rhubarb, tjallfornlun, per lb 
Asparagus, CuUfornlan, '1 lbs. 
Asparagus, Seattle, local, per 


Artichokes, each 

Watercress. Cal , per bunch 

July 7». lO'iii 

•tt*M«iic« M tlu QPtniiti: 


Amn. B i nBU i nif ■ . . — ; 

.Amn, Sugar 

Amn. Tel. and Tel... 
Amn Tobacco pfd. . . . 

Amn. VV allien 

A uaconda 

do pfd 

B. and O 

B. T. R 

r. p. ft 

Onlral I<eatlier 
rii<ts. and Ohio 

C. and CJ. W. . 

do pfd. ' . '. . 

C. M. and St. P. , . .. 

do pfd. ; . 
rolo. Pttal «ad Icon'.* 
rol9. and Bttutti«m , ■ . 
Con. Gas 

D. and R. O. 

blatlllers S«r. 


do lat pti. 
do 3nd vf< 
GuldrMa rvna.* . . 
Ot. Nor. pf* 
Ot, Kor. Ore. etXa. 
Illinoir Oetrtr* iTi-i-j-fsvT. 


do 'pfd 

Inter. Harvester . . . 
Jtaa. City Southern . . 
U *nd N. 
tjnhXtih Valley 
. M»ckay Co.'e 
4o pfd 

M. el. P. and S. S. M. 
do pfd, 

M. K. and T. . . . v . . 
d« . pfd. . . . ^ . , 

MA. Pikolffc 

•Wat. Rtsrult '..s 

Nat. fhrjaJIMi. lat'itftt, 
Hn' Snfl pfdL 

Nov. CAlUt,' 

V. T. Cen»r»l 

V.' V. O. and W 

'. KorfolH and AVeat. . . 

m 4Pn>d 
., Of the aecond 

■rii* otttrlmu* •mount*4 t» iS,4SS J>»1m. 
principall y crosabredt 


Mtda change Is to be recordad In the 
local markot today', with th« exceptlot^ that 
Ihft gapply Of corn aeems^to h*v» »>»•«««- 
hauaied anc though it is qooled al •»^»lr 
per 100 lbs,, it is practically onobtalnaWe. 
The bulk of this commodity cornea In 6y 
rail ttbhi Kansas anrt the adjolnl.ig slatta. 
This shortage also affects tha (Irloa of 
cricked corn, which l«, qitoted at 13.2$. 
iBtfaw. 0i«r ton • !•.•» 

.OS O .18 

.i:h o .3e 
.:o 131 ii 







■^.li 9 3.0U 




.20 ® .25 




y ^ i^TA T' 


E. A. Harris & Co 

rhoue 3631. ^'1239 Soug-laa Bi. 

•Next l< MiTChantK Hunk 

2 Comer l^ota, Cuvik uilil f).?*,!. 
View. Ka.s\- lenns fl<»0<> 

Beachwood Street— Foul f3ay — - 
corner lots, oOxlO."). On«-niiai'ler 
cash, balance 6, 12 and IS iiios. 
Price fa750 

Baanlch Soad — Near Swnn Lake — 
6 lots, 6lJ.\132, »liiO cash, bal, D, 
12 and 18 mon. At, each ^500 

rurnlahed Houses To Z<et. 


•BJan, par lOft llM. 


la tte Msttw M IliPwiWW AiMklitotM- 

NottM ta b^ratqr given Utai uiMer an or* 
dar araaied by the Hon. the Chief justice. 
4at«4 the 4th day of A,pr<i, lin. I. th« 
iHuleralKned. was itpitointed' administrator Of 
all and ftngulftr the eatate of Jam«a Jt^^* 
Outre. ■ "" : ..... 

All parties having cl^toa against the 
estate of the said decaaaej lure reqifbatetl to 
furnish particulars -or same tA me on or 
betbre the ttli day of May, 1*13, end ait 
parties Indebted to the said cMate aro 
HniUired to pay such indebtedness to me ' 

Dated at Victoria. B. C. this llth day of 
April, A.V. 181S. 

Ofticlgl Admlntaitra tof. 

xKJi-., B. C. 


,^ Navigable Waters I'rotectlon Act. 

NOTlCii la hereby given thai the Victo.-la 
Harbor Ualiway cuuipwny, of victoria, Uril- 
isli Columbia, is ajipiylntf lu Ula KxcuUuucy, 
the Uovcrnor-Ueneral ot Canada in Council 
lor the approval of ih* area plans, site, 
treatlo wonth and urlagts and description 

IM' iB tlM MM. JMVlwr. And turtber that 
Uia 4M4 cttejiDuaiy ^kUi deposited the above 
maaUoowA plana o( the proposed works and 
ttcaoripilona lUereol with the nUnJatar ot 
mibUc Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate 
thereof with the Kagisirar Ueneral of Xlttes 
In the LAna uegiatry otuce at the City of 
vtetotia. Writlah Uolumbia; ana that the 
aaia application WUI b« proceeded with at 
tha aapiration u< ona montn irom the first 
pitbltoaUon of Ukla notloa la tha Canada 

Hated this >nd day of March. Mta. 

By U« Sotiettora, Robertson & Helsterntaa. 

§14 rort Street, Victoria. B. a 


A Choice Location 

Two .'^i)lcnclid lots, 50.XI13 
feet, or, Lansd'owne road. 
Dean Heights, ri.i^'ht on the 
ercst of the hill and 

Near The Uplands 

$1,300 each, one-third cash. 
Unobstructed view of strait.s 
and citw 

i X"^' 

Western Dominion Land 
i^i^^ & Investment Co., Ltd. 

: Of"' » 

;,f,3^'ith.. which 1^ nicorpoiate^cl^ 

, , ~f. i J"- -' 

tron<L .-Total m«s par value. $2,682,000. 
8, hajB^ aaere . unchan ged on e^iU. 

•• ";*^-^i"?f«*„*or% I^s, 

NBWI' "(TOBK. Aprol M.-i->foney on call 
f >nft'.*, a^'C 1 jftf ■ct.nt :• ruling rot*- .jmd„g1igaL 
tag.lwl. **' per cMttt^afferfd at 4 per cent. 
TMi#^tpM»< ateaAm' W ««ys. aHe4V4 i>er 

««»«?'"•%•* par cotttT s months. 

,«MH> eatti,' Vtlvm mercantile ?«por. 
ifil^%^i^ ^ht. .St<»rllng e.v:hange easy 
with Bftnnl bij8lno!»8 tn bankers' bills at 
?« 84 for fio rtavB and at $4.88.«6 fnr de- 
mand, cumnierclal bills, 14.80.86. MKxIcan 
(loiiarfi, 47.'. Uar," silver, SSHfc 

lionds: Governments steady; railroads Ir- 
^'ilar. : \"..'.';-' '.' ; 

Metttl (Motntloiin , 

>"YbRK, Ajirii 11..-— StawdaiA' copper 

''r,.S0i9»l«;tB: May, 

■I $15.S7H : I«*»ndon 

FuturBs' C71 «* 

18C'ivi«';; ; Elect." IB: 

Tin qOlet. Spot 42.12V4 

;j^; .Voii!. Miy and June . 43©4J 60: 

"70W43; Aticusl 42.r.O(f»48.' f.ond"n 

fi:>ot C1 17 l"» ; futures £194 f'S. 

"Bpnt ond \ 
.Tnno and .Ttilv. 

yironir. .^ !. Tm 

^ "-n\ f|tilo(, 

tit; .; ^ n I 

n-fl UTi. 


"fifii I ;;u. New Yr»k: I^ondon 
"I tiiaijf. C"oi Vfinnii, ♦<. Iron.* 

imk,\.«ft)t lO'.irt in tiondon; 

«%#^«toal: No. > Southern 

m ii m ¥ K i' St '^ 


c,nrk— ,BI<i.', JlySkM. 

inpdlun Oil .... .'. .08H 

ih TVpst Oil . .01,% .04 

. TO. MM l"i.-lflc on Of B, (7. .IS 
-•'^("opii Oil ............. . .. .oo'S 

' •enstlonil C. and C. , .."i .S« 

» 'rnlin. A'alley 0. and C. . . - ^ . • . 60.00 
'^•"vi^l ' Colnierles • . ... ..... . . . .04 •. -^ -.06 - 

"^■"r-'rii Coal and C . . ......i'S.OO . , 

''. n. t»«okerB Coin. 75:.0i» ; . . 

•^ V-, T'. Flsherfea ; . . . •.'.7« J.40 

<' c. TVrninnent T'oan . -. . . .1S'>,'*0 

' ; •XTi.lp'.o" Trust Co 120; 00 ..... 

«p.,jifep||iW«^,sl rorni. <a) 122.00 'jJS.OO 

■*'^''****Ti» -!.'.vin ■ : ' . .■ ■ S&Oft 


(Shorta per 100 Ibe 

Oau. ^»r 104) lbs 

Feed Wheal, per 100 lbf..l.7S 
Crushed GAta, per 100 Iba .. 

Barley, per 100 . lbs 

CF^>ylt*<j C orn. HT 10 ll>s . . ._ 
Fead Cornmeal. per fOf .ibs.T 

Hay, per ton 

Chop Pead, par 100 the, ..... 

W1»oI« Cof«, per 1«0 Iba 

Cruahed B*riay.-p«r iW iba.. 
Altklfa Hay. -mt urn ••i>if..« 

yn«l|>^IMa»a Wltpt. iwr «m, . 

CimMliM, Mr lb ., 

CallMMto t#^!|> par lb . . . 


Ailwru. vwlb ..>'.y«.. 

B4at t>Blry, per lb ,.-.....-.. 
Victoria Creamery, per lb . . 
C<rt*rtchan Creamery, per lb. . 
Comox CreanMrri, JMIr^tV ... 
Salt Spring III. 0!Niitm«ry. iH, 

B» C. Hulter,,jwjt»jr**". 

N41W Z«alan4.jn«|||r .... 



l.*t 91.TS 

2.00 9 Z.S« 

■ 1.7i 








^ ;«* 



• .60 

-(.un I: J 

cctric System 

Tenders will be received till S p. ni. 
Apra IStn, next, for laj bxcavation, uavh- 
*L' yPJL JS""'!- *?!^ .- ™*^ ' "fi aoout m>vf >p ffiflyf 
of cun'ereiepipe 18 iiicu'cs diameter. Intiiud* 
iug (urnishtng and 'baullDg' bf MatartAIa; 
and (bj Hauling an4 laylnc oc about- t«ro' 
miles of 10 Inch a&d ,13 Inch hign pnm- 
k'tn Keel plpe^ having partly flttnged anA 
Itartiy ball iMtd spigot joints. 
' VtWM and aytMstHcations may, .ha seen at 
the oflic« o« F. M. l,aiimer. Consulting 
l^nglneer for the Municipality, ;. I'enticton, 
U.C to whom tenders may bt« addressed. 

Xacb proposal must be accompanied by a 
c^rtllled cheque on ajiy .Chartered Hank In 
Canada In the sum of.S per cent, ot the 
amount Of the tunder, payable to the Mun- 
icipality, as .Jt guaranty that, the bidder 
wljii, l», SI I<i i tasa r ul, promptly execute a satis* 
faoioiT iNmtMct, and tumlsh bond ail re- 

Tha toirest, nor *ny tender not n«ce»- 

*f>'iBiBlBi»«*ii;.-B. > M.'i'i' -7th. 1912. ■ 

Royal Household, bag 


Lake of Woods, bag .,i,>.f*« 


B^yal Standard bag ^.^iw*** 

• '-«*f 

Wild Rose, per sack ::!^Y.,. 


Bobin Hood, per sack 


Oalaarv. per baK .... ....... 


Moffnfs Hcsi, per bag ....•• 


Prlftui "-now, per sack ....« 

" 1.90 

■2l!S8a*,S^. ^" '*'-''* 


tMi|MM|^<- hag 


•TWWn^ Fruit 

Oranges, per doxen 

.25 • .7« 

Tangerine do, per dox ....4. 


Grape Fruit, each »»,, 

I.emonB. per dozen , 


Bananas, per doxen 


Apples, per box 

1*0 6.00 

Pineapples, each 



<B«sr. per lb 

il.l|tt9n. per lb 

.07 .22 
.03 « .20 


E>' t 

i ' 

— r:rT'r 

".,iMv."a.-. 03. idMi ii ^' 






TKc Color .ivd Vy«»r ol ihi« li«l »« »l>»oluit. 
ly tu»r»ntre<l. «n<l «ny h.t whitk will no« Ji». 
entire MtuUctton, wtll be exrKanjird at "ny t,mc 
within dirre moolK. after purcS.M' We aUa 
.^ce to pxckanse thia hat. if Mme 11 flamaccd 
br fcccidcnl Jurioe the a»id three montha, 

BUCKLEY «c SONS. ManuliKitai^ra. 


Not a Flaw in either Hat or Guarantee! 

Subject any BUCKLEY hat to the most iearching scrutiny — give it the 
"acid test" of constant wear. 

Read the BUCKLEY guarantee as critically as you would a deed to 
a house and lot. 

Then see if there's any other hat that will give you equal service, or 
any other guarantee thai will protect you as well. 

Buckley Hats 

are made in a modem English factory, by skilled Union workmen. Tlic 
materials are selected from the best the world's markets afford. While made 
in England, the blocks used embody the latest American styles. There's a 
BUCKLEY shape for every type of countenance, and in every BUCKLEY 
hat is the guarantee. Notice this clause in the guarantee: 

"We agree to exchange this hat, if the same is damaged 
h\) accident during the said three months." 

So you see Ihere'li be no quibbling or red tape about the exchange — 
bona fide "accident insurance," as well as an ironclad guarantee of quality! 

On sale in a rvide range of shaf>es, O f\f\ 
at the better stores. - - •pO.W 

Buckley & Sons, London, England • - Makers 

Use Walflron-Drouia Co., Limited, Montreal - C « n»<ti«n AseaU 

«V«ylgable \\ at e rs I'rotectlon Aet.*' 

William Iroup, of the city of Victoria, Brit- 
ish Columbia, Is applying to Ills lixcelleiicy 
the UOK-rnor Uenoiul of Canada In Council 
tor\al of the area plans, site and tle- 
siripiion of works proposed to be con- 
structea in ^^ est Uay, Victoria Harbor. Vlc- 
toua, 11 C, b. Ins tne lands situate lying 
and boliig In Lh» Llty of Victoria afcuresntd, 
anil knioiii, nunititictJ und neecriuca a» part 
of lots seven, cUlu und thirteen of section 
thirty-two, \ltwn.-Ul Farm, Vancouv<-r Isl- 
and, British Columbia, and has ilopOiUad the 
at t^a and site plans ot tno proi-osed worKi 
pit, I a description thuroot with tnt Minister 
of I'ubllu Works a.1. Ottawa, und a dupilcatw 
thereof with the Keglstrar-General of Titles 
itt the Lkuu lli-glotry UJlIco sn City oi 
Mcloila, British Columbia, and tlmt tli» 
matter of the said application will be pro- 
icoded with at the expiration of one niunth 
from the time of the nrat publlcaUon of 
this notice In the "Canada Oazetto." 
Dated this 16tb day Of Uaroh, A. D. 1812. 
J. W. TROUP, . 
■ Petitioner. 

NOTICS Is bareby given that Uarla C. 
RttOlcte. of tha City of Victoria. British Col- 
umbia, has applied to Hla ^*^*}»'^y>, ">• 
Uovcrnor-aeneral of Canada In Cotiaott for 

aaptftval ot tho agfiii. afBBi. , fltt, .tWI «?• 
a4»ct»tlon,o< work* proppaad"|o ba o<»a«'aol- 
«« In wast pay, vfotoria, Ifdrboiuv victoria, 
iSittab <)bKmM;. b^g upon the innda sit' 
uats. lying and being in Vlewfield_ Vtam,. 
^fcisqalmalt District, and more particulaWf 
known and described as Lots Five t(l and 
Six «>> Block One (i.>, of Blocks «U C«> 
and Klght (>>), according to map or plan 
filed In the Land Keglstiy Office at the 
City of Victoria aforesaid, and there num- 
bered 292, and hus deposited the area and 
site plans ot the proposed works, and a de- 
itilpiluu ihortof wltii the Minister of Pub- 
lic Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate there- 
of with tho Ueglslrar Uenerai of Titles In 
the Lihd Kcglstry OfffL-e at the City of Vic- 
toria, British Columbia, and that tho mat- 
ter of the said application will be proceeded 
with at tho expiration of One (1) mouth 
fiom the tiniu of tno first publication of 
this Notice In the 'Canada Gazette." 

Ijated tho iwentloth C-Oth) day of MaiJh 

A.D., 1»11!. 


• Petitioner. 

ari^m Wireless 


Mining Stociis 

All Active Shares Dealt la 
on ConmilBalon 


Competition for New Vniversity Buildings 
to Be Kre<-t«<l at Point Orey, near \an- 
couver, Urltlnh Columbia. 

Till) KvVfrnnient of Dritlsh Columbia In- 
cite coiupctltlve plans for the xeneral 
scheme and design lor the proposed new 
university, toK<nlicr with more detailed 
plans for the buildings to be erected Urst 
at an estimated cost oj $1,600,000. 

Prizes of 110,000 will be given lor the 
most successful designs submitted. 

Particulars of the competition and plan 
of site may bo obtained on renuest from tho 

The designs to be sent In by July list, 
1812, a<ldicssed to 

Parliament Buildings, 
Victoria, British Columbia. 

Memhers Vancouver and Victoria 
Stock Kxchanges. Private wire connec- 
tion with all chief market centres. Lat- 
est quotations. 
Wew Tork, Canadian and iondon Mktj, 

Waghorn. Gwynn & Co 

BaAk of Hamilton Bldf.. 



"WATER ACT, !»•».•• 

TlllB lb JiU ^.^JliivTir'x Lu»t ili. V/oIIiDg- 
ton Colliery Coi«p»"y. ^.united, holder ol 
Water Licenses Sun. 1»1» and 1H20. granted 
by the Water Commissioner for the vlcitjrla 
WMer District, for the diversion of I.IIOU 
cubic feel ler second "f water from the 
Punlledge nver, a tributary of Courtenay 
river, has submitted to mo J_,lBUtenaiit-Uo*- 
ernor In Council a i"»P or plan ot the works 
by which ii Uiicuds to divert the saia water 
and conduct it to the placd wi.uru it suall 
be useu lor generating electric power as 
otscrlbed in lue said liceuses. 

Tiiul lh« unaerla.iiua oi I'le said Wsl- 
llnglon Cuillery Couipauy, LlaiileO, as set 
out In ths said plaus is h.rauy appruvod. 
«ud tho said comj;ttn> is uera'jy _.icorix»a 
lu coustruct and execute luo tu. lowing 
works in nccoruanc witu iuk pUus ana 
tpeciftCMtloi.s sauniittoa anu Uicu ta tn« 
office of lb« Cblvf \v.ii<r ijuiuuui.aluu«f «!, 
Victoria, VIZ.: — 

A — An impounding dam near the outlet 
of Couiux Litka. 

B — JUrwer.jig iba bed Of Puntledge rlT»« 
and the beteluafier ao.criljed uiwraivrn uaim 
to an laoreaseu a«i>ia uf Dvo teat ur Issa. 

C — A dlveraioa dam uii I'uiitiedga rivel 
about »,^VM l«e< ouiuMT ili. lliivuuau.i.g uAUi 
kuove Cei.^rlo«il. 

D — Ths works necessary fur the trans- 
oilssluu of vliQ pu.vsr guuurated under tos 
aouve llcenites oil auu In me viciuii^ vX 
lunus baiun.iiig lu lue ssiu culiipaay. 

'Auat Ills company ui.ty ttxurcise its pow- 
ers wiiliiii Ilia v«uuiuA laua -H«.i,tju ^..aua ..,,»- 
; jiclik 

That no capital i-e required beyouo tha. 
a. ready ■ubsciit>vd aad paid up. 

'Xhai tn<i Work siiaii uh uegun on or be- 
fore tn* 1st a».^ ot Aisy Ocxi ai.(l snull b« 
completed ana in actual operatlviu uu ur t>«- 
tuie llie iia. Dwce.noer, l9l^ 

With the proviso toat during the eoa- 

structiun uf the said wuras any engloesr 

appointed by the ftUniaisr of Lands lor that 

parposs shall have free access to all puiis 

of tbe works for the purpose of lasi>«cliag 

I lue s-mn and of aaceriaintiig that ina cuD- 

I siructlon tu>ireot Is In accorUancu witu in* 

{ plans nnd npecificatlun* tasrstn refsrrred to, 

and that the cost nf such loapectioa sb.s.1 

be paid by the company. 

Laivd mis Klin uay of November. IRIL 
A. CAldl'MlCt.1. KKDUlC 
Deputy Clerk of the Execulivs Council. 



Notice l8 hereby given that the re- 
serve existing over Lot 6623, Group 
one. Kootenay District, formerly cm- 
braced in Timber License No. 16727 by 
reason of a notice bearing ilnto of 
24th December, 1907 and published in 
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th 
i:)et ember, 1907, is cancelled In order 
that a sale of the said lands may be 
effected to Ell/.abftii C. Cumnilngs. 
Dei'Uty MinUsltr of Lands. 
Land.s Department, Victoria, B. C, 
February 8 th. 1912. 


Tenders will be received up to April 
25th for the constructlcin of about 24 
miles 6f 13.200 volt transmission lines 
111 t lie Comox diBlricL PUn« and speci- 
fications may be .seen at room 316. Pem- 
berton Block, Vktorla, B. C. oil or after 
Aiirll 12th. Tho lowest or any tender 
r.ot nei'i-ssarily accepted. ., 

r;»-gA13TAg COSsi-ISBIES (P17SS- 


W. Z,. Coulson, 
General Manager. 

Maynard & Sons 



NOTICE Is hereby given that Ihe half- 
yearly general meeting ot the shareholders 
of tlie Vancouver IsUnvl Power Company, 
IJiniied, will be held on liaturday, the thir- 
tieth day of March, IKl-', at lo:30 o'clock 
lorenoon. at the otilce ot the British Col- 
umbia Klcctrlc Hallway Company, Limited, 
No. 1016 Langley street, Victoria, B. C, 
lor the purpone of receiving the audited 
accounts of the coinjiany for the period to 
3uth June. 1S12. llxlng dates of future or- 
dinary meetings of the company and trans- 
acting any other competent business. 


12th March, 191J. 

Davies & Sons 


Are aelllng out large quantity at 


■lOTSs aa« Other SSeota at 


Instructed by the manager of the 
Dallas hotel, we have removed and will 
sell at salesroom, 726 View street. 

TODAY, 2 p.m. 

Furniture and 

or 23 bedrnoms. including:: 23 Very 
good Bedroom Suites with linlr top box 
mattresses and large mlrror.s in dress- 
ers: Extra Washstands. Bedroom Tables 
and Chairs. Toilet Ware, Bed ar^d 
Lounges, Couches, 28 Carpets. 3 Side- 
boo rds. Up. Arm Chairs, Centre and 
Card* Tables, Music Box; also ORGAX. 
HEAD, fCitchen Tables, Cooking Uten- 
sils. WashlnK Maciiinc. 3 Heaters and 
Chatham Incubator, etc., now on view, 

11 O'CXtOCX 

In Slock Yards: 2"'! Pure Br?d Wyan- 
dot tes and Brown Leghorns, good loy- 
Inff strain; 3 Krcsh Calved Cows, In- 
riibators, Bi-ooders, Karin Implements. 
Wagon and Cart. Counters, etc. 

MATWAKS k BOXB, Aaottonaars 

Advertise in THE COLONIST 

Notice Is herebj- given that Lucy M. Kirk, 
of VKturia, brilisii Columbia.' Is applying 
t > tiis Kxeelleiic)- the Uovernor-tienerai ui 
CanBa.<i In Council lor a.ipioval of tn. area 
plans, site an) dts.rlptlon of works 
proposed tc tc conslructed In West Bay, 
victoria harbor. Victoria, 13. C, being tne 
iHn la situalu lying and being in the City 
of Victoria. B. C. aluresaid. and known, 
numbered and described as part of Subdlvl- 
sk.n seven i.Ti of Section Thirty-two (32) 
Map .Sixty-four 164*. Ksqulma't district, 
(now cliyi. \ lewlleld farm. Vancouver Is- 
land. \ Ictorla City. Uvltlsh Columbia, and 
has deposited thn area and site plans of the 
proposed works and the description thereof 
with the Minister o( Marine and I'Msberiea at 
Ottawa and a uupllcaie thureut 

with the Hesrislrar-GenTsl of titia* in 
the l^nd Kegistry uffloe In the City of 
\ Ictorla, Urlllkh Columbia, and that tbe 
matter of the salt! appllcailan win be 
proc-eeued witn at tne expiration ot pubii- 
i;ailun uf this notice In in* "Caasda Ga- 

Oaled. this Ittb day of Uarca. A. U.. 


Have the honor of informing the public that they liave been 
instructed to sell by Public .Auction on 


At the Conservative Rooms. i2o8 Government Street, 360 
lots, more or les.s, in the townsite of 


Being a subdivision of .Section 3. Ruptrt District, 
Quatsino Sound 

T^or furtlicr particulars and catalogue, a^pl; 
The Auctioneer ttiPpfAte 




Will receive your money on 
deposit and pay interest at 
4 per cent thereon. 

Will pay checks drawn 
against your deposits. 


Will bear the cost of nraw- 

i"S 3'our will. 
Will administer your estate. 
Will act as guardian for 

your children or for per- 

.sons of unsound mind. 
Will execute every trust 

with fidelity. 


Will in.siire your buildinjjs 
or their contents against 

Will insure your plate glass 
against breakage. 

Will insure you against 
defalcations by your em- 

W ill insure you against ac- 
cident to your workmen. 


Will procure tenants for 
your vacapt houses. 

Will collect your rents. 

Will attend to the payment 
of your taxes. 

Will care for your property 
and give it personal at- 









' Wrf ■'^ , ii M W 'f«T '•••». rr I f ii in' i n 

ign u um 

awiiw**'*"'*'*^^— ** " * * ■' -■ 'r--"Tni« 



Friday, April 12, 1«12 


Sample Coats on Sale Today $12.75, $16.75 and $21.75. Values to $30 

All the Season's Newest and Most Popular Styles Are Here in All Sizes 

Today in the Hosiery Department 


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-ind as we don't expect the stock to hold out longer than noon, 
early chopping is recommended. We'd hate to disappomt you, 
hut the first to come will get the goods, so come as early as pos- 

Boys' Hose— These are heavy ribbed and all-wool hose, fast col- 
ors and an e.Kceptionalj^^iifortable and hard-wearmg stock- 
ing. They are a reguliMpf''^^®' ^"^^ '" 
at, p- 


'!$i!t— in colors black and tan. 

ell rapidly today 

We recom- 
mMd trB^:JiftCi a& fippd valu« M'i^c.^^t having purchased a 
?^»W5r= Wl^ S;^|fei^ 6f the stocky. 
ptsr ptit •• ■»'>'"'^ • *'*^ 

ChiWrtilV^«ii*«» *^W-HeavUy ribbed, last colors durable^ 

and m^%t liad in Wack or tan. All sizes at. per pairv . . .VOf 

llljl^- l^j^lll cplors tan, pink, sky, white and W;|ck. In 

(fcjiili So»--The8e come in colors tan, P»nk, irtcy 
' ^Idti t84Mt»^^Wfai 4 ^0 y ^^i P* * * P*^^ ■tint , . •W'W 

, aiid 


T"S earlv in the season to sell tliese garments at a reduction in price— the fact is, 
that this is a lot of samples that we have secured at a tremendous saving, and, 
in accordance with our policy, are putting them on sale at as low a price as" we 

possibly can. 

They will sell rapidly and we advise early shopping to avoid disappointment. 

See the sAmples in the View Street windows, and you'H be delighted with the styles 

and (juality of the garments. 

Tweeds, serges and broadcloths arc here to choose from, some in the plain tail- 
ored styles and others handsomely i rimmed. Jf you want a garment for morning 
HJ^mUmore dressy occasions, you'll find it here. Just the size and the style 

Some i^re fastened with WS^M^^iif^'' ^» 
Colors black, W«es, browns, reds and grey?. 

If we ha4 |»ttr<3»si?4 t^ni tti tlie|fi8yuliir Way we co^ld not hftv^ «ol4 thm »t 
these prices. Not otte U woftll>«» than $1500, and- ttic balance ^«^ vahics to 
$3aoa • 

ii fe<ii i ' i .n. i "i.i . • . I. ' ■r.Tijfiir .11 ,i». 





■iiMirriirM*W]Wffiiw»''Wi-i mmmnir-ti t — ■ 

Curtains and Draperies. Some 

New and Smart Effects for 

Spring go on Sale Today 

Now is the time io remove yuur Winter curtains and draper- 
ies, and you can't wish for a lietter time to buy new ones. 

A larger and better stock than ever to choose from will be 
f»und in the Upholstery Department, and wc invite your inspec- 
tion. Merc are some special lines that go on sale today, but 
there are many other qualities and styles if you prefer them. 
White Nottingham Lace Curtains— Direct from the mills in 
England. The^-.e are part of a .special purchase, otherwise the 
price wouhl be very much higher, in fact 85c would be as little 
as we t-iM ^cl! thcnV at. They Avill makt; fuu- rn-aroom cur- 
tain- au- 2-- >ards long, a«d will'be sold at, per pair. . . .50<^ 
Drapery Materials— About 240 yards of Art Craft Curtaining and 
Pruned Scums in a great variety of attractive designs aiid fast 
colors will go on fiSrttiday. S«?^-.^ve plain centres wita 
prettv border t&. They vary i* width from 38 to 40 
inches, will aNaW look' new when cleaned, and are regular 
25c mA 3SC #^e& Today's special, per yard -" lOf 

v*^S%i><Hto4»rp^,.«l« have been eat from *]*f* <£f*' %.^ 
S^fSit been oo^*»ta4. ^hev are m g^ound^^iao^^ 
and KTceiw. J9»d win make good in^^. We h«n« fii w«wJn 

. ij^^rate&th»»ft»d.wm selltht^ today at, ««eh^......50< 

\ 1 








THERE are three different styles to from, and 
we are safe in saying that you never saw waists that 
can compare with these in point of quality of material 
and workmanship or beauty sold at these prices, i hey are 
now being shown in the View street windows, and one 
glance at the samples will give you a far better idea of their 
value than is possible for us to conyeyjhrough this ad- 
vertisement. They are beauties aa|ip^^|p more than 
this when vou see them. .;:sp':!^.v«-J^...,rv,. ,. ^^- 

Fine Muir Waists— Hand-embroidered, m very attractive 
floral designs. They have V-shaped yokes of Valen- 
ciennes lace, embroidered, panel in front and 2 clusters ot 
i)in tucking ajid one of insertion on either side, ihe 
.leeves are three-quarter, length, are set with insertion 
and finished with lace. The garments fasten down the 
])ack and the back is tucked and finished with bands o^t 

insertion. A rare value at, per garment ., • J^J• '•> 

Fine Mull Waists— :^Vith high neck and round yokes, matle 
01 beautiful French Valenciennes lace. The ironts arc 
beautifully hand-embroidered and finished with pm tuck- 
ing and bands of insertion on either side. ^ The sleeves 
are three-quarter length, set in style and finished with 
lace and insertion. The backs are handsomely tucked 
and finished with insertion. An excellent value at per 

Frlnch'voiie Waists-It's' impo*S^^b say too much in 
favor of- this handsome garment. It's as good .as it can 
be made. Has a high neck and is trimmed with Irish 
crochet and German Valenciennes lace, also clusters o 
pin tucking. The sleeves are three-quarter length, and 
the backs arc tucked and trimmed. Jti&t the garmein f<:;r 
party and other dressy occasions. Price ....... -v' 

Whitewear Hat's Eltoly, ft»e3|p©mive 

~~ and .a'-'PieMMre -to.-_WeaF 

with the warm weather last approaching, youll b^ thinking 
of wearin* white or light colored and light weight dresses, and 
no doubt your supply of while underclothlnjrwni require a few ad- 
ditional pieces to make It complete. '. 

j^gre you'll find all ymj want marked at orlceo that will delight 
you. &0 iM.tter how exacting yOu may be. Not only are the prices 
moderate, but the qualities are well up to the Spencer standard. 

OOKSET COVERS OoT«r»— M:idc of a fin- caml.rlc and . handsomely fjmmed 
with lace and beading, threaded with ribbons. Many dlffcreiil 

stvit>« 111 ••hodxr from. Price each • 35^ 

WalBBOOk Oor««t Cov.r.— Daintily trimmed with lace. These are a 

v.TV fln<- .(vialltj* at. per ijarment . ...............••••• -45^ 

cotton Drawer.- m three different utyles. and excellent values aU 

per Karment ■'■"■' , \ 

Dr*w«r.-Made of a Birong white cotton arid finished wlth^a tucke^l 

frill and .'dKed with a heavy linen lace, per garm.-nt 40<* 

cotton Drftwer.—Trlmmed with Torchon lace or hemstitched frills. 
Th.-v are an extra sood duality and a fine value at. per gar- 

^j^j'^ ..50^ 

!w«r»^Many different stylee and trimmed with wide frills of em- 
,your choice at, per garment . . . , • "^SC 



COSSET COVEB.S AJTD FBIHOEBS SI.IPS Oov.r.-In a great many different deKlgns, attractively 
irlmm.-d with lare an.l rml.roidery. Per garment, 65c and 5()<i 

CosiKljiftti'»a t>r»w.r- and Cor«et Covers—In a variety of styles. All 
""Hi^'esi ar,. hpre and tl.o range Is so varied that you are sure of find- 
ing a garment that will pler-se you. The prices range ms h>gl. a'' 
|8.7.^, hut there are many popular priced garment.^ to chooK,> 
at tl.fS. »1.50 and >pi.i«.» 


Princess snps— Made of a fine musUn and trimmed with 
line lace ftnd |.rm M embroidery. Per garnaent f 1 .:t5 

Princess Slips— Made of a fine cotton. They are finished 
with a frill of tuched muslin and are edged with a fine 
torchon lace. Price, per garment fl.25 

Princess SUps—.Made of extra fine nainsook and elabor- 
ately trimmed with lace and embroidery. You can't 
get better value for ip2.2."> 

Sea8<ffi$t^ Ua#iwear for Wo- 

'.^'*" Hard to Beat 

WITH the warmer weather fast approaching, you 
will be thinking ..f wearing lighter underwear, 
but before you make your purchases we invite 
you to inspect these lines'. The prices are quite the usual, 
but the values are ally good at the price. 

See the View Street window display and you'll realize 
that quality is by far the most prominent feature about 
these garments. 

Soft Cotton Vests for Women— They have short or no 
sleeves and low necks trimmed with beading. A special- 
ly 'good value at. per garment ^^^^ 

Superior Cotton Vests for Women— These garments are 
plain ribbed, have long sleeves, and you can have them 
with high or low necks 

ment ■ 

Ribbed and Plain Vests— Made of a soft' cotton.' They 
come'in a varietv of different patterns of lace trimmings, 
incltiding Torchon and crochet. These garments have 

A good value at, per 


Sizes 36 to 40. Per 

KiaHT &OWK8 

SUp-orer Style Wight Oowns-ln nian.v different and at- 
.%.„,. fivf "tyl^B \ few liand-embroldered garnipnt-s m" 
includtid In this as.sortment. «omc have low ne.ks and 
Hhort sleeves While others have high necks «'"^ ''Y";; 
slecvea. Per garment, today •■•• >H^.&0 

riae Cambric Wight aowns— Made In various styles, In- 
.ludlns the high ne.-k and slip-over. Thpso Rre nn ex- 
cellent value at, per garment :pi.t>«» 

Strong Cambric Oarments— With ranclly e^nbroidered 
yoke.s and made in tlio slip-over style and short sl'L^v^s. 
Per garment . 

short or no sleeves and low necks 

garment, 35c and 

Fine Balbriggan Vests— With low necks and finished with 

dainty trimmings. Short or no sleeves. Per garment 35c 

•1.1.1 , •......«• •...♦..." •* ' 

Out Sizes in Cotton Vests are here with ..h-.n or no sleeves. 

The necks are low and finished with crochet work. 1 er 

Drawers to Match at. per garlfflPP^SKiii- . . . .50^ 
White Balbriggan Vests— With high necks and opeii fronts 

lined and have long sleeves. 


riiey are inH fasliii 


Drawers to Match at. per garment 

Per gar- 
. ...50<^ 


Saving Prices on Standard Staple Cioods Today 


UR buyer has made a fortunate purchase, that is. as far as the price is con- 
cerned but unfortunately we are handicapped for store rooms and have de- 
cided [n give vou the benefit of the low prices. The low prices are not the t- K , i-inusekeener requires the goods and the qualities aic ataR- 
t'. :"r::iu";e"r^u wd'"i::.hc'go..,s ,,„r.vou'n b. „,..= tha„ pleased. 

dard and 

<»,•.«• All »»ady to Spread— They 
"'.•^cb* anTare made of a strong cotton. Ai 

al-rhand-torn and cannot lose their shape whUe 

being laundered. Size 

sells regularly at $1.75 a pair 

day and Saturday 
50 P»i»s Of Pl»l« SHewts 

<3j«v'b selling 

■miw^ OAsas — All ready to use. 

"arTfmisrr With a deep plain hem. Per do^en 

today, »S.OO, »2.40. »2.00 and ■ 

Kemstltohod FUlow Oases 

These are a fine quality and ^"V > _ 

„t these prices. Per dozen on "■• ''^^''^^'^^'^ 

Whiii WooUen Blanket— Fuli "sire and a valuo 
that we cannot repeat once this stock ■■"J^^";;J^ 

WWte AU- Wool BUakets— Woven from the finest 
wools and free from Impurities and specks^ 
They are finishod with plnk and blue borders 
and are a duality that will please ths most ex- 

, ,ant buyer. Various size, are l^'^e. Prices 

»6 7B $5.7B. $6.00, »4,75. $4.00 and ...||ia.7.. 

arf fully 

2 X 2%, and a grade that 
Special for to- 


,_An full Kize and free 
hard wearing riuallty. 


Fully bleached 
ir dozen 

,__With a 2% Inch hem. 
harrl to heat 

A Clearance Sale 

of Runners and 

Squares Toda^y 

Today we intend to clean out all our 
Swim Runner* and Squares at 
prices that are far below their 
regular value. The sizes are 
32X30 IfK^es and i8xS4 inches. 
Price, each 75c and 50^ 

Orey Wool Blankets— We have these blankets 
from 5 to li; Hjs. weight, made from a strong 
grev kind up to the fine silver grey klfxd. A 
specially good line of greys Is here that will 
Buii campers. Prices per pair, according to 
„uaUty and size, $12.00. $10.00, $9.00, $7.0(^ 
$5.75. $r).no, if(.r,n, $3.75. $3.00 and Jp2.75 

Whits Orsclan Quilts— These arc full size and 
launder perfectly. Vv^e recommend these qualts, 
they arc a flue quality and will please the most 
expectant. Price efech. $1.75 and $1 .5<> 

wool-ruled comforters— covered with sateon, 

Hllkolin,. and mu.slin. and fllle.1 with sanitary 

wool Pr^ce each. $-1.00. $3.50, $3.00, $2.r,0, $ 

, >|»1..'»0 

and ' 




Oiatfhams and. Zephyti^Sl inches wide, all fast 
POiors and a variety of patterns, iiicludlnR large 
and sm.all che<--ks and striped designs. They 
were made specially to our order, and we 
Ftronglv recommend them for making wal.Ms 
or .Summer dresses. Per yard 15^ 

Fancy Toulards— 27 inches wide, and are to l>o 
had in dainty spot, stripe snd floral designs. 
Per yard, 50o, 35c and 25<> 

Ootton Voil.s-27 Inches wide. Hplendld pat- 
terns and colorings to choose from. They 
have a smooth finish and are good values jvt 
the following prices, per yard, 70c, r,0r..3r»<^ 

ruioy MusUns— 27 inches wide. There are floral, 
spot and striped designs to choose from. Per 
yard tixlay, iSc and ^5^ 

r-2Lcy Wilt, vestlnrs— 27 inches wide and In a 

* choice assortment of embossed designs. Neat 
spot and spray designs are Included. Price, 
per yard, 50c, 35c and 35^? 

Ooloni' O«non F«»pU«»— In various self colors.. 
Our fcpccial. per yard »5^ 

Mnll WosUmi — 27 inches wide. Many shades snd 
■elf colore to cljpose trorjs In this line, 
yard > 

thln» thiit vou can desire In this line will fte 
found here. Some hav« neat silk border effects. 
Our prices art BOc, 85c and W4 

Our Goodyear Welted Boots 

for Men are a Standard 

of Merit 

Extra Values Today 


OODYEAR welted !)oots are made to wear. Noth- 
ing but the most expensive stock is u.sed in every 
part and the unseen materials are fully equal to 
the leather in plain sight. A pair of Goodyear welted boots 
will save your temper and other people's feelings. They 
make your feet feci so well that you almost forget you 
have any. Smooth inside, .soft all over and exceptionally 
flexible .sores are the main features of these shoes. There's 
no trouble breaking in— or out as a matter of fact— and 
comfort is splendidly combined with style. 

Buttoned or lace styles in tan, black or patent leathers 
arc here to choose from, and although we have more ex- 
pensive shoes to offer you, we recommend this line at $3.95- 
Blucher Boots— Made of good calfskin, in colors black and 
Ian, are here in all sizes, and at the price, are a value that 
is away above the average. You'll be delighted with 

them. Per pair $2.95 

Work Boots— Made for steady and hard wear are here and 
represent the highest standard of value in this class of 
boot. Per pair, any size $2.95 

Spencer's Suits for Men at $15 and $20 Set a 

Higher Quality Standard Than 

Ever Before 


OU'RE .safe in wearing Spencer Suits at $15 and .$m 1 hey are just as good 
as hands can make them, and the styles are the latest. 1 his season we 
have been more careful than ever in choosing the best and are satistied 
that you will have an unusually hard job to find better value> even at a much higher 


Tweeds and fancv worsteds are tlic materials, the shades and patterns are new, 
and tlirtailoring !s a close rival of that produced by the high-grade custom tailor. 

We invite your inspection, and as your si/.e is here, there is no rea.,on why you 
slKUildi' t try Von. You d.Mi't have to buy it if it doesn t please you. But there s not 
the slightest doubt about that point— it will. 

Don't judge tlie quality by the low price, or you arc likely to underestimate the 
vahie of the garments. Sc'e the samples m the View street windovvs-they tell their 
own story. 

Today in the Hardware Department 



\ « 

Box Calf Bluchers — Strong and reliable viiuea, Wui ^'O o 

sale today at, per pair 



-Practically every- 

David Spencer, Ltd. 

Dish Fans— There are about 100 of these, made 
of a high-grade grey enamel. Regular values 
85c and. $1.00. Today's special 50^ 

WMh BoUera— These are made of the bO«t gal- 
vanized iron, have two stronjr side handles and 
liave a good cover. Two sixes to choose trom. 
Regwlar 11.60 and »i.7B values win be ""l* ^°" 
day at $1.»0 

TTBxrtrX' KZTonx WMtntos* iso 

Graters. Tin Mugs, Toilet Fittings, 8t«il Pow- 
ers, Dauhers. Fish 31 leers, To»»tlng fX>rk«, Com- 
bined Potato or Apple Parer and Cor«r, Hit 
j,j^.,. T^_- pickH^ Moat dha ppera Steon Sttt^e Btt.* 
amel. Oakey's Wellington Polish. Tosstliit Di»*^ 
soap Pishes. SlnK gtralftfart, Audrftpt '*fr<NI« 
Toasters, 'Vegetable Boil*rt;-l»Sn«ir*»«SI3^, S^Wt. 
Clothes Line. Soap BhalMKWk.* il*l% "^^^^^f^^^^^ 
■ qieaners, Sipall Pan Cl«a4t^ **^^'k'".AlIIl, 
Klour «t<t«TS, Cream Jug3 ft>^JP»tf 11 ^^^'g .m^^'^'. 
Tray and Bruah, TolUt "SNiJWf KttWW*.' .JPWtfi," 
mihes, K^U Bniahcs. V»)«IS|r <^||[^. J^^fi«W^: 
Totrti iftaeiiB. L«n!||'.^' 
Brustaea. Bird C»«* HWffii'i; 

Bonbls SoUars — These are dependable goods, tn 
fact they are our regular %\. grade. SlMcUl /or 
today's selling, eAch „.,....,. ••<M>f' 



800 Boxf s4^^?o» 

cry Hi W%ml0^WWKmm^ v* 

Less to/Am 

JEDiar_t>nc« mr-tasW o fH I^IMt* 
Wr ?t)M»tild be a bi« *XXm^mf, 
d«y. KtdUoe that Ui« mlpfily tti 
ihM you inttfjt i»h*p wMrly « «^ 

^iMMtr ill «kft;-V1» tdf^tt*^ 1r| 


', 7%- ■ :■:•■